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Horny camgirl Heather masturbate with dildo
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Carols nephew comes to stay BY Docker5000 Carol Newport was just leaving her office to go home, when she got a telephone call from her sister Tricia. Tricia told her that her husband's mother; had been rushed into hospital and they were on their way to go and see how she was. Because they did not know how bad she was they did not want to take Jonathan their son with them and could he please stay with her for the weekend and they would pick him up if everything went to plan Monday morning.

Carol was a little surprised that Tricia had asked her to look after him. They were not really that close, she wondered why she did not ask her other sister Elisabeth. However Carol remembered that Elizabeth and her family had gone to Spain for a two week holiday. So she had no choice but to ask Carol to look after her precious son.

Carol had not seen the boy in over six years. Carol decided it was best if she went to the local supermarket and did some shopping. She did not really have anything in her house for a young lad to eat. So she spent a good hour picking everything she hoped he would like to eat.

She also picked out a lot of goodies and ice cream for the lad. She remembered how her sister did not let him have ice cream and sweets. This was her way of getting back at her older sister a little bit. Carol now paid for her groceries and made her way to her car. She had a few other places to go before she could go home.

Carol was now very annoyed, when her sister called her back telling her that they had dropped him off at her apartment and he was waiting outside of her apartment for her and could she make her way home as soon as possible. 25 minutes after she got the call she was home and getting out of the lift at her apartment complex. When Carol got out of the elevator at her floor, she could see her nephew sat on the floor waiting for her.

She could see by the look on his face that he was very unhappy about being here. Carol gave him a really big smile as she walked over to him. She now apologised to him for being late and told him. "That she had been shopping." Jonathan now looked up at his aunt he had not seen her in a long time. He had forgotten how pretty she was. He could not help noticing that she had a lovely big pair of big boobs.

His mother was very flat chested and he knew his mother was a little jealous of how pretty her younger sister was. He also knew that his aunt Elisabeth was also jealous of her too.

Jonathan now noticed that she was not carrying any shopping bags. He asked her. "Where was the shopping?" Carol told him. "She was in such a rush to make sure he was okay, that she had left the shopping in her car." Jonathan smiled at her. And then offered to help her with the shopping. Carol returned his smile and told him. "That he was very kind." Both of them now got onto the elevator and went down to the packing level where the car was parked to retrieve the shopping; 10 minutes later both of them were back in her apartment.

After they had put all the shopping away Jonathan sat on the sofa and she sat across from him in a chair and they made some small talk.

After they had chatted for about half an hour, she showed him to her guest bedroom. She then went into the kitchen to start and get some dinner ready. All the time she was preparing the meal, she thought to herself how handsome he was for only just turning 18 years old. Carol herself was only 30 years old. She was a Secretary at a very big insurance company.

Carol and her nephew now sat down at her table in her small apartment to enjoy the meal she had prepared for both of them. They talked over their meal and gave each other silly little smiles.

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Neither of them knowing why they did this. After the meal he helped her wash up and clean away everything from the table. They spent the rest of the night watching a little TV Before they both went to bed. Unknown to each other they both had very strange dreams that night. Carol dreamt about her handsome young nephew and he dreamt about, his sexy big boobed aunt. Carol was up first and went into the bathroom to get a shower.

Before he got up. Carol was enjoying her long hot shower, when the bathroom door opened and her nephew came in just dressed in his boxer shorts. Carol quickly pulled the shower curtain tight over her body. So that he could not see her naked.

Jonathan quickly gave his aunt an apologetic glance and said to her. "Need to pee, really bad." With that Jonathan quickly pushed down his boxer shorts and pulled out his semi hard cock and started to piss into the toilet.

His face had a look of relief on it, and he moaned softly to himself as he pissed into the toilet. Carol watched this in total silence and amazement.

She could not believe how big he was for his age. He was bigger than her last boyfriend soft. Carol could only wonder how big he was when fully hard. She felt very strange in her pussy. She was getting wet. And her nipples were now getting very hard. Jonathan now gave his cock a few shakes; she watched the last drops of his piss drop into the toilet.

He then turned to face her and she got a good full frontal view of his big cock and balls. He quickly apologised to her once more then he quickly pulled up his boxer shorts and left the bathroom. Carol waited a couple of minutes after he left the bathroom. She then got out of the shower and locked the bathroom door. She then got back into the shower. Carol now used the powerful shower head to bring herself off to a powerful orgasm while she played with her own nipples.

Watching him piss into the toilet had really turned her on. The rest of the day was fairly normal for both of them, she had to go out and do some more shopping He stayed in the apartment and watched television as he did not really want to leave the apartment as he feared getting lost. He was not used to a big city. He lived in a small village with his mother and father. He did miss his friends very much. However he did like staying with his hot and sexy aunt. That night as they sat over dinner Carol had not realised that the top she was wearing was very tight and she was not wearing a bra with it.

Her big breasts had moved in her top and her nipples were now clearly visible to him. She was totally unaware of this. Jonathan could not help looking at her big nipples with longing. He just wanted to suck on them. Just like the night before Jonathan helped his aunt wash up the dirty dishes and put them all away.

All the time she was totally unaware that her nipples were sticking out of her top. Jonathan was now rock hard in his trousers. Jonathan was now sat on the floor watching his sexy aunt finish off washing up the dirty dishes.

He had cleaned up the table and put everything away. He was now just looking at her body with longing in his heart. He was not a virgin; he had a girlfriend back home. She was the same age as him and they had sex as much as they could. Once her mother had walked into the room while she was on her knees giving him a blow job. However she did not get angry; but much to his surprise and delight.

She quickly joined her daughter on her knees and helped her daughter suck him off and eat his cum. Now he got regular sex and blowjobs off both of them. When her husband and her father were not around. Jonathan could not control himself any longer.

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When she turned around from the sink he pounced on her pushing her back against the sink. His hands went instantly to her big breasts and he started to fondle them. He was also trying to kiss her and drive his tongue into her mouth. At first his surprise assault on her had taken her completely by surprise. Now she was trying to fight him off. She was telling him.


"To come to his senses and stop it. She was his aunt not some prostitute." He quickly replied to her. "That she should stop dressing like a prostitute and he would not treat her like one. But while she was dressed like a hooker.

He was going to fuck her like a hooker and she was going to love it." However Jonathan had no intension of stopping it. He now pulled up her skirt and put his hand forcefully into her panties. Carol now screened in shock and tried to fight him off.

But he was very strong for his age. She felt him push two fingers into her pussy. Carol felt ashamed when she climaxed, when he pushed his fingers in her pussy.

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It had been a long time since she had anything in her pussy. Jonathan now span her around and pushed her forward. Carol had to brace herself on the sink unit top to stop herself from falling into the sink.

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Jonathan now wasted no more time. With one hand he held her skirt up and with his other hand he pulled down her panties. Carol was trying her best to fight him off with all her strength. She was even trying to reason with him telling him.

"That if he stopped now they could forget about it and she would not tell anybody." But he was well beyond reason now. Jonathan was using one hand and all his weight to stop her from escaping. With his other hand he quickly freed his now very hard cock. He now positioned his big hard cock at the entrance to his aunt's unwilling pussy.

He quickly thrust his hips forward driving his full length hard cock into her cunt. Carol screened with pain, surprise and lust as she felt her nephew thrusting his cock into her very neglected pussy. However her pussy welcomed his cock and started to get very wet. Carol continued to protest fight and scream but in between her nephews now rampant thrusts into her pussy. She also started to moan. He was also roughly fondling her big breasts as he thrust deep into her pussy. Jonathan was very experienced in sex for his age.

He had been doing his girlfriend for two years and her mother for the last 7 months. He also knew that he had to quickly make her cum to win her over so she would stop trying to fight him off and willingly submit to him. Jonathan quickly found her erect nipples through the material of her top and started to tweak them and twist them as he powerfully thrust in and out of her pussy.

Carol had been too long without sex and she could not put up a fight any longer. What he was doing to her even know it was against her will and incest felt too good for her to fight any longer. Jonathan smiled to himself when she started to tell him. "To go deeper and faster." A few minutes later he was rewarded with her screaming out very loud and cuming all over his big hard cock.

After Carol had calmed down from her orgasm. And he had pulled out of her much to her disappointment. She turned to face her nephew. For some strange reason Jonathan now felt very shy. Which caused Carol to smile at him? Jonathan nervously asked her. "If she was mad with him and was she going to tell his parents or call the police." Carol now smiled wickedly at him. She now realized that she was the one with the power now. The power over her nephew to get him to do anything she wanted him to do.

Carol just smiled at her nephew and said to him as she led him towards her bedroom. "That depends on how many orgasms you give me tonight? You use me for your own pleasure. But now it is my turn. I am going to fuck you to death." She then dragged him off to her bedroom. Both Jonathan and Carol were now completely naked.

Jonathan was laid on his back on her bed and she was impaled on top of him bouncing up and down on his hard cock. He had already given her two more orgasms since getting into her bedroom.


He also had cum twice himself. He was now feeling very tired. However she told him. "To keep fucking her." And he was scared that she would tell on him so he continued to thrust up deep into her cunt. He just hoped she would tire soon. Carol was now laid on the bed with her legs wide open.

Jonathan was now on top of her and he was thrusting his hard cock in and out of her cunt as fast as he could. He was using the last bit of his reserve energy hoping this would finally tire her out. Her bedroom was filled with the sounds and smells of sex. Carrol could feel herself on the verge of a almighty orgasm. She now. "Begged him to go deeper." Jonathan now used every last bit of energy, he still possessed in his very tired body and he started to really pound into her cunt.

He was nearly on the verge of collapsing in exhaustion, when she screamed out loud and started to have the most all mightiest orgasm she had ever experienced in her entire life.

He shot his load into her now messy cunt and collapsed on top of her.

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Jonathan felt relieved when he felt gentle hands, starting to massage him. They were running up and down his back gently. Jonathan now pulled out of her; there was a loud popping sound as he pulled his cock from her cunt. The bed was the soaked with their combined juices. Carol now snuggled up to him her head resting on his chest and soon the pair of them were sound asleep.

The End.