Sultry ladyboy screwed in her asshole by hard schlong

Sultry ladyboy screwed in her asshole by hard schlong
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My cousin Stacy settled into life around my house quite well. She helped with the house work and spent time catching up with her old friends. They had no idea of her new "job" and Stacy didn't let them in on her secret lifestyle.

I spent my nights with Stacy in my bed as we soon fell into a pattern of fucking and fondling for hours on end. The things that Stacy could do with her pussy and mouth should be taught to all new wives and willing girlfriends. She had a blow job method that is hard to believe. She would swallow my cock all the way down her throat, then slid her tongue out and lick my balls. The first time she used that method on me, I blew my load instantly and did my best to drown her with the amount cum sent down her throat.

Because of Stacy's many talents, my 43 year old cock had the habit of staying hard and doing it's best to keep her tight 25 year old body happy. I must have done something right over the 1st month of her stay with me, because one day I came home to a surprise. One Friday afternoon, I came home and Stacy had company at the house.

It was her 18 year old sister Shelby. Shelby was a sexy little pixy that was about 5'2" and all of 100 pounds. She has long curly light brown hair, B-cup tits, a slender pair of hips and an ass that was no wider than 13" across. To see her in a tight jeans skirt made me dream of grabbing those hips and pumping my cock in her until I passed out. The tight halter top she wore showed off her tight little body and allowed a good look at her teenaged tits.

She wasn't wearing a bra, so her nipples and small swollen areolas could clearly be seen. Shelby's outfit had "fuck me hard" written all over it and I wanted to tear her clothes off right there and do her until the sun came up. Keeping my rising erection hidden wasn't going to be easy.

After catching up with Shelby and having some dinner with her and Stacy, we settled down in the livingroom to watch a movie and hang out. I was sitting next to Stacy with Shelby on the other side of me. As the movie went along, Stacy leaned over and started snuggling in under my arm and laid her head on my chest. I knew she had told her sister about our sexual relationship but I wasn't really sure how Shelby felt about her Uncle fucking her sister.

As Stacy made herself comfy against my chest, I wrapped my arm over her shoulder and rubbed her tit with my hand until I felt her nipple grow hard under her shirt. As I rubbed her nipple, she slowly ran her hand up and down my thigh and making my cock stir.

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At that time Stacy looked up at me and said "Shelby has a favor to ask of you". I look at Shelby as she turned to me and said "Uncle, would you please make love to me and show me what its like to be a woman?" "Stacy has told me about her "Job" and the money she makes, and I want to see if I could be an escort too." I was shocked to say the least. To hear my little cousin say she wanted to be a high priced call girl like her sister, and want me to show her the way, had me in a daze.

I stammered and stuttered but managed to ask her "Are you sure you want to do this Shelby? Do you know what it means if you and I do this?" Shelby answered "Yes I realize what it means and Stacy said you would be a good person to try this out with.

If I can fuck my Uncle then fucking a stranger for money shouldn't be too hard to do." After looking into her eyes and seeing her determination to go thru with it, I agree to help her out. Inside I was doing back flips at the thought of fucking her tiny little body, but I was worried I might be sending her down a path she would later regret.

After agreeing to help Shelby with her "job training", she moved closer to me placing her hand on my crotch while giving me a kiss on the lips. With one hand on Stacy's tit I used my other hand to grab Shelby's neck and pull her lips tightly into my mouth. As our lips pressed together, I feel her tongue dart out of her mouth and slide into mine as she tried to play tonsil hockey with me. While doing our best to swallow each other's tongues, I felt her unzip my pants and slide her hand inside my jeans where she grabbed hold of my quickly hardening cock and started to slowly rub it while fondling my balls in-between strokes.

All this attention is getting my blood hot and I soon removed my hand from Stacy's tit to focus on Shelby's tight frame. I reached over with one hand and grabbed her ass while pulling her up into my lap. Once straddling my waist, I grabbed hold of her halter top and pulled it up over her head, exposing her perfect little tits for my mouth.


Her tits where the size of baseballs with light brown areolas the size of quarters surrounding small dark red nipples sticking out about 1/4". I took one of her tits and did my best to suck the whole thing into my mouth. As I sucked and licked her tits, Shelby let out a soft purr and ran her hands thru my hair pulling my head into her chest. Sucking on Shelby's firm, tender tits had the effect of making my cock hard as iron and it desperately wanted to get inside her hot little holes. As my cock strained to feel tight depths of Shelby's body, I continued to lick and suck on her taunt tanned tits while running my hands up and down her slim body.

Sensing my cock's growing need for some attention, Shelby slid down my lap until she was kneeling between my legs. She reached up and un buckled my belt, opened my jeans, and slid them down to my ankles. There before her eyes is my throbbing 7" cock waiting for her to do something with it. As Shelby knelt in front of me, Stacy striped off her clothes and moved next to me on the couch.

As I leaned over and give Stacy's tit a lick and suck on her rapidly hardening nipple, she tells Shelby what to do to my cock. I looked at Stacy with a puzzled look, and she says to me "Shelby has never seen a cock in person or been with a man." I smile and realize that once again, I get to break the cherry on a female relative. I had my sister 1st over 20 years ago, and even fathered my "nephew" Michael.

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Now I would get to fuck my sexy little pixy cousin and be the first cock in her mouth and pussy. I looked at Stacy, and said "Why don't you show your sister how to suck a cock like the pro you are?" Stacy smiled at me, slid off the couch, and took hold of my cock while Shelby removed my jeans and jockeys from around my ankles.

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I now had enough room for both of their naked bodies between my knees. As Stacy slowly started sucking my cock, Shelby paid very close attention to the details of Stacy's technique After swallowing my cock and licking my balls for a minute or so, Stacy passed my cock over to her sister and tells her to do the same. Shelby slowly opened her mouth and slid my cock between her lips while twirling her tongue around the tip. The sight of my cock disappearing in her virgin mouth is one of the most exciting moments in my sexual history.

I had seen Shelby grow up next door to me over 18 years, and now she was sucking my cock and wanting me to fuck her. Shelby was a quick learner, and with Stacy's help she even managed to give me a quick deep throat before her gag reflex forced her to remove my cock from her throat.


After 10+ minutes of Shelby's cock sucking attention, I feel the pressure building in my balls and know I won't be able to hold back much longer. I wiped Shelby's hair out of the way, and told her I was close to cumming. Stacy then removed my cock from Shelby's mouth and tells her to get ready. Stacy put my cock in her mouth, stroked it a few times, and I let loose a torrent of cum into her mouth. After the first 2 jets of cum, Stacy pulled my cock out of her mouth and gave it to Shelby for her to taste.

My third jet of cum hit Shelby in the face, but the next 2 jets of cum get blasted into her mouth. Shelby swallows my seed and sucks my cock dry before releasing it from her mouth.

She smiled at me while Stacy and her wipe my cum off her face and swallow the prized seed. After sharing my cum with my 2 cousins, I got on the floor next to Shelby and laid her down for the next step in her "Job Training". I unbuttoned Shelby's skirt and slowly pulled it off her slim hips while she smiled back at me. As I slowly removed her skirt, I noticed she was wearing white lace panties and I got a peek of her mousy brown fur thru the fabric.

After removing Shelby's skirt, I turn my attention to her panties and slipped my fingers under the band while slowly pulling them off. As Shelby's neatly trimmed brown pussy came into full view, I noticed her pussy was perfectly smooth with just a small patch of fur above her lips and they had a hint of moisture clinging to their seam.

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I leaned down and inhaled deeply the scent of her arousal and reached out with my tongue to taste her virgin juices. As I ran my tongue up and down Shelby's smooth slit, she trembled and quivered while moaning her satisfaction with the sensations running through her body. Deeper and deeper I ran my tongue up through her virgin pussy as I did my best to bury my tongue all the way into her steaming hot pink hole while drinking up all the nectar that dripped from her quivering pussy.

After splitting her vulva with my tongue for a few minutes I turned my attention to Shelby's hooded wonder. As I flicked it with my tongue, she groaned and writhed around under my mouth. I gently captured her clit with my teeth and held it while endlessly flicking the tip of my tongue over it as I run my finger up and down, in and out of her drenched hot pussy. Shelby was so tight that her pussy gripped and clenched my fingers with every thrust against her G-Spot.

While Shelby was losing her mind due to the attention her pussy was getting from my fingers and tongue, Stacy was getting hotter and hotter. She needed some attention and soon she had to get her needs satisfied too. While I was eating Shelby's pussy and throughly enjoying the experience and tastes of tender virgin pussy, Stacy had enough. She walked over to Shelby's head, knelt down over Shelby's face, and pushed her dripping pussy onto Shelby's mouth.

I was shocked and stunned to see Stacy's pussy being eaten by her little sister. Stacy said " Eat my pussy and don't stop until I cum. Part of the escort business may involve 2 woman and the guy so you need to know how to eat pussy and suck cock like a pro." I had died and gone to heaven. There is no other way to describe the sight of Stacy's tight talented pussy being eaten by her tiny virgin sister while I ate Shelby's pussy.

I couldn't take it anymore and I needed to get my cock inside of Shelby's pussy before I blew my load all over the carpet watching them. I stopped eating Shelby's pussy and pulled her out from under Stacy's pussy so I could position her for the entry of my cock. I turned Shelby over and brought her up to her knees and instructed her to keep eating Stacy's pussy.

Stacy laid down spread eagle and offered her well manicured pussy to Shelby's willing tongue. Once Shelby was fully engaged in eating her sister's pussy, I got behind her and positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy.

I slowly pushed the head into her until I was about 2" inside her pussy. Shelby's pussy was so tight I couldn't hardly get in that far. She let out a soft moan as I came to rest and allowed her pussy to stretch a little. Once her velvet tunnel started to relax, I continued pushing into her tight wet hole until I came to her cherry barrier.

All this time Shelby is panting, moaning, crying out and still trying to eat her sister's pussy. I grab her hips tightly and ask her "are you ready Shelby? This may hurt a little but it will get better in a minute or two." Without looking at me she said " Go ahead Uncle and break it. I want to feel your cock all the way in my pussy. I want to feel you sliding your cock in and out of my tight little hole." I held her hips tightly, gave a firm steady push against her and felt her hymen tear away as my cock slid all the way in until my balls were resting against her vulva.

The heat and wetness I felt was so intense, it was like a sauna inside her pussy. As I felt Shelby's pussy start to twitch and tingle, I start pumping my cock in and out of her. With each stroke I felt her shudder and shiver beneath me as her body came closer and closer to having that earth shattering orgasm I wanted her to have.

As her tight little pussy got wetter and wetter I could pump my cock faster and harder into her. With each thrust I shoved my cock to it's maximum depth and Shelby's mouth was shoved deeper and harder into Stacy's pussy.

It wasn't long before Stacy had her orgasm and was squirting her juices all over while Shelby tried to drink everything she could. Seeing Stacy cum and having my cock pierce her sister's pussy in ever harder thrusts sent Shelby over the edge.

Shelby's orgasm came hard while spraying my dick and balls with her honey sauce. When her orgasm subsided enough, Shelby turned to me and said " Cum inside my pussy Uncle. I want to feel your seed in me." I asked about getting her pregnant, and she replied "Don't worry about that, I've been on the pill for 2 months." With that statement, I let her have 3 more thrust of my cock, then buried it as deep into her sopping wet pussy as I could while I sent long thick streams of my seed into her little body.

As I let loose with my seed deep into Shelby's formerly virgin pussy, I let out a primal yell that could surely be heard by all the neighbors. I don't know if it was the life long dream of fucking Shelby and Stacy coming true, or just from the intense electrifying sensations ripping through my body when I sent my load into Shelby's pussy, but the feelings were unforgettable.

After my electrifying orgasm inside Shelby's pussy, I collapsed on the floor and tried to catch my breath. Unfortunately, Stacy wasn't having any of that. Shelby's tongue had got Stacy's motor running and she wanted her piece of my cock.

Stacy slunk across the floor and set her sights on my quickly softening cock. She positioned herself between my legs and started to devour my soft cock. She hungrily sucked and licked the mixture of my cum, and her sister's blood and sexual juices off my cock. In and out Stacy sucked my flaccid cock into her mouth and worked my ball sac with her free hand.

Stacy showed no mercy and attacked my cock with reckless abandon. After a few minutes, Stacy's professional attention to my cock had started to have the desired effect. As my cock started to stiffen, I told Stacy to swing around and give me a taste of her honeypot.

As Stacy's pussy came within reach of my thirsty mouth, I wrapped my arms around her slim waist and pulled her dripping snatch down onto my face and buried my tongue as far as I could up her pink hole. The faster I licked her pussy, the faster she sucked my cock and every time I rubbed her clit with my whiskered chin, she would bury my cock past her tonsils.

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Finally I had enough and rolled over and pinned her to the floor while removing my cock from her mouth. With Shelby resting on her back after receiving my seed, I instructed Stacy to go over and straddle her sister's face and get her mouth in Shelby's pussy. Once Stacy assumed a 69 position over her sister, I moved in behind her and positioned my cock just in between her vulva. As I slowly press my cock into Stacy's tight pink hole, my balls dangle just above Shelby's face giving her has a bird's eye view of me penetrating her sister.

As my cock bottomed out in Stacy's pussy, Shelby reached up with her tongue and licked my ball sac. Oh my god what a feeling that was. As I start sliding my cock in and out of Stacy's tight and talented pussy, I feel Shelby's tongue licking her sister's pussy and my cock. It is something that I have never felt before or since. The idea of having Shelby beneath Stacy and me has my cock hard as iron and I use it's added strength to my advantage.

I grab Stacy's hips and start pounding my cock into her tight wet pussy with more and more speed. After blowing 2 loads already in the last hour, my stamina is not an issue. It will take a long time to coax another load of seed from my balls.

With every trust of my cock, I hit Stacy's G-spot and send shivers of sexual energy thru her body. As the minutes pass and she gets closer and closer to having another orgasm, her voice gets loader and loader until the windows literally vibrate from the noise.

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I take my hands off Stacy's hips and reach forward to grab her hair and pull her head backwards towards me. With Stacy's head pulled back towards me, it's like holding the reins of a wild bucking horse. Her hips gyrate up and down, back and forth and her ass slaps against my lap hard enough to turn her ass cheeks red.

After 15 -20 minutes of pumping my cock into Stacy's dripping pussy at a furious pace, I withdraw my cock from it and show it to Shelby. She licks my cock and comments on the taste of our sex while running her fingers through Stacy's pussy. I slide my fingers inside Shelby's pussy and use my wet fingers to lube up Stacy's ass for the next trip down my cock. I place the head of my cock at Stacy's slippery ass and slowly start to push inside her sphincter. As I slide deeper and deeper into her ass, Shelby once again positions herself under Stacy's hips and starts to lick her pussy again.

When my cock reaches the maximum depth inside Stacy's ass, my balls come to rest against her pussy where Shelby gives them a nice long lick with her tongue. Now that Stacy's ass has relaxed, I start moving my cock in and out of her. With every thrust of my cock her ass grips and clenches at my manhood. The added friction is what I need to send me over the edge, and I can feel my balls tightening up. As my cum starts to rise from my balls, I pull my cock out of her ass and shove my cock into Stacy's pussy with one quick thrust and aim to blow my load deep into her womb.

I hold Stacy tight against my lap as my cock sends streams of cum into her body and I shiver with every pulse of my cock. I lean over Stacy's back and kiss her on the shoulders as my cock softens and slips out of her cum filled pussy. When my cock slips out, small droplets of cum drip out and Shelby is there to catch them with her tongue.

After catching the stray drops of my cum, she buries her mouth against Stacy's pussy and licks and sucks as much of my cum as she can get out. Once Shelby has finished cleaning my seed out of Stacy's pussy, we all collapse on the floor and I snuggle up behind Shelby as she wraps her arms around Stacy.

I wrap my arms around Shelby and fall asleep with her tits in my hands as Stacy's tits are cradled by her sister's hands.

After a few hours of napping, I wake up and slip out from behind Shelby and go to the bathroom to retrieve something needed for my next trick. I wake both of my cousins and have Shelby lay down on top of Stacy so that she is laying on Stacy's back.

This has the desired effect of having both asses facing me for our next experience. As I take some Vaseline and rub it into and around both Stacy's and Shelby's sphincter to slick them up, Shelby protests and tries to stop me. "Stop it Uncle. You can't do that. You can only fuck my pussy." I tell her to be quite and relax because I'm going to fuck her in the ass and I'll be careful not to hurt her.

After I've slicked up both of their ass holes, I get behind Shelby and put my cock against her brown eye and as I slowly apply pressure, my cock starts to slide into her virgin ass.

She whimpers and squirms as I go deeper and deeper into her ass. When I reach the depths of her bowels, Shelby's whimpers turn to moans and I feel her ass start to relax and accept my cock.

I start slid my cock in and out of her ass and relish the sight of her getting hotter and hotter as she learns to love anal sex. After Shelby starts to get into it, I remove my cock from her ass, and stick the head into Stacy ass.

Stacy's ass is used to my cock and she has become used to anal sex on a regular basis.

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Your ass opens nicely to accept my cock and soon I have a nice pace going in and out of her ass. 8 to 10 thrust into Stacy's ass, and I pull my cock out and shove it back into Shelby's ass.

My slick cock pumps in and out of her ass in ever quicker thrust and soon I feel her start to quiver with a pending orgasm. Before Shelby can cum, I pull out of her and reenter Stacy's ass with a quick hard thrust.

My pace gets harder and faster with every passing second and I can feel my next load of seed building in my balls. I know I will soon cum again and I ask "who wants this load of cum inside them?" They both scream out and ask for my seedso I do the next best thing. I pull out of Stacy, push Shelby off her sister and onto her back, and then point my cock at the both of them. I stroke my cock a few times, and blow my seed from their pussys, across their stomachs, and manage to get the last few drops up to 4 of the most perfect tits God ever put on earth.

Stacy and Shelby use their fingers and lips to lick and suck my seed of their bodies while smiling at me. After spending the night making love to my former virgin cousin [Shelby] and a sexual Goddess [Stacy], I fall asleep between the two of them. Many hours later I wake up to the shower running and join them in another round of heavy petting and fondling in my shower. By the time Shelby left with her sister for California a month later, the 3 of us have been enjoying each other in every way possible.

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The Friday evening surprise turned into 30 days of constant love making and sexual exploring that none of us will ever forget. I can't wait to have my cousins visit again.