Dilettante girl sucks large dick

Dilettante girl sucks large dick
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Elliot (17) was my best friend at sixth form, he was 6ft, brown Bieber style hair but cuter he had bright blue eyes and was physically fit. In short Elliot was my dream boy but there was an issue he is straight.

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So for months I just "jokingly" flirted with him and he "jokingly" flirted back until one day it got more heated. Me and him where in our maths class which we sat next to in and often fell asleep, well it was end of term and we were watching a film which I fell asleep watching and while I was sleeping I had a dream that I woke up with Elliot cuddling up to me and we both looked at each other then he kissed me !BANG!

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I woke up to an explosion on the film, at first I didn't realize but Elliot had his legs entangled with mine and was rubbing his legs up and down, I quickly got hard and embarrassed someone would see I pulled my legs away and finished watching the film. After the teacher let us go I sprinted out the room to the canteen to get some lunch. After lunch I went to the common room for my free period which me and Elliot shared, I jumped onto the couch to relax and then Elliot jumped onto me and sat there like he was a child hugging up to his mom/dad or like when a girl hugs upto her boyfriend and it felt so right.

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We stayed like that for half an hour when I had to get up for a piss, I then came back and returned the favor by jumping on his lap, after about 5 min I started to feel something under my ass and thought it was just Elliot fidgeting but then he got harder and his cock was pressed right into my crack which got me instantly hard.

I turned round and straddled him and I put my hand on his chest and leaned in and pecked him on the lips.

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Elliot then picked me up and pushed me from behind all the way to the toilet he shoved me up against the wall and started to passionately kiss me, his tongue danced with mine and his lips tasted of cherries and as soft as silk. As these thoughts were going through my head Elliot's hand was making its way down the back of my trousers and caressing my ass and without realizing my hands were doing the same to his. It was firm but soft and just the right size, I then couldn't resist anymore and moved my hands around to the front and felt his hot and hard cock I started to stroke his cock up and down.

Just as he started to stroke my cock someone started to open the door and me and Elliot quickly split and tried to act as naturally as we could.

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Later that day I received a text from Elliot saying: "Hi Babes, I am babysitting this 12 year old boy this sat to mon, did u want to come over and help and maybe share my bed?" I replied telling him I obv wanted to and couldn't wait to get in his pants again.