Lesbian beauty fisted deep inside her pussy

Lesbian beauty fisted deep inside her pussy
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Fbailey story number 742 My Photography Class I joined a photography class. I had to sign a form and so did my parents because I was under age. I was only fourteen years old at the time and no one was over eighteen except the teacher. She was in her early twenties.

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Only five of us had signed up for the summer course. It was a pretty comprehensive course that met six times a week.

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It wasn't cheap either. We did classroom work Monday through Friday and then fieldwork on Saturday. That first week we studied human anatomy. We only had one girl in our class so she got to be our cadaver to examine.

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She was not pleased when the instructor told her to undress and get on the table so that we four boys could feel her up. The instructor showed her the application form where it said that nudity was mandatory.

We had signed up for a course to teach us how to photograph nudes. No shit! None of us were aware of that fact. Reluctantly Ellen disrobed and laid down on the table. Miss Green spread her legs wider for us. I got to go first. The instructor told me that I had a half hour to feel Ellen up…all over…inside…and outside. I was to touch her with my hands, my face, and my chest. I was to kiss her body and smell of it too. Then she told me to be sure to taste Ellen's three openings.

Then she took the other tree boys into the next room for book learning leaving Ellen and I alone. We were the only ones that knew one another. Ellen whispered, "I'm glad that you got to go first." I asked, "Is she serious? She really wants me to finger you, kiss you, and to lick your pussy?" Ellen whispered, "Don't forget to lick my asshole while you're at it." Jokingly I asked, "Should I fuck you too, as long as I'm at it?" Ellen blushed and said, "You can if you want too.


It might be funny letting them lick my pussy after you cum in it." So I got right to work. I played with her boobs and her pussy.

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I got it really juicy then I stuck my tongue in for a couple of minutes before I slipped my cock into it. Ellen hugged me close and said, "I just gave you my virginity. I hope you appreciate it." As I pumped several squirts of cum into her I whispered back, "I was a virgin too and I think I love you." She kissed me and then told me to keep going and that I was almost out of time.

I lifted her legs up and I licked her from her asshole to her clit slurping up the excess cum that I had given her. Besides I wanted to know what the other three guys were going to taste. Our instructor came in and said, "This is your one-minute warning.

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I'm sending the next boy in." I learned all I needed to know about the history of the camera while Ellen got felt up by the other three boys. When Ellen was asked to stay after class she told our instructor that we walked home together.

I was also invited to stay. She felt bad that Ellen was the only girl and that she didn't get to feel up another girl. So, Ellen was going to get the chance to feel up our instructor and to taste her. Stephanie undressed and got on the same table that Ellen had occupied for the last two hours. I watched as Ellen ran her hands over Stephanie's breasts. She squeezed them and played with the nipples.

I was impressed with how through Ellen was at her assignment. She ran her hands down over Stephanie's flat tummy to her swollen pussy. I watched the instructor close her eyes and moan with pleasure. Ellen was masturbating Stephanie.

Two orgasms later Stephanie's knees were against her breasts and Ellen was sliding her tongue into an incredibly wet pussy. Stephanie was just as wet as Ellen had been earlier, after I had cum inside her.

Ellen was intent on devouring every drop of Stephanie's fluids. I had to smile when she licked Stephanie from her asshole to her clit causing Stephanie to have another orgasm. I could not take any more so I got behind Ellen, lifted up her skirt and pulled down her panties before I slipped my rock hard cock into her sweet pussy for the second time.

As I thrust into her and slammed into her butt, Ellen's face rammed into Stephanie's pussy causing her a rather nice sensation. Stephanie reached down to hold Ellen's head. Then Stephanie said, "Ram her good I love the way she gets her tongue up in there.

Oh yes, that's it, more." Stephanie had her forth orgasm when I started filling Ellen's pussy again. Both girls went wild. They cried out to God and begged for more.

It was almost unrealistic. I saw a porn movie once and these girls were even more wild. Ellen's ass trembled and Stephanie's tits jiggled.


Soon Ellen was squatted down over Stephanie's mouth dripping my cum into her mouth. I had my cock in Stephanie's pussy with her legs up on my shoulders.

Ellen and I were facing one another and kissing like crazy. Her tongue was searching my mouth as if I had taken her gum. I lasted a long time that third time I came…in Stephanie. I pulled out and Ellen bent down. Her tongue took the place of my cock as she fucked Stephanie with it.


As we got dressed to walk home Stephanie said, "Next time you had better capture it all with your camera or I'll have to punish you." Ellen had no problem being naked in front of us after that. Even Stephanie joined in occasionally. Ellen loved it when we got to the male antonym. She got to feel all of us up for thirty minutes, which took longer for some reason. When it was my turn I found out why.

Ellen jerked the other three off then gave them a blowjob in addition to feeling them up, kissing them, and licking their assholes.

I got the additional reverse cowgirl. Making me cum three times in a row took the longest amount of time so Stephanie sent them home when the time came. Then she joined us. She didn't participate. Instead she took pictures. Ellen was excited about our first fieldtrip. Both she and Stephanie would be naked for a three-hour photo shoot. We would be deep in the woods. Ellen was to bring all of her bras, panties, and nighties to model for us.

Stephanie told us that she would bringing all of her sexy underwear too. Stephanie was also going to be eating very juicy peaches, bathing in the stream, and peeing for us. I was excited.

Stephanie refunded Ellen's money because she was doing most of the modeling for us. Stephanie was going to start paying Ellen to model and to sit in on our classes for free. Saturday finally rolled around.

It was our very first fieldtrip. The first of eight. They would all involve nudity on Ellen's part. Our stuff was loaded and Stephanie was driving us up into a National Forest. We followed an old logging trail for miles and never saw any sign of human life. Stephanie pulled up to a stop right in the middle of the so-called road.

A really big blanket was spread out and then the girls started to lay out their things. Ellen liked several of Stephanie's sexy undergarments.

So Stephanie let her wear them for us. Neither Stephanie nor Ellen hesitated one bit to spread and open their pussies for me. It seemed as if I was calling all of the shots and the other three guys just horned in on the action.

Tom, Dick, and Harry were sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen respectively.

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Ellen was fifteen and of course I was the youngest at fourteen. Stephanie made a lot of good suggestions for Ellen to pose. She made even more suggestions for me to capture the moment. Since we all knew that Ellen had sucked all of our cocks, Stephanie suggested that she do just that, which required us guys to strip too.

Ellen made it perfectly clear that I was the only one that she would let fuck her pussy. Stephanie reminded them that she was the instructor and sometimes a model but that she was not about to jerk anyone off, give blowjobs, or let us fuck her.

She did say that we might be able to get her and Ellen to put on a lesbian act if we were very good. Well I'll tell you, Ellen and Stephanie looked great in anything that they put on. Ellen modeled every single nightie that was brought both hers and Stephanie's nighties. She also tried on every pair of panties and all of her bras. Stephanie's bras were too big for Ellen's tits. I was pretty sure that things were winding down until Stephanie took out a bag that had been under the front seat.

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She let Ellen fuck her with everything that it contained. There were hard vibrators, soft dildos, and butt plugs. The last one was a long double-ended dildo that they shared. We guys took turns oscillating it back and forth between their pussies. There was an extra three inches so when I pulled it out of Ellen's pussy it went into Stephanie's pussy and vice versa. We guys stroked our cocks as we oscillated that dildo until we each came.

The ride home was pretty quiet. We all knew that Ellen was a minor and that our pictures of her could never be shown or published, even on the Internet. If we did it could mean jail time for us and for Stephanie. The class was really terrific. On Sundays I would take Ellen with me and we would photograph houses, flowerbeds, and people on the street. We attended car shows, walk-a-thons, and swimming meets.

We captured car lights at night from bridges, the stars in the sky, and even a full moon. Stephanie was pleased with our work and promised to offer us an advanced class. I knew that I wanted to photograph nude women when I got older. The End My Photography Class 742