Kali Roses In Banging Blonde Teen Without Sticking

Kali Roses In Banging Blonde Teen Without Sticking
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection.

--- Mouth Part 1 (mmF, F-solo, 1st, blackmail, inc, nc, oral, impreg?) by Krosis of the Collective --- Leslie's throat was getting raw.

"Pah.joe.ghee.fee." She had been dictating the syllables on her screen into her computer's microphone for over an hour now, and had been doing the same every day for almost a week. She was almost done, but. She clicked the Stop button on the recording program.

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She had to take a break! She coughed, and then winced. "Want me to fix you some tea, sis?" Leslie jumped at her little brother's voice at her bedroom door. She had forgotten to close it. She quickly recovered. "Um.actually, that would be nice, Jay." Turning back to the computer, she didn't think further about why her normally bratty 15-year-old brother was being nice to her.some tea would definitely help her throat.

By the time her brother returned with a warm cuppa she had saved her work and dropped to the desktop. Her wallpaper of Deadpool, lying on a bearskin rug in front of a fire, looked back at her.

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'Mm, Ryan Reynolds,' she thought, as she thankfully accepted the warm mug. Jay stayed in the doorway. "You almost done with the recordings?" "Almost," she replied and took a sip.

Too hot! She blew on the surface of the liquid and tried again. "I put extra honey in it," Jay said, and then headed down the hallway.

"Thanks," she croaked after him. Leslie was taking care of her brother while her Mom was off in Europe for the summer. Not that Jay needed taking care of, but she had always been a homebody, and had missed being at home during her first year at college, so she had said yes when her Mom asked.

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Unfortunately, a lot of her home time was taken up with the voice synthesis summer project she had volunteered for at college. She blew on the tea a few more times and then took a strong gulp. 'Wow, he did put a lot of honey in that,' she thought. It immediately made her throat feel better, though. Maybe Jay was finally growing into an adult. She heard the hushed voices of her brother and his buddy Cal, who was staying overnight, on the other side of the wall in Jay's room.

Jay must have said something funny because she heard Cal snicker loudly. 'Maybe not so adult yet,' she reconsidered. --- She woke up the next morning with a gross taste in her mouth. She had forgotten to brush before going to bed. She didn't even remember getting into bed, but she was under the covers, naked, with her sleep mask on, so she figured she must have.

Her head hurt a little. As she lay there she closed her eyes and took stock of her body. Headache, maybe a little dehydrated, and.her pussy lips were tingling. 'Must have had a sexy dream,' she thought, and reached down between her legs.

Sure enough, she was wet down there. 'Well, there's a nice natural cure for headaches,' she reminded herself as she easily slipped a finger between her vaginal lips. Soon enough she found her clit, and manipulated that with her other hand while adding a second finger to push inside herself.

Within minutes she angled her hips up off the bed and her whole body stiffened as she came on her wet fingers. "Uhh! Uohh!

Unh!" She relaxed back onto the mattress, her headache gone. "Mmm." she sighed. She wiped her fingers with a tissue, grabbed her robe and today's clothes, and then opened her door to head to the bathroom. As she crossed the hallway she heard a click from Jay's door and turned. The door was closed. Had they just closed it? Had they heard her masturbating? 'Well, what's done is done,' she thought, and headed into the bathroom.

She closed the door, dropped her robe to the floor, and then had a look at herself in the mirror. Brown-haired Leslie was relatively tall at 5'8", so she could see most of herself in the reflection.

Her breasts weren't huge but not small either, barely a C cup, and she had an hourglass figure with a little bit of a tummy from eating too many potato crisps, her one weakness. She supposed she couldn't blame those boys for trying to sneak a peek. During her shower the warm water slipping down her body reactivated her sex drive and she pleasured herself again.

Twice in the same morning? she mused as she continued to clean herself up. Then she counted days and figured out that she was approaching her fertile time of the month. She was always a horn dog around then. --- During breakfast both Jay and Cal were looking at her weirdly. She had worn a tank top and short shorts, but those were her usual summer clothes. "Problem?" she asked them. Both their eyes went wide as they realized they had been caught staring. As one they shook their heads.

Leslie shook her own head. "Clean this up," she said, referring to the breakfast dishes, and then went to finish her recordings. --- After Leslie went out to visit friends Jay and Cal went into her room.

She hadn't locked her computer so Jay was able to plug his USB drive in and get what they needed. What they planned would take hours, they knew, but it would be worth it. --- When Leslie got back from visiting her friend Anne she found the door to Jay's room closed.

She knocked. "Don't come in!" Jay yelled. "Wasn't gonna," she replied. "Want pizza?" "Yeah!" both Jay and Cal exclaimed. Boys, Leslie thought, shaking her head and pulling out her phone to order delivery. --- "We're done!" Jay proudly exclaimed, bursting into her room with Cal in tow.

"What the fuck!?" Leslie yelled. She quickly minimized her browser window. "Hey sis," Jay said with a shit-eating grin on his face. "Got a video for you to see." "Get out!" Both boys backed out of the room. "I emailed you a link. You should open it up right now.if you care about your future," Jay said mysteriously. Leslie was about to yell some more, but then stopped at the sound of that. "What do you mean?" "Open the link," Cal said, his eyes openly roaming Leslie's body.

'Why is he being so brazen?' she wondered. She opened her email. No subject line, but a link to.a porn site? She looked back at the boys, and Jay nodded. She clicked the link. --- The previous night: "Want me to fix you some tea, sis?" After she agreed, Jay grabbed the extra strength sleeping pills Cal had stolen from his mom and ground them up.

He mixed them into his sister's tea and spooned masses of honey over top to cover the taste. After he handed the drugged tea to his sister he hung around long enough to see her drink some, and then he absconded to his room to wait. He had waited this long, so what was another half hour or so? While they waited he and Cal browsed some of the "dark" porn videos that had given them the impetus to do something so crazy.

By the time they heard Leslie thump to the floor their cocks were rock hard. They opened her door and saw that she had slumped out of her computer chair. Jay gave her a shake. If she hadn't woken up from the fall then this was unlikely to do the trick, but they were going to do far more before the night was over.

"Sis?" he called loudly to her. Nothing; no response. He looked back at Cal who gave a fist pump of success and then moved forward to help Jay get the unconscious college girl onto her bed. Just to be sure, Jay flicked her on the nose, hard. Still nothing.

"Now the insurance," Jay said, pulling a digital video recorder out of his pocket. --- The video showed Leslie lying on her bed in the dark. The camera moved closer. She heard her brother's voice off screen: "But sis, I don't wanna do that. It's wrong!" She then heard her own voice in response: "I'm your big sister so you do what I say, Jay. I want to suck your cock.pull it out." Leslie gasped.

She hadn't said that! In the dark video you couldn't tell that her mouth hadn't moved but it sounded like she had actually said it! Her head had even moved as if she had, but by that point the video had zoomed in enough that someone could have grabbed her head, unseen, and moved it like a puppeteer. Then she realized: "My voice samples! You used them to make it sound like I actually said that!" "Bingo!" Jay said, and then he gestured back to the video.


Leslie's stomach lurched as she saw Jay unzip his cargo shorts and pull his hard dick out. He then pushed it toward her lips. She slammed the Space bar, pausing the video. She felt like she was going to throw up. That taste in her mouth when she had woken up!

"I'm going to fuckin' kill you!" she shouted, getting up and heading toward the boys. Cal backed off but Jay stood his ground. "Video's automatically scheduled to go public tomorrow," he said calmly as she grabbed him. "Good luck staying in college, let alone getting a good job, ever, once it goes out." She stopped, her hands full of his shirt. The voice synthesis, while a little flat, was believable.

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She had to do something! Jay continued, "It'll go public even if you 'kill me,' sis. All I have to do is.nothing." He waited. She backed off and collapsed back into her chair. "Keep watching," Jay said smugly. She smacked the Space bar again. On the video Jay's cock head passed between her past self's lips and her current self groaned in defeat. She heard past Jay say, "Hey sis, can we blindfold you?" He pulled his dick out of her mouth so "she" could answer.

"Yeah, and undress me too." As she watched, Jay and Cal pulled off her shirt, bra, and shorts, the latter of which took her panties with them.

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She was naked and completely vulnerable! Then they put her sleep mask on. The video lurched closer to her door and then everything became bright as her room light came on. She heard Cal's voice on the video: "Whoa! Your sister's fucking hot, man!" "Yeah.zoom in on this, okay?" Cal did so as Jay once again pushed his dick, which Leslie noticed was a respectable six inches in size, into her mouth. He pulled back and then pushed in again. Leslie could see that her past self was unconsciously sucking on it a little.

The camera view dipped to her breasts. Cal reached forward and grabbed one, kneading it like only a virgin would. "Dude!" Jay hissed. The view swung back up to the somnambulistic blowjob. Her brother continued to push in and out. He closed his eyes in ecstasy.

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Cal took advantage of Jay's momentary loss of attention and moved down Leslie's body, positioning himself between her legs. The view slipped downwards and showed that his hard cock was out. It moved forward, toward Leslie's most vulnerable area.

'No, oh no,' Leslie screamed in her head.


She couldn't look away. Cal nosed his cock, which was maybe about 5 inches in length, into the cleft of Leslie's vagina. It didn't go in, of course, because she was dry and he was doing everything one handed.

He pulled back, reached down, and started to fumble around with her pussy lips, easily seen because she kept that area closely trimmed. Despite his inexperience he managed to open her flower and he tried again. This time he got lucky and the head of his cock slipped between her vaginal lips. "Oh God." Leslie realized that Cal wasn't wearing a condom and she was rapidly approaching her fertile time of the month.

This couldn't be happening! Cal pushed and got another inch inside her, then seemed to have problems going any further. He pulled back a bit and then pushed in again. This time he got maybe half of his cock inside.

He kept repeating the motion, going further each time. Soon he was all the way in. "DUDE!" The camera snapped back up to Jay's angry face. "Sorry man," Cal said. "Your sister's just too fucking hot." Leslie had hope for a moment that Jay would make Cal pull out, that all that would happen was the sleeping blowjob. What a thing to wish for, she thought. Her hope was dashed with a single word: "Fine." Jay reached forward to grab his sister's face in order to get a better angle for his thrusts.

The video panned back down to show Cal now thrusting into Leslie's unprotected and possibly fertile pussy. The current Leslie moaned in horror. Virgins just don't last during their first time, though. Within a minute Cal started thrusting hard and said, "Uhh.I'm gonna." "Pull out!" Jay shouted.

"You don't cum in my sister!" Relief washed over Leslie as the video showed Cal quickly extract his dick from her pussy. That relief was short-lived, though, as he then blew his first non-virgin load all over her open pussy lips.

Her blood went cold. She recalled waking up in the morning, wet down there, her pussy lips tingling, and then she had. She remembered pushing two fingers inside herself while frigging her clit. She imagined those fingers, glistening with the remnants of Cal's sperm, delving deep inside her as she orgasmed. Oh God! "Ah yeah!" Past Jay called out as the video jumped back up to show him arching his back, making it obvious that he was blasting his sperm into his sister's mouth. Some escaped her lips as he finished.

Jay pulled out and then turned her face upward, blocking her nose so that she had to use her mouth to breathe. Naturally her body swallowed what was in her mouth so that she could do just that. "Clean that up," Jay said to Cal, pointing to Leslie's spermy pussy. The video ended as Cal's hand reached for the tissue box.

Leslie sat there for a moment. She then pushed herself out of her chair and rushed toward the door. Jay thought she was going to kill him despite the consequences, but she shoved past him and ran into the bathroom. Retching sounds soon followed. After a few minutes she came back out. "What do you want me to do?" she asked, totally defeated.

To be continued.