Sub bride punished at the wedding

Sub bride punished at the wedding
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Fbailey story number 333 Groundhog Day In the United States, February the second is Groundhog Day. It all started a hundred and twenty-three years ago in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania.

Well this year my wife and I decided to attend and see what all the fuss was about. I could not believe that I had to pay five hundred and fifty dollars for a room for two nights, get on a bus at three o'clock in the morning, and then stand in a field in the dark and the cold waiting for a sophisticated rat to see his shadow.

Then to top that off my wife couldn't come and the hotel didn't give refunds so I decided to go alone. I arrived on Sunday afternoon, checked in and started walking around the area to take in the excitement. People were wearing funny hats, carrying souvenirs, and freezing there asses off. It was one of the coldest days in several years. I walked behind a woman that apparently had not read the weather forecast. She was wearing a light jacket, a short miniskirt, and she was wearing high heels.

At a street corner I got up next to her and asked, "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?" She turned toward me shivering noticeably and replied, "Fuck if I know. Pardon my French." I smiled and said, "Maybe you should go to your motel room and get warm. A nice hot bath should help." Once again she turned toward me and said, "I would if I could.

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They lost my reservation and rented my room to someone else and there's no place left in this God damn berg." I said, "I have a room right down there" then I pointed to my hotel. The woman smiled and said, "I'd fuck you for a hot bath and I mean that." Together we turned and walked back toward my hotel.

We entered the lobby and she could feel the warmth immediately. In the elevator she started to cry and said, "I have wanted to come here for years and at the last minute my husband had to go out of the country for business." I replied, "That's funny. My wife backed out at the last minute too." She half smiled and said, "We must have the wrong spouses." I unlocked my room and let her go in first.

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Then as an after thought she said, Oh my name is Wanda and my husband sometimes calls me 'Oh Wicked Wanda' from some cartoon in a Men's Magazine. I think it's time for me to live up to my nickname. With that said Wanda began undressing and placing her clothes on the big bed.

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Once she was naked she turned around slowly for me and then walked into the bathroom. She left the door open and drew a hot bath as I had suggested. She kept talking to me and getting my attention and finally she asked me to come into the bathroom so that she could talk to me easier. I put the seat down on the toilet and sat down. I looked at Wanda lying back in the bathtub with her breasts floating on the surface of the water. I had seen my wife do that a hundred times before, but this was not my wife.

This was almost a perfect stranger and she was nude in my bathtub. She had even promised me sex in exchange for that bath. I sat there looking at her and she smiled back at me. I watched her soap up her breasts and then Wanda asked me if I wanted to do it. When I hesitated she said that it was okay because we were going to have sex afterwards anyway.

So I got off the toilet and knelt on the floor next to her. Wanda handed me the small bar of soap and I took it from her. When I reached out to touch her breasts my hand was shaking. She smiled at me, giggled a little, and then she pressed my hand against her bare breast.

It was warm, it was wet, and it was very nice to hold and squeeze. She cooed for my benefit. Soon I was soaping up her breasts and rinsing them off again and again. Finally she pushed my hand lower, under the water, and onto her pussy. My shirt sleeve got wet but I didn't care. I had seen her pussy a short time ago but holding it in my hand, fingering her clit, and knowing that I would soon be fucking it had me very excited. I almost lost the small bar of soap in her pussy as I tried to shove it into her.


She just smiled at my clumsiness. I liked her short pubic hairs because my wife shaves hers bald. As I finger fucked her pussy I let my fingers slid down further. When I touched her asshole she cooed again letting me know that she enjoyed it. That caused me to proceed further until I had my middle finger up her to the second knuckle. Wanda said, "My husband never does that for me. It feels so good that if you keep it up I might just have an orgasm. Hey, have you ever tried anal sex?" I replied, "Once but my wife didn't like it." She said, "Yeah, we tried it once too but my husband didn't like it.

How about you and I have anal sex after I get out?" I asked, "Won't it hurt you?" Wanda smiled and said, "Maybe but I still want to try it. My husband owns my pussy so why don't I give you my ass?" I smiled and stuck my finger back in her asshole. After a while I added a second finger. The hot soapy water was stretching her out nicely. When I had stimulated her enough she pulled the plug and told me to get ready.

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I pulled the covers on the bed back, started undressing, and watched her sit down on the toilet. Wanda smiled at me and said, "I though that I had better try to clean it out for you. Unless you're a fudge-packer and want it full. I don't mind." I finished undressing and showed her my hard cock.


It was the hardest that I had been in a few years. I replied, "Clean is okay. Should we get you an enema?" Wanda smiled and said, "Lets do this first. I like to pay my debts. Then we can discuss me spending two nights in your bed and buying some stuff like douches, enemas, and lubricants.

I have some sexy nighties in my suitcase in the trunk of my car but I don't know if I'll get to wear them very long." Stupidly I asked, "Why?" She just smiled and pointed at my erection. She wiped, flushed, and then walked toward me. She pushed me onto the bed and placed a nipple in my mouth. While I was busy she asked me how I wanted to do it. Then she gave me three suggestions. We could do it with her on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed, her on her back with her knees up to her chest, or with her in her high heels bent over holding onto the window sill with the curtains open so that everyone below could see her.

Wanda had been holding my throbbing cock during the questioning and she obviously felt my cock jump at the suggestion of doing it up against the window.

She got up, put on her high heels, and opened up the curtains. As she bent over she told me that she called her shoes her 'fuck me' shoes. It seemed appropriate. I could not remember being that hard as I pushed the head of my cock just inside her tight puckered asshole.

She squealed but told me to keep going. Instead I pulled out, went into the bathroom, and returned with the tiny bottle of shampoo.

I then put some on my cock and pushed some into her rectum with my fingers. Then I poked the read of my cock back into her rectum. She liked that a lot better but she would have let me dry fuck her asshole if I had persisted.

I knew she would, but I wanted her to enjoy it as much as I did. That way she might let me do it some more before we had to part company. Wanda did enjoy it. It was everything that she had been missing in sex over the years. It was everything that I had been missing in sex over the years too. As I got closer to my climax I grabbed onto her tits harder and rammed my cock into her ass for all I was worth.

Wanda grabbed tightly onto the window sill and started shouting to the people walking on the street below us that I was butt-fucking her and that she was loving it. I was happy that the window was closed and that it had a storm window on it too. Even though, I suspected that someone might have heard her shout.

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I pumped a lot of nice hot cum into her ass before I pulled it out. I watched as her stretched asshole slowly closed up trapping my cum inside her. Wanda turned around and kissed me. I knew that it was a much better kiss than she gave her husband.

I was now her lover and I deserved better. Wanda washed her butt crack with a washcloth. She wanted to keep my cum in her for as long as she could. We dressed and went out to get her suitcase and buy some necessities. But first we bought some souvenirs for our friends and spouses. Then after a trip up to our room we enjoyed the buffet that the hotel put on.

It was part of the room price and it was actually pretty good. That evening Wanda put on a fashion show for me and we discussed getting up in the middle of the night to see Phil look at his shadow or the lack of a shadow.

We decided that we could just lie to our spouses, fuck all night, and sleep in the next day.

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Her pussy might have belonged to her husband but she didn't stop me from enjoying it too. I even got to cum in her mouth. The next morning I filled her rectum with cum and again she left it in there as we went down to try out the lunch buffet. We never did make it out of the room that morning but someone had captured Phil on film and was playing it back on a big screen television so that we felt that we had actually seen it.

Wanda said that she would tell everyone about how much she shivered as she remembered running into me on the street. We still had another twenty-four hours together so we went right back up to our room. We made love, we took a nap, and then we ate dinner. We returned to our room, we made love, and we took another nap. It was that way until check out the next afternoon at two o'clock.

Wanda had me rotate between fucking her pussy and fucking her ass. She absolutely loved anal sex but she wanted me to have access to her pussy too. Before we left we needed to take some pictures of the town.

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I had her stand in a small crowd so that I would have a memory of her. I then stood in a group of people and she took a picture of me. I wanted more and I wanted closer but I didn't want my wife to question me as to who she was. We exchanged email addresses and promised to stay in touch. The End Groundhog Day 333