Devilish sexy girls are giving wicked pleasures during fuckfest

Devilish sexy girls are giving wicked pleasures during fuckfest
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Yes PART ONE MYRIAN Myrian felt sorry for his brother, well, as much as he could. Still, there was no doubt in his mind that what Eric had done was stupid and beyond pathetic, but he understood why he had fallen for the human girl. She was pretty to look at, and he could tell from her body language that it was Eric who had the power in the relationship. She seemed unnerved, but that was to be expected; not many humans would cope well in this kind of environment.

She was like a doe, all wide eyed and defenceless, surrounded by hunters. Beatrice, his red-headed progeny had definitely taken a disliking to the human girl named Zooey, and her explosion during the meeting embarrassed him.

It would be down to him to punish her for that, later. ".and those in favour of allowing the human to become vampire?" Nikolai announced, raising his own hand. Myrian admired that about his creator, although the concept confused Myrian, Nikolai had empathy for humans.

Myrian raised his hand. He felt bad for Eric, and he was eager to see how the child would turn out as a vampire. Myrian counted the hands. Eleven were in favour of the girl becoming a vampire.

It was a tie. Myrian looked to Nikolai, whose brow was now furrowed in exasperation. "Great," Beatrice hissed sardonically. Myrian had had enough of her petulant behaviour, and the older vampires in the room were beginning to grow tiresome of her extreme attitude. "I think we should wait," Nikolai suggested. "We need to watch her for a few days, make an informed assessment and then meet in a few days to vote again." Those who had voted in favour muttered their agreements, but the opposing side seemed disgruntled by Nikolai's decision, especially Beatrice.

"Myrian," she began, pulling him aside from the group. "You can't be serious about this?" His expression was cold as he looked down at her. "I'm deadly serious," he whispered, allowing his tone to reveal the threat hidden underneath his words.

To his amazement, his progeny scoffed, appearing amused by his statement. "You're more stupid than I thought," her voice was cold and hurtful. Without hesitating for a second, Myrian slapped the back of his hand across her face in one quick motion, the sound echoing off the walls and ceiling.

None of the vampires in the room seemed particularly surprised by his actions; it was expected that vampires trained and punished their progenies appropriately. Beatrice recovered herself and averted her eyes to the ground. "Excuse us," Myrian said over his shoulder to Nikolai as he took hold of his vampire's arm and began walking her out of the room. He didn't want an audience for what he had planned for her.

He led her to his room. Her face was a mixture of smugness and excitement, which only angered him further; she was enjoying this, she enjoyed him being brutal with her.

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He almost threw her into the room once they had reached it, causing her to stumble slightly and fall onto the floor near the coffee table in the front room. He strode over to her once the door had been slammed shut, to grab a tight fistful of her hair which he used to pull her into his bedroom, through a door on the right.

He shoved her onto her knees by his feet, her excited whimper making him grow hard. With his hand still entangled in her hair, Myrian gave her a sharp tug, forcing her pretty little face to look up at him.

With his other hand he began unbuttoning his leather pants, the need to force his cock down her throat was almost unbearable. Beatrice licked her lips, and he could tell she was eager. The slut was practically begging to be filled.

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"Open your mouth," he practically growled, giving her hair a sharp tug. She obliged with a small whimper, opening it wide for him. Without giving her time to adjust, Myrian forced his cock inside her mouth and down her throat, pushing on the back of her head so her nose brushed against his stomach. She gagged, writhing on the floor, but he knew she could take it. With a moan, Myrian began thrusting back and forth, not bothering to be gentle.

The hot wetness of her tongue on the underside of his cock and her full lips, wrapped tight around his shaft was indescribable, and after just a few thrusts he was fighting to control himself. The gagging choking sounds of Beatrice as she choked for breath almost amused him. This is what she deserves, Myrian thought smugly. He stopped thrusting, but held her head there, so that his cock was still touching the back of her throat. "Do you like having my cock in your mouth?" Myrian asked her, looking down into her wide green eyes.

"M-hm," the sound was quiet and muffled, she sounded almost timid.

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"Tell me," he said calmly, giving her hair another sharp tug. "Tell me you love having my cock in your mouth." She struggled against him slightly before saying the words around his cock, the action sending vibrations along his shaft. It had been years since he had controlled her like this, had complete power over her, and he fucking loved it.

Beatrice was fiery and hot-tempered, but being ten-hundred years her senior and her creator gave him the advantage. It allowed him to subjugate her, which was what the both of them craved. He thrusted once more into her mouth, the throbbing and tightness building up in his member finally released itself down her throat as he leant his head back and moaned. PART TWO BEATRICE She loved the taste of his cock.

Absolutely loved it. It was almost better than blood. And when her creator, her master for all intents and purposes, blew his load down her throat she was barely able to control herself. His hot cum being released down her throat drove her crazy.

She enjoyed the attention he was giving her now, after a few years of being bored with her. She knew that was how Myrian worked, like a child almost. Interested and intrigued until he became bored of that particular person, and moved onto somebody else. But now now she had his attention, her outbursts in the meeting had made sure of that.

She was going to savour it. Myrian brought her to her feet, but he still towered over her.

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He pushed her onto the bed, handling her roughly before he undressed himself. God, she loved those leather pants. She stood up as he practically tore the clothes off of her, but his urgency only made her cunt throb tighter. She loved it when he was forceful. She rarely submitted herself to men, but she always made an exception for Myrian; submitting herself to Myrian felt natural and right.

She reached down to rub her clit, sending a tiny wave of pleasure coursing through her body as she felt her wetness. Myrian struck her hard across her face with his hand again, which only excited her further. "You're not meant to be enjoying this," his voice was both bitter and seductive at the same time.

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He struck her again. Hard. "You won't be climaxing." She pouted, childishly as she pressed her bare chest against his, her nipples caressing him softly. "Not even a quick one?" she asked, standing on her tiptoes to gently brush his lips with hers as she spoke.

Myrian grinned, amused, though his voice was still harsh as he gave her ass a quick slap. "It's rather selfish of you to only be concerned with your own orgasms, especially after your embarrassing outbursts earlier." She bit her lip, acting coy. "Are you going to punish me?" she asked playfully.

God, did she want to be punished. For a long time she had wanted nothing more than for him to spank her, and now finally the sound of his hand smacking against her bare backside was almost too much for her to handle. "Oh, definitely," he said, his voice sure and seductive as he flexed his hands over her ass, giving it a tight squeeze. Hurt me, she thought in a frenzy.

He wasted no time, forcibly bending her over the bed and stretching her cheeks apart before slowly sliding his thumb into her tight ass. The action made her moan; it was an uncomfortable feeling, especially when he curled his thumb upwards inside of her and began stretching her out, but the sensation was echoed in her dripping pussy.

Myrian's hand met her ass hard, he had spanked her, no doubt leaving a mark across her pale skin. Her pussy tightened even further; she craved this kind of behaviour from him. He thrust himself inside of her, her ass had barely been stretched at all and he was going in dry.

She cried out as her hole wrapped tightly around his shaft, he didn't give her time to adjust before he continued his onslaught, thrusting further and further inside of her. Her head was yanked back sharply as he took hold of her hair with one hand, her moans coming out almost strangled as her windpipe pressed against her throat. God, she loved this. She loved the feeling of being stretched around him, feeling so fucking full. Myrian rarely fucked her ass, he enjoyed keeping that hole tight and often used it as a punishment.

He slowed and began to take his time, his careful thrusts still deep and violent all the same.

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She rotated her hips in tiny circles for him, stretching herself out even further and anticipating the sensation it would give his cock. He moaned and gripped her hair tighter. "You little whore," his voice had an edge to it that made Beatrice want to shiver with delight. "I almost forgot how easy it is to get you dripping wet." His free hand came down on her again, the pain even more sharp and searing than before.

A low moan escaped her throat as she gripped the bedsheets in her fists. She continued rotating her hip in circles for him, his cock so deep it was becoming hard not to scream in pain.

He gave one last shove into her ass as she felt him jerk inside of her, and then the warm sensation of his cum pooling inside her ass. His breathing, heavy and ragged, was the only sound in the room as he pulled out, not too gently. Beatrice almost collapsed onto the bed, her legs weak her body felt stretched out and bruised.

"You're going to wait here," he said, his voice cold and serious. He looked her in the eye as he pulled his leather pants back on, and she found it extremely hard not to focus on how good his ass and his thighs looked, rather than what he had to say.

"I need to speak with Eric. I don't know how long I'll be, but I expect you to stay here and wait for me." Beatrice only nodded, her tight hole still throbbed and she had hoped of spending the rest of the night with a doe-eyed human who would give her the gratification she so badly needed. "I mean it," he warned, standing in front of her as he cupped his hand under her chin and sharply pulled her head up to look at him. "I'm not done with you." She tried to hide the hopeful expression she felt flash across her face, but doubted she was successful.

He turned and quickly left the room, closing the door behind him. PART THREE ERIC Eric felt like death, which was ironic really, given the fact he was a vampire. He was practically already dead. Dead. The word played around in his mind, taunting him. He was the reason Zooey, his human, his partner, was in this position. During the five years they had spent together he had understood the consequences of their relationship, and he had bouts of guilt and doubt surrounding it.

He was a danger to her, he knew that. By the time Zooey had fallen into a deep sleep Eric had become so angry at himself he felt the need to break something. He made the decision to sit in the entrance hall, he knew the cool air and time alone would give him time to think, give him time to process the emotions that were stronger than any human emotion he had ever felt.

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He smelt Myrian before he heard or saw him. Eric was sat at one of the tables in the corner, near to the stairs that lead up to the rooms. The TVs were off, there was no sound other than his own breathing.

He inhaled through his nose and caught the scent of his brother. It was a few moments later when he heard him approach. "Eric," he said, his tone light and complacent as he sat down in the seat next to him.

He was dressed in leather pants with no shirt, and the outlines of the muscles in his arms and torso, the shadow of his collarbones, arose feelings in Eric. Feelings he hadn't felt in a long time. "Myrian," was Eric's only reply. "I've been waiting to get you on your own," Myrian murmured, his voice low. He leant back in his chair and sat with his knees apart, his leg brushing ever so slightly against Eric's.

Eric knew that was no accident, Myrian knew exactly what he was doing. "I've missed you, brother," he said, his leg pressing closer to Eric's. "And I wish you would have sought my counsel before you became so infatuated with this human of yours." Eric looked up from the table, his body completely still as he met his brother's eyes. "Infatuation?" "Oh, come on, Eric. You can't possibly have genuine feelings for her. I can see why you'd be attracted to her, but you can't honestly say you love her," he argued.

Eric felt his hands curl into fists, felt his body tense and his muscles coil, ready to strike him if he needed to. "You have no idea what you're talking about. You're controlling and manipulative, the only way you know how to show feelings for someone is by dominating them. You don't have the capacity to love anyone." Eric's words were harsh and cold, but his brother showed no signs of offence. In fact, his expression seemed rather self-satisfied.

"Possibly true," he said. "Your feelings towards your human do confuse me quite a bit." Eric supposed that was as close to an apology he was going to get.

Myrian leaned forward, placing his hand on Eric's thigh, the sensation reminded Eric of what their relationship had been like before. He had forgotten what it was like to be around so many vampires at once, after almost a century of living in mainstream society with humans. He had forgotten how intense his feelings were for Myrian, and their creator Nikolai. "Does Zooey know we're related? Does she know we have the same creator. that Nikolai is your creator? And if she does, does she have any idea what that means?" Myrian said, sounding annoyed by the fact he had to consider Zooey again.

"No, she doesn't." "Does she know about us?" Myrian asked, his grip on Eric's leg tightening. "No," Eric replied, gripping the edge of the table. "And there's no need for her to know there's nothing between us anymore." Myrian's lips lifted into smirk as he edged closer to Eric, his body language was sure and confident.

He was in control again. "I've missed you," his voice was low, barely audible as his hand crept further up Eric's thigh. "Myrian, no I " "God I've missed you." Eric didn't realise how close Myrian had gotten until he felt his cool breath against his neck, and his soft lips brush against his skin as he spoke.

"Stop," Eric said, his voice was firm, but even as he said it he knew he was fighting a loosing battle; Myrian was far older than he was, he had more authority than he did people just didn't say no to Myrian.

And, even though he tried to deny it, he had missed his brother; he had missed the way he felt against him, he had missed the sound of his voice, his cocky grin, his sure demeanour. Eric began to protest again, but heard his voice slowly die away. Instead, he felt Myrian's lips against his jawline, and his hand against his growing member. "Someone's excited," Myrian commented, his voice thick with amusement and condescension.

Eric stood up, swiping Myrian's hands away. Annoyance at his brother burnt inside of him. Myrian laughed, but made an apologetic noise.


"Come on," he said, still grinning as he reached for Eric's hand. "No," Eric replied coldly, pulling away. "Baby, come on." Myrian took hold of Eric's wrist and pulled him closer to him, his voice had become softer. Eric let him, and moved to stand between his legs, an exasperated look on his face. "I'm not one of your progenies," Eric stated as firmly as he could, but leaned towards Myrian nonetheless. "You don't get to control me like you control them you don't get to subjugate me." Myrian's hold on his wrist tightened, his other hand reaching up to entwine with Eric's hair, pulling his closer.

"But you're awfully cute when you're whipped," he grinned, planting a kiss on his nose. Eric exhaled, trying not to smile. He stood between his brother's legs, which were now locked loosely around his.

He could feel the smooth leather of Myrian's tight pants against the roughness of his own jeans, and his bare chest against his own bare chest as he leaned in even closer to him. "Sit," Myrian said softly, pulling on the waistband of Eric's jeans so he almost fell forward. Eric straddled his brother, feeling small and awkward at first, but after a moment he remembered how good it felt to be this close to him again. "Good boy," Myrian whispered, his smirk growing into a grin.

Eric raised his eyebrows, but smiled as he adjusted himself on his lap. Myrian's hands moved over Eric's body, one hand resting on the small of his back, the other taking a firm hold of his upper thigh. He didn't want to admit it to himself, but he enjoyed being in Myrian's arms again, he enjoyed his bare chest against his, and the sensation of their thighs and crotches touching one another. Myrian's lips pressed against his in a frenzy.

His tongue darted into his mouth, wet and delicious.


He felt Myrian's teeth graze against his bottom lip, teasingly, before biting down hard and eliciting a moan from him. Eric was still angry at his brother, and didn't want to give him the satisfaction of hearing him moan, but he had forgotten how good his mouth felt against his, how good he had tasted. Myrian's nails dug into the skin of Eric's back. No doubt leaving marks, Eric thought bitterly. He was trying to brand him like cattle. Tying to tell everyone that Eric belonged to him.

The fact that this made Eric grow even harder was more disturbing to him than the act itself. Eric thought of Zooey, and immediately felt a pang of guilt. It was wrong to be with Myrian in this way, but he had forgotten how good it felt, how wonderful it was to touch him like this again. "Zooey," Eric uttered, "Zooey. I can't - I can't do this, I." "Zooey doesn't have to know," Myrian reassured, his voice was soft, but had a manipulating edge to it.

"She won't understand, will she? But it's okay. Baby, it's okay" Myrian began to rotate his hips in his seat, grinding against him, and Eric responded. He thrust against him hard, able to feel his brother's hard cock against his, even through their clothes. Their chests rubbed against one another's, their bare arms touched, each point of contact felt like a live wire. Myrian's hands moved to hold Eric's sides, just above his hips; his nails dug in even further than before as he thrust him back and forth, grinding him harder.

The sensation was painful and caused Eric to wince. "You're hurting me," Eric said against his lips, though his arms didn't move from around Myrian's neck. Myrian shushed him. "Baby," he murmured, as though trying to placate a child. With Myrian moving Eric's hips back and forth, his thrusts were even harder and faster, and he was able to feel the first wave of his orgasm building. Eric felt the warm euphoric sensation pool in his groin and spread out through the rest of his body, and only then did he realise how much he wanted this.

With his breathing ragged and erratic, Eric gripped handfuls of his brother's hair and buried his face into his neck. He felt almost ashamed by their actions, guilty and embarrassed; he didn't want to have to look at Myrian as he came. Myrian's grinds became harder and faster, as though he was urging him on. One of his hands moved from holding Eric's side to grab a fistful of his hair and yank his head back sharply, and Eric saw that his fangs were extracted.

He moved quickly and assertively, leaning in towards Eric's neck and biting down hard, piercing the skin. Eric writhed against Myrian, struggling against him as his venom seeped into his body. There was a brief moment of agony before it began to feel good, and a wave of euphoria surged through him. He welcomed the searing pain in his neck; he had missed this, and he bucked hard against Myrian, his thoughts an incoherent blur as his orgasm hit him hard.

He cried out as all of the sensations hit him at once. His orgasm was a wave that swept through his entire body, and he felt the wetness of his load in his jeans, the searing pain of Myrian's venom and the surge of relief that usually followed being bitten.

Myrian's thrusts slowed after a moment or two, into a slow rotation of his hips before stopping completely. Eric's breath was ragged as he slumped against his brother's body. Myrian's fingers caressed Eric's hair as he licked the wound on his neck clean, allowing it to heal quickly. "I'm glad you're home," Myrian whispered as Eric's body recovered. The words sent a warm sensation through Eric, different to the ones he had just experienced. He hated the place, especially under the circumstances, but with Myrian it was at least bearable.