Slutty brunette hoe blows stiff rod

Slutty brunette hoe blows stiff rod
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This is the continuation of the previous story, "Falling In" Pt. 1 Jacky was still kneeling by my feet. The thought occurred to me that her knees, pressed as they were into the rough concrete of the dugout had to be bugging her… My dick was still hanging out of the flap of my jeans, still semi-hard… I had just gotten my first blowjob. It was great… Then it hit me. I was in the Pacific Northwest in mid-December.

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It was fucking cold… I tucked myself back into my pants. The thought wildly crossed my mind that that was a piece of my body I didn't want to get frostbitten… Standing up, I pulled Jacky to her feet and started to climb out of the dugout, I pulled her up behind me, getting my knees wet in the snow that had collected. I held her hand as we walked back towards the school. It felt weird.

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I had held hands with a girl before, but it was always a girl that I had feelings for. Jacky was cool, and she gave head like a girl possessed, but I just then realized that I had no feelings or thoughts for her beyond wanting to fuck her silly, and that had a whole lot more to do with her banging ass body then it did about any feelings of closeness to her.

Honestly, she was kind of an annoying little snot. She was three years younger than me, and quite a bit more immature. She wasn't terribly smart, where I was considered one of the school's up and comers. Captain Intelligence. I realized then that we really had very little in common.

I felt vaguely guilty having used her the way that I had… didn't she deserve more than some asshole simply using her as a cum dumpster? The asshole had some firm traction now. I hadn't offered her anything more than what we had. I had made no promises. She walked into the situation with open eyes, and if she was big enough that she decided that she could suck off some guy in a school dugout, well then by damn, she was big enough to decide when she was being used. I told myself all of this, and realized vaguely that it was all a serious load of bullshit.

The more I tried to convince myself that everything was okay the less okay I felt about all of it.

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I pulled my hand from hers. She tensed perceptibly. "You heard about the party didn't you?" Her voice was light, and somewhere approaching shy.


I had never heard that from her before. She was always a saucy, self confident girl, one who bled out this certain 'fuck me' vibe. It was one of the things that turned me on about her. Now her current shyness just made me feel like a fuck for shoving my cock down her throat. Obviously she had come to the conclusion early, well, a shitload earlier than most girls, that maybe a decent guy that was well known for being straight-laced was a shitload better for her overall then some asshat that was going to simply pump her and dump her.

I knew her homelife sucked. It sounded like she had a whore for a mother, and a trickle of guys ran through her house pretending to be her dad. Shit, pretty as she was most of them had finally decided that they could trade up from mom to the tight little pussy down the hall and had probably come on to her.

Needless to say, I felt like even more of an ass. Hey, I'll be honest, I'm one of those guys that takes other people's shit onto my back and uses it to make myself feel even more like a piece of shit… I nodded my head slowly at her. "Yeah, I heard about it." Her steps slowed, mine didn't. I still remember the crisp crunch of the snow under my feet as we crossed the football practice field.

Her pace quickened, and she pulled up beside me again. She didn't take my hand. Part of me wanted her to. Look, I didn't feel anything for her, but I am the type that likes to be the knight in shining armor… I wanted to comfort her, if I could. I knew that what she was going through was not easy for her. Maybe she made a bad choice, hell, maybe it was just a nasty lie that had popped up.

One way or the other, people around this school weren't going to let her forget about it. Life was going to get very hard for her. I didn't love her, but she was still my friend, and I wanted to be there for her.

It was then that I decided I didn't care if she had blown six guys at some party. She was my friend, and I was going to stand by her.


"Are you going to ask me about it now?" her voice was timid, tight with fear. My guilt surged up. Good one man, she blew you because she was smart enough to figure out what your cowardly ass didn't want to ask her about. She was scared, and offered you something that would keep you on the line. I closed my eyes and shoved the guilt down. I looked at her, my eyes meeting hers.

Her little pixie nose was red from the cold. That nose would be unattractive on most girls, but her unusual little look only made her look exotic. Elfen. That was the word that sprang to mind when I thought of her. I took a deep breath and pushed it out. "I figure that it doesn't matter. The past is the past. If you wanted to share it with me, you would have." Her eyes tightened as if I had slapped her.

My comment was meant to be an easy way out for her, a way to tell her I didn't care, but instead she took it as me saying that she had betrayed me by not telling me before I found out. She bit her lip. She did that when she was nervous, it was fucking sexy as hell, and suddenly my hormones where up again. "Look, its not true. Well not all the way true" she said to me quickly. "I was at the party, and there was this guy that I kind of liked, and I drank with him for awhile.

He asked me if I wanted to go outside with him and smoke a cigarette with him and his friends. I told him okay. We went outside, and we smoked, and kind of started making out. We were standing by his car, and he just kind of opened the back door and we slid in together." Oh fuck! This was turning me on! What the hell was wrong with me! I should be jealous, or pissed, but instead, I was torn between seriously finding another nice quiet place to meet up with her again, and with listening to her story.

She continued, "so we're sitting in the backseat of his car kind of making out, and he's rubbing my chest and stuff." Fuck! I had a serious hard on at this point&hellip. "I was wearing this little skirt, and he put his hands down, you know, between my legs." She was so terribly embarrassed.

I felt like a serious asshole at this point, because I should be feeling empathy for her, telling her to stop her story, maybe try to save her some pain and embarrassment. I didn't. Hey, look, I'm a gentleman, but still a man. "I liked him, but you know, I didn't want to fuck him, especially not right there in his car in front of his friends.

I didn't let him touch me down there, but I didn't want to piss him off and make him stop liking me either, so I pulled his hand back up and kept kissing him. He pulls away from me and says, 'blow me you fucking slut'." The parallel between her story with this asshole and my own put an abrupt end to my excitement.

She started walking again. Man I felt like a real asshole now, I vaguely realized that her next boyfriend down the road, if her heard about me face fucking her in a shitty dugout behind the school, he wasn't going to have a very positive attitude about me. Hey, it's all relative.

"I really liked him. So I blew him. Right there in his shitty little car. While his friends watched and hollered." She bit her lip hard and a tear ran down her cheek. Great, now I really felt like an asshole for making her tell me.

I reached out and took her hand again. Was I leading her on? Making her read more into the situation than was really there? Maybe fooling her into thinking that I had feelings for her that didn't exist? Yes to all, but right now, after what she had done for me, she needed something more than some asshole who pops his load in her mouth and then tells her to fuck off.

"When I was done, we went back into the house. As soon as we got inside I went to go grab us a couple of beers. When I came back, he's telling one of his buddies that he can go next… I walked up to him and he says, 'so, my buddy here wants you to blow him too, we don't want to go outside, so just do it right here.'. I threw the drink in his face and stomped out. They started telling people i did them all. She was wrung out at the end of story.

A part of me felt really vindicated that she had stood up for herself. She needed a friend, someone who would take care of her. I didn't love her, but she was there, warm friendly and welcoming. She needed to build some confidence, to see that a guy could take care of her. I wasn't her long term solution, but damn it, I was going to show her that a decent guy would be willing to take care of her.

I told myself that as I pushed her against the wall and kissed her. The evil imp in my mind was screaming, however, that as an added bonus I was probably going to get to fuck her.

Our lips locked together, as I put my hand on the rough brick wall. My left hand slid to her tight little abdomen. I stayed away from her tits. I was playing the long game here, and with her being as fragile as she was she didn't need some guy copping a cheap feel.

Someone cleared their throat behind me, and I wheeled around, suddenly very guilty. PDA was not allowed at school, and the brown-noser in me suddenly tightened his asshole up.

Coach Teeps, my wrestling coach, well to be fair the head wrestling coach, stood in front of me. He was an enormous man. Standing about my height, but weighing nearly a hundred pounds more than me. He was one of those rare men that look fat, but who aren't. A lesson I had learned painfully on the wrestling mats more than a few times.

He smiled at me, "You're smarter than that Mr. Cole." His voice was a basso rumble. "Keep the PDA down." He turned and walked for the backdoor of the school, his keys jangling. What the fuck just happened? Seriously, that was all he was going to say? The thought then hit me. I was his varsity heavyweight wrestler.

Fair bet was on me to win districts this year. I was a good kid. And coach Teeps was one of the people who knew the full story about what had really happened at home. I had gone to him after I walked out of my father's house and told him I needed to quit the team.

I cried and told him about the beatings, the full story. He convinced me not to drop out of school. "You want to come in this door kids?" He called out as he walked away.

Fuck yeah I did. I realized then that I freezing my ass off. I grabbed Jacky's hand and pulled her along behind me. "Sure Coach! I called". He opened up the door and let us in. Jacky and I killed the rest of the morning walking the halls of the school, hand in hand. I really wanted to find a nice quiet place to see if I could get Jacky to blow me again, but the school was filling up by now and it would be too risky.

Jacky ate lunch with me and my friends that day, coming with us as we went out in one of my friends' car. She sat in the bed of my friends truck between my legs, while I sat on the toolbox.

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My friend's all looked at me weirdly. I was a little tense. I knew they knew the story with Jacky and the party, but I was still with her. I could feel their silent judgment casting down on me. Usually I would cave to that, but right now it just pissed me off. Suddenly I felt very much like not wanting to please people was a very good idea.

I had practice after school, so kissed Jacky and told her that I would call her tonight, and see her in the morning. We chatted that night on the phone. Vapid, inane chatter about this and that.

Her and my buddy's girlfriend did not get along very well, and she went on and on about how she hated the girl. I hate talking on phones. I mostly hate talking, but especially on a phone, and with Jacky's immature conversation I wanted to be off the phone now.

So I told her that I was tired from practice and that I had to do some homework. She thought I was mad at her. I was okay with that. The next morning was Friday, and I was sitting on the bus, and have to say I was very much looking forward to today. I was horny as fuck. A very large part of me wanted to get Jacky to blow me again, but also felt weird about her just blowing me and getting nothing in return.

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She got on the bus at her usual stop, and inspiration struck. She was wearing a short little skirt, and white sheer lace pantyhose that came up to mid thigh. Just the look made my dick hard as a rock. She leaned in and gave me a hungry kiss. Fuck, I really wanted that blowjob now, but thought it might be time to put some money in the bank.

I just needed to figure out how to pull it off without getting caught. In order to get across town on the bus you had to ride two separate lines. The first was a big bus, the standard kind one would expect to see in a city. Big, well lit, and unfortunately, open in the aisles to allow for standing room passengers. That would never work. The second line however, which took about 20 minutes to get through it's loop to the school, was a smaller number, kind of intermediate between a very large van and a very small bus.

It was cozier, darker, and most importantly, had evenly spaced seats along it's length. I waited to make my move until we got on the second line… As soon as we sat down side by side Jacky started talking about some inane bullshit, and I casually dropped my hand on her thigh. She stopped talking for a split second, but realized that was all I was doing for now and went back to her conversation.

As she spoke I rubbed my hand up and down her thigh, feeling the smooth texture of her pantyhose, the lacy tops, and eventually the butter smooth surface of her milky inner thigh. I carefully made sure that I stayed away from her pussy. I could remember her story vividly, and didn't want her to feel like I was being an aggressive dick like the one at the party.

Every time I started to make my final move towards her crotch, I would pull away at the last second. She kept talking the whole time. I could tell she was wondering if I was playing with her, but she wasn't sure. I could tell she was getting horny, because she kept losing her train of thought and biting at the corner of her lip. About five minutes into the trip, I firmly slid my hand up her thigh, and pulled her panties aside with my index finger.

I plunged my middle finger into her up to the first knuckle. She bucked hard, and spread her legs wide, hooking her near leg over mine. She almost screamed, I could tell that she barely held it in, and I could also tell it would have been a good scream!

That was close I thought, if she had moaned we'd be dead. Her fingers wrapped over my hand, but she wasn't pulling me away, she was trying to push me deeper in. I instantly pulled my finger out of her tight little slit. She rocked and whimpered a little. "Put it back in…" her beautiful eyes met mine, "please!, I'll suck your dick when we get to school, just put it back in…" She kept moving her hips forward, rubbing and trying to entice me to put my fingers back in her.

I looked straight into her eyes and whispered to her, "There's no way you're sucking my dick today, today is about you!" Her eyes melted, and I realized that I could have fucked her right then and there… Yep, I had put the money in the bank! Now, let's be honest here, I was a virgin, and knew absolutely nothing about girls.

I was also the kind of guy that made very few decisions without researching them first. I had read, a lot, on different ways to please a girl. Feeling as if I was ugly, fat and undesirable, I figured I needed to have some kind of edge to keep the girls coming back, and that meant I read a lot. I wasn't fat or ugly anymore, but that didn't mean you didn't want a lady coming back looking for more. I leaned into her neck and kissed her lightly just behind her ear.

"Be quiet." I whispered into her ear and she whimpered and moaned. I kept my finger held tight to her pussy, but wouldn't put it in… I licked her cute little earlobe, "we're on a city bus, the driver may be the only one here, but he'll kick us off if he finds out what's happening." She instantly sat up a little straighter, but she couldn't stop whimpering… that probably had something to do with the fact that I was gently running my finger up and down her slit the entire time.

Every time my finger reached the bottom of her pussy and started back up, she instinctively bucked her hips forward and tried to get me to penetrate her. Good, I thought, she's really into it. I still had my face pressed close to her ear.

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"Remember yesterday, when you teased me…" She bit her lip so hard I thought she was going to draw blood. Her eyes were completely out of focus and she nodded weakly. "Well… payback's a bitch!" I wouldn't penetrate her, but instead just kept rubbing the outside of her pussy.

I could feel how wet she was getting, and honestly, wanted nothing more then to pull my cock out and shove it into her, bus driver or no bus driver… I wanted this to be about her however, so I kept rubbing, and she kept lightly moaning and covering my hand with her own. Her fingers pushed against mine in a futile effort to shove one of them into her pussy. I remembered her clit then. I had read some articles about how the clit was the most sensitive part of a girl's pussy and so a quickly moved my finger up and started playing with her button.

As soon as my fingers touched it she was like lightning hit. He hand smashed away from my own and latched onto my forearm her other, wrapping in whatever hold she could get on the chair's fabric. Her head was pushed back and I could only fucking hope the driver was not looking back in the mirror at us, because with her posture there was no way he wouldn't know I was fingering her.

Her fucking panties were getting in the way and I briefly considered telling her to stop wearing the fucking things, but put the thought quickly out of mind. My finger lapped away at her clit, teasing it with little nips and tugs.

She was rocking in the seat to the rhythm I had set and I knew that my fingering skills couldn't be that good, but, fuck! it looked like she was about to cum. Her eyes were pressed tight together, and she was breathing really fast. My dick was so hard I think there was a good chance I might cum just from fingering her! Suddenly her hand moved from my forearm to my fingers.

Her eyes opened, green like tidal pools, and completely unfocused. "You gotta stop!" she moaned. I realized we were really close to the school, if I was going to make this work, it had to be now, and I didn't have time to rub her clit off before we hit our stop, I was going to have to do something drastic.

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She panted desperately beside me. "Stop, please, I'm gonna fucking cum if you don't and I can't hold it in, I can't be quiet." He mouth said stop but her fucking hips and pussy were crying for it!

I leaned into her neck and whispered, "Like I said, payback's a bitch!" With that I thrust my middle and ring fingers up to the first knuckle into her cunt, honestly, I had expected to thrust my fingers in all the way, but something inside her stopped me, like I hit a wall or something in there.

Her legs locked together like a bear trap, and her hand snapped back up onto my forearm. I felt pain as her nails racked into my skin. Her cunt locked down as hard as her legs had and she gritted her teeth and groaned in a way I had never heard before. I realized she was cumming, and cumming hard. Oh man she fucking wanted to scream so hard right there! But she couldn't… It was so fucking hot, my dick was like molten iron in my pants… her hand suddenly snapped from my forearm to my cock through my jeans… Hey, I was young… My fingerbanging her into cumming on a city bus, and I still had her fucking pussy in my hand… I'm not gonna lie, just her grabbing my cock made me cum in my pants… We both finished up just in time to hit the button that alerted the bus to make our stop.

We adjusted ourselves quickly, and got up, her walking in front, me behind. She turned the final corner and staggered off the bus when I felt the driver tap me with the back of his hand on my arm. I looked at him, sudden fear sagging through me… He was an older guy, a dude that has always been nice to me, what's weird is that today, I can't picture his face… "That was perfect kid, good job!" was all he said to me as I got off the bus.

I stepped down from the last step, careful of the ice on the sidewalk. The bus started to pull away, and suddenly Jacky had her fingers wrapped in my coat. I was quite a bit bigger than her but somehow, maybe all the hormones in her system, she shoved me back like a child into the fence in front of the school. Her mouth was on mine like something on fire, her tongue swishing around inside my mouth like some liquid explorer. One of my hands found her ass, and other found one apple sized titty.

He nipple was like diamond, and I knew it wasn't from the cold… She finally broke off the kiss and stared into my eyes, "Just you wait, I'm gonna suck your cock so hard you won't be able to think straight!" A mischievous smile played across her lips. I kissed her on the tip of her pixie nose, "Not today you won't. Today is about you!" I could see her eyes light up in delight, and a kind of possessive anger.

She was thrilled to be put first, but pissed as well. She was starting to see it as her cock, and who was I to tell her when she could and couldn't have it?! The dark voice in my head just laughed and laughed, she was fucking mine now&hellip. Well, I hope you enjoyed the story. Look soon for part 3, and give me any comments you would like below!