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Safadinhacasadapr sexlog  rebola muito essa morena
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Continued from Milf Tales 4 Sylvia continued seeing Paul whenever they could after their first motel rendezvous, as much as she loved the sex, she would prefer someone who was more available to her.

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Nevertheless, since this arrangement has no strings, she could keep her eye out for someone who she could see more often. She was still keeping a low profile in her neighborhood, and she resisted the temptation to call one of her friends with benefits.

She felt that eventually, someone would come along that fit the bill, maybe even someone she could get into a steady relationship with. So far, though, no one like that had come along, and she went about her business in a normal fashion, and looked forward to the next time with Paul.

On her way home one afternoon, she had some time and thought she had better get to the gym, she had not been in awhile and wanted to make sure she kept her figure toned and shapely.

She changed into her workout wear, a tight sports bra and shorts, and started her usual workout, and at that point, she noticed a nice looking, tall, 20 something well built black man smiling at her.

She returned his smile and kept on with her workout, and then he came over to speak to her.

"Hello" he said, "You're new here, aren't you?" She smiled at him, "No, I just haven't been here lately." She admired his strong muscular body and couldn't help noticing large bulge in his nylon pants.

"Didn't think I'd seen you before, but it looks like you workout regularly.


I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you have a great figure!" he told her. "Well, thank you for the compliment, and I have to say looks like you do too!" she responded with a big smile. "My name is James" he said, "Maybe we could workout sometime." She extended her hand out to him, "I'm Sylvia, and sure we could do that!" "Great, I'll keep watch for you then," he said, taking her hand into his large palm, "You have a good day, see you later." She finished her workout and then left for home, and thought, "Was he flirting with me?

I'm old enough to be his Mother." Still though, she felt a spark with him, but she had never had sex with anyone that much younger than her and remembering an encounter with a black man shed had before, he had a big cock, but he wouldn't lick her pussy.

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She had the day off the next day and went to the grocery store, and was looking for an item on the shelf when someone came up behind her and said, "Hello there Sylvia!" She turned around and saw it was James, smiling widely at her, "Well, hello there!" she responded. "How are you?" They chatted for a few minutes and she noticed him checking her out, admiring her tight jeans and heels, and her cleavage poking out of her tight top. "Would you like me to help you home with your groceries?" he asked her," I've got my car parked outside." She hesitated at first, and then accepted, "Ok, that would be great, thank you" There was a nervous tension between the two of them, they loaded the groceries into his car, and he opened the door to his car for her and drove to her place.

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It was late morning, and her son wouldn't be home from school for hours yet, so she invited him to sit down and she made him a coffee, she did find him attractive and was curious to what he had in mind, so she thought, "Let's see where this goes!" They made some small talk and he asked to use her bathroom, and he sat down beside her on the couch when he returned. "It's really nice to meet you, I have to say when I saw you yesterday, I thought, Wow, who's that?" he told her, and then put his large hand on her leg.

She smiled at him and responded, "That is very nice of you to say, but, I'm old enough to be your Mother! How old are you?" she asked. "Twenty three" he replied, "but I don't girls my age, I like women, and when I saw you I thought; now there's a smokin' hot mama!" Sylvia laughed and responded, "You prefer the old gals then, do you?

Well, I have to say I'm very flattered, and as I like to say, flattery will get you everywhere!" At that point, she reached over and kissed him, and ran her hands over his muscular body. "Oh man yeah, I love a sexy older woman, especially one with a figure and looks like yours!

Besides, most girls my age can't handle me.," he said after kissing her. "Oh, really?" she responded, "Why's that?" He reached over and kissed her deeply, their tongues flicking, and then took her hand and placed it on his crotch, and then he said, "Because I'm bigger than most guys!" Sylvia caressed the huge lump in his crotch, kissed him a couple of times, and then took his hand and said, "Come!" and led him to her bedroom.

She looked at him seductively, and then began undressing quickly, anxious to see his reaction to her toned and sexy 36C-27-37 figure. She looked at him and reached back, undid and removed her bra, showing him firm tits, then stepped out of her panties and sat on the bed.

"Ohh mann, wow!" James said, and then pulled his shirt off and then his pants, and his huge, thick dark cock jumped out of his underwear. "Ohhhhh my god!!" Sylvia gasped at she saw his huge cock, "Wow!!! How big is your cock??" "Eleven inches." he replied, smiling, "You like?" "Ohh god yeah!" she said as he came over and stood in front of her and she took his hard cock in her hand and began to stroke it, "Wow, so big!!

I've never seen one this thick or big as this, I hope I can get my mouth around it!" she said teasingly as she flicked her tongue around the tip, then opened her mouth wide and stretched her full lips around his thick dark brown shaft and took it into her mouth.

With her lots of experience sucking cocks, she handled his massive member with ease and began sucking it deeply, James watched as she drew his cock deep into her mouth, sucking up and down, swirling her tongue around the tip and then licking his slit, then sucking it deeply. Her cheeks were drawn in as she sucked hard and fast, James moaned with pleasure, "Oh fuck yeah, that's great baby!" She sucked his cock a bit more, and then she laid on the bed, James laid down beside her and they started kissing, James began to finger her wet pussy and sucked her big nipples as she ran her hands over him, feeling his muscles and his smooth skin.

She sat up and kneeled beside him looked at him and told him, "I want more of that cock!" as she began sucking it again, "Wow, what a big beautiful black cock! Oh my god!!" She sucked it hard and deep, licked his large balls, ran her tongue up and down his shaft, then sucked it some more, taking as much of his huge cock into her hot mouth as she could, James watched her as he felt her tits and ran his hands over her soft skin. She sucked a bit more then looked at him, "Wow baby, what a nice surprise this is!

I love a big cock, and the biggest guy I've ever been with was nine inches." "You give great head!" he told her, "Lovin' it, never had it sucked so good!" he sighed as he watched her sucking his cock. "You came to the right place baby, I love to suck cock, always loved to do that, orals the best" She kept sucking it, and then with no warning she swung her legs over his head and planted her plump wet pussy onto his face.

To her delight he grabbed her ass tightly and began to furiously lick and suck her pussy, "Ohhhh god yeah!" she cried out as she felt his tongue working fast and hungrily, "69's are the best!" They 69ed for several minutes, her firm tits rubbing on his hard body and then she cried out, "This is great baby, fuck me!

I have to feel this cock in me!" She pulled away from him and laid on the bed, her long legs open wide and James got in between her legs, and guided his massive, rock hard tool into her wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhh my god yeah!!" she cried out as she felt his large thick cock fill every bit of her hungry pussy, James moved into the missionary position and began to drive his cock into her deeply, the muscles on his arms rippling as he fucked her hard and fast. "Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, uhhhhhh, ohhhhh yeah, oh yeah oh my god, fuck me baby!" she cried out as he drove every inch of his eleven inch cock into her.

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He smiled at her and passionately kissed her as he continued fucking her hot pussy, the headboard banging against the wall, the bed creaking. "Oh my god, ohhh yeah, ohh sooo good, ohh ohhhhh ohhhhhh!" He fucked her this way for several minutes more, and then he pulled out and told her, "Let me do you from behind!" She smiled at him as he got off the bed, and she faced him first and gave his throbbing cock a couple of sucks, and she got onto her knees on the bed and felt his huge cock enter her again, then he grabbed her ass tightly and began to fuck her again.

He squeezed her ass and then held her hips as stood behind her, fucking her as fast as before, driving his huge cock in and out, Sylvia screamed and moaned with each thrust "Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhh baby, ohhhhhh ohhyeah oh yeah oh yeah ohh my god!

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He kept fucking her with no signs of letting up, he grunted and groaned and continued driving his cock in and out. "Ohh baby, this is great! I've never been fucked for this long!" she exclaimed, "I love being fucked for a long time, this is awesome!" James replied, "I've got lots more to give you yet, its great finding a woman who can fuck like you!!" "You're such a fuckin' hot mama, man oh man!" He fucked her some more and then said, "Ride it babe!" "Ohh my god, oh yess!!" she exclaimed as he pulled out of her and laid on the bed.


She sucked his rock hard throbbing cock and then lowered her pussy slowly on to it, she grabbed his shoulders and began to ride it, filling every inch of it filling her pussy again, and he reached up and sucked her bouncing tits as he thrust his cock up as she came down.

She squeezed his pecs tightly and rode his cock expertly, her pussy sliding up and down like a machine.

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"Ohhh this is soooo good, wow, I love your cock baby!" "Ohhhhh, I'm gonna cum soon babe!" he cried out, "ohhh fuck yeah!" He thrusted his cock into her deeply and exclaimed, "ohhhhh yeahhhh!" as she felt his cock explode in her wet pussy. "Ohhh my god, what a load!" she said as he climbed off him, took his spent but still hard cock into her mouth, and sucked it clean.

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She collapsed beside him, panting hard as he was, and reached over and kissed him. She ran her hands over him and said, "Oh my god, I've never been fucked like that! My pussy will ache for a week!" He replied, "Well, I have to say that you're the first woman I've ever met that could keep up with me, you're a fantastic fuck!" "I've been around!" she said teasingly, "Heres to a new friendship!"

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