Real brother cumming brothers ass gay porn and college boy having sex

Real brother cumming brothers ass gay porn and college boy having sex
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Fbailey story number 167 Bikini Snow Skiing When I was in college I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would get such a prestigious job at a year round resort with skiing in the winter, golf in the summer, and all of the other things that were going on.

They had condos, hotels, tennis courts, and an Olympic size swimming pool. There was something going on all of the time. It is amazing what doors open up for you when you graduate at the top of your class from Cornell University with a Master's Degree in Business.

I was hired right out of college as an executive at the ski resort. It pays very well too. The ski season starts about two weeks before Thanksgiving and lasts to about mid April. At our Staff Meeting in October I suggested that we could hold a Bikini Skiing Contest, so my boss put me in charge of organizing it.

Those 'Snow Bunnies' as we call them are beautiful, sexy, and looking for a little fun away from home. I was able to schedule the 'Bikini Snow Skiing Contest' for Saturday, February the sixteenth, which was just two days after Saint Valentine's Day next year.

The prize was to be a thousand dollars for first place, five hundred dollars for second place, and one hundred dollars for third place. So for several weeks before hand I was soliciting contestants.

I could provide them with free admission for them and one guest on that Saturday in February if they signed up in advance and promised to wear a bikini that day to ski in. I figured that I could use some publicity photos so after they signed the paperwork and provided me with their identification and proof of age I asked them to put on a bikini and pose for some publicity photos. I bought a nice variety of very skimpy bikinis at a local shop. I was going to use my own digital camera and the photos were going to be mine too since I had them sign a model release to that effect.

Peggy was the first girl to take me up on my offer. I had seen her flirting with every one of our cute ski instructors so I approached her with the idea of entering our Bikini Contest in February and she accepted. I had actually been wondering if my bikini idea was going to work out at all. Peggy was my only bite in that first week of trying. Peggy was your typical Snow Bunny. She was blonde, thin, and very attractive.

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She was full of energy, smiled all of the time, and she was constantly throwing herself at our ski instructors. I brought her up to my office to fill out the contest application. She was eighteen years old and still a senior in high school. When she flirted with me she just poured on the sex. Her ski jumpsuit got warm and the zipper came down. Apparently she was just wearing a bra under her ski suit. Well she had only shown me her bra so far anyway.

The paperwork went smoothly and I Xeroxed her identification to attach to her application. When I handed her the model release and explained that I needed it signed for publicity photos. She was all for it. I had Peggy stand for me while I took some pictures.

She started lowering her zipper even more as I took sexier pictures of her. Soon her zipper was to her crotch and she opened it up and slid it halfway down her arms. I just love those sleek one-piece jumpsuits. Her bra was a lacy white thing that supported her very nice breasts and her panties matched as I had suspected.

A girl this sexy would never wear mismatched underwear to a place like this, hell she wouldn't be caught dead in anything ordinary either. Her suit slipped down her legs smoothly and bunched at the top of her boots, which came off and then she stepped out of her jumpsuit.

Peggy thought nothing of posing in her bra and panties for a perfect stranger. She just radiated sex. When I asked her if she would put on a bikini for some pictures she asked me what was wrong with her skiing in her bra and panties.

I really didn't have an answer for her. She had just been teasing me and said that she would put a bikini on for me if it was really necessary. I brought out my collection of bikinis and told Peggy that I would step outside until she was ready. To which Peggy replied that I didn't have to leave the room and that she didn't mind if I watched her change.

She even told me that I could take some pictures of her in the nude if I wanted too. Well the tent that had already formed in my pants gave her my answer. So I watched and took pictures as Peggy tried on three of my tiny bikinis. Peggy was built a little bigger than they were meant for, so they showed off quite a bit more of her assets. Peggy sure didn't mind how they fit even when I had her stand out on my balcony so that I could get our beautiful snow covered resort in the background behind her.

Peggy really wanted to pose nude for me on my balcony too. She was certainly what I needed for our bikini contest so I let her. After the nude pictures on the balcony Peggy came back inside, closed the glass doors behind her, and pressed her luscious tits into my chest as she kissed me. It didn't take me very long at all to get my clothes off. She even helped me. This sweet angel was in a big hurry to get fucked. So was I. I helped her to the couch where I plowed my cock into her unceremoniously.

Peggy didn't care because everything that she had done prior to that was foreplay. She had come to our ski resort that day with the intention of getting laid. She had worn only her bra and panties on purpose too. She was just what every ski instructor wanted…including the female instructors.

Peggy was a wet dream come true. I could see her winning the contest already. No other girl could compete with her in a bikini or out of it either. I was making love to the ski bunny of all ski bunnies. As I filled her with my cum she wrapped all of her extremities around me and exploded in her own orgasm before going limp and resting her head back against my couch. Splayed out in that position I could not pass up the opportunity to take more pictures of her.

Peggy smiled up at me and said that I had made her day. Little did she know that she had made my day, my week, my month, and even my year. I had dreamed of girls like Peggy all my life. Peggy wiped her pussy dry with my underwear and then put her bra and panties back on before slipping on her jumpsuit, boots, and kissing me goodbye. Now I knew for sure what to look for in a contestant. However I still felt that a shy girl would be nice too so I didn't give up asking every girl that I could to sign up for my bikini contest.

For the next couple of days every girl that I approached turned me down. I had posters on the doors of every entrance, every lady's bathroom, and on the changing room doors too. Finally three teenage girls were sent to me that wished to sign up however they were only sixteen so I told them that I needed at least one of their parents to come up and sign the permission slip.

Then I added that it had to be done in person and in my presence. They weren't going to sign for the other one and hand them back to me. So I sent them away. In an hour all three girls were back again and they had brought their mothers with them. Surprisingly they had talked their mothers into signing up for the bikini contest too. Fantastic! So they filled out the six applications, provided the appropriate identification, and posed in my skimpy bikinis.

The mothers were not at all pleased with the sizes in my selection but they said that they were going to look for some to wear to the contest in February. Anyway I got some very nice pictures of the six ladies and a lot of close-ups that they didn't even know about.

I saw some pubic hairs that went wild when they tried to stuff them into their bottoms. I made sure to get the mother and daughter combinations too. Things were going pretty well when my boss asked me and he was pleased that I had a dozen girls signed up at the time.

He was hoping for fifty to a hundred bikini-clad girls all over the resort that day. He was thinking about increasing the publicity and had decided to split the girls into more groups.

He suggested under eighteen, eighteen to twenty-five, and older than twenty-five. Then he suggested that I should try to organize an over fifty group too. He started thinking about having celebrity guest judges, however he was going to put someone else in charge of getting them.

I was to concentrate on signing up the girls. I put up new posters with the four categories on them. I had just finished when a woman came up to me and said that she wanted to enter my contest. When she told me that she wanted to join the over fifty contest I really couldn't believe it. She didn't look a day over thirty-five years old. She thanked me for the compliment but produced her driver's license to prove me wrong. She filled out and signed everything and then told me that she didn't have a bikini with her.

Before I could tell her that I had some she suggested that she just cover the 'good' parts from the camera with her hands.


Okay! Pauline was simply fantastic. She had already removed her parka so she removed her boots and her ski pants. She looked great in her tight stretch pants and her winter sweater. Her breasts stretched the material of her sweater out very nicely. Pauline had two rather nice hills under there too. Her stretch pants had those straps that go under her feet to hold them down in place. They were white and they were snug. I could see a slight camel-toe in her crotch and the hint of her red panties under them.

As she turned and leaned over to set things on the end of my couch I could tell that her panties were tongs.

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Pauline turned and smiled at me and then she asked me if I would like some pictures of her dressed. I sure would, she looked beautiful. She posed in my chair, on my couch, and in front of my glass door leading to the balcony. Then Pauline removed her sweater and I saw her red bra.

It had holes in the ends of her cups so that her nipples were poking out. She smiled at me as I stared at her erect nipples. I took some more pictures. She reached back and unhooked her bra then removed it. She then removed her stretch pants also. Pauline posed in just her thong panties and then removed them too. Her pussy had just a thin strip of fur showing above her slit.

Every pose required five or six pictures to get her naked and then covered properly. The naked part was no problem at all. The covered part got better as Pauline bent her right hand down at an angle from her forearm then covered her right nipple with her arm and her left nipple with her fingers. Her left hand could then be free to cover her pussy. After the pictures had been taken it was Pauline that asked me if I wanted to have sex with her.

Yes I did and she knew that. At that time her age did not even cross my mind, she was just hot. We made sweet passionate love on my couch for a long time. I nuzzled into her neck and made shivers run up her spine. Pauline not only looked good but she tasted good too. Her honey pot tasted like fresh picked peaches.


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It might have been some flavor that she had added but it tasted great and I could hardly stop eating her long enough to fuck her. Pauline sure enjoyed having a cock half her age give her cervix a tickle. I gave her three orgasms then I cum in her powerfully.

Pauline thanked me for the great sex and said that she would be seeing me again before February. I told her that I would be looking forward to it. As the weeks went on I picked up more and more girls but very few in the over fifty category. Most of the older ladies had some sort of excuse for not doing it.

One day I approached a group of senior citizens and offered them free lessons and lift tickets if they would sign up for the Bikini Skiing Contest. Surprisingly I got five of the women to take me up on my offer.

I was in pretty good shape then. I had over sixty women signed up already and I had enough in each group to actually make it a contest. It just wouldn't be much of a contest with three women over fifty vying for the three cash prizes now, would it. Then that weekend just before the contest a very attractive woman approached me with a problem that she had. Basically a businessman had brought his wife, his daughter, and his girlfriend slash secretary on vacation to our resort for ten days.

In essence she offered me her daughter if I could do something to discredit the girlfriend. What! Mona had heard some idle gossip that I had fucked half of the contestants in next Saturday's bikini contest and said that she might be able to get her husband's secretary to sign up. Then she wanted me to fuck her, get pictures of it, and then turn them over to her so that she could show her husband what a slut he had for a secretary.

I believed that she was trying to save her marriage. As to my reward she had a nineteen-year-old daughter that she was willing to pawn off on me.

Yeah right! Well when Mona pointed out the secretary I was all for it. She was absolutely gorgeous, she had nice big tits, and she was sexy as hell. I took it from there.

I walked over to the young woman and told her how gorgeous she looked and that I would love to have her enter my bikini contest. I even told her that she was a shoe in for the thousand dollar first prize. That was exactly what she wanted to hear. Money was definitely her downfall.

I escorted Valerie up to my office to fill out the paperwork. Mona was right about her. Valerie was a slut. After she signed everything she was easy to get to pose naked for me. She was raunchy as hell too. She posed like most of the other girls had but then she went wild. She looked around my office at various autographed sports memorabilia that I had on display.

Whenever a celebrity had come to our resort I had gotten most of their autographs. Valerie proceeded to fuck herself with my collection of tennis racket handles, golf club handles, and even the small end of my baseball bats. I just about panicked though when she shoved my Richard Petty autographed Coke bottle into her pussy.

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It was priceless and couldn't be replaced either, however I could not resist taking the pictures. Then I carefully took it out of Valerie's pussy, checked the signature, and put it back up on my mantle. I had a six-pack of Budweiser in my drawer so I shoved every one of them into her pussy personally as I snapped off pictures. Then I had Valerie autograph all six labels for me. My boss would love one of those.

Fucking Valerie was a cinch. She was even expecting it. She was actually a very good fuck too. She could do things with her pussy that I had never felt before.

She could clamp down on my rigid cock and milk me with that thing. She could twist her body into positions that I had only seen in books. I fucked Valerie for all I was worth that afternoon. She stuck around for round two and posed some more in between. At one point she had her pussy opened up so wide with her fingers that I could see right down into her depths. This woman belonged in Hustler Magazine not in a class act like Playboy or Penthouse.

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She really was raunchy but oh so gorgeous. With a little help from me she even got the fat end of my baseball bat into her pussy, at least about eight inches of it.

Those pictures were worth a thousand dollars. Valerie was not in any hurry to leave my office after our second fuck either except her cell phone rang. It was Mona's husband wondering where she was. She told him that she was in the lady's room and that she would come to him shortly.

I had the whole two hours on videotape including the lie at the very end. Valerie promised me an encore performance Thursday, Saint Valentine's Day. Wow! She is fucking her boss on vacation and she still wants to give me a Saint Valentine's Day fuck.

Okay! Mona came back into my office about an hour later to see how things had turned out. I played her some of the videotape and told her that I would transfer it to a DVD that night at home and give her a copy.

I also asked her not to show it to her husband until after the bikini contest. I didn't want anything to ruin that.


There was no telling what would happen if everyone knew that I had fucked some of the contestants, however I was not one of the judges either.

The next morning was Sunday and Mona came by to pick up her copy of the DVD and to introduce me to her nineteen-year-old daughter Claudette. Claudette was the most beautiful young lady that I had ever seen. She was very quiet, well dressed, and apparently didn't ski. She was dressed in a rather nice medium length black skirt, a white blouse that was almost fully buttoned, and she was wearing a short black sweater that was tied under her breasts. As Claudette sat in the chair next to her mother I noticed her legs.

They were perfect, they were crossed appropriately, and they were long. I could see some of her white bra as it shone under her white blouse. Her hair shined like in a commercial and it was up on top of her head in a long ponytail. As Mona left she gave me a kiss and said, "Claudette you know why you are here?" Claudette blushed and said, "Yes mother." When Mona left I asked Claudette what she knew about why she was here.

She told me that she was my payment for helping her mother get even with Valerie for trying to steal her husband away. Okay but what did she expect to happen? She didn't know. As we talked I learned more about Claudette.

She had been brought up very strict and proper. She had been to a young woman's boarding school in England and she had just the sweetest accent. She was also a virgin and had never even been kissed by a boy yet. Claudette was absolutely perfect and pure as the driven snow. How could her mother feed her to a lion like me? Apparently it was an act of desperation. Claudette was the most valuable thing that Mona had to offer me. It was clearly a last ditch effort to save her marriage.

But at her daughter's expense? Claudette made it clear that she intended to obey her mother's wishes and spend every minute with me until she had to leave the following Sunday evening. I would have eight days with this wonderful work of art. Claudette was very well educated in almost everything from current world events to literature, paintings, and sculptures. While in England she had toured most of the art museums in Europe. She had even met both of Princess Diana's sons.

She could play the violin, the piano, and the harp. She was really into classical music. She knew very little about television or movies, however she had seen many of the Broadway plays in New York City. Claudette was way out of my league but there she was in my office none the less. I took her to lunch but not to our restaurant, I took her into town. I did not want to attract a lot of attention. In the restaurant Claudette pronounced every word correctly even the French, Spanish, and Italian words.

She could also speak German. Wow! I could only dream of having a woman like this. At twenty-five years old I thought that I was doing pretty well and I was. I was also the youngest executive at the ski resort. With the eighteen-hole golf course, tennis tournaments, wedding receptions, and industrial clambakes we were certainly open year-round.

I am even buying one of the condos that we sell right at the resort. After lunch Claudette helped me pick out a few bottles of wine. She was very knowledgeable about such things. I returned to work but left shortly so that I could take Claudette to my place. We opened a bottle of wine and she told me all about the vineyard that it had come from in France.

About halfway through the bottle of wine Claudette found a classical music station on my radio. She had me stand and then she tried to teach me the Waltz.

As she pressed her breasts into my chest her perfume permeated the air around me. It was like an aphrodisiac. I was slowly falling in love with this woman. Claudette was simply amazing to be around. When I offered to take her out to eat dinner she suggested a quick trip to the grocery store and that she would fix us dinner at home. I liked the sound of that word 'home.' She bought a variety of stuff then we went 'home.' I watched as Claudette prepared a luscious meal for two.

She could do everything including cook. She said that she was a pretty good artist too. I could believe that. Dinner was great and we finished off the rest of the wine. When I offered to take her home she resisted and said that she was supposed to stay with me. I explained that I only had one bed but she didn't care.

I told her that she was still a virgin and she laughed at me then said that she already knew that. So out of desperation I called her mother. Mona told me to let her stay because she and her husband were in a very heated argument over Valerie and that it was best if Claudette were not present for it. So it was decided that Claudette would spend the night at my place. I told her that I would sleep on the couch and she just smiled at me.

Soon she had organized a sleepover. She had all of my blankets and pillows off of my bed and on the floor in front of the fireplace. She had opened another bottle of wine but had only brought one glass to drink from. While I started the fire she went into my bedroom and came back out in just her white shirt and her panties, nothing else. Her white shirt was now unbuttoned to just below her breasts.

Her nipples were hard and very noticeable. From my position on the floor I could see a dark patch of pubic hair behind her white panties and it excited me. This erotic young woman was seducing me and I couldn't resist her. Hell, I didn't want to resist her either. She was the most charming and sophisticated woman that I had ever known. I let her do whatever it was that she wanted to do. We shared the wineglass, we shared our childhoods, and we shared our dreams of a future.

Then we shared our very first kiss. I was the first man other than her father and uncles to ever kiss her and she liked it. I liked it too, she was a very passionate kisser. She admitted that she had practiced kissing at the boarding school, all of the girls did. She admitted that she had made love to many of the girls too but never to a boy before. She was looking forward to it too and I was her very first opportunity. As we finished the bottle of wine and kissed I felt of her body.

I ran my hands over her smooth ass and up under her blouse to feel of her breasts. I even cupped her warm moist pussy. Then I cuddled her into my arms and we fell asleep without having sex. Claudette was concerned that I didn't like her because I hadn't accepted her offer of sex.

I explained to her that she was possibly the woman that I was going to marry but that I did not wish to spoil anything by moving too quickly. I also said that she had been drinking. She said that I couldn't possibly move too quickly because the last ten years had all been preparation for just that.

I told her that I wasn't sure that I was good enough for her. She assured me that I was exactly what she had dreamed of since puberty. She had even thought about me whenever she had been making love to another girl. After breakfast I told her that I had to go to work for a few hours so I took her to her parents condo to change her clothes. There were a couple of applications on my desk when I got there and a note from my boss telling me what I great job that I had been doing.

Then Claudette walked in. She looked amazing in Valerie's clothes. It seemed that Valerie had left in such a hurry that she had forgotten to take her clothes with her. Claudette had also seen parts of the DVD I had made for her mother. Oh my God! I was petrified that I could loose this wonderful woman already. However that wasn't the case at all. Claudette had made love with Valerie too and knew just what I had experienced with her and she wasn't the least bit jealous or upset with me either.

She looked so good in that tiny mini skirt and that extremely loose fitting sweater. When she sat down all I could do was stare at her legs and try to see her panties.

Claudette said, "So how many women have you had sex with in the last six months here?" I was shocked at the question but I was not about to start out our relationship on lies so I said, "Eight." Claudette laughed and said, "Okay! How many girls have you had sex with in your entire life then?" I looked at her and said, "Twelve." Again Claudette laughed and said, "Well I have you beat by more than ten to one. I have had sex with over a hundred and fifty girls including my mother and Valerie." Claudette asked, "So how many boys have you had sex with?" I choked but said, "None" in a very loud voice.

Claudette laughed and said, "Me too. So in that case we are tied." I smiled at her knowing that Claudette was not at all upset with me. She then told me that she liked me even more because I hadn't jumped her bones the night before.

She told me that her mother had sent her father home to clean out his desk. Her mother owned the company and just let her husband run it for her. He had taken Valerie with him but Valerie was coming right back.

After all Valerie still worked for Mona and she had to participate in the Bikini Contest on Saturday. Claudette and I spent as much time together as possible. We had fallen in love. On Saint Valentine's Day Claudette gave me her virginity and I took it. The bikini contest was a huge success and brought in even more business than my boss was hoping for. Valerie and that little sexpot Peggy took first and second place in the eighteen to twenty-five-year-old category and I had fucked them both.

When Claudette went home that Sunday I just couldn't get her out of my mind besides we had been fucking our brains out since Saint Valentine's Day. I was going through withdrawal and calling Claudette every few hours. She and her mother came back every weekend and they brought Valerie with them. It seems that Mona and Valerie had been lovers long before her husband took her away from her. Claudette and I spent every opportunity together.

Weekends just were not doing it for us. So when the ski season ended and Mona asked me to take over her business for her I jumped at the opportunity. She has been running it since she had fired her husband but it was too much for her. She had talked to my boss about it and he had agreed with her that it would be a great opportunity for me…so in essence he fired me.

Within a year I had increased Mona's business, Valerie was my personal secretary, and I had married Claudette. The End Bikini Snow Skiing 167