Interracial Porno With Peachy FreshMeat And BBC

Interracial Porno With Peachy FreshMeat And BBC
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART 36 HE, ME AND NEETA We had been out at a party, where we met Neeta (My lesbian sex fuck partner about whom my husband knows everything because I told him everything) I does not hide anything from my husband and I strongly believe that truth makes life very very happy and enjoyable.

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The host of the party was one of my husband's friends and indecently he was a client of Neeta's boss and Neeta was instructed by her boss to attend the party on his behalf. It was late when party finished. Being Friday night, we could afford to be in party till so late because next day was a holiday being Saturday.

I had been flirting with my husband for most of the evening, wearing a short skirt and a top that clung to my firm tits so sweetly. Neeta was also getting along really well with my husband, and she was more "touchy-fe" than normal, both with me and my husband, which I suspected was largely due to the wine.

What surprised my husband the most was that I didn't object at all to Neeta and him flirting with each other so brazenly? We all left the party together and went out. It was getting cool out, and not surprisingly, my nipples were hard and very prominent under my tight, thin top. We waited for a long time to get a cab for Neeta but we could not get one, so I suggested Neeta to come with us at our house for a night stay which she agreed and called her mother and informed her that she will be with us tonight and will come home next day morning.

Than we left for our home in our car. My husband was driving and I was sitting on the back seat with Neeta.

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I told Neeta to be prepared for a fuck from my husband but she was hesitating. She told me that she wish to get my husband's cock in to her pussy, but not today, may be some other time. However, she agreed to join us for a group sex and was ready to do everything except getting fucked by a cock.

It was clear to me that Neeta is enjoying more of lesbian sex rather than cock pussy fucking. And above all, I knew my husband too. He also will not be fucking other lady easily. Nothing much happened during our journey to the home except some kissing and creasing and pumping each other's boobs between Neeta and me.

We arrived and went inside the home after my husband parked the car in basement of the building. Immediately on arriving at our apartment, Neeta went to bathroom. My husband wanted to know about presence of Neeta in between us.

I told him that everything is ok and Neeta will join us in our fuck game but she wants to keep herself away from practical fucking by him. I saw a great relief on the face of my husband.


The party mood was not yet over and I opened a bottle of wine. I put on some music, and we continued to drink. We, all three, me, my husband and Neeta were fully loaded with the drinks and were feeling sex heat.

I was sure that Neeta had accepted my invitation for to be with us at our home in the night was the clear indication that she was fully prepared for a love and sex game between us. It was Neeta's long awaited wish that she wanted to be fucked by my husband and I too wanted my husband to fuck Neeta, in front of me and along with me.

My husband too knew this, as I told that I do not hide anything from him.

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But I saw Neeta in the mood of watching my husband fucking me. I was sure that she wants to keep herself away from taking my husband's fuck tool in to her pussy, but other than that, she will participate in everything.

She will allow everything on her other than practical fucking by my husband. It was a little setback for me, but knowing Neeta's priority being a lesbian girl, was not a matter of disappointment. I was sure that one day Neeta will come forward with her wish to get fucked by my husband. I sat down on one of the leather couches we have, with one leg extended along the couch; my other leg was on the floor. My short skirt rode up with this pose, showing them off my narrow black lace thong covering my pussy.

Neeta noticed, and commented that I look so sexy in my thong, and she never could wear them. I accepted her compliment, pulling my skirt right up, showing both of them the entire view of my thong. "Get up and show us your back, too" Neeta demanded.

The wine started to show the effect on Neeta.

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I hopped up off the couch and lifted my skirt once again; turning around so that they could admire the beauty of the material on my well shaped, round and lovely ass. I saw the very sexy effect it had on both of them. "Well, what do you think, Ramesh?" I asked my husband, standing right in front of him holding my skirt up. He looked down at my sweet pussy, and said "You look fantastic, Julee, as always. Good enough to eat." At this point Neeta spoke up, "Well I'm not stopping you.

Go ahead. I would love to watch." None of us said a word; I have seen a little surprised on my hubby's face. He just walked directly towards me, as I backed up to the couch again, and sat down, my legs were spread, his fingers sliding under an edge of the thong, pulling it off to the side, revealing my carefully shaved pussy to both of them.

I smiled. Neeta sat down beside me, I turned on the couch so Neeta faced me, and I placed her hands on my thighs. "Oh wow, Julee, this looks gorgeous!" She said and she started sliding her hands up toward my pussy, sliding a finger just inside the crease of my leg.

I shivered, watching Neeta's pretty hands sliding along my leg. I stared at her fingers as they traced alongside my pussy lips, flushing with anticipation. My husband knelt down in between my outstretched knees, leaning in close enough that I could feel his breath on my bare pussy and soft inner thighs.

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Neeta continued to gently caress my thighs and around my slit, gently spreading me open as she did so. They both could easily see the wetness on my pussy, and how obviously turned-on I was, being touched by Neeta like this.

As my husband watched, Neeta slid a single finger along my wet slit, opening my pussy lips. I gave a little gasp as I felt her fingers slide over my slippery pussy hole.

Neeta knew exactly where to touch me, and her fingers circled around my love hole then back up over my hard clit, causing me to gasp once again. He leaned in closer, and lightly flicked his tongue along my open slit. Neeta spread my pussy apart with her fingers, to allow him to lick my clit.

I gasped again as I felt his soft tongue caress my sensitive clit. He moved lower, sliding the tip of his tongue into my pussy hole, tasting my delicious sweet cunt. He pressed his mouth over me completely, lightly sucking on me, his tongue flicking over my clit more forcefully. I became lost in the sensations that were ever building, knowing that my orgasm wasn't far off. He pulled back, while Neeta kept me spread wide apart, just looking at my gorgeous shaved snatch. "Mmm, Julee, you taste so good."He started, looking up and moving towards Neeta.

She instinctively leaned down to kiss him, tasting my wetness on his lips and mouth. "I think you need to try her yourself, sweetie" He said to Neeta, as she leaned forward, still sitting on the couch, bringing her face down into my crotch.

I watched with wide-eyed, as her pretty face descended toward me. In slow motion almost. I saw her mouth open, her tongue poised just between her lips, as she lowered her mouth onto my wet cunt. I moaned out loud as I watched her pretty mouth working on my clit, the electric sensations was shooting through my body. I squirmed, trying to raise my hips to give her even better access to my body. He watched with equal fascination as Neeta's tongue pressed into my pussy hole, and back across my clit.

"Make Julee cum in your mouth, Neeta." He said. I was quickly becoming lost in the sensations, unable to speak or say anything, only moaning and trying to remember to keep breathing. I slid one of my hands up the inside of Neeta's leg, cupping the crotch of her panties, feeling the wetness and warmth emanating from her pussy.

Clumsily I pushed the material off to the side and I slid a single finger deep into her wet pussy hole. I felt her legs spread slightly wider to give me better access, as her face pressed against my cunt even harder, indicating her approval with enjoyment.

I knew I was very close, and looked down again, watching her feminine cheekbone and chin so expertly working over my clit and pussy, her black hair brushing against my hip. I followed my own arm, my hand disappearing between Neeta's thighs, rubbing her pussy, touching her once again, my finger sliding into her wet sweet pussy.

I tensed for just a moment, and then screamed as my body sharply convulsed. My hand gripped Neeta's wet pussy, as my stomach muscles contracted and jolts of electricity surged through my body. Neeta didn't let up, and continued to lick my over-sensitized clit, knowing exactly how much I could take to prolong my orgasm, as long as possible. When finally I could take no more, Neeta allowed my cunt to slip away from her mouth.

She remained there for a few moments, staring at my beautiful bare pussy, acutely aware that she had just eat out me once again.


She admired my pussy for a few seconds more, aware of my hand gently resting on her pussy, my finger positioned inside her dripping wet pussy. She looked up at me, and leaned up to my face to kiss me deeply, giving me a taste of my own juices. "Oh, Neeta, that was incredible." I said quietly. My breathing was still very heavy, and they just let me lay back on the couch for recovering. I did not remove my hand from Neeta's pussy.

She sat up, her pussy pressing into my hand even more. I knew that long before my hand would be replaced by my mouth, and at some point that night I would be going down on her.

Suddenly my snatch felt all warm again, as the anticipation of what I would be doing sent a shiver through me. "I think both of you are rather overdressed" My husband said, moving back on the floor. Neeta smiled at me, stood up and peeled off her shirt, showing me a dark blue stretchy bra, her beautiful tits filling them out.

I did the same, revealing my lace bra that cradled my firm, sexy tits. Neeta then pulled off her skirt, followed by her rather plain dark blue panties, revealing her golden brown pussy, shaved nicely like mine.

She left her bra on for the moment, while I wriggled out of my skirt, my thong still stretched to the side of my pussy. Neeta told me that I should leave my bra on, and let my husband take it off.

I knew that it is one of his favorite things to do and once I told this to Neeta. [It's true; He love seeing me in only a bra (or bra and panties) He loves the feeling of boobs within the bra, then undoing it (front closures are the most fun for him) and slowly sliding it off my tits, letting them sit freely, gently caressing the soft skin, watching my nipples harden.

It is just so erotic!] Following Neeta's lead, we both stood side-by-side, grinning at him. Neeta stood there wearing only her bra, her soft tits shaped nicely by her stretchy navy bra, while I stood before him in my bra and thong, now positioned properly over my shaved pussy, my firm tits hidden by my black lace bra. He started to move toward me.

"Not so fast, lover boy," Neeta said, "you're going to have to lose some clothing before you get any closer." He pulled off his shirt, followed by his pants and socks, so all he was wearing was a boxer, which of course was tented out from his very very hard, long and thick love and fuck tool cock.

"Those don't look like they're doing anything for you, you might as well take them off too," I said. He looked at me, then at Neeta, and slid off his boxers. His hot cock stood out rigidly from his body, aching for some attention. We both smiled, seeing how turned on he was. He loved seeing both of us staring at him, having two almost naked gorgeous women, looking down at his firmly standing, long and thick cock.

He walked closer to me and slid his hands downwards from my shoulders, his fingers tracing along my bra down over my sweet, perky breasts. He felt underneath the sexy lace, feeling my firm breasts encased by the material. Neeta watched, fascinated and turned on by seeing my husband's hands caressing my tits, knowing how turned on I was.

He then did the same to Neeta, as I watched him, and urged him to remove her bra so I could see her sexy tits. He walked around behind her, and cupped her tits with his hands while I watched. He traced along the sides of her bra around to the back, where he undid the clips. Her bra slid off her ample tits, and he slid the straps off her arms, letting it fall to the floor.

He reached around her again, massaging and feeling her soft, warm tits while I watched. Her dark pink nipples hardened to his touch, and it was all I could do, to not run my fingers over them as well.

Still standing behind, he moved over to me, and began caressing my breasts again, my bra was still on. My eyes met Neeta's eyes; as she looked down to see my husband's hands encircling me.

He stood very close up against me, and I could feel his hard cock resting against the top curve of my ass. He squeezed my tits, and then found the front-closure to them, which he undid. The bra only slid part-way off my tits, and he gently scratched his fingernails along my soft exposed cleavage. Then, pulling my bra away completely, he cupped his hands under my sexy, firm tits.

I sighed as his fingers brushed over my hard nipples. I reached behind my back, and grasped his cock and balls as he continued touching, feeling and massaging my gorgeous breasts. I could feel his hard cock throbbing in my grasp, and realized that he indeed loved this. He pulled my bra right off, and began squeezing my tits more forcefully. My sexy breasts felt so good in his hands, He squeezed them hard, and pinching my nipples and making them stand out.

Neeta walked over in front of me, and watched his hands fondling my tits for a moment, then pulled my thong to the floor. At last, all three of us were completely naked, first time together. He slid his hand down my body, and over the smooth skin around my pussy. I continued to grasp his cock behind my back, pumping it awkwardly. "Well, Ramesh, are you ready for the blowjob of your lifetime? Because I bet you'd love to have two mouths on that nice strong cock, wouldn't you?" I said. He sat down on the couch, where I had been sitting earlier.

He leaned back with his ass at the edge of the couch, spreading his legs so both of us could snuggle in close. His cock stood out very erect, the cock head, a dark red color was throbbing with anticipation.

We both ladies leaned in, so he could feel my breath on his cock and balls. Neeta smiled at me and said "bet you'd love to have a camera right now, wouldn't you Ramesh?" Then she turned to me and kissed me hard and passionately, her tongue was dancing with mine. When we finally broke our kiss, I reached up to hold his cock perfectly upright, and we, both of sexy ladies started to gently and lightly kiss and lick the head and shaft of his throbbing cock.

I could feel him throbbing with desire, as always and I knew that each light kiss only inflamed him more. Starting at the base of his cock, one on each side, we both began to lick upwards, until my tongues met at the tip of his cock. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock, and then, opening my mouth, began to inch my entire mouth down on his shaft. "How, does that feel, Ramesh?" I asked him, "do you like feeling Neeta's mouth taking your cock in?" I said.

She teased. He, on the other hand, was unable to answer. The build up for him had been too much, and feeling our warm wet mouth encircling his cock was overwhelming and he couldn't breathe, watching our lips progress lower and lower onto his standing cock.

I pulled back, and off, taking a moment to admire his dark red, extraordinarily hard cock all shiny and wet with our saliva. Neeta then opened her mouth, and did the same thing. When she pulled back off him, we both began to go to work on his shaft, kissing, sucking and licking it at the same time. Neeta held his cock in her hand while I massaged his hanging balls.

He just lay back, amazed at the intense feeling, and watching the incredibly erotic scenario of the two of us as I worked on his cock. Gradually I increased the intensity of my ministrations on him, sucking him deeply into my mouth, my tongue massaging the shaft and tip of his cock. Neeta was encouraging him, telling him to cum in my mouth, she wanted to see him shoot his load.

As if the sensations themselves weren't enough, hearing her voice telling him to cum in my mouth was just too much. I felt his body tensing for what was coming. Both the sexy women knew it too. "Good girl, Julee, he's going to cum for you.

that's it, make him spurt." Neeta said as I sucked his cock while pumping the shaft with my hand. I felt his balls tighten as he finally climaxed, and held the tip of his cock between my lips, ready for that first eruption.

He exploded into my hungry mouth, spraying his cum onto my tongue. I pulled off him, letting the next spurt fly up into the air between me and Neeta, catching her across her forehead. She opened her mouth, as I pointed his cock towards her, and leaned down to cover his cock with my lips in time for the next spurts, drinking his hot cum down. Then Neeta pulled back as I continued to pump his cock, both of sexy ladies just watching him erupt all over my hand.

I opened my mouth to take him in once again, licking up his cum from the head of his cock, cleaning him off. He just collapsed onto the couch as Neeta cleaned off her face, while I grinned widely at them. "Hmmm, I've never helped a woman do that to her husband before" Neeta said My fingers lightly brushing over his softening cock and balls.

We sat there for a few minutes, all of us recovering (some more so) until I looked over at Neeta and said "Well, it seems that there's only one of us to go." I smiled at her, and told her to lie down on the soft carpet. She did so, and I straddled her head, facing down her body. I told her that she wasn't to do anything to me, but just lie there and accept what I will be doing.

I bent down to her, my naked cunt hovering only inches above her face. With one of my hands, I gently caressed her neatly shaved pussy, my fingers sliding along the smooth sides of her pussy lips. Being so close to her soft, needy pussy, it was intoxicating for me. I breathed in her scent deeply, and able to resist no longer, opened my mouth to cover her slit with it.

I felt her soft cunt immediately respond to me, opening for me, as my tongue spread her pussy door apart, sliding down into her pussy hole. I heard her moan, and her legs relaxed to my gentle touch. Like Neeta did to me earlier, I knew exactly what to do to her. I focused my tongue on her clit, teasing it, flicking it with the tip, and sucking gently on it.

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My husband watched with interest as his cock stirred in response to the sight, staring at me kneeling over Neeta. My cunt exposed above her face, my tits hanging down just above her stomach, watching my pretty face eagerly eating her out. Neeta was in a state of euphoria as I deftly and thoroughly licked and sucked her juicy pussy. As I continued sucking Neeta's cunt, my husband moved off the couch and positioned himself behind me, unknown to me. Neeta watched, saying nothing as he lined up his standing hot cock with my cunt from behind.

I was taken completely by surprise as he thrust his cock deep into my pussy, right in front of Neeta's eyes. I gasped in shock and pleasure, but resumed my efforts on Neeta with greater force and intensity, as if thanking her for allowing my husband to fuck me like this before her.

He slowly pumped his hard cock in and out of me, trying not to interrupt what I was doing to Neeta. I was so turned on by what I was doing to her that I was ready to orgasm myself, and resolved to make Neeta cum at the same time.

Desperately, as he slowly and methodically fucked me, I sucked on her clit, flicking my tongue across it. I knew she was not far off, and concentrated my efforts on holding off my orgasm until she did.

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Finally, as I licked her cunt furiously, she screamed out, and I felt her body start to shake beneath me. My husband fucked me harder, watching Neeta right under me, his cock thrusting deeply into my dripping pussy.


I quickly succumbed to my own orgasm, my mouth still lapping at Neeta's pretty cunt. I collapsed onto her, my breasts pressed against her, my ass still up in the air as he was pumping his cock in to my pussy from behind. I knew that he will be taking some more time to fuck me before firing and shooting his hot cum. His balls rubbed against Neeta's face with his each thrust. He was fucking me hard with powerful thrusts of his long and thick fuck tool in to my pussy.

I was waiting him to cum in to my pussy. Increased speed of his fucking made me understood that it is the cum shoot time.

He didn't want to hold off at all, and fucked me hard and fast. I continued to shake uncontrollably, my face still pressed against Neeta's wet pussy. At last he exploded for the second time in such a short while, his cock throbbing and spurting deep into my cunt. I cried out, as did he. He pulled my hips toward him, pressing his cock deeply into my body as he filled me. We all collapsed onto the floor in a tangled mess of naked bodies, sweat and cum.

When I was finally able to, I rolled over and asked them "who's ready for a shower?" Julee