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Eva Angelina the wild secretary
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It had been years since I was roused from a sound sleep by the feel of a hard cock pressing into my pussy. My eyes didn't want to open but my pussy didn't have a problem allowing the invading dick to slide deep inside my cum filled pussy.

When the deep thrusts jarring my entire body finally roused me my breathing was Lamaze like. Each deep stroke of the cock filling me caused my entire body to respond to the forceful stretching my pussy was enduring.

I loved it! My first words of the day were, "That's it, fuck me, oh god yes, yes…hard.god your dick is so hard!" I had been lying on my left side with my right leg pulled up with my knee bent but I rolled onto my stomach so that I could ram my pussy up into the long hard cock punishing me so wonderfully deep. At first I had assumed it was my son Rick but this cock was nowhere as thick as Rick's and it surely couldn't be my husband Joel's.

By then though I didn't care who it was because it felt so wonderful. I wanted to care but just couldn't as its owner fucked me fast and hard and more importantly deep, god he hurt me he was stretching me so deeply. My hands gripped the edge of the mattress tightly as my back arched, hips pressing my pussy back into the rapidly pistoning dick as I cum intensely.

"Yeah, that's it baby, give it up, cum on this black dick", I heard said to me. I couldn't prevent the loud moan that escaped me as I recognized Tim's voice and realized that he was fucking me, pounding his black cock deep in my white milf pussy while I cum repeatedly. I lost it, I mean completely came undone and began ramming my pussy back into his long cock as a myriad of emotionally induced waves of passion permeated every cell of my being.

He fucked me hard, hurt me with his big dick and I loved it like I had known I would. My pussy felt ripping with a pain so exquisite it only enhanced the voltage like spasms roiling my body and subjugating my mind.

His assault upon my deepest internal folds was incessant and a testament to his youthful virility. He was fucking me into submission just as I knew he would, making me love his sexing me.

He was so opposite what my son was. Rick cared and showed it as he fucked me lovingly, that is until he couldn't control his urges to cum, then he gave me his didck like I needed it as he filled me. But Tim, he fucked me like he owned my pussy, he threw me around like a rag doll, fucking me in whatever position appealed at that particular moment. God I loved it, loved the feel of his stiff dick jerking inside me, distending my wet folds as his hips gyrated.

He used his dick like a ramrod with no concern for my well being. It was obvious he was proving a point to me, namely that he could subjugate me to his sexual will and I would submit like the slave I was to his black cock. Seeing his blackness, knowing I was being violated so wonderfully by a black man's cock had my mind delirious with the fact that again he had just taken what he wanted from me, a married white woman.

He didn't care that I had a husband whose wife he was violating, he even teased me about my needing more than Joel could give me. I couldn't even think to wonder how he was fucking me and where did my son go? His hard black dick was my world as I begged him for it, pleaded for him to give it to me harder, deeper, even as I felt ripping already.

His words taunted me, humiliated me as he laughed at the intensity of the need his black skin induced in my mind and the furor his black dick introduced to my pussy as he terrorized it with hard, deep, jolting thrusts that made me love the infidelity of his fucking me.

I thought of Joel watching us, seeing me unable to cope with the emotional overload of him seeing my passionate plight. I knew that same overwhelming insanity as I looked up and saw Rick standing there stroking his huge cock as he watched me hunching frantically up into his black friend's dick as Tim chanted, "Get that cum baby, work that pussy slut, show your boy there what a slut you are for this black cock!" Too many emotions and too much black dick took their toll on my sensibilities as I groaned deeply and my heels dug into Tim's ass as my hips lifted and held my pussy to his forceful thrusts as I cum, and cum while relying on my gaze to plead for Rick to understand my need, not to hate me.

I was cumming intensely knowing my son was seeing my inability to cope with the feelings Tim's cock was presenting me. The insanity I felt in my mind had my back arching, my head flailing wildly from side to side and between each voltage like gripping of my body I screamed insanely until his next forceful thrust had me squeezing his dick in a vise like clamping within my flooding pussy.

I felt helpless, like I was no longer in control of my life. Hell, I couldn't even stop cumming on this black boys dick. I knew Rick was hurt by the fact of my cumming so vehemently with Tim inside me just as I had when he fucked me. I was as excited by Tim's blackness and domination of me as I was of my son's tremendous size and expression of love for me.

They were at the opposite ends of sexual expression and I am seduced by both cases, need both of them equally to know satisfaction. Even when Tim removed his cock from my pussy and forced it hurtfully up my tight asshole I couldn't try to prevent it happening, I wanted it, needed him to fill my slut ass with his hot ball juices. I loved the way he used me like a slut and sensed exactly what I needed from him and gave it to me with an air of authority as I convulsed around his dick.

I knew I had reached the bottom of a depraved abyss of lust when Tim rolled to his back with me atop him and spread my thighs and said, "Come fuck your mom with that big white dick fella while I stretch her tight white asshole with this nigger dick". I could see the hurt in my son's eyes and I wanted to hold him and assure him of my eternal love of him and try to make him understand the forces that drove me, forces I could no longer control.

Instead my gaze focused upon the precum oozing from his cock to stream down his thick glans and I felt an inner excitement at having him press his fat dick deep in my pussy while being assfucked by a black boy. A shudder ran through my body as I realized that my son had become an instrument of pleasure in my mind, an instrument that I craved not as a person but as the bearer of the intense orgasms that I now craved daily. I watched Rick approach me and my breathing was becoming deeper, more rapid.

His eyes gleamed almost demonically and I realized he no longer saw his mother but a woman that craved dick, his dick. "I thought you loved me but this is all you really wanted isn't it mom", my son said as he roughly speared my pussy eliciting a pained scream from my lips.

He began fucking me roughly, ramming his huge dick into my sloppy pussy forcibly while holding my thighs spread widely. His cock is so thick it makes loud squishing sounds as it forces it way into my cum filled pussy with each rapid, forceful thrust of his hips.

"Oh my god baby you're hurting me, aieeeee&hellip.Oh god you're too big baby…&hellip.hurts&hellip.oh shit its so deep", I cried, as tears formed in my eyes and then began streaming down my cheeks as he held me by my thighs and began literally raping my pussy. I felt their cocks grappling within my body for dominance of my mind. They both grunted like animals as their exertions within me had me screaming my pained pleasure.

This is exactly what I'd needed the last few years to sate the unrequited passion I had felt within my body. I felt full, pressured in so many different ways and directions as their hips swiveled and thrust their large cocks into my very essence.

I felt used, debased, slutty with the knowledge I loved having my son and his black friend relieving their pent up desires within my body. Their cocks were hot and they both throbbed against my sensitive nerve endings as they roughly traversed my moist flesh. I couldn't think as my body responded to each individual sharp spasm of pleasure their energetic fucking presented me. I was sweating profusely as I hunched wildly between their hard dicks, head flailing as I was wracked continuously by muscle tensing waves of orgasm.

Each punishing thrust of either of their large dicks sent voltage like streams of intense pleasure to build within me. My mind was on the precipice of an abyss of insanity that once felt would consume me for eternity if I couldn't escape their pistoning cocks. By now Rick had his entire cock buried in my birth canal and was persecuting my womb's deepest folds as his stiffly swollen dick mashed my uterine passage.

His thick cock had completely eliminated my cervix's already weak resistance to his passage as he fucked me incessantly. With each deep thrust I felt my cervix's tight grip diminishing as his thickness stretched and overwhelmed my cervical muscles. My uterus was now just an extension of my vaginal canal to be explored by his gargantuan length and girth as Tim held me down atop him with his arms folded over my breasts. Each of Tim's hands grasped a breast as he tormented my nipples between his thumbs and index fingers with painful squeezing and rolling.

My womb absorbed each brutal thrust of my son's hard massive cock as my hips followed the direction of the stiffness impaling me so deeply. My upper body was held immobile under him, unable to move with his jarring thrusts as Tim asked me.

"Is this what you need Kim or do you need more? I bet you'd love to have your son under you fucking that hot pussy while all his friends left a load of cum in your ass and throat." Tim knew I'd love that and he wanted Rick to know that about his mom also as he continued, saying, "Yeah Rick, we should get all the guys over here and you can lay down on that coffee table in the rec room and your mom can sit on your fat dick while the rest of us take turns porking her in the ass after she sucks us hard, whadda you think bro?" I felt my sons dick swell and jerk repeatedly while hearing Tim's suggestion and knew he was aroused by the idea Tim had presented him.

His hips began a slow rolling as he pressed his glans against my wombs deepest flesh. Knowing he may agree had me moaning, my hips undulating as I rubbed my clit against his body as he ground against me. "Would you like having all my friends fuck you mom, having all those young dicks cumming in all your holes over and over, be honest mom?", he asked as he slowly fucked me. I was already panting from the physical exertion of cumming so much with them and the thoughts and images they were instilling in my mind had me becoming extremely aroused and my chest began rising and falling heavily as I moaned, "My god Rick don't ask me that kind of question baby, I am your mother you know.

How would you feel afterwards knowing every one of your friends had used me as their cum dump. Now just fuck me baby, I need you to fuck me, I just want you two to use me honey&hellip.please!" My hips were hunching and I couldn't restrain the moans escaping me as I craved for them both to begin fucking me hard again as my mind kept visualizing all my son's friends using me until they were all limp dicked and sated by my slut body.

"You're getting hot thinking about all the guys fucking you aren't you mom, you really do want it don't you? Admit it mom you want all their cocks cumming in you don't you. I bet you'd love for Tim to bring his black friends over and for all of them to fuck you all night wouldn't you. What do you think Kenzie would think of her slut mother if she knew you wanted to fuck every cock in town mom?" By then my arousement was giving me courage as I asked, "Well just what do you two think of me liking to fuck so much.

I feel your dicks jerking inside me every time you think of me fucking all those guys. I bet you've both jerked off thinking of that happening before haven't you? You want me to fuck your friends don't you Rick, you like me being a slut and letting you wreck your dad's wife's pussy with your big cock and having a black guy fuck me with you.

Tell me you want me, your mom, to slut my pussy to every guy you bring over to fuck me. Go on say it, admit that it makes you hot thinking of watching me fuck them all. Maybe the next time they're all here for a game I'll just lay naked on my bed and you can have them come up one at a time and fuck me whenever they want. Then after they all leave you can fuck my sloppy pussy all night, would you like that son?" I knew he did because his dick had been excitedly jerking in my uterus the whole time I was speaking.

Then Tim spoke up saying, "Hell yeah baby, I'll bring a bunch of my black friends over here. Hell I bet I could sell your ass to my friends because they're all dying to fuck your white ass anyway. That's some hot shit Kim." Then to Rick he said, "Hell yeah man, tell your slut mom you want her to fuck everybody, you know you do.

Hell we all been bustin nuts thinkin of gang banging her beautiful ass for years, I'll admit it, I think that's some real hot shit. I'll even stay after the rest of the guys are gone and help you double team her like we are now.

This is some damn good fuckin right here, nice tight white asshole too" Ricks dick was literally throbbing inside me as he blushed a bright crimson before saying, "God mom, I feel like such a pervert knowing how much it turns me on thinking of you doing everything we just talked about. Yeah I gotta admit like Tim did, I've thought about us all fucking you a thousand times, but, I always figured we'd have to rape you. I never would have thought you liked dick so much mom. I really get hot thinking of watching you fuck a bunch of guys, especially black guys like Tim, you know with big dicks.

Could you really do that mom, I.I.mean, would you enjoy doing it, you know letting a bunch of young guys use you for sex, cumming in you and everything? God mom, that makes me so hot thinking of you moaning every time one of them cums in you or seeing them making you cum.

I almost got a nut watching you cum like you did when Tim was deep fucking your pussy. I feel really weird telling my mom this, but yeah mom I'd love for you to do anything you enjoy sexually with the guys or anyone else as long as I'm there to protect you if you need it" "Hmmmm I'll think about it. I mean, I do want them to fuck me and to be honest I've probably been in my bed rubbing my pussy thinking about it many nights while you guys were beating off thinking of it.

I have a plan in my mind right now but I want to think about it a while. Don't say anything about any of this to anyone else, ok? Can we trust you Tim, I feel like I know we can but I have to be sure? Now lets quit talking about fucking and you two young studs get back to giving me what I need, namely those big young hard cocks filling me with your hot cum&hellip.yeah like that&hellip.oh fuck I love your dicks so much.yes yes, hard like that…make me cry Rick…hurt me…god I love it when you hurt my pussy real deep……ungh…&hellip.ungh&hellip.ohhhhhgod&hellip.fuck…fuck me Tim……oh shit yeah&hellip.long strokes&hellip.fast…aaaiiieee oh god!.oh my fuckin god…&hellip.c.c.cummin&hellip.aaiieeeEEEEEE………god Rick……don't…don't stop&hellip.cum…cumming so…&hellip.fuckin good&hellip.oh fuck ……dick is so huge……&hellip.aarrrgghhhHHHHHHH YES!

Doit baby……cum……oh god you're hurting me……dick is bigger…&hellip.fuck it in me……please don't hold it……oh god I need&hellip.cum&hellip.let it go……aaiiiiiieeeeeeeYESYES……cummin&hellip.so hot…ohgod I love you so much baby! OHFUCKYES………doit…doit Tim……oh my god he's cummin in my ass…&hellip.black balls creamin my asshole…&hellip.oh damn……arrghhhhHHHHH………aiiieeeeEEEEEEEEEYES!.

FUCKIT!.YES…YES… AARRGGHHHHH&hellip.UNGGGHHHHHH &hellip.HURT ME…FUCKME HARD…HARDER&hellip.oh my fucking god……&hellip.fuck my pussy…&hellip.shit Oh damn dick so big up my ass………don't stop…cum…cum…&hellip.aarrggghhhh…&hellip.oh god ohgod&hellip.feels…feels so fucking nasty…dick so slick…&hellip.please don't stop…&hellip.god I love it…&hellip.I'm such a fucking slut&hellip.son&hellip.black cock&hellip.aarrgghhhHHHH…&hellip.fuck…married pussy…cum&hellip.don't stop…cum!

My mind was lost, my emotions torn, I cried as I thought of Joel, I cried because I loved my sons huge dick pounding me so deeply, I cried because I didn't want the dicks filling me with cum to ever stop pumping their viscous fluids into my deepest most intimate places, I cried because my son's dick jerked and rammed so deeply into my womb he distended it painfully, and I sobbed at the knowledge of how knowing a black boy was cumming in my white asshole was addicting me to big black cocks.

I cried because I knew my life as a soccer mom was over and now a new chapter was beginning in my family, a chapter that had my pussy wrapping my son's huge dick as it pumped my womb full of his love for his mother's pussy.

Yesterday my son, today my son and his black friend. I felt myself descending into a place of depravity. A place so fraught with taboo desires and unnatural pleasures that a person could become addicted to the erotic intensity of succumbing to them as I and my son had been doing.

I knew I should feel an enormous guilt at enjoying my sons cock but as it stiffens and jerks in my womb as he spews so hotly with the volume of a fire hose it is difficult to feel anything but the exquisite pain of our combined orgasm.

I should also harbor guilt for allowing a black man to seduce me with his blackness and domineering attitude, but because of the phone conversation with Joel I find it hard to feel anything but an excitement at the knowledge that my husband wants to watch and be a part of that same interracial sin.

My asshole is sore and slick and oozes his ball juice as Tim slowly extracts his defeated black cock but my pussy leaks only my own slick juices as my sons huge load of cock cum puddles in my womb, permeating my body with its seething warmth as my uterine folds cause its retention.

I have to think of how delicious it will be to have my womb full of my sons cum as my husband empties his older balls into my vagina. I know I will feel an unbridled excitement at his expulsion of semen as I feel the seething heat of his son's Alpha male seed scalding my womb at a depth he will never be man enough to achieve. I lay there feeling gaped and used as the two of them discussed a class they had to attend in an hour or so. I watched their cocks as they jerked their dying ardor.

My sons cock was hugely thick and draped almost to his knees with a large nut on either side while Tim's dick was thick but not in a massive way as my son was. His dick was the same girth from balls to glans with a bulbous helmet that was still swollen and his long dick curved out and down over his swollen full set of balls. Seeing Rick made me want to fuck him again while Tim's dick had my mouth watering to suck his cum from those swollen balls. I got up and walked to them and grasped their cocks and said, "Why don't we go get in the shower and I'll soap you both down and wash these wonderful cocks off so you'll be nice and clean when you get back." In reality I planned on a lot more than that.

After feeling starved for sex the last few years I couldn't get enough of the biggest cocks I'd ever fucked in my life. I did manage to wash them before I sucked Tim's cock down my throat as Rick watched. Shortly he was spewing deep in my womb as Tim drowned my tongue and throat with his own voluminous discharge.

I almost choked as he cum because my own orgasm was so intense I almost bit his cock as Rick thrust as deep as he had ever been, filling me with a pleasure that was exquisitely painful to endure. After they had dressed and left, I lay down on the sheets of my bed purposely avoiding the large puddle of wet fluids our fucking had produced, mostly my cum.

I lay there thinking of the things that I knew I would experience before we moved. I thought of each of Rick's friends and pictured their faces over me as they fucked me.

I imagined their excitement at fulfilling what I knew was surely their most exciting fantasy, fucking Rick's beautiful mom. I had a plan on having them over a few times a week and each time I would take one aside and take him to my bedroom and let him have his way with me doing anything he wanted as he filled his masturbation fantasies of me. I would tell them not to tell anyone else that I just had to fuck him specifically before we moved.

Then right before we moved I would have everyone, everyone that did not spill his guts about us, over and allow them all to use me for the whole night while fulfilling one of my most intense masturbatory fantasies myself.

I also planned on Tim and a bunch of his hung black friends ravaging me as Joel watched. That thought had me very excited. If only I could manage to have Rick there also I wished. My pussy felt gaped and oleaginous as my fingers pressed inside it while the heel of my hand caressed my swollen clit.

My mind lingered on Tim and his friends dominating me, humiliating me, fucking me roughly, uncaring that my husband was present and seeing their actions as they debased me as they saw fit. The viler I imagined their demands to be the more excited I got. I imagined me on my hands and knees as one huge cocked black guy fucked me doggy style and another nude black on his hands and knees with his ass pressing back into my face while the man in my pussy pushed my face between the man's ass cheeks demanding I lick his friends' asshole while he fucked me brutally.

I imagined me licking his puckered hole, tasting it as my pussy was brutalized by fat black cock and I pumped the dick of the guy whose ass I was eating out, I loved it. I lay there with my left hand under my ass fucking my smarmy pussy while my right hand's fingers made small circles upon my swollen, exposed clit.

My hips undulated, my eyes closed as I lived my fantasies. I would cum, flooding my pussy with my warm viscous fluids as my hand mashed my clit hard, rubbing briskly at each easing of the voltage like waves of pleasure I felt while groping as deeply as possible within my clenching cunt.

That is precisely how I was when Kenzie's friend Shellie walked in my open bedroom door and stood there watching me hunching maniacally as I cum and cum. Shellie was one of Kenzie's friends that always managed to touch me in a sensual way and always openly stared at my body as her tongue moved sensually over her lips. Kenzie had sent her up to see if I wanted her to fix dinner.

Unbeknownst to me she stood there watching me for a few minutes as her own arousement heightened. I felt the bed move and opened my eyes expecting Rick or Tim to be there. My breathing was already deep, hurried as I tensed to my visions of my debasement by a group of black men but when I saw Shellie crawling towards me between my opened thighs my heart began pounding and my arousement instantly became an inferno. Her eyes appeared smoky, lust filled and her demeanor was one of mesmerized determination.

I knew what she intended to do and when her arms circled my thighs and her face lowered to my pussy my mind seemed to melt into the inferno raging in my body. My mind seethed with the knowledge that she wanted my sex and when her lips closed round my clit and her tongue began licking flatly over my taut bud I was helpless to do anything but groan my pleasure and hold her head to my undulating pussy.

This was a culmination of years of curiosity and yearning and intense shudders wracked my body with each swipe of her tongue as our gazes were locked together in a silent acknowledgement of the hunger we both shared.

I was the student and she was the master as her mouth expertly manipulated my pussy. God the sensations she introduced in my body were so incredibly intense, I felt like her tongue was electrically charged as it circled within the wet folds of my pussy.

My head flailed wildly, shoulders lifting as her mouth sucked at my swollen clit. She told me how long she had craved my pussy, how delicious I tasted just like my daughter and my mind careened into a new level of passion with the knowledge this young girls tongue had also enjoyed Kenzie's young pussy. Her telling me how delicious Kenzie's cum tasted as her fingers terrorized me deeply was the impetuous that had my hands gripping her head, gathering her hair in my fists and holding her to my pussy as I completely lost it and began making guttural noises as I fucked my pussy into her tongue uncontrollably.

"Oh my god mom", Kenzie exclaimed as her gaze took in the scene before her. Her mother was nude pulling at Shellie's head as her hips hunched frantically into her friends face as she sought relief from the insatiable need to cum the young girl was instilling in her. Kenzie stood there admiring her mother's body and watching her face as it underwent many stages of lustful need and passion. How long had she desired to be with her mom as Shellie was now she wondered.

She stood there rubbing her clit gently as she tried to muster the courage to undress and join them. She remembered the feel of Shellie's mouth on her own pussy the night before. Seeing Rick and her mom had her in a constant state of arousal that Shellie had used for her own advantage in breaking down her resistance.

She had attempted often to talk her into her bed but Kenzie had always laughed it off. When Shellie had pinned her down the night before and kissed her she couldn't resist allowing her friend to ease the hunger she felt for her mom's pussy and Rick's big cock. She had been absorbed in her thoughts when her mom's voice snapped her from her memories.

I opened my eyes and was shocked to see my daughter watching us while playing with her pussy. She had never looked more beautiful than standing there in short shorts and halter top with her face etched in passionate need. It was obvious seeing us had aroused her and my thoughts turned to her body as Shellie's tongue wreaked havoc on my sensibilities. "Oh damn you're so beautiful baby girl, I'm so sorry sweetie, I'm such a slut anymore.

I don't deserve you as a daughter honey. I didn't mean for this to happen, she just……aarrgghhhh…oh god not again……aieeEEEE&hellip.suck it&hellip.don't look baby&hellip. oh god I can't stop&hellip.please don't hate me", I uttered as I began crying, tears flowing down my cheeks as I wallowed in self pity at the direction my family was headed because of my insatiable lust. My body jerked, shook, tensed as I watched Kenzie walking towards me as she stripped her clothes off until she was nude as she lay down beside me.

I was sure her eyes would hold me in contempt for what I was doing with her friend but instead I saw love and passion. Her gaze roamed my body approvingly before her hand timidly reached for my breast and I felt her light touch as she cupped it, squeezed slightly as a soft sigh escaped her lips. Her fingertips began learning me, lightly skimming over my stomach as she watched Shellie's tongue laving flatly over my entire mound.

I felt so much emotional love for Kenzie as her light touches told of her need to explore my body. Her breqathing was becoming rapid, deep as her squeezing thighs exhibited her own throbbing need to be touched. I needed to show her my love, to do everything I had ever dreamed of in my masturbatory fantasy's of us together. "I need to show you how much I love you baby, will you let me Kenz? I know its wrong but I've wanted to for so long honey." "Oh mom, I've dreamed of being with you like this forever.

You're so beautiful and sexy mom", she said as she raised her body and lowered her lips to mine. Her lips were soft, supple and transmitted the desire and love she was experiencing.

I became lost in our kiss, my mind swimming in love as our bodies were swept away in the taboo aspect of our embrace.

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My hand touched her young firm ass and the emotions that enveloped me seemed to magnify each internal swipe of Shellie's tongue along the wet folds of my pussy. The desire I felt overwhelmed me as my mind comprehended that it was my daughters ass my fingers were pressing between as my fingertip pressed lightly upon her puckered ring of nerves.

Her body undulated as she pressed back into my digit saying, "Oh mom I can't believe you're really touching me there, I've dreamed of you licking me…&hellip.have you ever done that mom…put your tongue on a girl's…a…as&hellip.ass&hellip.oh god I'm so ashamed I said that. You must think I'm such a slut mom but its been…I mean I've wanted to feel you…&hellip.I.I.I've dreamed of us doing……did you really mean it when you said y.y.you wanted to……you know…oh god I want it so bad mom…I know we aren't supposed to but I can't help it……last night when Shellie was……oh god&hellip.I thought of you mom!

"Damn Kenzie, quit whining and get up there and let your mom suck your pussy. Hell I can tell you both want it, just doit, don't think about it just let it go.I want to watch you two together…I mean that's hot.

I wish my mom would want to eat my pussy", Shellie said as she rolled my hips up and began tonguing my asshole causing me to moan and my ass to roll around the stiffness she pressed into me. "D.D.Do you really want to mom", Kenzie asked me, her voice full of the trepidation she felt that I would say no.

My emotions welled in my throat as the culmination of one of my most profound desires was about to be realized, "God girl, get up here where I can lick your young asshole and suck the cum out of your slut pussy before Shellie has me sucking her wet pussy. Kenzie don't hold back baby, I want you to drown me with your sweet cum", I told her as she straddled my chest. Her eyes were fogged with her internal heat. My words both excited and drove her as she positioned her wet vagina at my mouth and moaned loudly as my tongue slithered inside her and began licking wildly as she cried out and hunched into my frenzied show of love.

Shellie's mouth had me in a desperate frenzy as she sucked at my cummy hole and fingered my asshole deeply. My daughters shaved vulva was soft beneath my tongue and her scent was intoxicating. God I wanted her cum! Hearing her loud moans as her body hunched down onto my flailing tongue drove me. Feeling her soft skin beneath my fingers as I held her hips while pulling her pussy into my tonguing had me crazed with lustful energy. Damn her pussy was hot. The heat from her cunt radiated against my face and impressed upon me that this was real, I was really tasting and smelling my daughters steamy pussy as I pressed my tongue up inside her as deeply as possible Kenzie was coming unglued as her own fantasies were realized in a manner she couldn't have ever foretold would be so taboo and enjoyable.

She screamed, "Oh fuck Shellie my mom's tongue is inside me, oh god I love it, suck it mom, oh fuck I'm cumming…aaarrgghhhHHHHH Oh god mom I love you so much……yes…yes…oh fuck not again&hellip.aaaiiieeieeeeee&hellip.eat me mom!!.suck it hard…&hellip.shit…shit .aarrggghhhhHHHHHHHH&hellip.trade me places Shellie&hellip.I need to suck mom's pussy so damn badly!!

Oh god I can't believe I'm really fucking my mom. This is one time I'm really glad you're such a fucking slut Shellie! Shellie traded places with Kenzie and she immediately shoved her soaked pussy down on my face and began hunching wildly, screaming, "Eat it Kim, goddamn I need to cum. Her pussy was drenched and when I slid my tongue inside her it was floundering in a sea of need.

Her motions were unrestrained as she sought relief for the need that had been building since she saw me masturbating. I felt my face becoming coated with her slick emissions as it flooded from her down into my sucking and licking mouth, I loved it.

The nastier she was the more excitedly I licked and sucked at her, swallowing her cunt juice as quick as I could as she continued flooding my throat with her mounting arousement. I felt Kenzie's fingers begin pressing into me, opening me as she worked them inside me. She had three fingers inside me and slid a fourth inside me easily from Rick's stretching me earlier.

My hips couldn't be restrained as I felt her pressing her thumb into me and knew she was going to fist me as I screamed into Shellie's pussy with the feel of my vagina being filled as she began a slow pistoning within me as her mouth found my clit and my mind found oblivion. My feet were flat on the bed as my hips lifted as my daughter fist fucked me deeply, forcibly as Shellie reached down and pulled my face up against her cumming pussy as she undulated and hunched into my probing tongue while crying, "Suck me you cunt-eating slut, lick it like the cunt you are while your daughter fucks your incest ridden pussy.

You whore you like having your daughter in your pussy don't you, you like our young pussies on your face don't you bitch…aaarrgghhhHHHHHH…fuck…fuck…damn your mom's so fucking good Kenz&hellip.aaarrrghhHHHHYES!

Fuck…you beautiful bitch I love the way you eat me&hellip.aaiiieeeeeeecummin…&hellip.oh shit&hellip.oh fuck not again aarrgghhHHHHHHHHAAIIEEEEEEE" I was in heaven as they both used me as they wished. I'd never been this emotionally charged and excited as with my daughter fisting my pussy while sucking my clit. She knew what I needed, knew somehow how I liked my pussy ripping with hurtful deep thrusts. I couldn't stop showing my appreciation to Shellie for bringing me together with my daughters sweet pussy and loving lips.

I laved her asshole with pressured licks and tried to cram my stiffened tongue up into her writhing anus as she told me what a despicable mother I was for licking her asshole with my daughter watching but her writhing ass never wavered as she ground her puckered anus into my probing licks. It took hours of licking, sucking, fisting and fucking ourselves and each other with the largest cucumber Shellie could find in our refrigerator before my ardor stilled a little.

I felt sure that Kenzie could take Rick's huge dick if she ever desired to after our threesome. I finally admitted defeat and the two of them left me to go to Kenzie's room and continue fulfilling their lustful desires. I felt more sated than I had in years. There was an inner calmness that I hadn't known since my sexual needs had increased a few years back.

I would have never in my wildest dreams thought I would quiet the demons possessing me by having incestuous sex with my children, not one of them but both.

What kind of mother fucks her kids and also allows their friends to enjoy her simultaneously? I had unleashed my inner slut and I knew I would never be able to restrain it again.

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I felt free, alive again and I craved more of the intense pleasure I had found by freeing my mind and body of the morals and values I had been bound by for my entire life. I felt my stomach growl and realized I couldn't remember when I had eaten anything but cock and pussy. I walked down to the kitchen nude to make certain Kenzie hadn't left something on the stove heating.

As I walked my asshole told of its extreme stretching by the way it burned slightly. The two vixens double teamed me until I was so aroused I was begging them to fuck my asshole with the cucumber and they did. Of course I had loved it as my daughter pistoned it in my tight ass while her mouth tormented my clit.

I wanted to tell Kenzie about Rick and I but I still wasn't sure how she was going to react to my having had my son's dick and Tim's black cock cumming in the pussy and asshole her and Shellie had just tongued so deeply.

Somehow it just seemed so much more depraved than sex with her. Plus it wasn't something I wished for Shellie to know either. I got a beer from the frig and retrieved a clean towel and placed it on the barstool before sitting and reflecting on the past day or so's events. Yesterday morning I was a happily married flirtatious milf soccer mom. Today I am an incestuous mother, an unfaithful wife that has had two threesomes with her children and their friends and I hoped soon to be a "Hotwife" cuckolding Joel with a bunch of black men as he watched.

I also was planning on how to be gang-banged by a large group of my sons school buddies after fucking each one of them separately. And mysteriously I didn't regret any of it and didn't feel an ounce of guilt over anything I had did or planned to do.

What had been my values and morals were now relegated to being outdated rules of behavior that I could never adhere to anymore. How could anything we had participated in be wrong when everyone of us had found such extreme enjoyment in it?

The sexual appetite that inhabited me constantly now would never permit me to abide by such archaic rules of behavior. Even in the bible in antediluvian times men had more than one wife. And it was the sign of a good host to have their wives share the beds of house guests. Isn't that what Joel will be doing as he shares and watches me with men that join me in sexual copulation. The cravings I now possessed controlled my thought processes as I tried to justify the last few days actions.

I decided to go check on the two sexpots and see if they wanted to hop in the shower with me. Then I planned on changing my sheets, yes that's what I planned, BUT, when I turned to walk from the kitchen I found my son standing there wearing nothing but a smile and a huge erection that was bobbing and stiffly jerking its need to be in me. At least I liked thinking that's what it wanted.

God, I thought, how can I possibly be filling with a craving wetness from just seeing his massive cock. I smiled and sat back down on the toweled bar stool and spread my thighs widely and held out my arms to him saying, "You know you are not allowed to have such a obvious erection.

Now come here and let me see if we can't deflate that thing before someone sees it". He walked to me and lay his hot cock on my groin and my fingers circled it as I began stroking it gently, squeezing it as I watched a drop of his precum appearing and then disappearing as I stroked him. I saw it a few times and was drawn to lift his long cock and lowered my face and licked it from his hole as I pressed it out with an upstroke of my hands.

My pussy gaped and clenched as my mouth opened as widely as possible and my lips descended over his glans. "Damn mom, I just love you so much when you do things like that, fuck it feels so good I just want to ram my dick down your throat and cum. You're so hot and sexy mom I can't help wanting to cum every time I see you especially when you're naked." His words instilled a hot yearning in my pussy knowing he wanted me, wanted me to make him cum.

My breathing was deep, rapid as I craved his cum. His words inflamed me while I felt his fat dick throbbing in my hands as he jerked in my mouthmaking it impossible for me to wait. Lifting my head my voice quavered with need as I pleaded, "God Rick I need you in me so bad, fuck me baby, put it in me, ohhhhhhhgod Rick, give me your cock, fuck momma's pussy baby"as I pressed his glans down and pressed his chest to make him back up enough to lower his fat tip to my soaked inner labia.


I held him, pulling at his cock as I felt his raw hot flesh pressing against my vaginal entrance while my hips slid to the edge of the barstool seat. He began hunching forcibly against my resisting muscles, slowly opening me to his forced entry.

"Oh god do it baby, fuck me hard, make it go honey, I need you in my pussy&hellip.ooohhhhhhh yes…yes&hellip.fuck you're so damn huge. I love your cock baby&hellip.fuck I wish your dad had your dick…make me cum sweetie…hurt my pussy…&hellip.fuck me&hellip.aaarrrghhhhhgodyes……don't hold it baby&hellip.fuck me good…cum in me&hellip.we don't have much time baby, Kenzie's home" When I mentioned his sister Rick's dick jerked hard inside me, stiffened and his fucking my pussy became harder, deeper and I loved it.

"Baby do you love your sister? Would you love her like you're loving me now? She's so beautiful, we look so much alike could you fuck her like you fuck me", I asked? His dick was swelling, stiffening as it jerked strongly as he moaned, "God mom, kenz is my lil sis, I c.c.couldn't hurt her by suggesting something so wrong.

She'd hate me!" "I didn't hate you baby, I loved you even more than before. You wish you had your dick in Kenzie right now don't you sweetie, its alright to admit it son, I think its hot thinking of you with her too", I said as my pussy began undulating on his now stiffly throbbing cock.

I felt his glans swelling and he began ramming his cock in me hurtfully as he gasped, "Yes, oh god mom I must be some kind of sick bastard but yes, I've wanted to fuck her almost as long as I dreamed of fucking you. Oh fuck mom…your pussy&hellip.I'm go.gon.gonna…aarrrghhhgod I do want to fuck her mom Oh shit I'm cumming mom&hellip.aiiieeeeee…&hellip.fuck…you…both&hellip.aarrgghhhHHHHH" "Do it baby, cum in Kenzie's pussy……make her cum on this big dick like I am……aaiiiieeeeEEEEEEEEEE I love you Rick&hellip.aarrgghhHHHHHH&hellip.fuck Kenz hard baby&hellip.hurt her pussy&hellip.oooohhhhhhhhhaarrggghh yeah baby&hellip.like that……oh god Rick Kenz will love you fucking her like this I promise baby…aaiiieeeeEE Show me how you want to fuck your baby sister Rick&hellip.show me!" He picked me off the stool and held me by my ass and began ramming me down on his up thrusting dick as he persecuted my womb while living his dream saying, "Fuck me Kenz, fuck your brothers dick.fuck me like you love me sis…oh fuck your pussy is so tight…so hot……I'm cumming in your cunt Kenz…ohgod.ohgod…I love you both so much…aarrrggghhhhHHHHHHHH fuck me mom…&hellip.shit…shit you fuck so good mom&hellip.aarrrrggghhhh……&hellip.unhhhhh…&hellip.unghhhh.", then he stopped and stood there with me still hunching crazily down onto his hurtfully swollen dick and he kissed me while holding my pussy down onto his cock as he ground his dick deep up into me.

I knew in his mind he was probably kissing his sister but I didn't care as I felt his hot cum bubbling from his tip to scald my womb deeply. He sat me back down on the barstool and stood there with his long dick jerking in my body as he kissed me again after saying, "Mom, I do love you so much.

You understand how I feel inside and you don't condemn me for my feelings. I know what we're doing is wrong by some people's rules but I just refuse to accept that. Yes, I want to fuck Kenzie mom but its more than that. I feel the same about her as I do you.

I need to show you both my love, to show you how I feel and how I want to make you both feel. I'm sure she'd think we were both weird if she knew we were making love but I hope someday that Kenz and I can have what you and I do now.

Then he placed his arms around me and held me tightly as he kissed me again, pulling my pussy into his cock as it jerked strongly one last time as he drained the dregs of his cum into my womb. Then he kissed me lightly and began the long exit from my uterus as his dick made an extended slurping sound as it left my pussy.

It felt like he was sucking my insides out as my pussy hugged his fat cock tightly. Even my pussy never wanted him to leave it. "I'm gonna go check on Kenzie and take an extended shower baby. I wish you could join me but that would be too dangerous with Kenz here, well, until we manage to get that wonderful cock of yours in her pussy anyway.

I'm gonna help make that happen if you want me to baby, do you", I asked? "I'd really love that mom but I think you're wasting your time. I'm gonna fix a sandwich and have a coke", he replied.

I suddenly remembered I still hadn't eaten anything but his dick again and sighed. I felt dirty as juices from our coupling ran down my inner thighs.

I wasn't sure if it was that or my mental state that had me feeling filthy but I did know I was only willing to clean myself physically because I literally loved the mental sluttiness I felt as I gazed at my son's deflating dick. "Well, we'll see honey. I can be very persuasive when it comes to sexual things", I replied with a wink as I walked away.

I decided not to bother Kenzie because I was afraid the two of them would have me out of control screaming my ass off if they decided to have some fun with my pussy.

Instead I just got in the shower. Rick was sitting at the end of the breakfast table eating when Kenzie walked in in her robe. He felt embarrassed at being nude but as long as she stayed at the other end of the table she'd never know. "Hi Rick, I didn't know you were home" she said as she pulled a chair from the table and sat while leaning forward on her elbows with her hands supporting her head.

She looked frazzled and tired as she said, "Me and Shellie have been messing around in my room. If I'd known you were home I'd have come got you. She's gone now which is just as good I imagine cause she'd be trying to molest you I'm sure. I never met anyone so horny all the time." Then she became silent and sat there as if in deep thought, almost melancholic in demeanor. "Whats up sis, why the long face? Anything I can help with", he asked her?

"I don't know brother, I.I.I'm just confused or something. Have you ever wanted to do something that you knew was supposed to be wrong and tried to tell yourself it was wrong but it just didn't seem wrong to you. And even though you don't want to keep thinking about doing it you just can't get it out of your mind and you're sure you'd love it if you did do it?" "You thinking of jumping in the sack with Shellie Kenz, I heard she was wanting your body?

If you do I want to watch cause that would be hot", he said smiling? Normally she would have threw something at him and laughed and dismissed him with a sarcastic remark. But she just sat there sullen and distant before saying, "No, not Shellie, I.I just…its just that when I was little I just knew I loved mom, she was mom. But now that I'm older I guess I relate to her more and see her as a person, a person with needs and everything just like us.

Haven't you noticed how different she is lately spending a lot of time in her bedroom alone. You know this living separate during the week and a lot of weekends has to be hard on both mom and dad. I mean, mom is in her prime sexual years and you know she's not getting enough sex when she probably needs it most. I'm just wondering how that might affect how she thinks about things.

Would you hate her if you found out she was getting it on the side while dad was gone? I mean she is a human and she does have needs just like we do. She just seems different lately." "So you think mom is getting some on the side? I mean she's beautiful like you and I'm sure she wouldn't have any more trouble than you would getting laid. Hell, every guy I know wants to fuck her and you too, I should add. Is that whats really on your mind sis", he queried her? "Not really, its just that when I started thinking about it I began seeing mom as a person, you know a person with sexual needs.

I never thought of her or dad like that till recently. I.I.began thinking of her and&hellip.I.I.g.got…oh god I'm too embarrassed&hellip.I.I…I think there might be something wrong with me Rick&hellip.I.I.she&hellip.its so wrong&hellip.I can't help it I want to&hellip.do you love mom Rick…I don't mean as mom, but do you love her as a woman, you know as a person not just as mom. H.Have y.y.you ever thought of&hellip.you know&hellip.I mean you're a guy and she is a beautiful sexy woman…that would be so easy to understand .d.do you…have you ever wanted……oh fuck this is so sick of me." "Are you trying to ask me if I've ever thought of having sex with mom Kenz", he asked her softly?

"No, I know you have Rick its just that&hellip.do you love me like you love mom Rick……I love you so much Rick&hellip.I.I.I'm so afraid you'll hate me", she said with tears forming in her eyes. "What do you mean you know I have Kenz, how&hellip.how could you possibly think that sis and nothing could ever make me hate you dummy, you're my lil sis and I love you with my whole heart Kenz, yes I love you like I love mom", he said.

He wanted to hold her but he was naked and couldn't without her knowing it.

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"I saw you and mom fucking Rick. I didn't mean to I just came home to get some clothes last night and I heard mom screaming and though dad had come home and I peeked in the door cause it was open. I saw you fucking mom, saw everything, saw your dick in her pussy and I heard her screaming for you to fuck her harder and the way she couldn't stop hunching into your big dick even though I know you had to be hurting her something awful.

Oh god Rick did you rape mom…I.I.mean how&hellip.she couldn't have just let you&hellip.I mean she wanted it I know&hellip.but…but, did you want to before you two did it.

I know mom is so beautiful and you must have thought about it…I.I.mean I think things…oh god Rick I'm so embarrassed…I mean I.I.I just got so hot watching you and mom&hellip.I mean.y.y.your dick is so&hellip.oh god It was just so erotic and taboo and yet it was just beautiful seeing mom receiving so much pleasure from you fucking her.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to see what I did. Do you really love me the same as you love mom, because I.I.can't get your&hellip.d.dick&hellip.I.I mean I…w.w.would you…do you…w.want to&hellip.I can't, I just can't say it", she asked with tears welling in her eyes.


"Oh my god Kenz, you didn't tell Shellie did you, or anybody else", he asked excitedly. "I'm not stupid Rick, why would I want anyone to know that, especially when I wanted to be mom so badly…&hellip.I mean……I.I…oh god Rick I've thought about us&hellip.I saw her doing what I had dreamed of for years an it made me wonder if……I gotta know Rick, Do you love me enough to…to&hellip.to want me like you want mom?

I know I must be sick to even think of something so wrong but I can't help it. Will you&hellip.I mean can we&hellip.do you want to……I mean do I turn you on like mom does&hellip.if you don't want to I.I…oh god Rick if you don't want to fuck me I'll die.

Do you like me that way big brother, I have to know", she begged. Rick's dick was harder than it had ever been in his life as he listened to his sister's admission. He loved her so much and to hear the agony in her voice made him love her even more. He stood up and his dick was standing straight out in front of him vibrating with its stiffness as he held his arms out to her. Her eyes were open in awe as she stared at his hugely swollen desire for his sister.

She slowly stood as her gaze adored her brother's dick. She walked to him slowly as her heart pounded so hard she thought it would surely tear her chest open. The jerking of his dick mesmerized her, the sudden realization that he wanted her pussy had her hands pressing her robe from her shoulders allowing it to fall away revealing her nude goddess like body entirely to her brother's gaze.

A wave of submission coursed through her body leaving her helpless before him. Her hand reached out and her fingers grasped his thick girth causing a deep moan to escape her as he took her in his arms and whispered in her ear, "I love you Kenz, its yours sweetie, you can have it whenever you need it just like mom." Her eyes stared into his as her hands grasped his cock and she guided it between her thighs and began hunching her pussy along it.

"Do you really love me Rick, did I make you this hard and do you want me to make it cum", she asked as she gasped for breath excitedly? His answer was to place his lips lightly against hers and gently suck at them. Her own lips parted as their love joined and swept them both away on a tidal wave of passion. Their tongues embraced and danced a lovers dance as their minds accepted this act they knew was about to happen. "I'm going to press my dick in my sister's wet pussy and I'm going to fuck her until she begs for my cum and I refuse to feel an ounce of guilt for it afterwards", he whispered in her ear.

"Oh my god Rick I've wanted you to say that for so many years. I'm going to squeeze my brothers huge dick with my pussy and after I've cum on it a thousand times I'm going to beg him to fill my slut sister pussy with every drop of hot cum his balls can squeeze into me. Then I'm gonna suck his brother dick hard again and I'm going to press my pussy down it and ride it until he fucks me hard and makes me scream as his cum forcefully shoots up into my cumming slut pussy. Then I'm gonna hold him in my arms and go to sleep with his big cock still inside me.

I do love you Rick!" Kenzie lay back on the table and spread her thighs and said, "Rick, I'm yours, be gentle at first please.

I'm not even sure if I can fit you in me but if mom did I will or die trying." Rick leant over her and kissed her, savored his sister's kiss as the clean scent of her hair filled his nostrils.

She was passionate like her mother and her body writhed as his tongue explored her mouth.

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His kisses flowed like warm water over her throat as he sucked and licked her soft skin. His lips slowly explored her bare shoulders, licking each pore on his way to lightly lick around her perfectly formed breasts as her chest lifted, hands holding him lightly to her body as his tongue tip circled her nipples, breath wafting over them like a warm summer breeze, kissing them with its gentle touch as they throbbed stiffly erect.

She moaned her disappointment as his laving caresses moved lower, tongue laving flatly along her rib cage til her stomach sucked in as he licked her there. Her skin felt so soft against his cheek as he lay his face upon her and savored the scent of her arousement. Rick felt an intense love for his sister as his head lay upon her while listening to the rapid beat of her heart. Her warmth warmed him inside as her arousement scent intoxicated and drove his mouthing lower on her groin.

How many times had he imagined doing this as he stroked his dick, never for a second believing his sister would want him to in real life. Now here she was writhing beneath his touches and gentle kisses. His tongue explored the gentle valleys of her groin and thighs, licking slowly along each of them until his lips sucked at the soft skin above the throbbing, tautly swollen torment she felt.

He wanted to just ram his dick in her and fuck her hard and relieve his own tormented need deep inside her. But this was his little sis and he needed to savor every inch of her in case it never happened again.

He wanted to commit to memory every pore of her body, its taste and feel beneath his fingertips and his tongue. He sucked at the skin surrounding her intense need, sucked hard directly beside it as her moans became desperate. He watched her clit swell and grow until it throbbed visibly beneath the breath he blew over it. Kenzie was tormented, her brother teased her incessantly. Her pride kept her from begging him to fuck her, suck her clit, anything to relieve the intense agony of need he was instilling in her.

No one had ever shown her such tenderness and caring. She watched her brother's face and could see the love he felt for her expressed in his eyes and by the way he touched her, kissed her body. She found it strange that for the first time when having sex she felt loved, cared for and it was her brother that instilled those feelings. She had never imagined he would be so gentle and loving and it made the hunger she felt even more intense.

God she needed his dick even more than ever now. His hands pressed her thighs up until her shaved pussy was presented in its entirety to his gaze. His breathing became hurried as he saw the thin line of her labia.

Her pussy looked like it belonged on a much younger girl. Its skin appeared soft, smooth, like a baby's and it drew his tongue to lightly lick at her mons. Her hips lifted as his tongue tip slid between her labia and tasted her there, licking first one pink lip then the other as her moans became deeper, more pronounced as her pussy moved to ensnare his tongue in her moist inner labia.

Her pussy undulated under his light licks and tormenting sucking around her vulva. Her pussy was soft beneath his tongue and the heat of her pussy radiated against his cheeks as his tongue tip grazed her labia lightly, traced them softly until again delving between them to taste the wetness filling her. Then his caressing lips moved to her inner thighs and he bit her there leaving his teeth impressions not only in her soft skin but also in her mind as her hips lifted and rolled.

He placed his tongue flat alongside her vulva and licked upwards with pressure until it pressed alongside her visibly throbbing clit, then he sucked her there strongly before blowing lightly on the intense longing she felt.

Kenzie's mind felt an insanity of need as he repeated that licking torment on the other side of her mound, again sucking so near her pulsing need that his lips grazed its swollen side.

This time though he sucked on its covering skin before lowering to lightly press into her inner labia and taste the sweetness of her juices welling there as his tongue tip circled her clenching opening. His fingertip gently pressured her inner lips, wetting it with the molten fluids there before inserting it into that puckered sensitive muscle.

Her moans became desperate as he fingered her anus gently while his tongue pressed into the wet folds of her vagina.

Her pride was being licked and sucked from her mind as his tongue gathered it from within her. She bit her knuckled hand to keep from begging her brother to fuck her.

Her body writhed, hips hunching into his probing finger and gentle tongue fucking of her pussy. His mouth opened widely as he placed her entire mound in his mouth and sucked her as his tongue delved deep inside her creaming body. The last vestiges of her inhibitions to their incestuous act left her as she watched her brother suck her pussy while they gazed into each other's eyes.

She could no longer restrain her cries, "Oh god Rick, I feel it, I feel your tongue inside me. Lick me, lick my asshole, damn&hellip.oh fuck……oh god eat me…eat me&hellip.You're making me cum…&hellip.ohhhhhhgoddd …&hellip.aarrgghhhhh I love you…&hellip.fuck me&hellip.oh god Rick fuck me, please fuck me like you fucked mom……aaagghhhhhh oh my god yes!!.suck it&hellip.aieeeee&hellip.oh god yes suck it hard……oh god I can't stop cummin………oh shit yes…BITE IT!.bite it hard&hellip.aaaiiieeeEEEEEEEEEEEEE&hellip.my god&hellip.ohhhhhhhhhhhFUCK"…&hellip.and then she came completely undone and reached down and grabbed her brother's head and began hunching forcefully against his face as her mind cried out for relief from the agony of pleasure he inflicted upon her young pussy and nerve rich asshole.

Seeing her brothers face between her thighs, knowing he wanted her pussy, wanted her, his sister, to feel the pleasure he was instilling, drove the intensity of her orgasms. She now knew why her mom fucked her son, the act's inherent tabooness heightened the pleasure so greatly she was unable to prevent her total submission to the depraved thrills associated with it.

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And in Ricks case his great dick size had her mom addicted to the pleasure he imbued deep in her body. It was that depraved excitement she craved to feel now that she knew her brother needed her pussy as much as she needed his hard cock. It seemed her and her mom were very similar in the respect that the more forbidden or taboo an act was the more excitement it afforded their loins.

I had just stepped out of the shower when I heard something I thought was in my bedroom. I felt clean for the first time in two days. I was brushing the snarls out of my long blonde hair when I heard it again. I glanced out into the bedroom and didn't see anything. Once I left the bathroom and began stripping the bed the sounds became clearer and I thought I'd better go quieten the girls down and let them know Rick was home.

Kenzie's door was open but her room was empty. Now my interest was piqued and I walked to the balcony rail and listened. It was definitely coming from downstairs. My mind had a dozen different imagined scenarios of those two girls enjoying themselves downstairs unaware that Rick was home.

I walked to the door of the kitchen where it seemed Kenzie's voice was coming from and I had to stop, as for the second time in as many days I confronted a scene that instilled an instant inferno in my pussy. I had to smile this time though as I watched my son placing the tip of his gargantuan cock at my daughter's young pussy and begin forcing past her resisting entrance muscles. I knew what she was feeling as her moans expressed the intense pressure his fat glans was presenting her pussy.

Hearing her moan of submission as he forced into her vagina's tightly gripping folds told me that the previous stretching of her young cunt, by the cucumber I had used to vehemently fuck her with, had helped ease her plight as her brother pressed his fat dick deeply into her hungry pussy.

I watched as my daughter's arousement was stoked and fanned into the same inferno I felt as my son's cock opened me deeply. Seeing her body moving with such sensual undulations as she felt her brothers huge dick caressing her inner walls had my emotions torn. Anyone could see the insanity building in her mind and body and I wondered if her life could possibly be the same after such an intense emotional experience.

I knew the exceptional attachment his cock instilled as he pistoned ever deeper inside a woman's body and also the heartache of knowing they could never be together in the manner she would wish because of their relationship status.

I know that heartache firthand. In my case it is a good thing because it keeps me from leaving his father to be with him, but Kenzie has no one to love except her brother and the incestual love they were sharing could disrupt every aspect of her existence. I knew that none of that mattered to her at this moment in time, nothing mattered except her brother's massive cock throbbing inside her pussy.

God how I wished I had experienced such a man as her brother is at that early an age I thought as I watched my daughter pulling her pussy up to Ricks dick with heels on his ass while her hips gyrated and hunched as she attempted to open her pussy to his thick girth. I felt a jealousy filling me as I remembered exactly what she was experiencing and it instilled a craving to feel him deep inside me again. Seeing the two of them together made me feel much closer to them both.

I wanted to join them, to feel the love that was obviously being expressed as they moved together. Hearing my daughter's moans of, "I love you so much Rick! Nobody has ever made me feel like this, you're so deep in me…god I feel so full&hellip.tell me you love me like I love you……I know this is wrong but I don't know why&hellip.ooohhhhhgod", as she orgasmed, her hips splaying, outturning as she presented her pussy to his repeated deep thrusts, thighs tensing, trembling, upper body twisting, writhing as her shoulders lifted as she gazed down at the grotesque thickness of her brothers cock impaling her.

Seeing the remaining inches of his massive dick, while her pussy was already overwhelmed by his immense size brought forth a groan from her lips as her entire body began shaking vehemently. God I knew that feeling so well and I wanted to be her, to feel his cock battering deeper inside me, stretching me until I felt ripping and loving it as Kenz was now. He was addicting not only her body but also her mind. I also knew the need she was feeling to be close to him as she reached out her arms to him and said, "Hold me Rick, I need to feel you against me", as she tried to sit up on the table.

He placed his arms around her and held her as he lifted her from the table to suspend her on his rigid manpole. Her legs immediately wrapped his waist and her hands reached up to pull her brothers lips to her own and they stood there lost in a kiss I knew oh so well. I knew the taboo excitement that was filling her while kissing her brother with more passion and love than she had ever kissed any other guy. No mother or sister should ever know the forbidden thrills that an incestuous kiss instills when it is enjoyed as their son or brothers long, thick cock throbs relentlessly deeper inside her than any other man has ever been before.

My emotions welled within me as I watched the passion displayed by their kiss. I knew then that the old structure of our family was lost but that it was being replaced by a more open loving one where there were no more hidden desires or shame for the needs we all sated now.

I walked to them and held them both in my arms. They both looked at me and I kissed first my daughter and then my son. They were not motherly kisses but they did impart the love I felt for them both. Now we were one, we all had experienced the physical expression of our love with each other and I suggested we all go to my bedroom where they could continue learning each other's bodies.

Mackenzie's moans and sharp cries echoed throughout the house as Rick carried her up the stairs as her weight and gravity had her brothers dick working steadily up into her pussy, stretching her hurtfully with each step he took.

Her head lay motionless against his muscular chest but her hips rolled sensually as she couldn't prevent grinding down onto his stiffness even as she felt her pussy was being ripped. I knew exactly what she felt and knew that even if he did rip her she couldn't stop fucking him, wouldn't stop her forceful hunching down onto his thick cock.

Her body tensed in orgasm repeatedly as he climbed the stairs holding her by the cheeks of her perfectly formed ass. "Oh fuck Rick, god your fuckin dick is so huge…aaiieeeeEEEE…&hellip.shit you're killing me……aarrgghhHHHH&hellip.oh god how did mom take all this…&hellip.ohhhhhhhnoooo…aaiiiiieeeeeee&hellip.love you so fuckin much…&hellip.love my brother fucking my pussy…unghhhhh…&hellip.unghhhh…&hellip.so nasty……aarrghhhhh&hellip.c.c.can't stop…oh god I feel my p.p.pussy……ohhhhhhhhshit…fuck me……godddddyessss……cum&hellip.please…I need it&hellip.cum in me!" Rick's emotions were already in turmoil at realizing his second most intense fantasy of having his sister's pussy squeezing his dick and now hearing her begging for his cum as he watched his mothers beautiful body walking up the stairs before them, her ass writhing as she walked had him hotter than he'd ever been.

Kenzie's pussy was grinding against his swollen stretched glans, soaking it repeatedly with her warm orgasmic fluids and his mind was seething as his dick throbbed his need to cum.

He was helpless to prevent the sudden drawing up of his balls as he realized he was about to fulfill his sister's pleas. He lay Kenz down on the floor at the top of the stairs and with a loud groan began fucking his sister hard, unable to control the force of his thrusts deep inside her cumming body. Kenzie screamed at the painful assault upon her deepest tissues as her brothers dick swelled even larger than it already was. My pussy clenched hard and my clit seemed to pound causing me to rub it hard, to press my fingers against it and hold it as I sank to my knees beside them.

I knew the wonderful pain she was experiencing as Rick lost control and jack-hammered his entire cock into her tensing body. "Oh god Rick, I can't take it……god it hurts…&hellip.aarrgghhhhHHHHH……fuck me…&hellip.oh my fucking god…FUCK ME!

aaiiieeeeeeEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIYESSSSSSS". Her thighs were open widely straight up in the air as he held them up with his arms. I watched my daughter's head flailing, face etched with the pained pleasure she felt as she realized her brother was cumming in her pussy. I saw myself as her hands gripped his ass, fingernails clawing into his asscheeks drawing blood from the intensity of the pain in her pussy. Like myself though she too begged him to fill her pussy, to fuck his hot cum into her begging, "Don't stop.oh my god Rick&hellip.HOT!.Oh my god yes&hellip.yes……aargghhhhhhso much cum…&hellip.love it&hellip.love you cumming in me…&hellip.oh god it hurts so fuckin good!" I also was so aroused I needed relief and I spread my thighs and positioned my pussy at my daughter's face and lowered my dripping snatch to her excited mouth.

I felt her arms wrap my thighs and her tongue became alive inside me as I moaned my need as I felt her devouring me, driven by the excitement she felt from the hot feel of her brother's balls continuing to expel his steaming cum deep inside her clenching cunt.

My emotions exploded as I felt so much love for them both. I needed to feel Rick as my love for him seemed to consume me as the pleasure he drove deep into kenzie's body seemed to travel from his spewing glans up into the tongue laving so avidly within me. I grabbed his head and kissed him, kissed him with the love and passion that seemed to swirl between all three of our bodies. Our kiss completed the circuit of pleasure that he pumped into his sister's pussy to send thrills racing up my body as she transferred that pleasure into my own pussy with voltage like licks and tormenting sucking.

That pleasure was returned to him through my lips as we melted together as one. This was the love our new family structure exhibited as we all orgasmed as one. We learned the extent of Rick's virility that night as he repeatedly responded to both our needs with a renewing hardness and a copious presentation of hot ball juice deep inside our incestuous cunts. MacKenzie decided, after seeing my excitement at cumming with my son's dick buried to his balls up my colon, that she too needed to experience that same pleasure.

I had my doubts of her accomplishing it, but, once his fat glans was inside her ringed muscle as he entered her from behind; I had him roll her face up atop him and as my tongue invaded her smarmy pussy her hips energetically pressed down onto his stiffened dick. As our gazes met and lingered I thought of my fantasies of my daughter all those years as I masturbated with her beauty in my mind and I shuddered with the knowledge that now it was real, no longer a fantasy that we needed to feel shame for but an act that we both found profound pleasure in.

I licked her pussy and couldn't help myself as my laving found Rick's cock and I licked it also as my saliva lubricated his thick cock and allowed him to piston even quicker and deeper inside her tightly stretched asshole as she orgasmed repeatedly.

My tongue gathered her slick cum and laved it on my son's stroking dick before also smearing it sensually over her enraged clit. Her moans became Lamaze like gasps as her hands held me to her pussy while her hips hunched her anus in rhythm to her brothers deep fucking of her colon.

Her arousement infected my own body and I spun around in a 69 position above her and began hunching my own pussy down into her frantic licking until the three of us were again locked in a clawing, thrusting embrace that left us all gasping for breath as our bodies sporadically jerked and shook as the ardor we had felt slowly subsided. I believe I fell asleep exhausted from cumming so much as Kenz sucked at my pussy while her brother terrorized her pussy with deep hard thrusts as he fucked her doggy style as her screams and moans vibrated inside my pussy.

To be continued: