Four hot singles play with each other in a sex toys workshop

Four hot singles play with each other in a sex toys workshop
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Fbailey story number 513 My Sister At Camp I was happy too see my little sister go off to camp for two weeks. It meant that I didn't have to baby sit her and she wasn't constantly under foot. At thirteen she could be a real pest especially since I'm fifteen.

Hell, next year I can get my learner's permit and start driving the car. I was almost a man. The third day that she was at camp I was online when I got a Yahoo Instant Message from her. It read, "Hi big brother what are you up to?" I replied, "Nothing much just surfing the Internet.

Then she asked, "Are you looking for pictures of naked girls? I might be able to help you out if you are." I replied, "How?" She then said, "The five girls that I share this cabin with all let their brothers fuck them.

Would you like to fuck me?" Half jokingly I replied, "Yeah, sure." Almost immediately I got a full frontal nude picture of my sister standing between two beds. Someone knew how to use photo shop because the bottom edge was black with white words on it.

It read: "Allison Ann Smith, July 2010, Camp Indian Lake." I smiled because Mom wanted her middle name to be Susan but Dad told her that Allison's initials would then be ASS so she decided on Ann. Apparently they hadn't had that problem when they named me. There was my four foot nine inch, eight-two pound sister standing up straight and proud. Her 30-A boobs looked pointed, her tummy looked flat, and her pussy had a hint of light brown hair on it.

She was smiling very nicely. It could easily be the best picture that I had seen of her and not just because she was naked either. The next message said, "Your turn. Send one of you like that. Remember that there are five girls looking over my shoulders so make sure that you are hard and standing at attention. If they like it I can send another picture with them in it. I typed, "Just a moment." Then I undressed while staring at my sister's pussy, I took three pictures, and then I transferred them to my computer.

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I picked out the best one and sent it. Moments later I got another picture of my naked sister. That time she was standing sideways with her hands at her sides.

Her small breasts were pointed, her tummy was not quite as flat as it had looked from the front, and her pussy mound was visible along with her nicely proportioned rear end. The next message said, "Your turn. Send one of you like that." In a few minutes I had sent off two, one full body shot like she had sent, plus a close-up of my hard-on. My message said, "Now I need a close-up of you." Instead I got a group shot of the six girls all facing forward and all nude.

As before the bottom edge was black with white words. Their names were on three lines at their feet. It read: "Jennifer Lee Brown, Tina Louise Jones, Allison Ann Smith, Judy Sue Lambert, Mary Anne Frost, and Tiffany Amber Greene." Below their names in bigger letters was: "July 2010, Camp Indian Lake." Then my computer said that she had gone offline. Damn! I waited for her to come back online. While I waited I looked at the three pictures that Allison had sent me. I had never thought that my sister was worth jerking off too but I found myself doing just that very thing.

That Tiffany was sure a looker. She appeared to be the oldest of the six girls, she had the biggest tits, and she had the hairiest pussy too. I didn't know her age but I was hoping that she was fourteen or fifteen. Then I realized that Allison had said that they all let their brothers fuck them. Wow! I was pretty sure that Allison was a virgin. I was too but only because I hadn't had a chance to loose it yet.

It was after dinner when Allison signed back on. Their counselor had walked in on them and they had closed the computer. They had to participate in the afternoon activities, which included swimming. Allison then sent me several pictures of girls in bikinis. One was labeled: "Betty Jo McAllister, Counselor 13-15 year olds, July 2010, Camp Indian Lake, 18 years old 34C-24-34." Betty Jo was wearing a tiny bright green bikini that just barely covered her areolas and her pussy mound.

She was beautiful with a full head of wavy blonde hair. She was in another picture with other girls. That was a picture of her back.

She was wearing a thong bikini and she had a tramp stamp just above her waistline. It was a very colorful tattoo of a blue butterfly in the center with smaller yellow, red, and green butterflies stretching out to the sides. Oh my God, her ass was absolutely perfect. There were about sixty to seventy-five girls in those pictures.

I didn't see a single fat girl or a one-piece bathing suite. I did not see any other thong bikinis either. One picture was quite interesting. Two girls were kissing, two were holding hands, and two others were holding each other's butts.

When I commented on that picture, Allison replied that they were from the lesbian hut. The girls wanted more pictures of my cock and sent some of them first. I got a group shot of them naked and facing right, left, and a rear view. Yeah Tiffany was the best built one there. So I asked, "Tell me more about Tiffany." The reply read, "Hi this is Tiffany. What would you like to know about me?" I replied, "Everything." She said, "Lots of luck on that one.

I'm fifteen and according to your sister we were born on the same day. I have an older brother that just turned seventeen. He took my virginity when I turned fourteen. My measurements are 32B-22-32. Oh yes and I like your cock. I can't wait until visiting day when you can stick it in me, after you deflower your sister that is." I asked, "Will you send some close-up pictures of you naked?" The reply was, "Tomorrow.

Good night." Then she went off line. I fell asleep jerking off to thoughts of fucking Tiffany. +++++ The next morning before lunch they signed on again. I received a picture of Tiffany that only included her tits and face, her fine ass, just her tits from several angles, and then her pussy in several stages of opening. I got pictures of her pussy lips closed, partially open, and then fully open. The last picture was the best.

The six girls had painted their fingernails different colors. That last picture had six right hands holding her pussy open, playing with her clit, and one finger was poked into her asshole. She was a light pink inside and quite wet too.

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I sent her one of me just as I had cum, with a thick white gob flying through the air. The girls were so pleased with that picture that I got five more pictures of open pussies, each labeled with the girl's name. Allison's picture also had "I want my brother to fuck me." +++++ The rest of the week was just more and more of the same. When Saturday arrived and we climbed into the car for visiting day it wouldn't start.

Damn it. However, Mom called another mother and got me a ride because it seemed so important to me. Even better without my parents around. The forty-five minute ride seemed to fly by. I sat in the backseat with Mrs. Turner driving and her five-year-old son in the passenger seat.

I sat behind the little monster so that he couldn't see me. That gave me a rather nice view of Mrs. Turner though. She was dressed for summer with a pink Camp T-shirt and tight pink shorts. She had a bra on but I could see her nipple get hard. She knew that I was watching and it excited her.


When we got to camp her daughter greeted the car. I smiled knowing that she was one of the girls in the lesbian hut. I looked around and saw Allison with three of her girlfriends. Tiffany was not with her. Allison said, "Tiff had to take her brother out into the woods. He really wanted to fuck her, but he also has to get back home, so he won't stay very long. I was introduced to the other four girls and to their counselor. Betty Jo was even more beautiful in person. Soon Tiffany came by with her brother on their way to his car so he could leave.

When she returned she said, "Okay girls, lets get these two in a cot and watch them fuck." Betty Jo asked, "Can I watch? I used to be in that hut and my brother used to fuck me. In fact he still does whenever his wife is out of town on business." I took her hand and then Allison's hand and let them guide me toward their cabin. The door got locked, the curtains were closed, and then everyone looked at Allison and I.

I handed my camera to Betty Jo and started to undress. My hard-on was fantastically hard and the head had a nice drop of per-cum on it. Allison undressed and got on the cot face up. I knew exactly what to do so I got between her legs and positioned the head of my cock at her entrance.

Then I pushed in and in until I was all the way inside my sister's pussy and we were pubic bone to pubic bone. Once we were comfortable with the fit I started pumping into her like a madman. Tiffany said, "Slow down brother, save some of that for me." Betty Jo said, "If you take your time your sister will enjoy it more and then you fuck her more often. Get the idea?" I slowed down and took my instructions from those two girls. They sure knew what they were taking about. Allison enjoyed it more and was soon thrusting back up at me.

When they had her get on top things changed for the better, I had less feeling and that prolonged my climax, and Allison got more feeling knowing what felt good to her.

In the end we blew our loads together with stars, fireworks, and everything. Honest to God, stars and fireworks, Allison saw them too.


Betty Jo said that we were made for each other. All of the girls kissed Allison, got some cum on their fingers and welcomed her as a full fledge member of the Brother Fuckers Hut. Tiffany got undressed and asked, "Do you want sloppy seconds. My brother fucked me and I haven't had time to clean it out yet, but I really want to feel you inside me." Betty Jo said, "I'll clean you out. I spent a summer in the Lesbian Hut too." I got my camera back and watched as Betty Jo licked Tiffany's brother's cum out of her pussy.

That made me hard. I got on my back right away and let Tiffany take control. I loved watching her breasts bounce, I got to play with her nipples, and then I got to suck them too. When she twirled around and grabbed my ankles, Betty Jo told me to suck my middle finger and slip it into Tiffany's asshole while we fucked.

That simple gesture drove Tiffany crazy. She had three powerful orgasms and I joined her for the last one. Betty Jo suggested that they all get naked and that I take a few pictures of them to celebrate Allison loosing her virginity. Betty Jo let me take a few close-ups of her nipples and pussy. After an afternoon pig roast I hated to go home with Mrs. Turner. Her son was exhausted so she put him in the backseat on a blanket and strapped him into two seatbelts for safety.

For whatever reason her air conditioning wasn't working and her heater was stuck on. We had all of the windows down, which helped her son more than it helped us. We were only down to the main road when she pulled over.

I watched as Mrs. Turner removed her T-shirt and her tight shorts. It was a different T-shirt, one from that season. She was in a thin white bra and a thin pair of panties. Her bra was half-wet from her sweat and quite transparent. As she drove in just her bra and panties, I just stared at her. She continued to sweat and her bra continued to get wet. Soon it was as if she wasn't wearing anything at all. Her panties were the same way and I could clearly see her pubic hair, her areolas, and her hard nipples.

We were only about a forth of the way home when Mrs. Turner asked, "Can you get some Kleenex and wipe off some of this sweat before I'm almost naked?" I smiled and got my camera.

I clicked off a couple of shots of her and then I started soaking up some on the moisture between her large breasts. When she lifted them and asked me to get the underside too, I did. Then I looked down and said, "Spread your legs so I can wipe down there too." Mrs. Turner spread her legs wide, I wiped up both sides of her pussy, and then I pulled her panties out until I could see her pubic hair.

I snapped off two more pictures and then I wiped the Kleenex right up the center of her slit. At that point she didn't care what I did to her so I took full advantage of the situation. I reach behind her, unhooked her bra, and removed it. I then pulled on her panties until she lifted her ass up to let me get them off. Mrs. Turner was driving naked and I was taking pictures of her.

I tried to get other cars coming up in the picture behind her. They couldn't tell if she was naked or not but it sure was exciting for both of us. A trucker passed us but he couldn't see down into the car from that side but I got the logo on his door. It was a picture of a donkey with the words: "We haul ass for the right price." There was a sign for a turn off to Brook Creek Road.

Mrs. Turner took it and said, "I hope to God that there is a real creek on the road." There was and a scenic pull over too that looked as if it was never used. We were under some shade and a cool breeze helped. Her kid never woke up. We were just off the road far enough to give Mrs.

Turner the courage to get out of the car naked. As she walked down into the creek I took pictures of her. She sat down in the shallow water and washed her face, her underarms, and under her breasts. She leaned back to get her hair wet and she washed her pussy and pelvic area. She climbed out of the water and said, "I've never been more horny in my life. You and that camera got me so hot that I can't stand it. Do you want to fuck me?" I smiled and said, "I'd love too." She got a blanket out of the trunk and spread it out on the ground.

I pulled off my pants and underwear and got down between her legs. She said, "Oh no you don't." I looked at her not knowing what to say or do. She said, "You have to get naked too. Can that thing take pictures by itself?" I smiled and finished undressing. I set the camera on the ground after setting it to take a picture every five seconds.

About sixty pictures later I was cumming inside her pussy. It was my third time that day and in my third girl. What a way to loose my virginity.

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After peeing and washing up Mrs. Turner just put on her T-shirt and her tight shorts. About halfway home the air condition started working and it got so cold that her nipples formed little tents in her T-shirt. When Mrs. Turner dropped me off she thanked me for everything and handed me her damp panties to keep. Mom asked me if I had a good time.

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I said "Yes" out loud but inside I was saying, "I had the best fucking time a fifteen-year-old boy could ever have." That evening I got more pictures from camp, Mrs. Turner asked me to mow her lawn the next day, and Mom looked even more sexy than usual.

I thought that it was my imagination. +++++ Mom woke me up early so that I could mow Mrs. Turner's lawn before it got too hot. I had a hard-on as usual and it was like a tent pole under the sheet. I had started sleeping naked some time ago and Mom knew it. She was just wearing one of Dad's old white undershirts. There was no sign of a bra or panties.

She told me if I got home in time for lunch that we could eat out in the shade by the swimming pool. As she started to leave my bedroom she spotted my dirty clothes on the floor and bent to pick them up. I saw Mom's bare pussy, it was red, and it was freshly shaved. I wondered if Mom had just masturbated. Then Mom started going through my pants pockets taking out money, keys, and Mrs.

Turner's used panties. Mom turned to smile at me and then she smelled of the panties in her hand. She examined the label and them Mom said, "She's a woman with very good taste. These panties are not cheap, neither is her perfume, and apparently she likes my son. She has very good taste indeed." Then Mom placed the panties on my desk and picked up my underwear. She examined them and said, "Well at least you have stopped jerking off.

Who is the luck girl?" She didn't expect an answer and took the dirty clothes out of my room chuckling to herself. I got dressed and went over to Mrs. Turner's house. Her lawn did need mowing but she wanted me to fuck her again too. I was able to do both. I fucked her before, during, and after I mowing her lawn.

She paid me and gave me extra for the 'special job' that I did on her. When I got home Mom was out in the backyard under the old shade tree. She had a small cooler next to her and offered me an egg salad sandwich and a Pepsi. When I got closer Mom said, "You smell like Karen.

Where those her panties?" I just looked at Mom. She said, "I don't care if they are, I was just interested. She's free to have sex with you as long as you're willing and I'm certain that you were willing. Was she any good? I here that her daughter is a lesbian." I wasn't sure what Mom was driving at but I replied, "Mrs. Turner is nice to fuck." Mom blushed and said, "You really should use other words like: make love, you had sex, or slept together." I laughed and said, "We sure didn't sleep together." Mom said, "Okay.

All I was getting at is that there is a time and a place for dirty words. I generally use them just before my orgasm. I might say fuck me, cum in my cunt, or stick that big cock of yours up my twat." I smiled. Mom said, "I can swear too, you know." I asked, "Can I have sex with Allison?" Mom said, "If she wants you too it's okay with me.

Just don't force her into doing anything that she will regret. Fucking your own brother is not something for everyone." I though a moment and asked, "Did you ever go to Camp Indian Lake?" Mom smiled and said, "Yes. I was in the Brother Fucker's Cabin too, just like your sister. I was also a Counselor there with Betty Jo's mother. Betty Jo called me and said that you had a great time with Allison and a little bombshell called Tiffany. I wasn't sure about Karen Turner until just now.

Your father will be happy to know that you are a man now." I asked, "Do you have to tell him?" She smiled and said, "I suppose not but if I don't you'll have to do something for me." I asked, "What?" Mom said, "Invite Karen Turner over for a threesome with me. I have always wanted to get in bed with her. Your father would be so jealous, he has always wanted to get her in bed with me too. He loves her tits." I went in the house and called Mrs. Turner.

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I told her that I wanted her to join Mom and me in a threesome. She told me that she would be over in about an hour when her husband came home. She needed him to baby sit their boy. Mom was ecstatic when I told her that Karen had said yes. We went right into the house and put clean sheets on her bed. She had a set that she had been saving for a special occasion. Then she called Dad and told him not to come home until she had called him.

He never questioned her. Mom put lit candles around the room, sprayed her favorite perfume on the bed and pillows, and put in a romantic CD to listen too. Shortly Karen was at our door. Mom kissed her right on the lips and it was not just a friendly kiss either.

The women shared a big glass of wine while they talked about me and how grown up I had become.

I watched them pass it back and forth and take a sip. When the glass was empty we headed up to the bedroom. Karen said, "I'm not clean down there." Mom smiled and said, "I know. My son made love to you when he mowed your lawn." Karen smiled and said, "Three times actually and once yesterday.

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It's all in there. I was saving it." Mom said, "I'm not clean down there either but it's left over from my husband from three days ago." Karen said, "My daughter would be so proud of me for trying sex with another woman." Mom said, "I only tried it for the first time last week with my daughter.

We both liked it a lot but we decided that we liked men better. It's funny that she prefers her brother's cock to her mother's cunt." Karen said, "I prefer your son's cock to my husband's cock. He has a distinct youthful urgency to it, a forcefulness that my husband has outgrown, and a need to please the woman that he is with. I wish that my daughter would let him fuck her. It might change her mind about being a lesbian." Once we were all naked and on Mom's bed Karen asked, "Where's your camera?" Mom looked at her.

Karen said, "He took pictures of me driving my car naked, in a creek, and as we made love. It was wonderful." Mom said, "You won't show them to your grubby little friends, will you?" I told them that no one would ever see them without their explicit knowledge. Mom and Karen got right down and dirty. It was better than a catfight or a mud-wrestling event. Those two women were determined to make the other have more orgasms. Mom was in the lead having given Karen four orgasms to the three that she had received.

They got on their backs, side by side, and let me stick my cock in one and then in the other.


I was fucking both women at the same time. Mom told me that I had to cum in her pussy since I had already cum in Karen four times. Karen agreed. When the time came, I told Mom, and she pulled me tight against her throbbing body. I could feel her orgasm through my hard cock. It was like a minor tremor left over from an Earthquake. My cum made her pussy wet and Karen was right there to taste the fresh load.

After I had cum in Mom two more times she let me cum in Karen. Then the two women let me watch as they gave each other a douche and they took a shower together. +++++ I was busy the rest of the week taking care of Mom and Karen but when Allison came home they both backed off.

Allison could not get enough of me. Mom let us sleep together and kept Dad from knowing or asking too many questions. Before school started up for the fall Karen's daughter joined Allison and I in a weekend threesome.

She wanted Allison but I came as part of the package. I fucked her real well that whole weekend and changed her mind about being a devote lesbian. She sill liked girls but she also liked boys too. Bisexual was better than lesbian for her parents.

When school did start Dad knew that I had four girlfriends and exactly who they were. Mom was right Dad was jealous of me. He really wanted to fuck Karen and he really wanted to fuck Allison too…but it never happened.

I had a lot of threesomes with the mothers and with the daughters. They were all afraid that one would get more of me than the others would. +++++ Then when I got my driver's license I spent a lot more time with Tiffany Amber Greene. At seventeen she was better built and better looking than Betty Jo McAllister.

When I took her to my Junior Prom her measurements were 34D-22-34. Every boy and man there was jealous of me.

Especially with that short yellow skintight dress that she wore, with nothing on underneath it. Tiffany made it perfectly clear to the girls in my school that I belonged to her, that she was in love with my cock, and that she wasn't afraid to kill them if she had too. Our couples dance was like something out of the movie Dirty Dancing. Tiffany rubbed her wet drooling pussy on my thigh and caused a wet stain to appear. I wore it as a badge of honor. After our dance Tiffany and I both noticed that most of the boys were sporting erections, including some of the male teachers.

Most of the girls had hard nipples and a few were rubbing their clits through their dresses. She told me to pick out a girl to join us in a threesome. I smiled and pointed out a teacher. Tiffany went over to my Science teacher and talked to her for a few minutes. She came back to me and said that it was all set. But that's another story. The End My Sister At Camp 513