Aje 11 school garil rap

Aje 11 school garil rap
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Parking in the driveway, I can only see the living room light is on. My first thought is that the little guy's been put to bed. Take it it was after 10pm by the time I got there, I would think that would be the case. You told me to just come on in after I get there since you knew who was going to be at the door knocking at that time of night. With my overnight bag strapped about my shoulder I make my way to the door and stop to hear your voice coming from upstairs.

Still upstairs, I think to myself. A naughty thought crosses my mind. Perhaps this time I'll make it less talk and more action, that way my feet have no time to get cold.

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I quietly put my bag down, move over to a dark part of the stairs, and quickly shed my clothing. I know you'll be the only one coming down the stairs, and I will be ready for you. I see the light go off upstairs and hear you make your way down the steps. Now's my chance, no backing out now.

I notice you are seemingly ready for bed as the only thing I can see you wearing is a long night shirt. Let's see if there's anything on underneath. As you make your way into the living room, I stealthily make my way behind you and before you can notice you have a shadow behind you, I reach around your waist, pull you close, and start kissing your neck. You tense up for a moment before you realize who it was behind you as I whisper in your ear, "I missed you, and now I'm going to show you just how much." I lean back down and return to taste your skin around your neck while my hands travel in opposite directions after making their way under your night shirt.

One heads down to stir the honeypot while the second moves up to take one of your bountiful orbs. On both accounts, I am pleasantly surprised that there is nothing blocking either destination.


By now you can tell that I am sans clothing as you feel something warm and hard pressing up against your ass.

This seems to have an affect as you grind your hips slowly and softly against my manhood. I can hear a soft sigh escape your lips as my lower hand finds your moist folds, your clit already hard before I begin to massage it in small circles. Not to be outdone, My upper hand keeps the same pace molding your breast while rolling your stiff nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Unknowingly we both back into the nearest wall, my backside now squashed as your grinding gets more urgent, pressing against me harder and with a faster pace.

Both my hands follow suit and increase their pressure and pace. Your sighs turn to moans as I feel your sex getting wetter and warmer by the minute.

That's it love, get those love juices flowing, I think to myself. My fingers are now moving at a furious pace, both grinding your hot, wet nub and pinching your nipple rhythmically.

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I can hear your moaning getting higher, your breathing faster, and your pussy begins to pulse as you begin the upward climb of pleasure, until you reach the top.

You stop breathing for a moment while your body tenses, then I head a long, loud half-screaming moan and you cum with authority.


Your juices flow freely, making your tunnel hot, steamy, and very wet. Now for the main course. While you are still going through aftershocks, I gently grab your hips and move you around to where you will be facing the wall.

I lift your night shirt over your hips and nudge you to bend over and put your hand on the wall. I bend my knees down far enough to where the tip if my shaft springs out underneath you and slaps your swollen lips and sensitive bud on the rebound. I hear a gasp as soon as our organs contact. Seemingly out of instinct, and before I could move any further, you reach down to take hold of my member, guide the head straight your opening, and thrust your hips back to impale yourself fully and completely into me.

I take a deep breath, my eyes widen as your now boiling cunt takes hold of my cock in its soft, snug, warm embrace. Not wanting to interrupt the wonderful sensations I take your hips in my hands and continue what you started. Drunk on lust, I let my body flow freely and thrust myself deeply within you.

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Your sharp gasps and moans swim in the air, adding to my intoxication. I've waited so long for this.so much better than dreams have showed me.

My senses seem to heighten to be able to drink in more and more of the sensations that wash over me each time I drive myself into you. "More.more." you pant between breaths, and my body responds by pounding deeper and harder. I once again can hear your moaning getting faster and higher, I feel your inner sanctum begin to spasm, and I know that your are once again nearing the mountaintop.


This time you manage to keep breathing, almost screaming with each breath. You pussy tightens up around me each time I thrust home, wanting to prod what it wants out of me.

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My loins come to life and prepare to answer its plea. The chain reaction starts, and within moments my hips slap into yours with urgency.

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Passing the point of no return, I let out a guttural moan while I unleash a torrent of white-hot cream deep within you. Each thrust blasts more and more, mixing with the brewing concoction within your boiling cauldron. With one last thrust, I impale you balls-deep and give you the last of my reserves. I leave myself buried within you while I bend down, tilt your face towards me, and press my lips into yours for a soft, gentle kiss.

Once I have caught my breath, I whisper softly in your ear, "This is only the beginning."