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Twinks have wild anal threesome and jizz all over the place
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I have never been the type of person to express myself very much in the verbal way. Since elementary school I always knew in my head that I would do as best as I could academically and live the life I had always wanted to live since I was little, a big house, pretty wife, cool kids, and a wealthy, successful lifestyle.

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So I put my head down, achieved the grades I wanted to, participated in many championship sports teams, and enjoyed my life as the "popular" teenager so many kids long to be. So now, as I sit on my front porch in the Florida Keys, let me tell you the story of how I Giovanni Belettzo accomplished everything in my life I had dreamed of for so long, and everything in between.

So I guess in my introduction I left out the fact that I'm a sex addict. Not in the way that you're thinking however. I'm not one of those crazy fucks who are attracted to anything with a pulse. I am a very selective individual when it comes to what I will and will not shove my cock into repeatedly for a set amount of time until I shoot my load onto it. I guess to put it in a nutshell, I just enjoy having my cock inside a beautiful broad with a gorgeous face and a nice body a little bit more than not having my cock inside a beautiful broad with a gorgeous face and a nice body.

To be completely honest, this literally all started in fifth grade, I can't believe that was almost eight years ago.

I received one of these weird snowboarding brand magazines for Christmas, and in the very back there was a page I guess my parents missed to look over with all of these incredible teenage girls posing for Burton Snowboards in skin tight bikini tops, panties, and high pink baseball socks.

Being that I was only ten years old, I wasn't totally educated on the subject of masturbation, pleasure, and I guess sex in general.

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When I was ten, my sister was seventeen so I would always hear her and whatever boyfriend she had at the time doing crazy shit in her bedroom and hearing the occasional cliche "Oh my fucking God, fuck me harder!" from her, and the standard "Fuck baby, get on your knees and take this cum!" from him.

Even though I didn't really know what these things meant, I would always notice my cock would tingle and I'd get the sudden urge to start humping the shit out of the pillows on my bed when I saw my sister come out of her room and saw her face glistening with a layer of white fluid that slowly dripped to the rest of her body as she gave me the "Shh, don't tell mom what you saw." type of look. Don't worry, this isn't one of those stories where all of a sudden I tell you I fucked my sister on a daily basis, I never did.

But my sister was, and still is a very beautiful girl. Barely over five feet, nice tan athletic track body with an ass and legs that could make any age man drool, and a perfectly shaped pair of C almost D cup breasts that were barely ever contained with anything but a risqué lingerie bra. Coming from an all Italian family, you could just tell she was the type of woman who took control in a relationship and definitely dominated the sex side of things.

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coming from a pretty wealthy family growing up, my sister took advantage, buying all of the nicest, sexiest clothes, all of the newest sex toys, and driving the newest cars. I guess you could say I was the humble one.

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I had my first REAL sexual experience when I was thirteen. Even though my obsession with women and sex started back in the elementary years, I kind of put it on the back burner for a while as I progressed into middle school.

I had just hit sixth grade and that feeling of being the youngest person in the school, with these "older" eighth grade girls surrounding me, drove me crazy. I surprisingly convinced my parents to let me attend a birthday party of a girl who happened to send her invitation out to the majority of the school on Facebook. Julia Sotaletti, eighth grade beauty who looked like she belonged in PlayBoy. My first encounter with her was in Science.

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Now, as you may know, Sixth Grade Science isn't exactly the hardest topic in the entire world, so the range for distraction was something very common. Now before I start explaining the situation that drove me to the point in my life that I'm at now in terms of my sex life, let me tell you that sixth grade was the year that I realized I wasn't just attracted to your stereotypical teenage girl, of course, I still loved skinny, blonde hair, preppy girls.

But I was always down for the purple, blue, or pink hair girl with a tight skirt and leggings, that was just a little off of the norm when it comes to conformity. Just to ease your curiosity, when you're done reading this chapter or even right now, look up MyCherryCrush on your favorite porn site, that is the he type of girl that drives me crazy. So there she sat, Julia Sotaletti, long blonde hair that fell right to the middle of her back, perfectly shaped tennis legs with rounded toned ass that sat perfectly on top.

A pair of C Cup tits that were begging to be sucked, and a face, oh my fucking Jesus that face, a face with the most gorgeous blue eyes, perfectly aligned teeth, and a smirk on her face that made you want to shove your cock down her throat every minute of every day.

She sat there, taking up her seat and the seat across from her because of the fact her legs were extended onto it. The first thing I noticed was her shoes were off and exposing the sexiest turquoise ankle socks and feet that I wanted to fuck the shit out of. Containing her body was a pair of skin tight red yoga pants that went down to the middle of her calves, and a tank top that was a few sizes to small that made the tip of my cock bounce in my athletic shorts. This was not your average teenager.

So her party was later that week, and I think I spent every day preparing for it.

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I got to her house and it was the normal teenage party with people sitting every where and talking about random ass shit. I wasn't there for any other reason than Julia and I planned on making my appearance at that party worth it. I walked farther and farther into the house searching fro this beauty. Finally, at the recreation room, on a pool table, there she was, skin tight jeans, pink ankle socks like the ones before and nothing but a blue Hollister tee on.

"Hey you!" That is all I heard as i was looking across the room at the people sitting, I turned around and Julia was just about to tap me on the shoulder to get my attention.

"Uh…Hey, I don't think we've formally met." "I'm Giovanni." "I'm Julia." "So…are you going to introduce me to your friend down there?" Fuck. Fuck. Fucking ass shit. That's all that was going through my head as I look down and see the tip of my cock poking through the front of my shorts.


"" "I'm not usually like this." Is all she said before she grabbed my hand, and led me upstairs to her parents room where she shoved me on the bed, took off her jeans to reveal the tightest pair of blue panties I've ever seen, for a brief second I noticed a wet spot at the base of her crotch. She hopped on top of me, pulled my shorts down to reveal boxers with a big, hard, rod horizontally resting on my legs.

We both had no clue what we were doing. She seemed to be the more experienced one. She put my cock in the perfect spot between her pussy where it rested there, so when she thrusted it felt like my entire length was going from her ass to the opening of her pussy. "Oh fuckkkkkk." is all that she managed to get out as she used my cock as a fuck toy.

I put my hands on the side of her head and pulled her face close to mine as we touched tongues as she began to furiously hump me as we mouth fucked each other.


As she pulled her head away, I could see the spit drip from her lip down her chin…"Watch this," she said. She gave me a peck kiss on the lips as she slid down the bed to where I felt short hot breaths along the shaft of my cock. Now, to be completely honest I had a pretty abnormally large cock for my age, close to seven inches hard so she enjoyed this probably as much as I did. The breathing stopped, and all I felt was a warm sea of saliva and tongue wrap around the tip of my cock as I began to feel more of her throat as she went farther and farther down causing herself to gag and take herself off of it to swallow.

"Please&hellip." is all I got to say. "Please what…" she asked in a sexual whisper. "Please&hellip.keep…sucking…" As I grabbed the back of her head with one hand, and the side of her face with the other, "Wait!" is all she got to say, I don't think she caught her breath yet.

She opened her mouth voluntary as I started face fucking her, the entire length of my cock going in and out of her mouth as a mixture of spit and precut began to leak out of the sides of her mouth. This girl had the smoothest lips I think that could be possible, and the way my cock fit between them I think it was meant to be, her clear gooey lipgloss began to cover my cock as she swirled her tongue around the circumference of my fuck stick. Close to cumming, I stood up, turned her around and put my cock in between her ass and started dry humping the shit out of her, I slid my cock down into her pussy and could barely fit the tip of my cock into her virgin opening.

After a couple thrusts of not being able to get the pleasure I wanted, I went for it, I thrusted as hard as I could into her hot, wet cunt. "HOLY FUCK GIO!" As soon as I heard this, I pulled my cock out from her watching the pussy juice explode out of her and drip onto the floor. I spun her around, pushed her to the ground and she started licking the underside base of my cock as she stroked my rod. "Now you& this," is all I managed to get out before I shot rope after rope of hot cum onto this beauty's lip gloss covered face, as the last rope of cum began to pump through my body, I shoved my cock back into her mouth and pinned her head against my stomach, shooting the last rope down her throat as I let my grip go.

A she pulled her head off of my cock, the last words she managed to say before she started getting dressed were, "So three years…and then there's high school." As she walked out, I was sort of confused.

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That was the last I saw of Julia Sotaletti until I was a Freshman at Concave High School.