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Free porn young gay boys fucking in the ass I got excited because I
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Part#2 Angelia could not sleep that night. She thought constantly about having sex with Amy and Casey. She had never witnessed such a sexy thing as the two hot girls having sex with each other. Her husband Ryan snored loudly beside her in bed. He sounded like a freight train. She played with herself as she thought about the two girls who rented the suite across and down from her. She wanted them badly.

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She stimulated herself to orgasm as she imagined them all making out. She cried out as she came. Her husband remained fast asleep. The next day was bright and sunny. At some unknown point in time she had drifted off to sleep. When she awoke the hot Miami sun blinded her through the million dollar penthouse view. She squinted and tried to focus. The day was beautiful. It was going to be hot, sunny and steamy in more than one way.

Her plan was to go see the girls and have drinks with them. She had never really formally met Amy as Amy always had left the rent in an envelope at the office mailbox.

She had passed her a few times in the main lobby or seen her at the pool but that was it. A quick hello or how are you had been the extent of their conversation. Angelia got out of bed. Her husband Ryan still slept soundly beside her not even stirring. They had been married for 3 years now. First meeting when 24 year old Angelia came to Miami on a trip from Venezuela with her friends. It was love at first sight.

They were married 6 months later. Ryan came from a rich family and had money to burn. Angelia loved the lifestyle. Her life consisted of socializing, exercising and having lots of attention paid to her.

She sauntered to the shower having butterflies in her stomach. She could not get the girls out of her thoughts. She could have whatever she wanted.

What she wanted at this particular time was a fling with the girls across the way.

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Angelia stayed in the shower a long time. The warm water cascaded off her smooth small frame. She lathered soap up and paid extra attention to her perky tight breasts and stomach. Her thoughts drifted off. When she snapped back into reality she was aware her husband had joined her in the shower. He towered over her by a good foot. She always loved that he was in great shape and worked out constantly like her.

His cock was large and well over 9 inches. She had already warmed herself up by lathering a little too vigorously with soap and her thoughts about the girls.

Her husband carefully grabbed her by her tiny waist having his hands entirely surround it. He raised her up and entered her from behind.

As the warm water hit her face she held the shower head and rode his gigantic cock. All 110 pounds of her was lifted effortlessly off the ground. He bounced her up and down as he thrust his cock fully into her. She closed her eyes and though about the girls. She knew after about 5 minutes he was ready to cum. His cock now throbbing and rock hard gushed inside of her.

She simultaneously orgasmed after trying to hold off.


Her body went limp. He carried her to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed.

He dressed and left. Angelia laid there for awhile and then got up to get dressed.

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Even though he had given her a good fuck that morning in the shower. She needed more. Her sex drive was off the charts. She walked naked over to the large walk in bedroom closet. There must have been 500 outfits all neatly hung. No shortage of clothes what so ever. It was a warm day so the plan was to dress lightly. Very lightly. Angelia thought she might go down to the pool so she wore her favorite little white crochet bikini. It had been bought in Mexico when she was there on a trip two years ago.

It consisted of a meticulously intricate hand woven Mayan pattern on the top and bottom triangles. It was a 2 piece that barely covered the places it was supposed to.

A little triangle front and back section for the bottoms barely covered her pussy and ass. The top did little more. Triangles the size of a small napkin folded in half covered each breast. The smallest skimpiest string held the bikini on the top. It was tied in a bow on her back. The bottom had the same type of frail little string on each side.

Angelia walked around in the bikini only. Her body was hot. She could get away with that. As she walked her tight ass barely moved. Just a slight up and down motion. Her posture was perfect. Long straight jet black hair cascaded down her back to her ass. For the next hour Angelia tanned at the pool.

Around 3 in the afternoon she garnered up enough courage to go up and see the girls and introduce herself. Both were there. Amy and Casey were out on the little balcony area having a drink. When Angelia walked up to them Casey dropped her glass. It shattered on the concrete floor. Casey was in awe. It showed in her face. Up close and in person Angelia looked like an angel. She stood no more than 5 feet tall. Her body was like a sculpture. Every proportion was perfect.

She had the tightest body Casey had ever seen from the flat slightly washboard abs to her medium sized perky tits and rounded firm ass. Her face looked young and innocent like that of a girl ten years younger than she actually was. She had the largest brown puppy dog eyes and fullest bright red lips.

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Her body was tanned a perfect dark brown. Her complexion was flawless. Casey got up and quickly cleaned up the mess. She could not help but stare in awe at this woman. Amy and Angelia talked as Casey went inside and got some new drinks. She mixed Angelia's a little stronger. After a few hours of talking about their lives the three women felt a little more relaxed.

Of course the topic of sex came up and the conversation went a bit offside. The combination of booze, sun and sexiness helped it lean that way. Angelia eventually told the girls she had watched them last night having sex.

This actually made Casey and Amy for the first time blush. Angelia told them not to be embarrassed as it was extremely sexy.


The weather had started to cool down slightly so the girls went inside. They all sat on the large couch and continued talking. A few more drinks loosened up any inhibitions. Out of no where Amy bent over and kissed Angelia on the lips. The two girls embraced and made out for what seemed like an eternity.

Casey sat watching in awe. Without any talk, Amy grabbed Angelia and Caseys hands and led them to the bedroom. It was clear that Amy was going to guide and control this encounter. Amy out of no where started to tell both girls what was going to happen.

Tonight they were going to please Angelia as much as they could. Angelia lay on the large kingsized bed on her back. She looked so small in the middle of it. She was hot, cute and sexy. Her white bikini and tanned little body stood out from the dark red silk sheets. Her eyes darted back and fourth between the two girls standing on each side of the bed. Amy and Casey undressed sexily. Angelia got to watch the show. They looked at each other. They did not have to say anything. Each girl knew her part.

Casey bent over and started kissing Angelia on her full soft lips. Angelia moaned and whimpered. While doing this she took her right arm first and tied it stretched fully above her head to the rot iron bed frame.

She then repeated this with the left arm. The ties were soft bathrobe ties. A little sretchy with some give. Angelia looked fucking hot. She was defenceless and stretched out. Her breaths now excited and more rapid. She had the come fuck me face on her. Her tight little stomach rose up and down quickly from excited breaths. While Casey had been tying her up Amy had been gently running her soft hands up and down the inside of her tight little tanned thighs.

She also pulled at and rubbed her small skimpy bikini bottoms. She played with the small strings on each side that held the small triangles of her suit on her front and back. They would not be released just yet. Casey continued to kiss Angelia. She playfully and softly bit her full luscious lips. She almost got carried away and bit hard enough to draw some blood. Her hands ran freely through Angelia's soft long jet black hair.

Angelia was straddled by Amy. Amy used her long black hair to gently tickle and brush Angelia's hard flat stomach.


Amy played with Angelia's body. First her abs. She could see slight definition in them. She gently rubbed and felt them with her hands. Her hands slowly made their way downwards passing over her little bathing suit bottom. She could feel her pussy was warm and excited. She resisited and passed over it as her hands grabbed each rock hard thigh.

Her legs were small but did not have an ounce of fat. She pushed her legs apart. wiidely bending her knees up so she had her face between her legs. As this was going on Casey's hands had made their way to Angelia's breasts under her little top. Medium sized rock hard breasts with nipples now so erect they could cut glass. Casey gently fondled these perfect tits and tweeked the nipples. Angelia was rapidly building up to an orgasm she had never ever experienced before.

The bathing suit top and bottoms made their way effortlessly off. Angelia felt Amy's hands gently push her legs down and apart. She knew the tongue was coming next. The anticipation alone made her wet.

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The first gentle flick of it around her clit caused her to cry out and have her body shudder. Amy's tongue knew exactly what to do. It gently probed and prodded her already moist pussy. As it did this, Amy used her hands and fingers to apply pressure around and on her swollen clit.

Angelia had to be litterly held down. Her firm little arms strained at the restraints as the girls paid attention to her. Cute little bicep muscles showed as her arms bent stretching the soft restraints to their max. She did not want to escape. Her body just could not handle all the attention and pleasure it was receiving.

Casey lay beside her intrigued by the looks her face gave off. Absolute pleasure radiated on her face. The bedroom had heated up by this time.

Angelia now was a sweating sexy mess as the biggest orgasm of her life continued to build. Amy used her mouth and hands to explore Angelia's pussy like it had never been before. Angelia was getting extremely wet. Juices flowed from her stimulated ussy down to her ass.

Amy paid extra attention to her area between her pussy and ass. She teased occasionally around her asshole but did not enter it. That was going to be Casey's job. Angelia bucked like a bronco. On the verge of cuming.


Every inch of her body stressedstrained or contorted. He little toes curled in tight holding off the orgasm as long as she could. Casey looked down at Amy. Amy enjoyed using her mouth.

She was a pro. Amy looked up at Casey and gave her the nod. It was time to make Angelia cum. Casey used her left hand to clear Angelia's now soak and wet hair from her face. She wanted to look at her in the eyes as she came. With her right hand she gently grabbed Angelia's neck and applied some gentle choking pressure.

With her left hand she reached under the small of her back and before inserting 2 fingers up her asshole she told Angelia to hold her breath. Casey inserted her two middle fingers deep up the tightest little ass she ever felt.

Angelia cried out in joy as her body arched up off the bed. Amy forced her legs back down and stuck her long hard tongue deep inside her soaked pussy.

It probed her until she had had enough. Her body uncontrollably shuddered. Little moans increased until she was begging to cum. Angelia suddenly cried out so loud that Casey had to take her right hand from around her neck and cover her mouth. She managed to muffle moans that lasted a good minute. Angelina bucked around like she was possessed.

Juices shot from her pussy all over the bed and onto Amy. Casey had never seen a girl cum even close to this much. Angelia was a fucking hot little mess. Her body looked like she had been working out. Her tight little body showed lots of definition. The girls held her down as much as they could. Casey gave her kisses and Amy rubbed her between her thighs to increase the feeling. Eventually she ws spent. Exhausted she lay motionless.

Amy moved off Angelia and pushed Casey face down onto the bed beside Angelia. With her right hand she felt between Casey's legs and massaged her wet pussy. With her left hand she held Casey down pushing her face into a pillow. It only took about a minute of massaging until Casey came. During this time an exhausted and worked over Angelia watched. Part#3 soon.