Amateur wife love to suck cock

Amateur wife love to suck cock
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Chapter 12 Part 7 I awoke and looked around. I was nestled in a nest of soft grass. I reached to my chest and discovered the arrow no longer protruded from my chest. Also it was bandaged with a crude bandage. I looked around and was shocked by what I saw. My jaw almost hit the ground. Before me was a very beautiful woman.nude and at least 7 foot tall.

She was bending over and my view had my mouth watering. I cleared my throat, she quickly raised up and turned around. She smiled and said, "Well you are awake." she yelled out, "Mother he is awake." Then she busted my bubble. "How do you feel, Father ? " 'Father? No way.How could that be? ' were my thoughts. "Weak, Where am I ?'' Lusan answered me. "We heard your call and as promised, we came." I started to get up but my naked lady placed her hand on my shoulder and said"Easy Father.

" "I am not a child and. why do you keep calling me Father?" Lusan came closer and began her story: Another thing that wasn't discussed when we met is the gestation period of the female Griffin.


Once the egg is fertilized the actual egg is laid within the month. Once it is incubated it hatches in two to three months. This is the normal time period. It is extremely rare for there to be two eggs and the shell was much softer they both broke out in just over a month.

And their bodies have matured in less than five months. Just their bodies, They are still just Chics and have a lot to learn. You must remember she is your daughter. Her body has matured with an over active sex drive.

She does not know she should curtail her sexual desires. Thus she sees you as a Father figure and someone to fulfill her needs. The only good part is she cannot reproduce as yet. So remember although it has been less than a year since we came together she is a functioning sexual being. Her sexual desires will increase as days goes on. And before you ask she has no desires for her brother or any other male.

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She has decided on you.Her Father. She has been searching for you the last three months. Now she has you … an invalid so she can take care of you. So watch your self.


Lusan Laughs. Indicating I had no say in the matter. Chapter 13 It has been a week, I am not sure what kind of medicine Lusan used on my wound but it was healing fast. Every time Bren decides to check it she leans forward and hits me in the face with her tits. She manages to repeat it at least three times. How could I help myself.I keep a boner all the time she is in the cave.

I mean gee whiz they have to be at least 44s and absolutely no sag. She then steps back like she is admonishing me saying, not yet. Will and Leaf had explored the cave system and located the entrance to the Tarrent side of the mountain. They, followed a different path, began to travel in the direction of the Griffins.

They felt they had to locate the Duke. They set up camp each scanning the bushes and trees. Both were uncomfortable something didn't seem right. They were sitting near the fire drinking Mushroom Tea when they both toppled over. A while later they began come around feeling they were having sex. Leaf looked out of half closed eyes. Although his body was enjoying the sex, he wanted to see who.

He heard a grunt from Will. His eyes flew open then slammed shut. OOH it was good feeling a soft pussy moving up and down on his cock. What is uglier than a female Orc? Just what he had seen when his eyes opened. A Harpy. A harpy is half bird and half ugly sex crazed woman.

There is no such thing as a male Harpy. They have to mate with Human or Elf males some even with Orc Males. They are also changelings and change to a comely maiden to entice their lovers Which they kill and eat after mating.

Since these two had captured Leaf and Will they hadn't felt it necessary to change forms. They just played with their bodies which were unconscious. Their cocks had stood right up so the Harpies climbed aboard. But now that they had awaken and saw the Harpies they both lost their hard. One look at the face of a Harpy means an instant softy.

When the Harpy realized they were losing their play toy they screeched then changed into beautiful women. The Harpy curse, they were instant hard again Will looked at his and saw a girl of 18 with large free standing breasts and luscious lips it felt like he had his cock in a raging furnace.

He made up his mind to enjoy himself. Since he had looked upon the real face of the harpy before she used her allure he was not actually affected by it. He assumed Leaf was doing the same with the stunning red head who seemed to be going wild atop of him. Will could tell he was getting close, he grabbed a tit in each hand and begin to pinch and twist. The Harpy begin to move side to side as she ground her ass in to his groin. He felt her release that bathed his cock in her juices.

He glanced toward Leaf it was almost a mirror image. The Harpies were finishing almost at the same time. Leaf, instead of grasping his Harpy by the tits he had both hands around her neck. Will shifted his hands to copy Leaf. He could tell leaf had started to squeeze here neck and she was twisting and bouncing.

Will again copied, Wow her twisting accented the feeling in his cock.

Before the police arrive Suspect was apprehended by LP officers while

He looked over at Leaf and Leaf nodded. They continued to squeeze as they were nearing release. The tighter they squeezed the more the Harpies butt bounced and twisted. Almost simultaneously Leaf and Will blew ropes of cum into the Harpies waiting pussy. Still squeezing the Harpies throats they pulled them down and choked them to unconsciousness.

After they were out they tied them and took a piece of cloth out of their packs and tied it over their faces.

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That is how they left them. Then they continued their journey. Normally they would have killed the Harpies but. well maybe they had a soft spot.

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Arms master Avirl and the rest of the Company continued on the path in the direction where the Griffins had traveled. Tiiup reported each day after the first week. The first week the Duke was in and out of consciousness so there was little to report.

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In that week Avril was worried about Tiiup she seemed to weaken and it was necessary for someone to hold her in the saddle. When the Duke regained consciousness Tiiup also perked up still it was weeks more before we would reach him. We traveled mountains and valleys and Hill and Dell ever getting closer. Chapter 14 Corporal Chivey nodded to the Gate Guard and asked for two runners. The first he dispatched to Woodsman Strong Oak. The second was sent to the potion Mistress.

He herded his charges to the Mess Hall and sat them down to a good meal. Marlu was the first to arrive, "Corporal I am aware of what is needed Tiiup has already told me of the rapes. As soon as Woodsman Strong Oak arrives we will go to Will's Quarters and I will check you ladies out and take care of any unwanted problems. A few minutes Woodsman Strong Oak entered and approached Corporal Chivey. Corporal gave him the note from Will.

He smiled and said"When ever you are ready." They finished their meal and stood up to follow Strong Oak. He led them to a log house near the south wall. To the left of this house was an identical house except for the curtains on the windows and the kids in the yard.

" If you need anything, the house with the kids is mine, The wife's name is Molly. The house on the right belongs to Leaf." Marlu spoke up, " All you men get lost it is time for womens work." The men all went next door to Strong Oak's and the women went inside Will's house. "Okay ladies, to put it bluntly, Strip. Mamma You are first sit on the edge of the table and lay back." Marlu opened her case and pulled like a smaller version of a long glass which served the same purpose as a Microscope.

She had Mamma put her feet on the table which caused her pussy to gape wide open. "What I am going to do next could be considered embarrassing But I have to make you cum to insure you are free of disease." Marlu stroked Mammas clit until it was hard for her to stay on the table.

Then Mamma began to bounce her butt right and left then her legs shot straight out and she orgasmed. Marlu put some of Mammas cum on a small mirror and looked at it through the scope. She pulled a small bottle out of her case and placed three drops on Mammas cum and mixed. When she raised her head she was smiling …" You are good Mamma not pregnant an no disease" Amy and Alice were arguing over who got to go next.

Luckily. They were both clear as well. Then Marlu spoke the words Mamma had been dreading.


" Girls go get your Daddy then you wait outside. When Mal came into the room he looked lost wondering why he had been called. "Mal even though you don't wish to acknowledge what was done to you it is necessary to check. After all assassins are not the cleanest people around." There were a few more preparation required for Mal the first was an enema, It was necessary to clear the blood from his rectum.

It was necessary to test different parts of the discharge. Then the painful part Marlu had to insert the scope into his rectum then she squirted a medicine inside him to treat numerous lesions. There were also various traces of poison that had to be treated.

His treatment will last for weeks.