Young hoe miky di amond gets humped and creampied

Young hoe miky di amond gets humped and creampied
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Sudden Urges-2 Yesterday I invited Dennis, my neighbor over in a moment of weakness. I was horny and tired of masturbating on my own. I had gotten into using a butt plug to increase the experience and imagining what women must feel like when they do anal or suck a cock. I had been looking at porn on the computer, riding my plug when a sudden urge came over me. I called him and offered to suck his cock.

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When I invited him over I hadn't thought it through. Now he's calling me his bitch and man-pussy. It feels so wrong but it felt so good. I awoke sore. When I yawned my jaw and throat let me know I was. Getting up it was my asses turn to weigh in.

What have I done? Yesterday rolled heavily through my mind and my body quivered. What's he planning to do to me today? How can I survive this error in judgment? My butt clinched and itched as I hit the bathroom.

I made my way to the kitchen for coffee. On my way past the front door I noticed a note taped to the window. I opened the door so see. In big letters it read, "Bitch! Be ready, same time." I knew what it meant. I was shaking and weak all over again.

I felt like crying. The phone rang, it was Dennis. "I have some work to do today. I'll be there by three.

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Then we'll pick up where we left off. You did a good job yesterday. You should be proud. I haven't cum like that in years." I sobbed into the phone. He laughed, "Pussy!" I cleared my throat, "Fine." Was all I could say. Then the line went dead.

It took me a little while to stop shaking. By two I was slowly getting myself ready and massaged my sore ass which help me relax a little. Inserting my butt plug I greased it up before hand to ease my poor ass from being sore. Fresh sweatpants and a tee shirt covered my slim build.

The more I move around with the plug in, the less my worries concerned me. Walking down the hall was a mix of pain and pleasure. By the time I got to the living room I was moaning every couple steps. I sat in my favorite chair which faces the big picture window Dennis forced me to look out as he fucked me.

My mind flashed back to his cock fucking my mouth and ass yesterday and my body was starting to looking forward to his return. I saw him coming up the walk but I just sat there in the living room grinding my ass in the chair.

He didn't knock but walked right in like he owned the place, "Are you ready for some fun?" I was lost in the mixed emotions and sensations of seeing him again knowing what is next.

The look of lust must have been obvious on my face because he stood there with the door open and again motioned for me to 'come here' and pointed to the bulge in his pants. My ass clinched the butt plug and I gasped, got up from my chair and went over to kneel at his command.

He smiled, "That's a good bitch. Get my dick out and suck it in front of everyone." I didn't dare look out the doorway but just stared at his bulge. Undoing his pants I let them drop to the floor and slid my hand into his boxers to find his meat, hard and hot. I exposed it over the waistband and rubbed it. He groaned and pushed his hips forward pressing the head of his cock closer to my partly open mouth, "I said suck it right now." Putting his hand on the top of my head he urged me on. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue as I closed my eyes.

His dick was hot and my head began to swim as soon as it touched my lips. My asshole squeezed the shaft of the plug. Oh god, I thought. How can this feel so exciting? My body went to work without effort; my hand started stroking his shaft as I sucked the head right in. It reached the back of my mouth on the first suck. Dennis held me there as I worked my tongue along the shaft and nodded my head making short strokes and wiggling the head against the back of my throat.

Laughing he said, "Yeah. That's good. You're my cock loving bitch aren't you?" Without thinking I nodded 'yes' frantically. He pulled out and pushed in a couple times before pushing hard into my throat. I gagged a little but wouldn't give up an inch. "That's it. Suck that dick bitch." He let me gag and wrestle with his meat for a minute before letting go and pulling out.

He just stared at me, "OK. let's start at the beginning. Do you like porn?" I nodded my head. "Show me something you like. What do you look at when you surf porn?" I got up and headed into the den where my laptop is. My ass clinching on the plug with every step. I turned the laptop on and pulled the chair out when he stopped me, "Before you sit down. do you have your butt plug in?" My head nodded. "Can I see it?" I took a deep breath and slid my sweatpants below my butt and turned around so he could see.

"Good. Good." He reached out and gently rubbed my ass then gave it a quick spank. My ass tightened on the plug and a small squeak escaped my lips. "So, show me that porn you like." I sat down and ground my ass into the chair. Clicking on my favorite link, I opened a website with many types of pictures and videos showing varied people in various genres performing all kinds of sexual acts. He pointed to a couple different pictures and pages asking if I liked this or that.

Dennis also pointed out ones he liked.

Most of which showed cock sucking and anal pounding. I was getting more aroused remembering yesterday and his cock being so close. Dennis watched me click through some pages as I continued to grind my ass on the chair. He could tell I was getting more aroused. Better to have a willing ass to fuck. My hand started to shake on the mouse as I was getting further aroused. My senses were fading and I was losing my inhibition. I opened my mouth and licked my lips taking a deep breath thinking about his cock that was just deep in my throat.

He pointed to a picture on the screen with a woman in an office scene sucking a man's penis, "That looks good.


Would you like to try that?" With that he laid his penis on my shoulder. "Here. Put it in your mouth." Turning my head automatically, I opened my mouth and kissed at the tip. He groaned and wiggled it, bouncing it against my cheek. My mouth followed it, looking to suck it into my mouth. Oh god, I thought. I'm getting crazy horny again. His hand found the back of my head as he helped turn me so I could reach.

I sighed and using my tongue lifted his thickening meat to my lips. Next he reached around and clicked on a video link where a woman we sucking a big cock down her throat, "Ooh.

Look at that! She likes to suck cock just like you." Dennis moved around for a better angle and pushed his cock into my mouth.

I kept watching the video and started to suck his head like a lollipop.


It didn't take long before I was resigned to close my eyes and enjoy his huge pacifier. "That's better. Grind your butt a little." I did as he instructed and wiggled my ass on the chair. My breath was choppy as my body followed his instructions.

The butt plug stimulating me and encouraging me to let go. I sighed and opened further to suck more of his meat into my mouth. He pulled on my head forcing me down on his cock. It reached the back of my throat and I held on to it with my sucking.

The sounds of sucking and grunting from the video filled the air. Dennis let me suck and stroke his meat until he said, "You like that big dick, don't you?" I was really horny and just nodded my head. He snickered, "I've got an idea.

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Crawl under the table and suck me while I watch the porn. I want to cum in your mouth." My body shook at the thought but I obeyed.

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Dennis took a seat while I slipped under the table and blindly followed orders. He left little room and I had to squeeze my way between his legs to reach his dick. He pushed it down to line it up with my mouth and let me slide it back into my mouth. Clicking through some web pages he settled on a noisy video with a lot of slurping and grunting sounds. He was rocking his hips in a slow methodical fashion as I worked his meat to the back of my mouth and returned to sucking.

He finally spread his legs and slid forward giving me clear access to his entire length. I could taste his salty pre-cum in my mouth. I pushed further down his shaft, the head nearly in my throat. "Yeah. You like that? You want to swallow my cum?" Oh my god! I'm going to swallow his cum! His hand found the back of my head again and he pushed the head of his dick into my throat. My body shook all over, I gagged a little and he pulled back.

Only to push in again stronger this time. The head and shaft grew thicker and harder as he humped my mouth. I could feel his heartbeat in my throat. There were sounds of grunting and screaming coming from the computer as Dennis pumped faster. "Here it comes, bitch! Swallow it all!" and with that he grunted and I could feel the shaft pulse, the salty taste filling my mouth as he pumped his load into my throat.

I swallowed the best I could, coughed a little but kept swallowing. Dennis kept a hold of my head as he jerked with every squirt of his jism. "Yeah! That's it. Take it all.

Suck me dry my little cocksucker." His meat pumping his juices into me over and over. The taste filled my mouth even tho most of it was headed down my throat and into my belly. It felt hot in my throat.

My mouth just kept sucking and swallowing until he finally pull himself out.

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He rested there for a moment as I swallowed trying to clear my throat and I sat back and wondered what was going to happen next. It seemed like a long time before Dennis said, "That was good.

Turn around so I can play with your ass." Again I obeyed and pushed my ass between his legs. He rubbed and spanked my ass as I groaned and twitched from his touch.

Leaning forward he rubbed my dick through my sweatpants as he pushed on the phallus wedged deep in my ass. Suddenly Dennis stopped and clicked on some other video, "Come with me bitch!" The sounds of sex echoes from the Den as he led me into the living room again. "Strip!" The blinds were wide open and I hesitated.

"Strip now! I want the world to see what I'm going to do to you." Finally I removed my clothes and stood there naked in front of the world. He turned me around so they could see my ass and butt plug. He grabbed my dick and squeezing, pushed on the plug between my cheeks.

Oh god! This was crazy. My body shook as my dick began to stiffen. Dennis began spanking my ass pushing my cock through his gripping hand. My ass tingled as the plug jerked with each spank. Also, my cock was rock hard and I was getting close to coming. He kept spanking as I got closer and closer to orgasm.

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"You're going to cum for me aren't you?" All I could say was, "Oh fuck!" Dennis laughed, "Oh, I will. But first, cum for me!" My head was pounding and I was not longer in control of my body as I shot my juices onto the hardwood floor. Dennis enjoyed watching me squirt all over the floor. Soon I slowed to a dripping, soft dick.

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I was weak and wobbling. He walked to the front door where he had left a small shopping bag I hadn't noticed before. He poured the contents out on the chair; candy marshmallows, honey, gum, a package of condoms, lubricant, and a small egg shaped vibrator with a cock ring. My eyes stuck on the vibrator. Dennis opened a pack of candy marshmallows and handed me one, "Eat this.

I don't want you passing out before we've had some real fun." I ate it and was amazed at how quickly it seemed to restore my strength. He opened the honey and spread some on his dick like a lubricant, "Now try some of this." He made me bend over leaving my ass exposed to the world as I put his cock back into my mouth.

The honey was a surprising change and I licked his shaft clean in no time. My senses were still foggy but my energy was better and I was fucking my face onto his cock and working it into my throat. He watched me with that evil grin as I obediently sucked his dick and played with my own ass.

As I got lost in sucking his hot meat in my mouth I didn't hear him open the packages. Dennis reached over me to pull the plug from my ass, "Good, but now I want to fuck that man-pussy of yours." My body was shaking as I watch him return to the couch, "Here, put this on me." Then he handed me a condom and started putting batteries in the vibrator.

With the rubber on he handed me the cock ring and the lube, "Now put the cock ring on me and lube me up." My hands were weak and still shaky but soon he was ready but was I? My ass was sensitive as I climbed on without being instructed. I slid his lubed shaft into my wanting hole. My eyes closed as I felt it rising up inside of me, "It's so deep!" Dennis wiggled his ass sending me through the roof.

I started fucking his cock as he lay there watching me, "That's it bitch. Fuck my big cock! Milk it!" It was crazy, I was so horny that I just started going crazy bouncing up and down clamping my ass around it. I no longer cared if someone saw me.

His cock was driving me mad. His cock seemed bigger now. The cock ring must be making him grow, "It's so big." Dennis laughed and started thrusting with me, "You like that? Take it all bitch!" I grabbed onto his waist and forced him as deep in as I could.

My hips rocking and bucking on his hot rod. Suddenly I felt a strong buzzing as Dennis turned on the vibrator. I held myself down as the vibrating made me lose control. My body began twitching and I saw stars. He kept fucking and I could feel the head more obviously stroking my ass channel. I was weak and the room seemed to fade away as I felt him start to cum. His voice seemed to be far away, "You like that cock don't you?

Squeeze that ass of yours!" My body was lite and floating, "YES!" His dick kept pounding through his orgasm and I must have passed out from the excitement.

I slipped into a dream, my body was tingling electric and I dreamed I was kissing and french kissing someone with a tongue that tickled my throat. Next I dreamed that I was stretching and bouncing my butt on the ground as I giggled like the bouncing tiger from my childhood stories. I woke up on the floor.

My jaw was sore as was my ass. My body was still tingling. There was cum on my face and two condoms full of his sperm laying next to me. I don't remember anything after riding his bucking body and vibrating cock to an incredible orgasm. Dennis was gone but there was a note with a candy marshmallow on it, "Check your computer." I stuffed the candy in my mouth but it was tough to chew with my jaw aching like it was.

My head started to clear with the sugar and I struggled to my feet. My body was weak and sore as I made my way to the computer as instructed. When I got there I collapsed into the chair. There was message, 'You've got new mail!' I opened the message. I read, 'You're a Good Fuck Bill!' and there were pictures. Humiliating pictures. My face went flush as I looked through all of them. One was me sucking his cock at the front door. Another was me in ecstasy riding his cock in the front window.

The next three I have no recollection of. Me laying on the floor in the living room with Dennis laying next to me, fucking my face. One of him jacking off on my face and another with him riding my ass sideways. Last was a video of me sucking his cock under the Den table. The sound of the sex video playing loud in the background.

Still, you could clearly hear his voice, "Yeah. You like that? You want to swallow my cum?" my head nodding 'yes!' as he pulled me on, deepthroating his meaty rod. His body jerked and I gagged on the video as it showed me swallowing and him cumming down my throat. Just before the video clip ended you could hear his voice, "Yeah!

That's it. Take it all. Suck me dry my little cocksucker."