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Tails at Flight Level 490: Chapter 1 *************** This is an off-shoot of my Sam and Dave short stories with a quicker short feel to them. I also changed my writing style slightly in hopes to appeal to a large base.

Please provide comments, both positive and constructive criticism is appreciated. As always please vote, I am like a slot machine and your votes encourages me to write more. :grin: *************** Pilot's logbook: 4/1/08 Type: G450 Depart: KADS Arrival: RJAA Landings: 2 Total Time: 15.3 Remarks: Dave and Samantha had been living together for the past four years in their beautiful 2,500 square foot ranch home with an oversized two car garage.

Over the past four years Dave's company received their ordered Gulfstream 550 jets which restructured the seniority among the GIV/G450 Captains. Despite flying a jet that could easily travel 4,500 miles Dave had been stuck to the U.S., Canada and Mexico for most of the first year. While Dave enjoyed flying the big jet he did miss the allure of international travel. The shakeup in seniority also changed Dave's work schedule and the 7 on and 7 off that Dave enjoyed so much was gone with him working up to 10 days on 3 days off and pulling lots of standby.

Since a rated Captain and a rated First Officer were the minimum requirements the company choose to only use Captains to sit standby since they could fill either role should the company need to plug a seat due to crew delays or illness. Samantha's expansion of her clientele was a huge boost in her little clinic. Sam soon hired a therapist to work with her, Suzan, and for the first time a receptionist, April.

Dave ended up referring to her office as the 'chick zone' as there was so much estrogen that you could drown. However, Sam's hiring of all females seemed to be the right business sense as patients were on a waiting list to see her or Suzan.

Sam also remarked that her woman's approach to counseling made it easier to relate to her clients since both men and women were naturally more at ease discussing difficult problems with a woman than a man. Sam was looking to add a second associate to her practice since Suzan had worked out so well. Sam and Dave's marriage was strong and a few times a year Terri would join in for their fucking and sucking fun. Dave thoroughly enjoyed the menage a trios arrangement.

With the additional money coming in from both Sam's practice and Dave's flying they were soon able to afford nicer things in life. Dave went out and traded his Jeep Wrangler TJ in for the newer Jeep Rubicon JK model with the built in electronic lockers and swaybar disconnect.

The Jeep was barely off the lot when Dave brought it down to the local garage to have a 3" lift, 35" Mickey Thompsons and a Warn 9500 winch installed. Off came the top and doors and a Bikini top was installed to keep the sun off while driving. Samantha decided if Dave could have a toy so could she and he came home to discover a Torch Red Ford Shelby GT500KR Cobra sitting in the garage.

"Oh no you don't," Sam teased, "that's my car." Dave popped the hood and drooled at the supercharged engine with a whistle.

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Sam slinked up next to him pushing her body against him, "You like?" "Oh hell yah baby, that's one of the best things you've brought home." Sam kissed Dave deeply her stiff lips caressing his softly before she purred, "Wanna take the car for a spin or me?" Dave was stuck in a quandary; of course he wanted to fuck his wife as he did every time he just returned from a long trip but the allure of driving over 540 supercharged horsepower was too much.

The weather was beautiful and Sam would be in his bed tonight. "Would you be angry if I said snake first then you," Dave nervously asked. "Somehow I expected that flyboy," Sam smirked dropping the keys into his hand.

With the growl of the 5.4 liter engine and whine of the whipple twin screw supercharger Dave powered down the road with Sam right beside him grinning. He could feel his erection growing as the GT500KR chirped its tires and they roared down the street.

Once on the back country road and away from the drabble of suburbia drivers Dave unleashed the potential of this street monster slamming through all five gears with the whipple screaming under the hood pushing Dave and Sam hard into their seats. Quickly the snake accelerated to over 140 MPH and Dave really felt Sam should be calling V1 and Rotate as this beast of a car was flying down the road.


"Oh fuck Sam, this car is almost as hot as you," Dave commented. "Good answer," Sam snickered. *************** Three days off passed quickly and Dave was soon at the local airport catching a flight to Chicago to pick up a G450, a slightly longer range variant of the GIV, to reposition to Texas and then take a client on a Pacific business trip.

John the First Officer got the client's details as Dave received the flight details from dispatch. Soon they loaded their Purdys into the back of the large jet before roaring off to Dallas' Anniston airport. The twin Rolls-Royce Tay engines each spitting out over 13,800 pounds of thrust propelled the 74,000 pound jet down the runway and into the air with a swift kick in the pants feel.

Arriving at Dallas Dave and John bedded down the aircraft for the night so they could meet the client early in the morning then fly them to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Manila and finally Singapore before returning them to Dallas.

Since it was only suppose to be a few people the company did not send a steward, or flight attendant, on this flight. Dave woke early on Saturday morning.

Since Tokyo was a day ahead, due to the International Date Line, they were to fly out on Saturday so the client would make a Monday morning meeting. This was normal for the business world and many businesses preferred to hire a business jet as opposed to flying their senior executives on airlines. John and Dave arrived at the Gulfstream 450 and preflighted the airplane for the flight.

Unlike the Sovereign where pilot's changed seats depending on the leg the big Gulfstream was run much more like an airliner, the Captain would always sit in the left seat and the First Officer in the right.


John handed Dave the passenger packet from dispatch so he could meet the clients in the terminal and take care of the predeparture paperwork. Dave opened the package and saw the names of the two passengers, William X and Elise X. 'William and Elise', Dave thought, 'those names sounds… oh shit I wonder if this is Bill and Elli.' Dave didn't have to wonder for too long as a beautiful looking lady in a gray business jacket, white blouse, matching gray skirt, dark tanned hose and black heels entered the terminal.

Her face was much more oval then Dave had remembered but that long straight black hair, and thick eyelashes were features Dave remembered well.

"Elli," Dave asked? "Captain David T," Elli responded with a warm smile. Elli seemed to have dispensed with her younger Gothic look for one a little more sophisticated including a dusting of make-up, light pink lipstick and French Manicured nails. Looking around for Bill and not seeing him Dave finally asked, "Where is your father?" "He ended up unable to make this trip," Elli responded. "So is there a change in itinerary," Dave asked. Often when the trip was changed to either the wife or daughter being primary, the business meetings were pushed off and it became more casual meetings and shopping trips.

Dave was used to these having had to make many last minute adjustments, sometimes even in the air. "No," Elli smiled, "A am a VP with father's company and will represent Texas Oilmongers in the meetings," Elli smiled.

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"We'll remain as scheduled," she added. Dave made copies of her passport and made final preparations for departure as John grabbed her luggage and loaded it into the airplane.

"We will fly from here to Anchorage were we will stop for gas and a relief Captain then continue to Tokyo," Dave stated handing Elli copies of the passenger briefing that included the route, time enroute, weather in Alaska, set watches for Alaska, weather in Tokyo and set watches for Japan information. It also included basic safety information about the jet including the please fasten seatbelts while taxing, take-off and landings.

Dave ushered Elli out to the jet and they soon blasted off into the gray morning sky. The Gulfstream rapidly reached it cursing altitude in the mid forties, settling into its cruise speed of about Mach 0.85, or 85% of the speed of sound. Half way through the flight Dave would request a climb to the upper forties.

Elli was in the back sitting on the couch reviewing papers and typing into her laptop. Giving John the jet Dave went back to see if she needed anything. "Anything to drink or eat," Dave asked? Elli smiled kindly, "Some water would be nice." Dave pulled a bottle of water from the galley at the back of the jet and a glass handed it to Elli.

He also went to the locker and got a pillow and blanket for her. "Couch is real comfortable to sleep on," Dave winked. "Had to use it a time or two myself." Elli closing the lid to her laptop gave Dave another affectionate smile, "Where ya'll staying in Tokyo?" "I don't know," Dave smiled back, "Hey John, what rat hole did the company put us in this time?" "The Radisson." "Oh ridiculous," Elli huffed, "when we land at Alaska I will call the Mandarin and get you two comp rooms." "That is really not required," Dave stated cautiously.

"Yes it is, if I want to talk to my Captain about changing flight arrangements I don't want to have to try and call you at another hotel. This way I'll be able to just knock on the door next to mine." Elli explained.

"That is really not necessary, if you need to change something our dispatch…" Dave stopped as Elli was giving him that all too familiar 'nice try mister' look. "I mean we would love to stay in the Mandarin," Dave smiled. "Good," Elli expressed opening and pouring herself a glass of water, "thank you for the blanket, it was kind of you." Picking up her laptop and opening the lid was Dave's cue that this conversation was over and he headed back to the flight deck.

"When you are hungry just let us know and we will be happy to heat up lunch in the galley for you," Dave shot over his shoulder as he climbed back into the Captain's seat of the large jet.

The landing at Alaska was uneventful as Dave and John quickly turned the jet to continue on to Tokyo. They also picked up a relief Captain, Mike, who would fly part of the route for Dave since this flight exceeded the crew rest polices for the company. In less than an hour the Gulfstream was rocketing down the runway to rotation speed before once again lifting its nose into the morning sky and taking flight.

Brisk Alaska slipped behind the jet as Dave climbed the aircraft to its cruising altitude and set long range cruise speed of Mach 0.80 on the auto throttles. The auto throttles were like a cruise control for airplanes.

An hour into the flight Dave swapped with Mike who would take command of the jet for the rest of the flight to Tokyo. Dave went to the galley and put in a few prepared meals. "What you want to eat," Dave asked Elli.

Closing her notebook once again Elli smiled, "What do you have." "Well, looks like we have Salmon and Lobster, Fillet Mignon, or Pasta Primavera," Dave replied.

"I'll take the Lobster," Elli sweetly replied. In short order the meals were reheated and Dave spooned the contents onto the china and pulled the silver from the locker. Elli moved to the table and Dave carefully place her meal in front of her. "Wine," Dave asked?

"Sure," Elli replied. Dave poured a bottle of red wine from the galley into a wine glass and brought it to Elli. Then Dave prepared meals for John, Mike and himself. Mike joined Dave and Elli for dinner then quickly finishing his meal relived John to eat.

Once dinner was over Dave cleaned up the backend before pulling out another blanket and pillow. "If you don't mind I am going to catch a few hours of sleep, if you need anything I am a light sleeper," Dave explained. Elli smiled again, "That's OK I think I'll join you for a nap." Elli took over the couch as Dave reclined one of the overstuffed chairs.

Dave woke to feeling the jet descending toward Tokyo. He folded the blanket and put it and the pillow in a bag to be cleaned then poured a glass of Orange Juice for himself and Elli warming damp clothes to wipe the sleep from his face.

Dave woke Elli with a gentle nudge, "We'll be landing soon and he presented her a glass of juice and warm towel." Pulling herself from sleep Elli thanked Dave. Dave moved to the front of the jet and relieved John for the landing in Tokyo. Mike would perform the landing since he was the most rested of the three crewmembers and Dave would act as the First Officer having just slept. Slightly over fifteen hours of flight, one hour of predeparture at Dallas and an hour in Alaska put the crew right at eighteen hour duty rig for the day as the Gulfstream touched down at Narita airport.

Exhausted Dave and John coordinated with the handler to bed down the jet. Elli was quickly shown through immigration and customs and sent in a limo to the Mandarin. Mike hopped a taxi over to the commercial side and caught an airline to Seattle where he would augment another flight. Dave and John already coordinated with the handler to take them to the Mandarin after finishing putting on all of the 'Remove before Flight' flags, refueling and servicing the jet.

When they arrived at the hotel they were shuffled to the executive desk and were checked into suites near Elli's room. The floor manager handed Dave a folded up note from Elli asking him to call her for dinner. "Got an admirer," John joked. "Nah, flew her and her father a few years back. Her father left her at the terminal and we took her to her hotel," Dave related. "Oh ho, and that gets you are private diner," he winked. "Nah it's more like sitting at the Captain's table," Dave jested.

John broke out in a laugh, "Really, don't flatter yourself that much, Dave." "See ya tomorrow," Dave told John. "Ya sure what time," John asked? "9AM breakfast," Dave asked? "Sure just no sushi," John warned. Dave and John had flown to Tokyo before and tried a sushi restaurant to both become green at the gills. They were lucky that the hotel had a doctor on staff who provided them a prescription for some sort of foul smelling clear liquid which helped just enough so they could fly the jet to Alaska where the company scheduled a relief crew picked up the jet from there.

That incident effectively ended Dave's ambition for trying new foods as he settled into cooked, well done items from reputable restaurants. Once in his suite Dave marveled at the size and lavishness, the marble floors the large wide screen television, queen sized bed with pillows everywhere, and fantastic view of downtown Tokyo. Dave freshened up with a shower, brushed his teeth and cleaned up his face with a fresh shave.

Dave gazed at his reflection in the mirror a full head of jet black hair which feathered back, his Mediterranean tan, full eyebrows under which a pair of bright blue eyes sat in a perfect triangle over his roman nose and full lips.

A full solid jaw completed his face carried on a large neck over his six foot athletic body kept in shape by still practicing Aikido at least twice a week. Digging through his Purdy Dave found a button down shirt and pair of slacks.

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Since Dave only had a choice of the pair of loafers that he could fit into his Purdy or his Justin Roper Airline Pilot's boots that Dave wore with his company authorized white and black pilot's uniform he decided that the Ropers looked at least a little better for going to dinner. Dave called Elli's room and she stated to come over, she planned to have a few drinks before getting something to eat.

Going over to Elli's room was just a matter of walking a few doors down to one of the large suites. Dave knocked carefully and was met with a "Come on in Captain." The suite was immense with a reception area, a large sitting area, kitchenette, and hallways heading off both left and right. Dave stepped forward looking first left in bedroom and then right toward what looked like the master bedroom.

Dave was just about ready to call for Elli when he glimpsed what looked like her naked flesh in the corner of his eye. "Just make yourself comfortable," she hollered, "I'm still getting ready." Dave wanted to look away but Elli had her back toward him as he could see her firm butt before she slid a sheer red dress over her well formed calves, across her tight butt and up over her naked back, sliding her arms into the thin spaghetti straps.

Dave could feel himself harden at the sight of this beautiful young woman who just slid into a clinging silk dress in front of him.

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'Oh fuck this ain't gonna happen' Dave thought as he tried to think of other things to push this young hottie out of his mind. "How about ordering some drinks, Captain Dave," Elli hollered from the back of the suite. "Sure," Dave responded, "Anything in particular?" "Hot Sake," Elli stated as she walked out of her room toward Dave. Her butt may have looked good but now seeing her with the light silk swishing across her flat belly framed over by her perky young breasts Dave had to concentrate hard to keep himself under some control and was losing fast.

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"You going to order those drinks or state at me," Elli pleasantly asked. "Uh, yeah, sake," Dave clamored heading over to the phone to call room service. "Oh hell, why don't you have them send up a plate of sushi for an appetizer as well," Elli decided.

Nearly as quickly as Dave picked up the phone someone answered. Despite answer "Yes Mrs X." they seemed unphased as Dave ordered a large bottle of hot Sake and a mixed plate of Sushi. "What type of Sushi would you like," the feminine voice on the phone asked?

"Chef's choice," Dave responded and Elli seemed to approve before upping to sake to two large bottles, "make that two large bottles of sake." Dave figured Elli must have prepared her makeup and hair before slinking into her thin silk dress as her face was made up with a light base of powder, thick black eyelashes which were nearly lost in her nearly deep brown nearly black glassy eyes, and she had her shiny black hair tied up in a knot with what Dave swore was chopsticks sticking out.

Elli smiled again as Dave seemed to lose himself to her display and the flowery smell of her perfume, "You approve," she smiled seductively. "You have grown into a very beautiful woman," Dave replied returning her smile with his cocked grin. Dave and Elli just stood there in idle chit chat before the door bell rang. Dave looked to Elli who did not move so he went to the door.

Outside was the room waiter with a cart of food and two carafes of sake. Dave let him in and he quickly set the plate on the small table near the kitchenette and poured two small cups of sake before showing himself out. Elli looked deep into Dave blue eyes holding her glass of sake before announcing "Kanpai' and they downed their cups of sake together.

Dave refilled both of their drinks as Elli checked what the chef choose to provide for sushi. She put a few items on her plate before offering some to Dave. "No thank you," Dave pronounced, "sushi and I don't get along." Elli just stared at him for a minute before Dave continued with a corny line, "If you knew sushi like I know sushi you'd not eat sushi too." Elli just smiled before taking a bite of tuna roll.

Dave took another drink of sake before sitting down in the sitting area as Elli joined him with her plate of sushi. "You don't like the taste of fish," Elli finally asked a slight hint of allure in her voice. "Well last time I was in Tokyo let's just say that sushi make me very sick. It really sucks to be sick and still have to fly," Dave explained. Elli nodded her head in understanding, "So you have sworn off fish?" "Nah, I still love fish, just I am not as adventurous while on the road," Dave explained.

"I'll only eat things that are fully prepared, not raw." "Oh too bad," Elli stated before uncrossing her legs from one direction then recrossing them in the other. "You don't know the flavors that you are missing," she teased with another seductive smile. Dave refilled the sake for a third time emptying the first bottle and brought the remaining plate of sushi to the coffee table in the sitting area. Elli offered up the last tuna roll as she uncrossed her legs to lean forward, "Are you sure you don't want some tuna," as she wiggled the roll in front of Dave.

Giving up Dave leaned forward to accept the offer and Elli pushed the raw fish roll right to Dave lips. As the slick fish roll touched his lips Dave parted them automatically and Elli pushed the roll right in. Dave chewed the roll and Elli stated, "There you go, one little raw fishy isn't going to hurt anything now." The spices of the roll were really delicious and Dave chased it with a draft of sake.

"So what you want for dinner," Dave asked Elli? "Well, we can just order something from room service," Elli suggested. Something finally went off in Dave's head, if not the naked butt welcoming him to her room, the light silk dress that seemed to stick to her body, the two bottles of sake or the feeding him sushi the thought of eating dinner in this girls room clearly seemed to cross the line in Dave's mind as he reminded himself that he was a happily married man.

He also did not want that very vivid dream, in which Elli forced herself on him, to become a reality. Taking another sip of sake Dave finally sighed, "I think it would be better if we enjoyed dinner in a restaurant." Elli seemed to lose her seductive smile for an instant her eyes looking almost wicked for a moment before she agreed but added, "You must help me finish the second bottle of sake after diner." "So what do you want for dinner," Elli continued.

"Steaks," Dave smiled, "safe good protein that has less of a chance to make me ill." Elli resigned herself to a land feast, "Really, in the one place renowned for seafood and you want cow." Dave just smiled as they drained their cups of sake and Dave placed the second bottle on a warmer.

They found a restaurant in which Dave could get his cow and Elli her fish and both had a good meal. Dave escorted Elli back to her room before trying to make his escape and before he did something he would regret.

Dave already shared a bottle of sake with Elli before dinner, each had a bottle with dinner and now Elli was determined to hold Dave accountable for polishing off that last bottle still in her room. Resigned to her, 'you promised,' Dave again entered her suite.

Bells and alarms were going off but dulled by the vast amount of rice wine rushing through Dave's veins.

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Elli entered her suite telling Dave to pour the sake as she removed her heels. The thin silk covering Elli's naked body had been alluring to Dave all night with him having concentrate on something else to prevent a massive hard-on from announcing itself.

At least at the dinner table Dave was able to hide his erection when his mind slipped back to the moment of Elli slinking into that red dress her tight ass presented to him unknowingly. Elli returned and was sitting in one of the chairs in the sitting area when Dave returned with the sake.

As soon as he saw her he almost dropped the drinks, Elli had changed into a much shorter red silk dress low cut in the front and with a length that barley covered her. In fact had she not been sitting cross-legged Dave was quite sure he would have gotten a free shot.

His mind raced back to the images in his mind from before, 'I wonder if she's sporting a bald eagle?' Elli smiled with that same seductive smile and devilish gleam in her eye as she accepted the cup of sake. "You remember Amsterdam," Elli asked?

"Sure," Dave replied, "You father left you at the terminal and we took you to the Grand." "Not that part silly," Elli cooed, "When I came down to your room." Dave's mind raced back to Amsterdam, he remembered lying on the bed, hearing a knock, and no it was Amanda not Elli who was at the door. Dave remembered having a very vivid dream about Elli, how the hell would she have known that. 'What the fuck is this girl physic," Dave thought.

Elli just sat there her dark brown eyes staring into Dave's blue eyes before he drained another cup of sake then spoke, "I remember a very vivid dream… I was asleep on the bed when someone knocked… I got up and answered…" Elli smiled, "I remember, you looked like you just woke up, you didn't want to let me in your room. I walked around your room before I sat on the bed and then gave you a peek." At the moment Elli said peek she uncrossed her legs and spread them just far enough for Dave to see her bald glistening slit.

"Oh fuck," Dave exclaimed out loud. Elli snapped her legs back together, "You no like?" "No. No… Ahh, well, shit Elli I must have fell asleep again after your visit, I thought I had a dream," Dave admitted. "Gee fucking thanks," Elli hissed. "No… No its… Well fuck, ahh Elli you are a very, VERY beautiful woman," Dave admitted and with that Elli's legs seemed to relax, "but, I am a happily married man." "Oh not that shit again," Elli retorted, "I thought I had broken you of that." 'Fuck, broken me like a fucking horse or something, oh this girl was defiantly playing the major league here.

No wonder her father sent her to do business, if she was anything at the business table like she was luring men she was a little devil,' Dave thought. "What no words, no indignation, no protests," Elli hissed. "More sake," Dave joked and Elli's cup went flying right past his head as Elli stood up walked right over to him and planted her soft lips harshly against his. Dave could feel the fire in her kiss the heat of her body and the musk of her womanhood penetrating his nostrils. Dave did not even fight the kiss or the tongue that slipped between his.

Elli pushed his back into the chair kissing his neck popping the buttons on his shirt as she caressed his pecks then raked them with her French manicured nails before finally following up with soft kisses and nibbles.

Dave was panting to her assault and groaned when her soft lips met his belly following the wispy line of hair from his chest down the center of his belly toward his stiffing loins.

Elli did not even hesitate as she unbuckled Dave's pants and lowered the zipper. She tugged his pants down and Dave raised his hips to assist then Elli tugged his boxers down and Dave's engorged cock bounded free into the cool air of Elli's suite.

Elli purred, "That's the big boy I remember," and both of her hands caressed and stroked it to its full length. Dave knew this was wrong, this was cheating and he should not be doing this to Sam, but this young nymph already had her hands wrapped around his meat, the liquor and lust driving Dave's responses.

Any hint of resistance soon fled Dave's mind when Elli's soft perfect lips wrapped around Dave's cock and slowly started sucking and licking him. Pleasure was the only thing on Dave's mind, pure sexual pleasure and he did not want this to ever end. Dave felt Elli's teeth rake across his shaft as she sucked him hard and full into her mouth.

Elli's bobbing soon replaced with a hard swallow that pulled Dave's large meat deep into Elli's sweet throat which milked at his cock until she spit it out gasping for air. "Son of a bitch," was all Dave could say. "Hey, we discussed this before," Elli retorted before sinking Dave's hefty cock deep into her mouth again. The pleasure washed over Dave, the intense feeling of warmth and wetness the squeezing milking action of Elli's throat the pure excitement of the wrongness mixed with lust.

Elli popped up and down on his cock a few times between each gasping for air before she drove his cock all the way back into her hot little mouth and down her milking throat. After ten minutes of Elli's sucking Dave felt the well in his balls start to pump his primordial seed preparing to hose Elli's belly with cum. Dave moaned loudly and Elli spat out his cock again gasping for air.

Elli's nimble soft hands stroking base to head slick with her saliva and Dave had to fight the feeling to grab Elli's head hard and shove her back onto his cock. Dave knew he was close as his hips bucked under Elli, he groaned loudly and Elli's angelic face just leaned back with her eyes closed; a cum on my face look if Dave ever saw one. The dam broke and Dave's cum rushed up his nine inches before with a loud splat against Elli's face. Elli was surprised as the second shot sailed past her face before landing on her ear and coating her dangling pearl earrings with Dave's own pearl whiteness.

Elli's lips parts but her aim was well off and the third shot landed on her nose coating it in silvery whiteness, Elli was moaning when the fourth shot finally landed in her opened mouth but with much less force than the first three.

Elli pulled Dave's cock her neck as it continued to spit and pump the remainder of Dave's seed onto her. Once Dave's cock finished its pumping Elli gave it a good hard sucking her plastered face losing its angelic features and screaming slut.

Slipping Dave's meat from her mouth on last time Elli finally stated, "No get out." Dave was shocked, this girl just sucked him hard and now ordered him out of her room.

"Don't just stand there like a fucking deer, get out. I am done with you for tonight," Elli stated sternly. Dave gathered his boxers and pants back up, his half stiff cock sliding back into his drawers. Elli cleaned her face and neck off with a cloth napkin and as Dave went to touch her and she pulled away, "Don't! I got want I wanted now fucking leave. I'll call you if I have another other requests." "That is not how it works," Dave tried to ask, but Elli snapped back, "That is how it is going to work with me.

You should have accepted my offer of dinner in if you wanted more than a blow." "Now get the fuck out of my room, Captain," Elli hissed. Dave walked out of the little billionaires' room wondering what the hell had just happened and feeling like shit.

'Oh fuck, Sam is going to kill me,' Dave thought somberly. 'Oh this is going to be a wonderful trip and we are only on day 1,' Dave concluded as he did the walk of shame back to his suite.