TS Alexa Scout and her girlfriend

TS Alexa Scout and her girlfriend
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Hi, my name is Daryl and I live with my twice widowed mom in a medium sized town in Indiana.


My real dad was killed in a car wreck 12 years ago and my mom married a preacher a year later. Bob the preacher was older and very judgemental and began molesting me shortly after he married my mom. I'm only 5 ft. 6 inches tall with a slim build and feminine features so I think that's what attracted him to me. He encouraged me to grow my hair long and wear it in a ponytail and paid me to help him around the church.

I was in the throes of puberty and everything made me horny and I think he used that against me.

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He would tell me personal things about my mom and their sex life.like, "she's got a good body, or big perky boobs and he even told me she had a very hairy pussy". He also told me that she was very prudish and didn't even like sex. He would show me sex magazines, both straight and gay and make comments like, "my cock's bigger than that one" or "my cock cums way more than that guys".

After a while, I was curious about his cock and wanted to see it and have some real sex even if it was with another guy. One Saturday morning after looking at porn in his church office, he started rubbing his cock through his pants and I couldn't look away. He said "why don't you rub it for me" and I immediately put my hand on it and felt it throb.

He said "go lock the door" and I was more than willing to take this further. When I came back, I noticed that he was still sitting in his desk chair but his pants and underwear were around his ankles and his big hard cock was sticking straight up with the leaking head almost touching his big belly.

He told me to kneel down between his legs so I could see better and then instructed me to stroke it like I would my own. I was fascinated by how different his body was from mine, he was a big husky man with a big belly and thick red hair everywhere and especially thick around his big balls and cock. His huge cock was very hard and circumcised with a long mushroom shaped head.

His cock got fatter and fatter as it got closer to his belly and when I pulled it toward me, it was like pulling a tree limb and when I let go, it snapped back against his belly. It was hot to the touch and felt very heavy and was slowly emitting small globs of thick, clear, sticky liquid onto my thumb and wrist.

Bob said "I think your ready for a taste of another mans cum, go ahead and lick all of that away". I knew it was wrong, preacher Bob had said that gay people were sinners but I figured he wanted me to do it so it must be ok. As I licked the salty, odd tasting nector, preacher Bob said as if he'd read my mind "what your doing isn't gay, it's just a son helping his dad and sons do that for their old dads so now I want you to put your mouth on it and suck and lick as you move your pretty little mouth up and down the length of it".

I did as I was told and within minutes, Bob's big cock started jerking in my mouth causing me to have to swallow his thick, hot cum, over and over until he ran out.

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I loved everything about it, sucking, rubbing his big balls, his cock jerking in my mouth and the wonderful taste and texture of his thick, hot cum. He told me not to tell anybody and we'd do it again. He said my mom wouldn't do that for him and I was more than happy to.

He was a very horny man and I sucked him three or four times a week until the last time when he grabbed his chest as his big cock pumped out a double sized load and then he died of a heart attack. I couldn't get his pants up so I told the police that I found him like that.

They finally got me to admit that I was sucking his dick when he died so the police told my mom that preacher Bob had been molesting me and that his heart gave out while recieving oral sex.

Mom apologized over and over to me but I told her it was alright and that, I knew I shouldn't be doing it. There was a big scandal and we had to move out of the rectory. Bob had left us nothing so mom had to take a waitress job. We found a small house and I got a part time job at a fast food place to help out. Mom had no skills so she enrolled at a massage school to become a massage therapist and it took her six months to graduate, going part time.

She ran an add on Craigslist and had cards printed up.

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She was so happy and enthusiastic when she handed me one of the cards. It said "MOM'S HAPPY ENDING MASSAGE" and I didn't have the heart to tell her what that meant. She kept her day job and did massages in the evening and we even bought her a used but fancy massage table and set it up in the small extra bedroom.

Mom charged $50 an hour and at first it was slow and several men came and asked her for sex or got touchy feely with her. Sometimes if she didn't trust the guy, she would ask me to be in the room and she would tell the customer that I was her student. One big older guy named Ed came every Thursday evening and he would flirt with my mom and occasionally cop a feel but he was basically a good guy.

He would strip naked and I would cover his butt or groin and call my mom and she would perform the massage. After several sessions, Ed asked "why doesn't your student ever help" causing my mom to panic so I said "I can do your legs if you don't mind".

Ed said "go for it and you don't have to be gentle with me". I'd watched my mom enough to know the basics so as he lay on his stomach, I did his legs and thighs and mom did his neck, shoulders and back. He told mom that he would double the payment to $100 if I also worked his buttocks. Mom gave me a confused look so I said "sure, we can do that" and I slid the towel off and massaged his butt and thighs. When it was time for him to turn over, I recovered him with the towel and held it as he turned over.

My mom is very short so I had made her a wide step stool so she would be higher than the customer. While mom massaged his neck and chest, I did the front of his legs and thighs.

I could see Ed's cock tenting the towel as I worked his thighs and so did mom. Finally Ed asked "how much more for the happy ending" and my mom gave me the same confused look.

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I said " another $50 if I do it and Ed said "hell yeah go for it" so I removed the towel from his good sized cock and began to stroke it. Mom was mesmerized by what I was doing and her breathing had become heavier and more ragged. She didn't even realize that Ed's hand was under her dress rubbing between her legs.

Suddenly Ed moaned "there's another $50 if you suck it" so I just took it in my mouth and sucked it right in front of my mom and it wasn't long before Ed filled my mouth again and again until finally his mighty cock went soft. When I looked up at my mom, she was straddling Ed's head with her eyes closed and her whole lower body was jerking in the throes of a hard orgasm, caused by Ed's tongue.

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After Ed left, my mom asked "why did Ed call that a happy ending" and I had to explain that in the massage world, a "happy ending" is when the therapist brings the customer to orgasm.

Mom said "oooohhhh myy Goddd, I better change my cards". She said "you didn't have to do that but now we have our rent money and some left over" and she was happy. We had made $200 for a one hour massage and the next day when mom came home from work she said that Ed was sending a friend named Leon by at 7 pm. She looked so happy when she said "We make a pretty good team kiddo". Then mom said "you know that thing you did to Ed with your mouth" and when I shook my head yes, she said "I always wanted to try that with your dad but I was too embarrassed".

Then she asked "do you like doing that" and I said "yeah I guess I do", prompting her to ask " does the, uhhh you know gooey stuff taste good"? and I said "yeah I like it". Mom thought for a moment and said "I might steal a taste if you do it again" and we both started laughing when I said " it's very good for you, and it's chocked plumb full of Vitamins and protein".

At about 6 pm, Ed called and mom handed me the phone and said "here he wants to talk to you" and handed me the phone. Ed said "I didn't want to ask your mom but my friend Leon wants the full treatment and will pay $200 if he gets the happy ending, can you do that" and I said "sure we can do that". Ed asked "is your mom ok with that?" and I assured him that she was.


I realized after we hung up that Ed had called her my "mom" so I guess he had figured it out. When Leon arrived, me and mom were both surprised because he wa a big, older black man. He seemed nice and I took him to our massage room and had him strip and lay face down on the table. Before my mom came in, he asked if I had talked to Ed and was he going to get the "happy ending" and I assured him that he would.

Mom was a little surprised that he was totally naked but I explained that he was here for the full massage with the happy ending as I winked at her. She looked nervous but smiled at me when she started the massage. Leon moaned as mom worked his upper body and I rubbed his thighs and buttocks. His legs were spread slightly with his big balls and long, fat, soft penis, laying between them.

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As I rubbed his thighs, I would let my fingers brush against his hardening cock and it was getting bigger by the minute. Mom was standing on her step stool at his head and I noticed that his hand was under her skirt and she was breathing heavily.

I wasn't sure of what was going on until Leon moaned "I love a hairy white pussy" and mom's face went beet red. Leon rolled over on his own and his 10 inch, fat, hard cock throbbed as it pointed at the ceiling. He reached back with both arms and lifted my little mom up into the air and sat her back down, facing me, with her knees straddling his head and then he started eating her pussy. As my mom bucked and moaned on his talented tongue, I devoured his thick wet cock head and began sucking the big thing greedily into my mouth.

Leon was rubbing my moms nice tits as he ate her pussy and soon she just pulled her blouse off, giving him free reign over her naked upper body. It wasn't long until I felt Leon stiffen so I swallowed his big cock and waited for his cum. When it came, I swallowed his first thick load, jerked my mouth off and grabbed my mom's head and forced it down onto Leon's big spurting cock and watched her drain every drop the stranger had to offer.

Mom licked up every drop from his cock and belly, to his pubic hair and balls and then collapsed on top of him as a mighty orgasm overtook her. When Leon stood up, he pointed to my obvious erection and said "it looks like your needing a "happy ending" yourself".

Mom was just staring at my tented pants as she said "we'll take care of that later" but Leon said "I'd pay $50 more to see a mother fuck her own son" and just like that, mom said "sure we can do that" as she pulled her skirt off and jumped up on the table.

I stripped and saw her cute little, hairy, wet pussy as she slid it up to the end of the table right in line with my virgin 8 inch fat cock. Mom said "you've got your daddies big fat cock so go slow with me, it's been a while since I've had one that big". I rubbed my cock head up and down her well lubed slit and then fed her my cock slowly. She was moaning and her head was jerking from side to side as she used her bare feet to pull me deep inside of her.

All at once she moaned "fuck momma hard baby, I'm ready". The harder I fucked her, the harder she fucked back and it wasn't long before her whole body began to jerk as if she was riding a bucking horse and just as her body went limp, Leon stood on her step stool and fed both of us a fresh mouthful of his tasty thick cum.

I was close so I started banging away at my own mom's used, old, slutty pussy until I buried it and felt it pop into her cervix and fill it with my incestuous hot cum. When mom felt the first of many spurts of my cum, she began to jerk again and her pussy locked onto my swollen cock and was wringing the rest of her son's hot cum deep into her needy pussy. The three of us collapsed together for a good ten minutes before Leon paid us and left. Me and mom moved to the living room couch where she proceeded to sit naked on my lap and wrap her arms around my neck as she sensuously licked and kissed me.

With her tiny head on my shoulder, she whispered "I love fucking my own son's big cock, did you like fucking your mommies old pussy". To answer her question, I simply lifted her small body and slid it pussy first, back onto my invigorated cock.

We kissed like old lovers as she bounced up and down on my fresh hard cock and for the first time in her life, every other word from her mouth was nasty. Turns out, Ed works as a convention promoter and now he supplies us with endless customers and almost all of them are looking for a "happy ending".

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