Caged babe coercive to give oral stimulation

Caged babe coercive to give oral stimulation
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MENTORING BRANDON By Bob Chapter 14: Becoming Part of My Lover's Family As I lay awake trying to get to sleep, I reviewed in my mind the conversation that Mikey and I had had earlier in the day. I was excited to know that in the morning I would be leaving to pickup the love of my life. I also was happy to know that my brother and I shared not only a secret, but shared a better understanding of each other.

I was very thankful this Thanksgiving for so much. Of course, with all this running through my head, my cock began to rise. I knew I wanted to wait, but my hand automatically went to my crotch. I began to rub my hard cock through my underwear, which I was wearing for the first time in many weeks as I went to bed.

My other hand went toward my balls as I cupped them and rolled them like Brandon would have had he been next to me. I suddenly realized that I was home and Mikey was next to me in the other bed.

After years of "training" I stopped, looked over to see if Mikey was awake and saw him leaning on his had looking straight at me. "Why did you stop?" he asked. "Jeez, Mikey, it isn't easy to stop something you've worried about your brother seeing for years," I returned as I laughed out loud.

We both sat there giggling like two little kids. I was still rubbing my cock as we lay there looking at each other. As we continued to talk, I saw Michael's hand move to his crotch and he began rubbing himself. Although it was dark, there was a full moon and I could see him very clearly.

As we lay there, heads resting on our hand we simultaneously opened the fly of our jockey's and pulled out our hard dicks and began stroking. A thought rushed through my head, knowing that I was resting my head on my left hand and him on his right that we were both in the right position, as I was right handed and he left.

That allowed us each to have our cocks in our "dominant" hand, which was fortunate. I looked at Mikey and he me. I could see that we were both looking at the other's cock, exploring it and taking in the site. Here we were, brothers, so much alike in many ways. I could see that Mikey's cock appeared to be as thick as mine, if not as long.

His hand, moving up and down the shaft was a site that I never thought I'd want to see, much less have the opportunity to see. We were both stroking slowly, not wanting to end this "new" activity that we were sharing too quickly. I broke the silence. "So, you and Justin have played together, huh?" "Yes, we have," he replied. "That night I saw you and him jackin off it was really hot. I hadn't jacked off too much before that, but that night as I saw the two of you, you with your big dick in his mouth and you stroking his nice cock, I joined in the corner here of the room.

I shot my first load and it felt great." "Well, Mikey, getting off is great no matter what," I said laughing again. "How did you and Justin start playing then?" "Well, you went to camp remember?" I shook my head yes. "Well, that summer he came over to get something he left here like he always did. We came up here and he was looking under the bed and we began to talk. I told him about what I saw you and he doing and one thing led to another.

He asked me if I had ever been with a guy and I said no and he pulled out his cock." Michael told me how Justin started to stroke off in front of him and reached for Mikey's dick and began rubbing it through his jeans. Justin then pulled Mikey's zipper down and pulled his cock out. Mikey was hard and said he didn't stop him.

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Justin then lowered himself and began to take my brothers cock in his mouth. Mikey told me that it felt great and that it wasn't long before he shot right in Justin's mouth.

"So, bro, you liked it?" I asked. "Oh, yea, it felt so great. I never knew sex could feel so good." Mikey told me that the entire summer I was gone to camp that he and Justin would get together a couple times a week and play around. He told me that he learned to suck Justin and that he liked the taste of cum. I couldn't believe, through this entire recap of the summer that my little brother was sucking cock.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, since I thought that all guys enjoyed playing around once in a while. Even the most straight guys. Through all of this conversation, Mikey and I were stroking our cocks.

I could tell that he was getting as close to shooting his load as I was. I felt weird, but I wanted to see my little brother cum. I could tell, from where he was staring, that he too wanted to see me cum. We continued to talk as we played with ourselves and I knew that it wouldn't be long before I gave him what he wanted.

Suddenly I heard a low moan, then a grunt and I knew what was happening. I looked at Mikey's cock and saw the first spurt explode from the head. As he came the first time, he lay back and the cum landed high on his chest. It was unusual to see my brother shoot such a load, but very pleasing. It wasn't long before I joined him.

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I set my head back on my pillow, my cock being stroked rapidly and I came with a rush that I never had while at home in my own bed. For the first time since I started to jack off, I could let things go because I wasn't hiding it from my brother. It felt great and was one of the best orgasms I had ever had without Brandon. "That was so cool," Mikey said. "It felt great and it was so cool to see you cum, Bob." "Never thought you had it in you Mikey," I replied with a big smile.

"But, I see that you and I do take after each other!" We both broke into laughter as Mikey leaped from his bed and came over and hugged me. I had to hold myself back from grabbing for his still hard cock. That was a pretty normal reaction as I got hugged after cumming, but that was with Brandon. This was my brother and I didn't think that would be the right thing to do.

However, my younger (by 4 minutes) brother thought differently. As he began to get up off my bed, his hand grabbed my cum covered cock. He groped me and started to play with my balls. I grabbed his hand and removed it, quickly. "Mikey, please stop!" I said emphatically.

Although it felt great and deep down I really wanted him to play with me, I just couldn't let him. As I looked up I saw a very dejected look on his face. It seemed that I stopped him from something he really wanted to do, but he took his hand off my genitals and went back to his bed.

"I'm sorry Bob, I just thought." "Stop it there, Michael. I know what you thought and I have to say it wasn't something that I hadn't thought about, but bro, it's not right. Besides, I'm taken," I jokingly replied. He agreed and we said good night, turned over and went to sleep. My dreams that night were two-fold. First I thought about what had happened with Michael. My fantasies were running wild as I thought of him down on my cock, sucking me as I was stroking him.

This actually was a dream that I had had many times, but because of what happened was much more intense. Of course, my second dream was that of Brandon. I imagined him walking into my room, sliding in bed next to me, putting his arm around me and giving me a big kiss.

We would then hold each other in our arms, our hips grinding into each other and pulling each of toward one another. Our cocks, naturally hard, pressing into each other. Michael standing over us, watching as we began to make love. I awoke suddenly and looked over to the clock and it was 3 a.m.

Of course, with the dream I was having, my cock was rock hard and really pressing against my body. I wanted so much to just turn over and go back to my dream, but found my hand rubbing the head of my cock against my stomach. I was oozing pre-cum and the head of my cock was sliding so erotically. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to hold back and unloaded a second eruption of sperm all over my stomach.

It didn't spurt high onto my chest as it was held close to my navel. I could feel the cum fill my belly button and it was a very pleasurable feeling.

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I know I was anticipating my trip to see Brandon. I was so excited, yet I was also a bit scared of meeting his parents. What would they think of me? Would they suspect anything? Did Chad hear anything as he and I were talking? All these questions were running through my head. However, the main thing was that I was going to be with my love, the one man that I couldn't ever resist.

I never did get back to sleep and at 6 a.m. I decided that it was time for me to get ready to head out. It was 150 miles to Brandon's home and I knew that would be at least 4 hours to drive.

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I also knew that when I was excited and anticipating a fun event, the hours dragged and dragged. But, I also knew that when I got to my destination, waiting there for me would be the most wonderful boy I knew; a boy that I loved with all my heart, and would love forever.

As I was dressing, Mikey woke up. Half awake he asked me what was happening. I told him I was getting ready to go to Brandon's and he rolled over and went back to sleep. I stood there looking at my little brother remembering the evening before. Oh, how I wanted him to continue playing with me, but I knew it wasn't right. Or, was it? Maybe some day! After I dressed I went down to the kitchen. Mom was already there, had the coffee ready and some toast.

She told me she knew that I wasn't going to be able to sleep and that she had a feeling that I would want to get going down to MacLean (the town where Brandon lived).

It almost seemed as if she knew that Brandon was more than a friend. I knew that she couldn't, but I had a very unusual feeling that she knew more than I realized. Maybe I was reading in more to her reaction than was there, which is something that I usually did when I wasn't sure about how a person was reacting.

I ate a couple pieces of toast and threw down some coffee. I really wanted to get going but I also knew I needed to see dad for some money. About a half-hour after I came down to the kitchen, my dad wobbled down. He was a very good-looking man and I was happy that I had inherited some of his genes. I had seen him in the shower room at the YMCA many times and realized that I inherited my "maleness" from him.

I also realized after seeing Mikey that it ran in the family. "Dad, which car should I take?" I asked. "Take the Impala, Bob," he answered. "Be sure to check the oil though. It's been leaking a little and I need to take it into the shop." "Okay, Dad. And, while I'm asking, you have any cash on you," I continued while looking at him with my puppy-dog eyes.

"Why doesn't that question surprise me," he laughed as he grabbed the wallet from his back hip pocket. Dad handed me two twenty-dollar bills.

I had about $60 on me and knew that I had plenty for food, gas and anything else Brandon and I might want to do on the way home. I thanked him as I took the money, hugged him and then mom, and headed out the door. "Drive safe there Bob," Dad said. "And, keep your hands on the wheel, okay?" Keep my hand on the wheel? What did he mean by that? He had only said that once before and that was when I went to Homecoming my sophomore year. That was with the girl I was dating at the time, Londa Lee.

Then I knew what he meant, as he had had his little father-son talk with me about dating, driving, and making out. But, why did he say that now? Oh, well, I guess he was just making sure that I knew he wanted me to be careful driving. As I started to leave Chicago, I had my favorite disk-jockey on the radio.

The Beatles new song, Lady Madonna, was blaring on the radio. I got onto Route 66 and sang along, knowing that soon I would be with my love. Two hours into the drive, I lost the Chicago station.

I was fumbling with the dial as I saw this figure up ahead of me.


I knew that it was a hitch-hiker and slowed down to see if he looked like someone I could help. As I approached him, I could see this hot guy, blond, about six-foot and just gorgeous, with his thumb in that ever-familiar position. I didn't think twice and pulled over to the side of the road just ahead of him. I leaned over and opened the door.

"Where ya heading?" "Going to Springfield," he answered. "You going that way?" "Yep, to MacLean, but that's pretty close, isn't it?" I asked, not knowing exactly if it was or not. "Oh, yea! That would help a lot," he answered.

The entire time we were talking it was evident that we were checking each other out. Oh, it could have been to see if each was safe to ride with, but from my point, I was checking out this hot guy.

I knew that because I could feel my cock getting hard the entire time. I didn't know if it were my imagination or not, but I thought I saw a twitch in his crotch as well. He sat down in the passengers seat, putting his backpack in the back seat.

He introduced himself as Tom and that he was headed to Springfield to see a friend for Thanksgiving. As we talked, I found out that Tom was 19 and a sophomore at Monmouth College. He was from Iowa, but had a good friend that lived in Springfield that he wanted to see. I asked if it was his girlfriend and with a big grin he said no, just a good friend. Every once in a while, I could see his eyes checking out my growing cock. I was sure that he could tell that I was doing the same thing as well.

As a matter of fact, a couple of times I looked, he was rubbing his crotch making it easier for me to see what he had. I told Tom that I too was visiting a friend in MacLean. I told him about me, that I was 16 and went to a private school in Iowa. We talked about football, basketball and just things in general. I couldn't believe that through the entire conversation my cock was rock hard, pressing against my jeans and pulsating repeatedly. About an hour from MacLean, Tom looked over at me and asked if we could stop to go to the washroom.

I agreed that it was time and stopped at the next truck stop. As I asked for a fill-up, we both headed for the washroom. As we entered the washroom, he went to one urinal and I headed for the one right next to him.

As I pulled down my zipper to take my hard cock out to piss, I saw that he was very interested in what I was doing. He didn't try to hide the fact that he was looking at me directly. "Looks nice," he said as I finally got my dick out of my pants. With a blush I said thank you. As I did, he stepped back to give me a better look at his cock. It wasn't as big as mine, but I could tell he was hard as well. Began to slowly move his hand back and forth on the shaft.

I couldn't take my eyes off of what I saw. "You going to join me?" he asked. The big smile on his face told me that was more than an invitation. So, I stepped back slightly and began to join him in stroking my own dick. It felt great, even though I had cum twice the night before. I was very excited as he stepped back from the urinal, moved toward the door and locked it.

Tom didn't say a word, but headed toward me as I still was standing at the urinal. He grabbed my shoulders and turned me toward him. He grabbed my cock in his hand and began stroking me slowly. Instinctively my hand moved toward his dick. I took it in my hand and we both stood there playing with each other. Slowly, Tom moved to his knees. He took his hand off my cock and put it on his and began jacking-off. He looked into my eyes, with his other hand grabbed my cock and moved his open mouth toward me.

As his breath hit the head of my cock, I just closed my eyes as he took it deep into his mouth. I couldn't believe that I was in a washroom getting sucked by a stranger. I never thought that would happen to me, but I wasn't fighting it at all. He was doing a superb job licking the head of my cock, taking me deep into his throat and playing with my balls at the same time. He continued to stroke his dick as he blew me. Suddenly, he stopped. He worked his way up to me and stood in front of me, my cock in one of his hands and his in the other.

He moved close and it was then that I realized that he was uncut. He took the foreskin of his cock and guided it over the head of my dick. I could feel my head and his meet.

We were both pre-cumming and it felt very warm.


After the head of my dick was totally covered with his foreskin, he began stroking our cocks together. I had never had a sensation like I was having at that moment. The heads of our cocks were gliding together. The sensation was amazing as the pre-cum oozed from both of us. All of a sudden I could sense Tom's heavy breathing. I was not a novice at sex and I knew that this meant he was close to an orgasm.

His hips began to thrust back and forth and I knew it was a matter of seconds. I wondered what was going to happen since we were coupled as we were. As Tom came I could feel a rush on the head of my cock.

At that moment, I couldn't hold back and began to spurt at the same time. Our cock heads, still engulfed in his foreskin, seemed to fight each other as shot after shot flowed from each of us.

The feeling was immense and I was getting very weak in the knees. With his free hand, he grabbed me under my arm to balance me. As we both started to settle down he released our cocks. The head of my cock released from his with a pop. The suction that was produced made a vacuum and I had a sudden rush again, as if I had just had a mini-orgasm. As if nothing happened, Tom pulled up his underwear and then his jeans and went to wash his hands.

I was standing there still in shock. "Well, you ready to leave?" he asked as he looked at my cock hanging. I pulled up my underwear and pants and went to the sink as well. Tom unlocked the door and opened it. Standing there was a trucker, about my dad's age. He looked at Tom and then at me. He smiled with a very wide grin as he entered the washroom. I had no doubt he knew exactly what had just happened. I went to the cashier, paid for the gas that was pumped and Tom and I headed out.

We didn't say too much for the next hour. As I saw the exit for MacLean, I informed him that I was where I was going. He asked me to stop at the intersection ahead. As he opened the door he thanked me for the ride and also for the fun that he had.

He said he hoped I enjoyed it and I responded that I had indeed enjoyed our time together. He told me to give a kiss to my "boyfriend" and closed the door. As I pulled away I looked in the rear-view mirror. Tom was waving with a big smile on his face. I reached to the glove compartment and took out the directions to Brandon's house that he had given me. I was always good at following directions and it wasn't long before I was pulling into Brandon's driveway.

I was a little scared now that I was there, not because of seeing my love, but how things were going to be when I met his parents and his brothers. I didn't even have the engine turned off as I saw Brandon running toward me.

It was as if he were waiting at the door, anticipating my arrival.

His big smile told me that he as relieved and happy that I had made it and that we were going to have a great Thanksgiving together. Directly behind Brandon were who I gathered were his parents and one of his brothers.

As he approached the car I wanted to jump out, hug and kiss him, but I knew that wasn't a wise thing to do. "Well, it's about time," I heard him say as I opened my door. "Didn't know when you left, but thought you'd be later." As I exited the car, he extended his hand for a handshake. I shook his hand as I took out my bag from the rear seat. I surveyed his home and saw that it was very similar to mine. It was a two-level brick home and was already decorated with Christmas lights.

"Welcome Bob," I heard his father say. "Very nice to meet you. We have heard so much about you." "Thank you sir," I responded. I shook his hand with a very "firm" handshake so that he didn't think I was a wimp. Brandon grabbed my bag and started to head into the house. His mother put her arm around me and welcomed me. His brother, who I imagined was Brian, his youngest, said hello as well.

He was a very cute kid and I could tell that all of his brothers were as hot as my love. Did I really think that? Boy, was I being bad today! As we entered the house, Brandon began to head up the stairs. His dad stopped him saying that he could bring my things up to the room later. He asked if I had had lunch to which I said no. His mother then insisted that we all head into the kitchen for something to eat. I could tell Brandon was upset and I knew why, because I also wanted to just hold him for a minute.

But, we had to be careful not to give away our secret. As we sat in the kitchen, Mrs. Sickema made some turkey sandwiches. We all talked about many things, mostly about football and our season. Mr. Sickema couldn't get over Brandon's selection as captain. I relayed the story of the last game and I think he realized then what Brandon had meant to our team.

As we finished eating, Brandon told everyone that he was taking me to the guestroom to get settled in. He motioned to me to follow and we went up the back stairs. Mr. Sickema reminded us that my bag was in the front and we both did an about-face and headed to the other stairway.

As we arrived at the front door, Brandon's other brothers entered. Brandon introduced me to Chad and Eric and began upstairs. Eric smiled at me and headed toward the kitchen. "So, how are things going Bob?" Chad asked in a tone I didn't quite understand. "Fine, Chad, how bout you?" "Well, just wondering why Brandon was so anxious for you to get here," he said.

"Thought he'd spend time at home after being away since August." I realized at that time that Chad seemed to be upset with my presence. It almost seemed as if he thought I was interfering with Brandon and his time together. Actually, I could understand what he might be feeling as Mikey had asked the same question.

That was until he realized my relationship with Brandon. But I didn't think that Chad had any idea of that aspect of our friendship. "Are you coming up?" I heard Brandon yell. As I turned to go up the stairs I could see anger in Chad's eyes.

This was going to be a problem I assumed. As I got to the top of the stairs I saw Brandon standing in a bedroom doorway. I entered the room and as I did, Brandon shut the door behind me, grabbed me and pulled me toward him. He kissed me very hard and I returned the favor. Oh, how I melted in his arms. Not only was he kissing me, he was grinding his hips into mine. Our cocks met and both reacted as if we hadn't seen each other in days. Well, we hadn't, but it wasn't that long since we were together.

"Oh, how I missed you Bob," he whispered in my ear. "My love, it has been a real rough 3 days for me too," I replied. We stood there for a while in each other's arms. We both wanted to make love, but knew that this wasn't the time or the place. But, just to be in his arms was something that made me feel so good and I could tell that it was doing the same for Brandon.

We threw my bag on the bed as we stood there. Brandon's eyes looked into mine and I could tell the love that he had for me. We didn't need to speak a word, yet we both understood what the other was thinking.

The heat between us was something we both knew we had to control, at least for the moment. As we stood there embraced in each other's arms, the door opened and Chad walked in. He looked at the both of us and hung his head. "So, I guess I was right, huh, Bran?" he questioned. "Chad, you have no." Brandon began to answer. "NO!" Chad screamed. "Don't say a word. I knew you were queer all along and this proves it," he said with a quiver in his voice. "Why Brandon? Why?" Brandon broke our embrace and walked toward Chad.

He went to put his arms around him as Chad moved back toward the door. As he moved back from Brandon, the door shut and he had no place to go. Brandon put his arms around Chad and brought his head to his chest.

As Chad cried, Brandon soothed him, whispering that it was alright, that he hadn't changed. I stood there not knowing exactly what to do. I watched as my lover held his brother close, assuring him that everything would be all right.

I knew at that moment why I loved him so very much. He was the gentlest and kindest person I ever knew whether that was toward another human being or me. And, this being his brother showed his love for his family. "Chad, I haven't changed, I'm still your brother. I just found that I love Bob so very much.

Can you understand that?" "But Brandon, I thought you and I would always be together," Chad said very emphatically. "Why can't we, Chad. You will always be my brother." I suddenly felt like I was in a soap opera, a television show. In many ways the conversation that Chad and Brandon were having sounded so contrite.

Brandon and I hadn't talked much about his family. But at that moment, thinking back over the past couple of months, the one person he did mention time after time was Chad. I realized that Chad was very close to Brandon and that this was probably what Brandon feared most; having to tell Chad about his life and the direction that he had chosen.

Chad continued to cry on Brandon's chest. He was mumbling many things that I didn't understand and couldn't here even as close as I was to the two of them. Brandon was continually whispering in his ear softly. I knew he was consoling him and trying to calm him down with words of love. I decided that it was time for me to make a swift exit.

I moved around Brandon to the door and opened it slowly. Brandon raised his head and our eyes met. He gave me his approval by that look to leave and knew why I was making my way out of the room.

As I headed down the stairs, I met Eric at the bottom of the stairway. He asked where Brandon was and I told him that he was with Chad up in the guestroom.

He giggled and said okay. "So you and Brandon are going to room together?" Eric asked. "Yes, Eric, we are," I responded. "Since he doesn't have a roommate and I was in a 3 man room it makes sense. Also, we are co-captains and on the same wrestling team." "That's groovy," Eric said as he began up the stairs.

"Think you're a good guy and will make Brandon do well." At least I knew I had one supporter in the family from that comment. "Bob, come up here!" I heard Brandon yell. I did an about face and headed back up the stairs. As I got to the top of the stairs I saw Eric going into his room and I made a left toward the guestroom.

As I entered I saw Chad sitting on the bed smiling. At least that was a pleasant site to walk into. "I'm sorry Bob," Chad started. "I just didn't know what was going on and I thought you were taking Brandon from us." "Chad, I wouldn't do that. Bran and I have a very close relationship but he also is very close to his family and I can't get in between that." We all talked for a long while.

It came out that Chad had thought that Brandon was queer and that he was afraid of those thoughts. He also told us both that he had a feeling that he and I were boyfriends from some of the things that Brandon had said to him on the phone over the past weeks. Chad also admitted that he was afraid of the other kids in town if they found out about Brandon. He knew that he'd catch all "hell" since he was still there and Brandon wasn't.

The names that he would be called because of Brandon's sexuality would not be nice and he was sure that there were some guys that would not hesitate to beat him up. Brandon and I both assured him that we wouldn't do anything to call attention to our relationship. To that Chad indicated that we already did without knowing it.

He said that both Eric and Brian knew, or at least had some ideas about it. "How?" Brandon questioned. "Brandon, all you do is talk about Bob. Bob this and Bob that," Chad answered. "Hey, I can see why and all, but Brandon you have to be careful.

If Dad ever found out you would never go back to CBS." Brandon looked at me and nodded in agreement with his brother. We all decided that the "sleeping" arrangements while I was there would change. Brandon and I were going to be sharing the guestroom, but Chad recommended that it might not be the best idea.

He even jokingly said that he knew what would go on and knew his brother was never quiet when he came. "What?" Brandon said. "Brandon, you can't cum without making a lot of noise, you know that," Chad stated. I knew he was right, but I decided to keep my mouth shut.

"You forget that we have shared a room all our lives." Brandon turned beet red at Chad's comment. Chad was very wise and straightforward, I thought to myself.

He reminded me of Mikey, actually. And to top it off they were extremely HOT. "You know, Chad, Mikey said that to me when I was home too," I laughed. "Guess us guys don't hide things to well when we get off ." We all laughed and I finally felt that things were going in the right direction.

Chad recommended that maybe the three of us could stay in the room and that might look even better to his parents. Reluctantly I agreed, knowing that I wanted to spend time with my lover in bed, but knew that Chad was right. After dinner we all sat in the Sickema family room and talked. Brandon and I talked about football, but mostly started to talk a lot about wrestling.

We both were very anxious to get the season started. Mr. Sickema started making Brandon very embarrassed when he related a few stories about previous seasons that Brandon had. At 10:30 we all decided it was time to turn in. Having just driven down, I knew how long it would take us to get home the next day and we decided that we would leave after lunch.

I said goodnight to Brandon's parents and the four of us headed up the stairs to bed. Brandon, Chad and I entered the guestroom. Mrs. Sickema asked Chad why he was going to sleep there and he told her that he wanted to just talk to us. She said that it was alright and left us alone.

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Chad went into the guest bathroom and Brandon and I were left alone for a minute. I walked toward him, took my hand and undid his belt buckle. He stepped back for a second.

He admitted later that it was just a reaction knowing that his brother was in the next room. I unbuckled his pants, undid his zipper, and unsnapped his jeans. I wanted too much to continue, but reality struck me as Chad walked out of the bathroom.

We all took off our pants and shirts and hopped into our respective beds. I was so hard at that moment I had to hunch over as I got into bed. Brandon saw this and smiled. I looked at him and saw he was in the same situation. We said goodnight with our eyes to each other, telling each other that we loved one another.

I had a very difficult time getting to sleep. Not only was I in a strange home and a strange bed, I was with my lover but couldn't be totally with him. I imagined many things happening and thought of many fantasies that night. I knew that Brandon and I would be together soon, at my home, but that didn't help. I got up to go to the bathroom about midnight as I had way to much to drink after dinner. I shut the door slightly behind me and began to take a leak. The nightlight in the bathroom was enough for me to use as light so I didn't miss the toilet when I peed.

Suddenly I felt arms surround my body and a kiss on the neck. I tried to turn, but was held so tightly that I couldn't. The arms around my chest started to lower to my mid-section. I could tell where they were headed and I wasn't fighting at all.

As the kisses became more passionate, the hands found their way to my now hardening cock. I could also tell that behind me was a cock all ready for some attention. I slowly turned my head and found the lips of my attacker. The breath was so familiar I knew it was Brandon. Of course, I didn't think anything else, but it was dark and I couldn't see who was behind me. A few gentle strokes of my cock and it was hard as a rock. I reached back to find Brandon's dick and without any problems grabbed it and surrounded his shaft with the palm of my hand.

Our tongues were battling for supremacy as we played with each other's cocks. I could feel the pre-cum flowing from the head of Brandon's dick onto my right hip. I wiped a bit of it with my finger and brought it to my mouth. I licked my finger like I was wishing to lick the head of Brandon's penis.

It was a familiar and pleasant taste. I managed to break Brandon's grip on my body and faced him. Our cocks, now both plastered against our stomachs, touched.

I took my hand and grabbed both of them and began to slowly move my hand up and down both shafts. We will still coupled at the mouth as we were kissing harder than I ever remembered us doing in the past. Both Brandon and I knew that this was only a brief encounter and wanted to make it very exciting. As I stroked faster and faster I could tell that Brandon was about ready to unload his cum all over my body.

Having had both Mikey and the hitchhiker Tom that day, I knew I wasn't going to cum as much as I felt he was, but anticipated a very wet experience.

Brandon bit my tongue as he shot his first spurt. It landed at both of our chins as we kissed. The second, third, and fourth ejaculation was not as strong and made the head of my cock slippery and moist. It was a natural lube and was all I needed to join him in his orgasm. I shot seconds after he did, maintaining contact with his cock as I slowed the strokes.

Without a word, he grabbed a hand towel and began to wipe us both off. Even though it was quite dark, I could tell that he was very satisfied with what had happened.

He leaned over, whispered that he loved me into my ear, turned and headed back into the bedroom. I followed shortly not wanting to take the chance that Chad had been awakened by the commotion in the bathroom. I slipped under the sheets and was asleep in a very short time. That simple session was enough to relax me and to make me realize that my lover was also relaxed. The next morning Chad stepped on my leg as he headed for the washroom.

As I looked up, he turned and said he was sorry. As he turned, however, I could see that he had the typical morning hard-on that guys our age always seemed to have.

I also noticed that he and Brandon were indeed brothers, as his cock appeared to be as big, if not as thick, as Brandon's. I only saw it in his white jockeys but that was enough to tell me he would make some girl/guy very happy. After breakfast I helped Brandon pack. Mrs. Sickema had done all the laundry that he had brought home and had given him some extra clothes for the winter. Chad and I left Brandon alone for a while to talk with his mom and dad. It was a chilly November morning, but very refreshing.

Chad, Eric and I shot some baskets in the backyard, while Brian was watching. At one point, as Chad went in for a lay-up, I tried to block him from the basket. We both tumbled to the ground and he lay there on top of me.

For a split second I looked into Chad's eyes. The day before I saw hate in his eyes when we first met. Today, however, I saw someone that seemed to approve of his brother and me. And, on top of that, I felt a very hard dick pressing against mine. I was a bit confused at that, but didn't think much of it afterwards.

After lunch we all sat and talked a bit longer. I thanked the Sickemas for letting me come to meet them and for allowing Brandon to share Thanksgiving with my family before we headed back to school. Mr. Sickema said he was happy that Brandon had such a great friend and that he hoped we'd see more of each other. Chad couldn't resist smiling and giggling at that. Brandon looked at him with a very stern look and Chad stopped.

As we headed to the car, Brandon and his parents hugged. I hugged his mother and gave his father another "firm" handshake. I really didn't know what I was trying to prove with that, but I didn't want him to get any ideas.

Well, the stereotype of fags was a limp wrist in those days, right? As we pulled out of the drive, Chad came running to the car. "Hey Bob, I'm happy for you two, I really am," he said. "I didn't mean everything I said yesterday, ok?" I assured him that things were fine and that I hoped we could all spend a lot of time together. I even said something that seems trite, but I did mean it. I told him that he had two older brothers now, not just Brandon and that he could count on me.

"Thanks Bob. Oh, by the way, remember to shut the bathroom door when you're at your house," he ended with a smile. That little devil wasn't asleep I realized then. Brandon laughed as I did and we headed out of town. The drive was really uneventful, unless of course you count on the hand-job that I got from Brandon while I was driving. I couldn't believe he was so bold, but I didn't stop him either. Actually I stopped at the same gas station that I had the day before when I had picked up Tom.

Although I couldn't "dock" with Brandon, I was able to lock the door and get him off.

Kinky blonde woman DPed by black throbbing stiff cock

He didn't stop me and didn't try to do anything to me either. That in itself was something new, as we both were givers and wanted to make sure that we pleased the other. But I think Brandon realized that I wanted to "return the favor" tha he had given me earlier in the car. As we exited the washroom there was the same trucker that had been there a day earlier.

He smiled with a very wide smile, knowing again what had happened. I wondered if he just stayed at the truck-stop to watch to see if guys were playing.

Well, if he did, he certainly knew that I was. As we came closer to Chicago, Brandon started to get a bit nervous. He admitted to me that he was anxious about meeting my family. I reminded him that I was just as nervous about meeting his and it seemed to go all right.

He agreed that things went well and that he hoped that the same thing would happen at my home. I hadn't talked to him about what had happened between Mikey and me the night before I went down to his home.

I knew I needed to, but hadn't gotten up the nerve. I wasn't sure how he'd take to me jacking off with my brother. As we came closer to my house I started to stammer. Brandon knew me well enough to know that I had something I needed to tell him. He asked me a couple of times what I wanted to say. He also asked if I had found someone else and was afraid to tell him. I laughed at that and told him that no one could take his place. He did smile on that one.

But I did need to talk to him and was trying to get up the nerve as we pulled into my driveway. Standing there, waving his arms all around, was Mikey. As I got out of the car he came running over to me, threw his arms around me and kissed me right on the mouth.

As I looked over my shoulder, the shock on Brandon's face was very evident. NEXT: A Thanksgiving to Remember Part 1