Pak story story cxcx xxx mg 18

Pak story story cxcx xxx mg 18
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Episode 1 A man stands at a row of complex machines, typing data into a computer. The machines take up two of the walls in the small room, which is cut in half by a wall of sturdy glass. The man is of about average height with brown hair, accented by grey at the temples.

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He is of average build as well. He wears glasses over his light blue eyes. His lab coat is an immaculate white without even a speck of dirt upon it. He wears his coat over a grey shirt and black pants. With brown loafers to complete his suit, he is the spitting image of a scientist from a movie or perhaps a tv show. The glass wall dividing the room makes the other half of the room, the half not cluttered with machines and papers, a sort of cage.

With an airtight door and metal bars to reinforce the inside, it is not a place you would want to be in. It is unbroken save for the door and the airtight seals around the tubes leading inside.

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But there is a man sitting in a chair inside this cage. He is strapped in to the chair and he has tubes and wires running from his body, monitoring his vital signs and other such nonsense the scientist deems necessary. The man in the cage does not look happy, nor does he look too upset either. But he is not indifferent. It is more like he would rather not be in a cage at this time, but in it at the same time as well.

He is a tall man, six inches taller than the scientist.

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And he is well built, not overly so, but like he made a habit of visiting the gym to keep in shape. He has grey hair, almost white. His eyes are a dull grey but hold a great depth to them. He wears nothing but a pair of tight shorts so as not to obstruct the procedure. His muscles ripple as he flexes his arms, legs, and back, trying to be comfortable in the unforgiving steel chair. "Damn doc, couldn't you have at least gotten a padded chair?" the man says, laughing a little.

"No I could not. Be silent," The scientist says in a thick german accent. "Geez. I woulda thought you cared about me enough by now." "You are a lab rat. Nothing more. Now. Be silent." The man wiggles in his restraints, his crooked smile still stuck on his face.

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The scientist walks to another machine, pulling a glass box out of his pocket. In it is a white scale. It glints dully in the light. A faint mist can be seen emanating from it. The man in the cage leans forward a bit, staring at the scale as the scientist removes it from the box and puts in on a plate in the machine. He closes the cover and walks back to his console, beginning to type again. A light shines from the machine the scale is in and it starts to hum. A white fliud starts to flow slowly from the machine, through tubing connected to many other machines, and eventually to the caged man's arm.

The man smiles wider. "Is it gonna hurt, doc?" "Probably. I do not know for certain. The others experienced discomfort. But you will be different." The scientist turns to face the man. The man smiles at him. The scientist's frown deepens. "I would not be so happy if I were you. You are a dead man either way. If this fails you will die very…gruesomely. If it suceeds I will record my findings and burn you alive." "I know you have such high hopes for me doc, but I doubt ill burn so easy." "All flesh burns." "So it does." The fulid reaches the man's arm and enters his body.

The man flinches slightly in pain but the smile returns wider than before. "I can feel it enter my blood. Its fusing together. Making me stronger!" The caged man flexes his arms and the straps binding him to the chair snap.

He lookes up at the scientist and flashes a smile filled with pure malice. His eyes suddenly turn white and the pupils for vertical slits. His hair turns completely white as he stands. He walks calmly to the glass wall and smirks at the scientist. "Well doc, this just got interesting." The doctor turns and runs to his desk, flipping the lid off of a button. He slams his fist on the button labeled "purge" and turns back around, leaning back on the desk. The fear in his eyes is unmistakeable.

The caged man laughs as fire starts to pour into the chamber. Fed through tubes in the walls around the cage, the fire burns hotter than any fire on Earth and burns for a full five minutes before subsiding.

The doctor whipes his hand across his sweaty brow and sighs. As he turns to his desk, he catches a dark blur in the smoke in the cage. As he turns slowly back to the cage, a fist slams against the glass. It cracks. Slam! Another crack. Slam! Smoke pours from the hole made in the glass. Slam! The whole wall begins to cave outward, destroying machines with its weight. Smoke consumes the room and the scientist begins to cough. Suddenly the scientist is grabbed by a white hand covered in scales.

This hand is connected to a scaled arm, connected to a scaled shoulder, connected to a scaled man. The once caged man is now covered in white scales. His teeth are sharp fangs, curved slightly in a smirk. The bottom half of his face juts outward slightly, like a snout. His ears are gone, replaced by tiny, unnoticeable holes in the same spots.

His hair is gone as well, replaced by a crown of spikes that makes a row down the middle of his head. In fact, there are three rows. The middle one is larger than the other two. The man has also grown a thick tail out of his back. It curls and uncurls itself. The man smiles at the scientist. "I will burn huh? I think you need a warmer fire than that to burn me doc." The man laughs as the scientist gurgles. "Eh? Whats that doc? I cant hear you." The man pulls the scientist closer to his ear.

"Razor," the scientist struggles to breathe out. "Yes doc. You managed to get me a fine body. You even went so far as to try and purge that sliver of my spirit didn't you? Tsk tsk. Naught doc. Don't you know that only a dragon's flame can burn the soul of a dragon from anything? Well you learned that the hard way. Now I'd love to sit and chat but…" the man looks towards the door, "I have a world to conquer. Or destroy. Or eat.

I don't know yet. Ill figure out something." Still looking at the door, the man snaps the scientist's neck and drops him on the ground.


He walks to the door and kicks it outwards. It lands in a mangled heap a hundred feet away, glinting in the setting sun.

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The man breathes deeply as the scales recede from his body. His tail shortens and disappears and his face returns to normal. His hair grows back as do his ears. He reaches back and rubs his tailbone. "That'll take some getting used to." Six figures stepped from the shadows around him. They did not approach him or call to him. They just stood there. He looked at each of them, as if gauging them. "Well then.

Shall we do this?" *** The boy woke up screaming. He was covered in sweat. His blond hair stood on end in a way that would be comic, if not for the fact that his hazel eyes were soaked in fear.


A body rolled over beside him and he screamed and tried to crawl away, which only ended up in him falling off the edge of the bed with his legs still tangled in the sheets.

The sheets pulled off of the other body and piled on top of the boy's legs. "Nick," the girl said, pleading, "Stop stealing the covers. Especially when you wake me up screaming. Its not fair." A face peeked out over the edge of the bed at him.

She was a beautiful girl at sixteen. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her skin was smooth and cream colored. Her smile was radiant and gentle. She stared calmly down at her seventeen year old boyfriend. He was tall and thin.

He was well muscled, but thin nonetheless. He had scars here and there on his body that he had no idea where they had come from. The fact that he remembered nothing before two years ago probably went along with the scars. The boy and the girl were both dressed in their underwear and had been sleeping in the girls's bed. Her parents were gone, as usual, on a business trip.

The boy, Nick, sat up and untangled himself from the sheets and tossed them up to the girl. She caught them and slid them over her as she rolled back onto the bed. The boy rolled in beside her and wrapped his arms around her. "Another nightmare?" she asked softly.

"Sorry, Mari." "Its ok Nick. Its not like you can choose what you see as you sleep. Just try to leave me the covers next time you jump out of bed. It gets kinda chilly." Mari giggled softly as Nick buried his face in her neck. Mari wiggled her butt into Nick's crotch. "Somebody got a little more excited from his nightmare than I thought." Nick groaned and started rubbing his pelvis against her ass. Mari moaned softly and ground her hips harder into him.

Soon they were both humping each other heatedly. Mari turned around in Nick's arms and kissed him deeply. Their tongues twined together and explored each other's mouths. With practiced ease, Mari pulled Nick's dick out of his boxers and started to stroke it gently. It wasn't huge, she knew, but his seven and a half inches were plenty for her. It was about an inch and a half wide as well. Nick moaned into Mari's mouth and pulled her tighter to him.

She stroked harder. Finally he pulled the clasp of her bra apart and pulled back enough to remove it from her arms. She had to stop stroking to allow him to remove it completely. She raised her arms above her head to allow him access to her breasts. They were a 34C. He knew. He did her shopping for her.

He always loved to see her squeal when he brought her new clothes and underwear. He rolled over on top of her to gain better access to her tits. Squeezing them gently, he kissed her neck slowly, moving down lower along her collarbone. She moaned and arched her back, sliding her hands along the sheets. Her toes curled as his mouth reached her breasts. He kissed along the curve of her right breast slowly working his way to her nipple.

Her areolas were about the size of a quarter and he licked one gently. She gasped and looked down at him. He sucked on her nipple gently and squeezed her other breast firmly. He bit down lightly and she moaned. He loved to bite. She loved when he did. He switched to the other breast and licked that nipple before sucking it and biting it softly as well. He alternated between each, giving both a good amount of attention before deciding to go lower. He started to nip at her flesh below her breasts and down her stomach.

He continued to the waistline of her panties and grabbed them with his teeth. Nick stared up into Mari's eyes as he tugged her panties down her legs.

She pulled her legs out of her panties and spread them on both sides of his head, laying her knees on his shoulders. He spat her panties to the floor and crawled between her legs sliding his hands under her ass, cupping each cheek firmly and sueezing. She felt herself get warmer in the pit of her abdomen as he leaned close to breathe on her.

He glanced at her and her eyes begged him to continue his play. Nick leaned in and sniffed her womanhood deeply. He loved her unique scent and took every opportunity to enjoy it.


He slid his nose slightly between her folds, tickling her gently. Mari giggled and slapped his head playfully. "Don't tease." He grinned at her and licked his lips before sliding his tongue along her slit.

She cooed and arched her back again, throwing her head back. He slid his tongue in deeper and flicked at her clit on his way by. He repeated this action several times before latching onto her clit and sucking it.

He bit down gently and sucked more, causing her to moan. He then released one of his hands and slid a finger along her slit.

She moaned louder and he took the cue to slowly bury his finger inside her tight canal.

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Nick could feel her muscles squeeze his finger as he added another. She was tightly gripping both his fingers as he slid them out and then back in. He proceeded to finger her, increasing his pace and nibbling gently on her clit.

Her moans grew louder and louder as she approached her climax. She was breathing very heavily. Suddenly her body tensed and she threw her head back, moaning loudly and gushing all over Nick's fingers and mouth. He lapped at her pussy greedily, enjoying her taste, as usual.

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When she came down and he was satisfied that he had gotten it all, he crawled back up her body to kiss her roughly. She returned the kiss.

She reached down to grasp his cock, burning and pulsing more than ever. She pulled away from his kiss and rolled him over. Crawling down his body, she trailed kisses all the way from his neck to his groin, kissing all the way to the tip of his dick. She then licked the head gently before wrapping her lips around it. Mari proceeded to use everything she knew to give Nick head. She swirled her tongue and sucked him gently, coaxing his cum from him slowly. He groaned and laid his hands on her head, gently urging her deeper.

Soon his dick was pulsing in the back of her mouth, hitting her throat. She'd never been able to take him down her throat, which he didn't complain about. Instead she removed her mouth from his cock with a slurping noise and started over. By the time she was halfway down his dick again, he was panting loudly and groaning. She looked up at his face and saw him struggling to hold back his cum, savoring her mouth upon him. She reached her hand up to his balls and started to fondle them.

Nick couldn't take it anymore. He grunted as his cum came rocketing out of his dick into Mari's mouth. She moaned around his cock and sucked up every shot. She swallowed it all and sucked the tip of his dick to make sure she got it all before moving up his body to kiss him again.

They continued to kiss passionately, waiting for his cock to grow again. He fondled her breasts and she stroked her own clit, moaning into his mouth. Finally she felt his dick pulse against the back of her hand and she grabbed it, sliding her juices along the shaft. She slid it between her legs, not into her yet, and began sliding her pussy along his cock. They both moaned in each other's mouths as she continued to do this.

Nick rolled over on top of her and pinned her arms above her head. Holding her wrists together with one hand, he used the other to guide his prick into her tight opening. As he sank in, they both moaned. He slowly pushed in the first few inches, then slammed the last four home, grinding his pubic area on her clit.

She yelped at the sudden thrust and groaned as he rubbed her. He continued to grind slowly and then pulled out slowly, only to slam six inches back in. She didn't yelp this time, only moaned loudly.

His hand rose to cup her neck, squeezing gently as he lowered his mouth to bite her neck softly. She moaned as he continued to thrust. "Oh god Nick! I love it when you bite!" She tossed her head back, giving him more access to her neck as he picked up his pace.

He was now trusting in and out of her evenly at a fast pace. He pulled out suddenly, rolling Mari onto her side and sliding up behind her. He lifted her leg and slid himself back in before lowering her leg to return his hand to her neck. He moved his hand down to her breast, cupping it and squeezing it. As he continued to fuck her he bit her neck again, harder. "Ouch!

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Not too hard baby you'll leave a mark." Mary smiled over her shoulder at him as he reached down to slap her clit gently. She moaned and shuddered.

"Don't back sass me young lady" They both laughed as he started to get close to cumming. She was close too as he picked up the pace, rubbing her clit and pounding into her hard and fast. They were both panting as Nick finally whispered that he was cumming. She moaned that she was as well. Suddenly Mari tensed up for the second time, her pussy clamping down on Nick's dick.

She started to spasm slightly as he started to pump his seed into her snatch. Nick groaned and slid out of her with a plop. She sighed as he exited her and he began to cuddle her. She pulled the sheet up over them as he kissed the back of her neck. "What did I tell you about the covers?" she asked, laughing. *** Mari stepped down the hall, rubbing her eyes, yawning, and stretching all at the same time. The sun was shining brightly through the windows in the living room.

As she passed by, she heard the sound of cooking and smelled bacon and eggs. She frowned. Nicholas was still in bed.

Her parents were still out of town. So who was cooking breakfast? She entered the kitchen and leaned against the door, her bare flesh on display for the world. A boy her age turned around. His smirk turned into a smile. His blue eyes glittered. He had light brown hair combed very carefully and wore a light t-shirt and a loose pair of cargo shorts. He wore socks on his feet, having discarded his shoes in the entryway to the house.

He set the skillet of eggs aside and slowly walked towards Mari. She smiled back at him and leaned towards him, teasing. He took her in his arms and kissed her solidly. In a light voice, he said, "My Mar, you smell extremely great this morning."