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Ebony and caucasian nami dahlia masturbates and banged by dude
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A Ghostly Haunting Chapter Eight by Simon Fear Lisa and Steve Logan sat on the couch with their 13-year-old daughter between them. John Reihnholt and his 15-year-old daughter Vicky who was still just wearing her red bikini top and Jean shorts, sat on the smaller couch. Sgt.

Lomack from the police dept. and Investigator Dermweiler from the State Police were standing before them going over the last bit of the details that the girls had given them. Shortly after the arrival of the police they had located Detective Lawrence's car where it had crashed.

When the officers on scene had reported that she had been attacked and that her gun had been fired, the State Police decided to take over the case, as they believed that the small town police dept. could not handle such a task. County Deputies had been called out as well and a thorough man search was taking place for any clues as to where the Detective's assaulter had gone. Specialist were going through every bit of the car to find any dog hair or human hair.

They knew a dog was involved because of the bite marks on her arms, and they believed a man was involved because Det. Lawrence had not been wearing anything waist down, her skirt laying on the passenger seat. Police had found her panties on the third floor hallway and had pulled the slug out of the wall, which they believed would match to her gun.

They were also taking samples of the carpet where it was damp believing it to be vaginal secretions from Det. Lawrence and hopefully sperm from her attacker.

A rape test was also going to be done on Det. Lawrence. Her body was already bagged up and laying in the back of the coroner's van. The Logans had been shocked when Sgt. Lomack informed them of the finding of her car and her body. Mr. Logan had immediately called Vicky's dad who had been in the middle of a sale for a house in town.

Investigator Dermweiler had informed them that he believed the attacks dating back 200 years could be solved, as he intended to look back in historical documents to find out if there had been any families who had a grudge against Lt. Selmer, the original owner for buying the property and begin tracing up through the years to find out which family's still lived in the area and if any of the family through the years had shown any interest in the property.

Investigator Dermweiler looked at the Logans, "What I believe is that some family held a grudge against Selmer when he bought the place and after the death of him and his daughter they had hoped to buy it, but since the value had risen since Selmer had built the place up and cultivated it they still could not afford it. I'm betting that the family back then, decided to create the ghost of Lt.

Selmer and his daughter to scare off the new owners and hope that eventually the price would drop down. 'However the price actually continued to rise according to record from all the Real Estate Agencies for some period making it harder for the family to buy this land. So when the original family began to grow older they started passing down the tradition of scaring new owners.

You would be surprise how long family rivalries can go. I plan to go through the records and see if any families continued to show interest in this land and were rejected because they could not afford it. After my search is done, I am very sure I can narrow it down to one family who still lives in this area and then began investigating them.

While the value of this place is still high, prices on it have been dropping for years. The perpetrator is probably getting too anxious and is starting to make mistakes.

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This is the worst incident to ever happen here. I am positive that we will have a suspect at least within a month. He got too hasty and we will probably find some DNA that we will soon be able to trace to the attacker. In the meantime Mr. Logan, I would advise getting a security alarm for your home and changing all the locks on your doors, and probably install some more dead-bolts on your doors, especially those that can only be locked and unlocked from the inside to insure your security." Mr.

Logan nodded his head, "I've already got a locksmith company and alarm company due to be here tomorrow." Inv. Dermweiler nodded in approval, "Also I would like to say, that even though you are obligated in filing a law suit against the local police dept.

for Det. Lawrence making an illegal search and seizure of items in your home, I would think you should be happy she actually did so." Mrs. Logan looked up in surprise, "Thank her, why should we, she.she tried to make it sound as if I were doing this to my daughter and she was probably here trying to find something to prove her case." Sgt. Lomack looked at Mrs. Logan, "I know what she did was wrong Mrs. Logan, and I would be very upset if she had done the same to me as well, but you must think about this, that guy probably came into this house after the girls went down to the swimming hole, knowing that they would be back probably before you.

If Det. Lawrence had not broken into your home and come across him, it would most likely be your daughter, and yours too Mr. Reihnholt, in the back of the coroner's van instead of Det. Lawrence.

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She most likely surprised him, and not wanting his cover blown attacked her. You should be very lucky indeed that it is not your girls that came home first." Mrs. Logan trembled as she realized that she had come close to losing her daughter. Mr.


Reihnholt wrapped his arm protectively around Vicky's shoulders. Sgt. Lomack continued, "If you want Mr. Logan we can have two civilian dressed officers stay the night with you in that spare bedroom on the second floor for security purposes until the new alarm system and locks are installed in your home." Inv.

Dermweiler nodded, "It would be wise to accept Mr. Logan, and I will also have two of my officers positioned down the street in an unmarked car. It may take a few days for the Alarm Company to get their stuff set up here." Mr. Logan looked up at them, "I appreciate that sir, but I do not feel safe having my daughter in this house, even with officer inside until this place is more secure.

If it were just Lisa and I, we would probably stay the night, but I think we will get a motel room for a night or two." Investigator Dermweiler nodded, "That is quite understandable Mr. Logan." Vicky looked at her dad, "Dad, why don't we let Ashley stay at our place for a few nights?" Mr.

Reihnholt looked at the Logans, "It is fine by me, she is welcome to stay with us, we do have security alarms at our home. That is, if it's ok with you." Mr. Logan looked at his wife, "I don't know, after what she has been through." Ashley interrupted him, "Please daddy, I would rather stay with Vicky then go to some motel." Mr.

Logan looked at his wife, who nodded approval, then back at his daughter, "If you really want to hun." Ashley wrapped her arms around her dad's neck, kissing him on the cheek, "Thanks daddy." Mr. Logan looked at his daughter; this whole ordeal seemed to be making his daughter regress back into her earlier years, when she was still the lovey dovey type daughter.

He hadn't been hugged or kissed by his daughter in quite some time. Investigator Dermweiler spoke up, "Just for security reasons we will post a car down on your street.

I'm pretty sure the perpetrator will know by now that Ashley is a friend with your daughter and he may go as far as going to your place as well." Sgt.

Lomack looked at Mr. Logan, "and just to be sure we will keep those officers here for your sake as well." Mr. Logan nodded. Vicky stood up; "We had better get you some things to wear." Ashley jumped up and took Vicky's hand and both girls walked upstairs. Mr. Logan looked at Mr. Reihnholt, "That is my youngest daughter Mr. Reihnholt, if anything should happen at all call us." Mr. Reihnholt nodded his head, "I wish that I could cancel the deal we made Mr.

Logan, but my company has a no return policy and even if you were making on a payment plan and decided to cancel payment and move out, there would still be handling fee to pay, but you paid in full and there just isn't anything I can do. But if you do wish to sell your home and move out, I would understand if you wish to go through another Real Estate Agency. In fact I would insist upon it because I would not feel right if my company made any profit from the tragedies happening to you." Mr.

Logan shook his head, "I do not plan on giving up yet, and letting some guy scare us from our home. If worse comes to shove we will send Ashley to stay with my parents upstate since Lisa's have passed away, until this guy can be caught. I appreciate what you said Mr. Reihnholt but we don't plan on giving up without a fight." Up in Ashley's room Ashley was pulling her bag out of her closet.

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Vicky was going through her drawers picking out some outfits. Ashley turned around tossing her bag onto the bed; "Do you think we should have told them about the ghost girl? I mean they are going to be looking for a real guy, they should know it's a ghost doing this." Vicky tossed a shirt onto the bed; "No I think we did right not telling them.

They're adults, they wouldn't have believed us. Besides do you think we should tell our parents about us?" Ashley sat down on the edge of her bed, "I wish we could, but they would freak out, and ban me from seeing you, and I couldn't handle that." Vicky looked at her girlfriend, "I was afraid not, my dad would be all right with it, he knows I'm into girls.

I mean hell he let me get this tattoo. Most parents would not let their teen girl get one." Ashley nodded, "I know. Mine sure wouldn't. I just don't know what to do. That could have been us, and this won't stop. He will keep coming for me." Ashley started crying. It distressed Vicky seeing Ashley cry; she walked over to her and knelt down in from of her. Reaching her arms around Ashley she pulled her into a hug. Ashley embraced Vicky as she kept crying.

"Shhh, shhh, there now, nothing happened to us, and I don't think anything will. Remember the girl, she warned us not to go to the house and I think that day her dad tried to rape me, and I saw her run past me and he let go, I think she was trying to help me.

I believe she is friendly and she may be able to fight him in some ghostly way." Ashley shook her head, "Then why wasn't she there that night mom was trapped in the bathroom, why didn't she help then?" Vicky ran her hand down the back of Ashley's head, "I think she did, I over heard some officers saying that your mom was hitting that door as hard she could and it wouldn't budge.

They didn't believe she could have forced her way out and that it was by some miracle that she did. I think Samantha moved the chair enough so that when you mom finally did hit the door, the chair flew out." Ashley rubbed her eyes, "You think so?" Vicky nodded, looked into Ashley red tear streaked eyes, "And you know what else." Ashley looked up, "What?" Vicky smiled, "You look so cute when you cry." Ashley grinned and reached behind her grabbing a pillow, "And you wanna know something?" Vicky grinned, "What?" Ashley swung the pillow and hit Vicky with it, "You look cute all the time." Vicky grabbed another pillow and laughing they both began hitting each other having a good pillow fight.

When Ashley hit Vicky's pillow with her own, Vicky's pillow flew out of her hand. Vicky turned around to pick it up when Ashley reached up and untied Vicky's drawstring to her bikini top pulling it off. Vicky gave little shriek and tried grabbing her top back, but Ashley turned around on the bed and tried crawling away.

Vicky grabbed hold of the top of Ashley's jeans and pulled back but all that happen was her jeans slid down her ass. Ashley hadn't put her panties back on, so when Vicky saw Ashley's cute ass cheeks she kept pulling till they slid off completely.

Ashley sat up on her knees her bare pussy lips showing since her t-shirt stopped at her belly button. She held up Vicky's red top, "If you give me my jeans back, I'll give this back." Vicky grinned, "Uh uh, I don't think you need these." Ashley giggled and jumping off the bed ran over to her window. Looking back she saw Vicky staring at her with a puzzled look, her beautiful c-cup tits exposed, her nipples hardened. Ashley opened her window and held the bikinitop out the window, "Then I don't think you need this." Vicky grinned, "You wouldn't dare?" Ashley smiled, "Oh wouldn't I." Vicky shook her head.

"Ok here goes." Ashley let go of the bikini top and it fell down to the ground. Vicky opened her mouth in shock, "Oh your gonna pay for that." Vicky ran at Ashley who tried to get away, but got tackled by Vicky. Vicky sat on Ashley's stomach, straddling her. Ashley grinned and reaching up began caressing Vicky's tits. Vicky moaned but quickly pushed Ashley away, "Uh uh, you naughty girl, no play for you." Ashley gave a fake pouty look, which made her look even more cute to Vicky.

Vicky grinned and sliding her hands up under Ashley t-shirt began tickling her bare sides with her fingernails. Ashley shrieked and squirmed under Vicky but Vicky only tickled harder.

"Oh, Oh stop, I'm very tick.ticklish, ahh, ooh no. no don't." Ashley couldn't keep from laughing and shrieking. She could also feel her pussy getting very wet too. "Ohh God Vicky your.your making me.me horny." Vicky grinned, "Oh I am, am I." Vicky ran her finger nails to right above Ashley pussy and began tickling her there. Ashley began squirming harder, "Ahhh you're so evil, ahhh, oohh no no, ohh please stop." Vicky continued to tickle Ashley's pubic area when Ashley reached and grabbing the top of Vicky's shorts, pulled them down along with her Bikini bottoms.

They didn't go down far since Vicky was sitting down, but most of her ass was now exposed. Vicky let out a shriek when Ashley then reached and began tickling Vicky's sides. Laughing Vicky pinned Ashley's arms down, but then realized that she could no longer tickle Ashley. She looked into Ashley's eye and then leaning down began kissing her on the lips.

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Ashley slid her tongue into Vicky's mouth. As their tongues danced together Vicky moved her legs down till she was now lying on top of Ashley. Ashley, using her foot, pushed Vicky's shorts the rest of the way down, till Vicky kicked them off of her feet.

Ashley could feel Vicky's bare pussy pressing against her own, felt her juices dripping down onto her pelvis. Both girls began rubbing their pussies against each other as they continued to kiss. Ashley reached her arms around Vicky's back and they grinded their pussies, both girls moaning.


Vicky began kissing on Ashley's neck and around her ears. Ashley moaned out. Vicky then slid her hands back under Ashley's t-shirt pushing it up over her b-cup tits.

Ashley raised her arms above her head as Vicky pulled the shirt off. Vicky glanced down and admired Ashley's perky tits and very pink and hardened nipples. Vicky lowered her head and placed her mouth around one of her nipples causing Ashley to gasp out.

Ashley pushed her hand between their bodies till she felt of Vicky's smooth and slick pussy lips. Vicky shuddered when she felt Ashley's touch her. Ashley slid her finger through Vicky's slit finding her hard clit poking out, she began rubbing it. "OOOOHHH yeah right there baby," Vicky moaned out. Ashley continued to rub Vicky's clit as Vicky sucked on one nipple then the other.

Ashley ran her free down Vicky smooth back till it reached her ass, then she began gently squeezing it, then she slid her finger through Vicky's butt crack, feeling her little butt-hole. Ashley pressed her finger against it, as she kept rubbing Vicky's clit. Vicky pressed her pussy hard against Ashley's hand as she felt her orgasm building deep inside her.

Vicky quickly released Ashley's nipple from her mouth as she sat up. She placed her hands on both of Ashley's tits squeezing them as she continued grinding her pussy against Ashley's hand.

Ashley smiled up at her girlfriend. Vicky smiled back blowing a kiss at Ashley. Then grinning Vicky slid up further onto Ashley, rubbing her wet pussy up Ashley's stomach and then between her boobs, till her pussy was just inches away from Ashley's mouth. Ashley lifted her head a little and slid her tongue out.

Vicky shook her head, "Not yet sweety." When Ashley gave her a puzzled look, Vicky just ginned, then lifting her leg up and over Ashley's head she spun herself around till her sweet smooth ass was facing Ashley's face.

Vicky then scooted back till Ashley's nose was right between Vicky Ass cheeks. Looking back over her shoulder she grinned at Ashley. Ashley grinned back and lifting her head she began licking Vicky's cheeks. Vicky shuddered again then slowly lowered herself down till her own face was right above Ashley's smooth and wet pussy. Ashley sweet scent filled Vicky's nose as she slid her tongue out and ran it across Ashley nether lips. When Vicky had lowered herself, her pussy had come into view and Ashley now understood that Vicky had placed them into a 69 position.

She ran her tongue between Vicky's slick lips, tasting her sweetness. Vicky and Ashley both moaned together in unison. Ashley slid her tongue deep into Vicky's wet hot hole as her juices flowed into her mouth. Vicky's hips bucked against Ashley face as her orgasm neared the brink. "OOOhhh shit baby, I'mmm gonna cum." Ashley mumbled into Vicky's pussy which drove her crazy, "OOOOHHhhhhh fuck yeah, yeah, yeah, oohhhhhh yeeeaahhhh." Ashley quickly put her thumb against Vicky's clit and pressed on it.

Vicky couldn't hold off any longer, "AAAAHHHHH fuck I'mmmm cummming!!!" Vicky clamped her legs around Ashley's head as she ground her pussy against her face, when out of no where a voice interrupted them, "Oh my God." Vicky quickly jumped off of Ashley but she was still in the throws of her orgasm, so she clamped her hand over her pussy, as her hips continued to thrust, and her body jerk.

Ashley sat up and grabbed a pillow covering her front as she looked towards her door. Ashley's heart leapt into her throat as she saw her mom standing there staring at both girls with a shocked expression.

Ashley opened her mouth to say "It's not what you think" phrase but upon hearing Vicky's grunts as she continued to cum in full view of her mom, she knew they were busted. Not knowing exactly what was going to happen next, Ashley quickly scooted over in front of Vicky to at least try and blocked most of her mom's view of her cumming girlfriend. Vicky reach up with her free hand and grasped Ashley's shoulder and buried her face into Ashley back as she moaned out.

Ashley reached up with her hand and grasped Vicky's hand in her own as she stared at her mom. "Mom, what are you going to do now?" she asked meekly. Vicky squeezed her hand as her orgasm hit her again. Mrs. Logan regained her composure as she walked over to her daughter. Vicky's orgasm was finally calming down as she released her grip on Ashley's hand. Mrs. Logan knelt down in front of her daughter, and looked her in the eye, "I had a feeling that something else had happened out at the swimming hole by they way you two were acting, I felt you were hiding something.

This was it wasn't it?" Ashley nodded her head. Mrs. Logan looked over Ashley's shoulder at Vicky. Vicky quickly turned her head down to look at the floor as she covered her bare tits with her free arms, "Please Mrs. L. don't be mad at Ashley, it's my fau." "Shhhhh," Mrs. Logan had put her finger up to her mouth. Vicky hushed up. Looking back Ashley, "What is going to happen next, is you are going to pack up some clothes for a few days, get dressed both of you and then come downstairs.

Then Ashley you are going to go with Mr. Reihnholt and Vicky to their place for a couple of days. I'm am going to go back downstairs and tell both of your fathers." Ashley began crying, "Please mom, don't tell daddy, please." Mrs. Logan put her finger on Ashley's lips, "Shhhhh.

I should tell your father, and I should not let you go to Vicky's house. However with things happening as they have been, all I'm going to tell your dad right now, is that the noises you two were making was because of a pillow fight.

Now when you come back home after you father has gotten all the security systems in place here, he will have to go back to the city to work his week there.

He tried getting a little more time off, but your father's company is going through a merging process from buying another company and they need him there. When he gone, I want to have a long talk with you." Looking back over Ashley's shoulder Mrs. Logan reached over and placed her hand under Vicky's chin lifting her eyes to meet her own. "I also want you to come back and have this long talk with us, is that understood." Vicky knew this was not a request, "Yes Mrs.

L." Mrs. Logan nodded her head. The whole time, Ashley was trying to read her mother's face, but Mrs. Logan's face had remained stern the entire time. Ashley was very confused, she had figured her mom would have started ranting and raving.

Being stern was scary enough though. Mrs. Logan stood back up. "Good, now you girls get dressed and come downstairs. Mr. Reihnholt is ready to go." Mrs. Logan walked back to the door then turned back around, "Oh and one other thing, you might want to clean your faces and put on a little perfume before coming down. Both your faces are wet and you smell like sex. I'm pretty sure that your dad's will be able to smell it if you don't clean up." With that Mrs. Logan walked out shutting the door behind her.

Vicky wrapped her arms around Ashley as she pressed her boobs against Ashley's back. Ashley reached up with her own hands and grasped Vicky's hands. Neither knew what to say. Ashley lifted Vicky's hand to her mouth and kissed them. Vicky in returned kissed Ashley's neck. Then they just held each other that way for a moment. Finally Vicky broke the silence, "I guess we had better do as she says, or I'm sure there'll be hell to pay." Ashley nodded, trying to swallow her heart back down.

She could feel Vicky's own heart pounding away against her back. Ashley stood up and went to the bathroom with Vicky in tow. Both girls quickly washed the pussy juices from their faces, with warm water and soap, then Ashley sprayed herself with some perfume then let Vicky borrow it. Both girls then walked quietly back into Ashley's room as Ashley began stuffing the clothes that Vicky had put out into her bag, not even bothering to see what she had put in there.

Vicky pulled her bikini bottoms back up, then her shorts. Then she remember that her bikini top had taken a flying lesson out Ashley's window. Ashley quickly grabbed a t-shirt out of her drawer and handed it to Vicky. Vicky put the shirt on, then looked at Ashley, "What do you think will happen when we come back?" Ashley shook her head, "I'm not sure really.


But I will tell you this, if my mom tries to break us apart, she's gonna find me fighting in every way I can. I don't plan on losing you." Vicky smiled as both girls hugged each other. As they both started walking to the door, Ashley quickly said, "And plus, when we get to your place, don't forget, you never finished with me. I need to cum very badly." Vicky grinned as Ashley's face broke into a grin, "Oh you can be sure, we are going to have one hell of a time." Holding each other's hands the girls walked out of the room shutting the door behind them.

In the dark corner a small girlish figure walked out, stark naked the moonlight spilled across her bare tits as she looked at the doorway.

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The oldest girl, Vicky, she thought had been right. She wanted to help them, had helped them. She had even helped Vicky a while back when she had forced her dead father off of her. She would watch over them, keep them safe. But for how long she could do that, she wasn't sure. Her ghostly father was growing much stronger.

Through 200 years of trying to protect the girls that had moved into the Selmer House, while also trying to pleasure them herself but in a good fashion she had managed to keep him from going any further than just touching the living girls.

But now he had gone and almost raped Ashley, and had killed the mean Detective, having her raped by the beastly dog of his. He was getting very strong, and she was not sure how to stop him. To Be Continued.