She Allowed Him To Fuck Her Ass To Get Her Stuff Back

She Allowed Him To Fuck Her Ass To Get Her Stuff Back
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It is a boring afternoon, your partner just walked in after storming out of her shift at work. She's more like a ghost each and every day, barely even recognizing the fact that you exist, and when she does it is to boss you around. She looks right through you as her highness ungraciously storms past you towards the kitchen. You slump down on the old torn up couch thinking about the hidden msn conversation between you and your previous girlfriend before this mess up.

Ya, there had been some flirtatious comments here and there and more than one of them had you squirming in your chair. But you were not going to object to this rare kindness.


Shaking you're your thoughts from your head, you know she is untouchable. Taken by a slightly younger gentleman, who by all accounts is perfect and better in every way. You just wish that you could have her, to touch her as you once did. To make her moan at the very thought of your hand gracefully gliding over her cream silk skin. You hear little one waking up from his afternoon nap, and although you are proud to be a father you wish it was not now or with the two headed monster gorging in the dining room.

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You barely make out the command shouted with mouth full of food "get him out of bed and feed him already!" Taking your time you lift yourself from the couch, and stroll over to the bedroom. As you walk by the hallway window you notice a brand new black SUV parked illegally on the street, next to the back door to your apartment complex. You think to yourself that you should go down and tell them to move but can't be bothered going to down the two flights of stairs.

Opening the door to Robert's bedroom you find him standing in his crib. You pick him up under the arms, and place him on your chest and head back to the kitchen. The door bell rings You think to yourself, no one is expected to come over today. So you head over to the door and look through the peephole.

Through it all you can see is long straight redish brown hair draping over the back of a woman wearing a black velvet coat reaching to about 2 feet off the ground.

You open the door slowly with a curious face and ask "can I help you?" The woman's head tips slightly forward and to the left, "that depends" she says softly. You know that voice, that song witch rings with every note she speaks. You have not heard it in years, not in person anyway. She turns to face you and takes two steps forwards. Barely a foot away, she continues "SHE is home" and motions her head towards the dining room.

You turn and see part of Rachel's back hunched over the table though the open door way, and you panic. Moving to the left to block the view. "Yes, She is home" you mutter. "Well then ether tell her that you have work to night, or if you have work tell them you are sick" she whispers seductively while un buttoning her jacket. You can smell her light flowery perfume as she moves.

She slowly parts the opening to reveal an almost see through black lace bra, a skinny lace tong and a garter belt which barely hold up her thigh highs. Her right hand moves to her left breast and pulls out a small card. With her index and middle finger she flicks it and holds it for you to grab.

You hesitate to grab it thinking that this too good to be true. You go to say something but she drops the card and puts a finger to your lips. You move down to grab the card, seize it and stare at it while you are standing up. On it you can read and address and a 3 digit number.

You look up, no one is there but you can hear the familiar click of her stainless steel heals on the cold stone tiles down stairs. You can feel yourself twitching in your trousers with every click. You turn into the apt and close the door. You shove the card into your pocket. "Who was that?" Rachel sneered from beside you.

"Nothing, some charity trying to get money, I don't know how they got in.

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All of the doors are locked; guess someone let them in downstairs" "Ya, you should tell the land lord, get him the check those fucking locks. I told him they don't keep those bloody money whores out." "I will the next time I see him. Oh by the way work called earlier while you were gone… um… nick is sick and can't work… so… they need me to cover." " WHAT!

I can't believe this mess, what am I supposed to do? I am to go out with my friends tonight. Could they find no one else?" "Sorry, did say I would go." "Fine, FINE! Go! See if I care…" "So… I will need to leave in about an hour…ok?" As she storms off you start thinking about Kristina's slender body and how you longed for her company. Almost daydreaming, but you remember that Robert needed food so you drift off towards the fridge.

Grabbing a bottle and shoving a nipple on the end. You hand it cautiously to your son, who immediately smiles and hap hazardly grabs the bottle with both hands and excitedly sucks away. Meandering towards the couch, which for the last few months has been your bed you plop down and turn on the t.v.

not really paying any attention to it you think about what is going to happen and are anxious to get out of here. Robert finishes off the bottle, and chucks it onto the floor.

You place him on the ground and look at your watch.


"Great 45 mins to go, better take a shower," you mumble to yourself, "now Robert be good." You get up, and head towards the bathroom. You turn on the shower head and start to peel off your clothes. You start to shampoo your head and you think of how her body was so slick and warm when it was rubbing up against you in the shower, and how afterward the two of you would savagely make love in the bedroom, on the couch, on the kitchen table…The anticipation is killing you, just thinking of pushing her down on the bed by the neck is making you close.

So you lean up against the wall enjoying the hot shower and finish the job. Stopping the water and stepping out of the shower you find Rachel sitting on the toilet, holding a towel.

"You men are so disgusting, always needing it… did you have fun dear?" she sneered. You grab the towel, and quickly dry off, walking to 'your' bedroom. You glance at the clock. "9:45, great I have 15 min" getting changed as fast as you can you remember that the card is in the pocket of the worn out jeans in the bathroom. With the last button of you uniform being done you pear into the bathroom.

Rachel is washing her hands. So you slip through the crack and grab your previously abandoned clothing. Hastily you get out of the bath room and grab the business card, which you notice has the same light perfume radiating from it. You quickly hug Robert and rush out the door, slamming it in the process.

You wave down a taxi. "You know you need to order one of these…" the annoyed taxi man yelled out the door as you jump into the back. "I know but I will pay you double, just get me to this address as fast as you can." You pass him the card with a shaking hand. "I could get in trouble for this, but you obviously need to get here," the man grabs the card and takes a look, " you need to get to the J W Marriot… dressed like that… fine whatever" You almost jump out of the car before it even stops in the overhang.

"Here, keep the change." The door man lets you in with a slight look of confusion. "I need to get out of this security getup." You head towards the elevators; you memorized the number at the bottom, 647.

You figured it was the room number. The doors open and you slip in, and press the 6 button. But it is not lighting up. Heading over to the front desk, a woman with short black hair and long black velvet coat steps out in front. "You, with me, now." She commanded. Pushing past she calls for the elevator again, steps inside and inserts a card into the slot next to the number 6 button.

It automatically turns on. "Ahh… that is how you do it." "Shut up! I did not tell you to open that trap of yours." So you stand there confused on who died and made her queen. You hear the ding and head for the door she pushes past to get out first and storms down the hall. You try and catch up but she is already down the hall standing in front of a door sliding in the key.

You get to the door just after it slams shut. "You know if I wanted this kind of attention I would have stayed at home" you yell through the door. "Yes but you know it is worth it to put up with my untrained pet… don't you?" the intoxicating voice hollers back. The door opens slowly revealing the fact that Kristina has removed her jacket, and now sporting a ridding crop in her left hand.

Her eyes dance from the floor to your eyes and smiles so innocently. Just behind her is the pet, standing completely still, looking down. You stare at her, this gets Kristina's attention.

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She turns her head to face the pet, and smacks her whip against the wall. With a crack the sub turns and walks into the room. Kristina turns back to face you, placing her body in the light of sight.

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Your attention is easily brought back to her. "Well, welcome to the presidential suite" she steps back pulling the door open further allowing you in.

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You walk in, the room is considerably larger than any hotel room you have ever seen. But what catches your eye is in the in dead center of the living room, straight in front of you, is the 'pet' the dark haired woman from downstairs has already taken her coat off revealing her naked body and is currently placing a black leather collar on.

You hear the door slam shut behind you. Two hands slide under your shirt in the middle of your back and creep around to the front. "slave, help me with his clothes" Kristina orders. The pet slowly walks over to you, and starts to unbutton your shirt, once done she slides it over your shoulders and pops it down on the floor.

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Kristina massages your shoulders and back. The slave then works on your trousers quickly removing them and allowing you to pop out and lightly hit her in the mouth. She kisses it. "Don't you dare, go to your room!" Kristina orders. The pet reluctantly leaves, heading towards the open bedroom on the left. "Now, I know you have been waiting for a long time." She says with a smile.

She grabs your hand and leads you to the bedroom on the right. You enter and you notice that the room is lit with over 50 candles.

She sets you down on the edge of the bed. She leans over just a little and kisses you ever so softly on the lips, then the cheek, the edge of the jaw line, neck, chest. She kneels down and touches your thigh with her hand. The other carefully picks up your hard dick and sides her mouth around it slowly taking in the head. She runs her tongue around the top and lightly presses on the tip, before sliding it in further, deepthroating your cock.

The personal pleasure is quickly pushing you to the edge. You feel your orgasm building.


"I'm almost there." You warn her. She slides her mouth off for one second, "good." Taking your cock back into her soft mouth, she looks up into your eyes innocently. The view is too much to take, and you cum. Shooting all of your sperm into her mouth. "Now it is my turn." You smile taking her head in your hands. You help her stand, and slowly remove her minuscule clothing.

You guide her on to the bed laying her on her back, and lay about 2cm above her. You gently caress her right breast and nibble her neck and shoulders. With every kiss she purrs softly, she arches her back pressing her soft skin against yours.

You put your full weight on her pushing her against the bed. You feel yourself getting ready for another round. You slip you hand in between yours and hers, touching her clit. You rub up and down her dripping wet slit, begging to take you.

Her hands roam your back gently dragging her nails around your shoulders. She looks into your eyes and whispers "I love you." At that time you slide your cock into her. She gasps and closes her eyes.

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You lean down and whisper back "I love you, I always did, I will forever". You make love to her, bringing her to 2 muffled orgasms before coming yourself. You leave your entire load inside of her before you slowly pull yourself out. Katrina curls up in a small ball on her right side so you pull the sheets out from under her and places them on top of her. You walk out of the room, towards the other bedroom. You knock on the door once, and the door swings open almost immediately.

"Yes sir can I help you?" "Yes, you are to wake us up at 4 with a hot breakfast and clean clothes for the two of us. Make sure none of my uniform is missing. Also you are to follow me and when I get into the bed I want you to blow out all but the two candles on the side board, got that." "You are not my master.

He is not here. Mistress and I can only have one master" "No but if you don't follow my orders, I will wake Kristina" "Yes sir, this once." "Now that is a good pet." You say as you kiss her on the forehead and with one swift motion you turn and walk back to the bed room.

You crawl into bed spooning your forbidden lover. Quietly pulling the hair from her face and kissing her neck before closing your eyes for the first time in a while in peace and contentment.