A crazy college dorm party

A crazy college dorm party
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Things get wild in Africa. Pt 1. Back in the fifties and sixties, my father worked in Tanganyika or Tanzania as it's now called. I was then twenty, I was in the British army, based in the UK and I had saved up two months leave having been given permission to take an extended leave to visit my parents.

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They lived at the time in a very remote area with only a small handful of European engineers and a number of Indians, mostly Sikhs who occupies mainly admin roles.

I quickly realised how boring those two months were going to be, with nothing to do after the initial bit of exploring the local bush. Which was quite dangerous due to the abundance of wildlife, snakes, spiders, etc. So I didn't do too much of that. I had been there a few days and was wandering around looking for a suitable piece of wood to make a catapult. "Hello," said a quiet voice behind me, I turned around and there was this pretty little girl, maybe eighteen years old.

"Are you Mr Grant's son? Oh sorry, silly question really because you must be". "Yes, I am," I said, "My name's Peter or rather Pete, who are you?" "I'm Jane, my dad works for your dad at the depot. I've seen you knocking about and you really do look quite fed up already and I hear you've got a couple of months here". "You're not wrong there," I said, "really don't know what to do with myself". "Have you seen the bats yet?" Jane asked. When I shook my head, she said "Come on then, I'll show you.

They're in the mango trees over by the hill". So off we went, a few hundred yards and there were dozens of mango trees. "You can't eat the mangos," Jane said, "They're the wrong type but they do make good chutney. Follow me to that big tree over there but look out for snakes, there's lots of them around here".

The tree was big, like a huge umbrella and very dark up in the canopy. One huge branch had deformed and was growing out from the tree parallel to the ground and three or four feet above the ground. "If you sit up there and look up and after a bit, you'll be able to see all the bats hanging near the top," she said. I climbed up a bit awkwardly but eventually got myself perched on the branch and looked up. Quite quickly I found I could see hundreds of bats, clustered all over the place.

"I can see them," I exclaimed looking back to Jane. She wasn't looking upwards though, she was instead looking at my shorts. I suddenly realised that with all the manoeuvring when getting up, my cock had come out of my underpants and she must be able to see it up the inside leg of my shorts.

She hadn't noticed that I had looked down at her and her gaze was transfixed on my cock. She's probably never seen one before I thought. Feeling a bit embarrassed, I turned sideways away from her and looked back up in the tree again.

When I looked back, she had also moved around, so she could see up my shorts once more. My cock had, of course, developed a mind of its own and had begun to grow. You dirty sod I thought. But for some reason, I just turned my head to look up at the bats again. When I took a sneak peek down, I saw my cock was actually just sticking out from my shorts down the side of my leg. Jane just stared, her eyes wide and mouth hanging open in amazement.

Enough of this I thought, time to stop. But I realised that there was no easy way of getting down without exposing yet more cock. Oh well, best to just be as quick as I can. As I angled my body to drop down, Jane suddenly said "Here let me help, it's quite high" and just as I started to drop she reached out with both hands to steady me. One hand was fine, catching my arm. But the other somehow ended up going between my legs with the palm of her hand firmly pressed to my cock.

She jumped back with a girlie squeal as if bitten and we both turned quite red in the face. Completely lost for words, we just looked at each other for a moment or two, until I said: "Come on, let's go back and get a cold drink." And so we wandered back in silence, not sure what to say.

A few days later, as I went out the back, I saw Jane hanging about obviously waiting for me to appear but too shy to call for me. "Hi" I called, "You okay?" "Yes I'm great," she said with a cheery grin, "My sister Mary has just arrived back from boarding school, she'll be along soon and you can meet her." Almost as she finished speaking, this beautiful girl came round the corner.

Wow, I thought. She's stunning, totally gorgeous. She wore a small pair of shorts that accentuated her superb shape and didn't leave very much to the imagination.

Her tight top showed the lovely swell of her boobs. After introductions, Jane said, "Mary wants to see the bats, are you coming?" Bit odd I thought, she must have seen them before. Then with a flash of inspiration, I thought I bet it's not the bats she wants to see, I think Jane's been telling tales. "Hold on a minute, I'll be right back." I nipped indoors to my bedroom, dropped my shorts and removed my underpants and then replaced my shorts, I thought, perhaps this holiday isn't going to be so boring after all.

So off we went, chatting away, I found both girls were very easy to talk to. We arrived back at the mango tree and without being given any choice in the matter, Mary said, "Here we'll help you up" and almost grabbing hold of me I was bundled up onto the branch. Knowing what the girls expected, my cock didn't wait for me to think about it but immediately started rapidly growing in size.

Making sure that my legs were spread enough to allow a view up my shorts, I looked up in the tree. I had pulled my shorts down a bit lower as I didn't feel right about my cock sticking right out and anyway it would be interesting to see how hard they looked for it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jane give Mary a nudge and she moved over a bit to make room for her to get the right view.

I saw Mary put a hand to her face which had a look of glee on it. No wonder I thought, as I could feel my cock growing bigger than ever and even though my shorts were lower, I could tell it was showing out again by the burn of the African sun on it.

I moved myself about a bit while pretending to be looking for the bats but kept an eye on the girls. Jane was smiling broadly as if to say "I told you so." Mary was obviously fascinated.

I could tell she was getting aroused as I could clearly see her nipples standing out, which I hadn't been able to see before. Enough for now I thought and suddenly dropped down which in doing so, gave them both a real good eyefull. We wandered about for a while until Mary asked Jane "Have you taken Pete to see the lake yet?" When Jane said she hadn't, Mary suggested we might go there this afternoon if I wanted.

"It's quite lovely there, I think you'll like it." So having agreed to meet them at two, we went home for lunch. Two o'clock soon came and with a bag of drinks, I went out to meet the two girls. To my surprise though, there were now three. The new one being a very pretty young Indian girl and about the same age as Mary. She was dressed in very colourful traditional Indian clothes, so there was no way of knowing what her figure was like. Mary said this is Mandi and explained her real name was very hard to pronounce in English so we call her Mandi.

Mary had two long stout sticks and passed me one. "To keep the snakes away," she explained. And off we set along a rough, hardly used path. I went last, very happy to walk behind Mary and watch the mesmerising sway of her hips and those clear to see bum cheeks.

I saw her glance round several times and I was sure she just wanted to see if I was checking her out. It was quite a way and took us about half an hour to where the pathway turned round some acacia trees and then I could see the lake, it was indeed stunning.

Surrounded by trees on three sides and the other rising up to a small hill with huge boulders protruding at the top. "We always sit up there," said Mary "There's a better view and less wildlife on the big flat rock over there. It's not really safe down by the water, supposed to be lots of very poisonous water snakes." We climbed up and Mary took a blanket from the bag she was carrying and spread it on the ground.

I took out the drinks and passed then round. It had been hot work getting there. I was sat at the highest point, it was quite a large flat area with the rock sloping gently towards the lake.

The girls sat in front of me looking towards the lake. Mary lay back with her head towards me, then she rolled over onto her tummy and passed the drink back up. I could see that her eyes had gone straight between my legs.

I was sitting with my knees drawn up resting my chin on them. Her eyes had done their magic and I could already feel my cock stirring. As I gazed about the lake, I could clearly see her give Jane and Mandi a little nudge.

Both girls also rolled onto their tummies and I could see all three resting their heads on their arms but all looking up my shorts. Whilst I busied myself having a drink and looking about, I could twist my body from side to side, knowing my cock was coming more and more into view and by now was rock hard. Mandi's eyes were huge with surprise, she'd probably had a strict and sheltered upbringing. The other two girls, who had already seen it before, just looked enraptured.

I could swear there was a gleam in Mary's eyes. I just continued to sit admiring the view, pretending to be completely unaware of anything else.

I suddenly noticed that Mary had slipped an arm under her body and I could just make out her bum was moving about a bit, so I knew she was rubbing herself between her legs.

I could see that I wasn't the only one to notice, as Mandi was glancing at Mary with a shocked look on her face. Jane didn't appear to realise what was going on I thought. I lay back, which was a mistake as my cock then wanted to stand upright but although it strained against the edge of my shorts, it couldn't go any further.

But I could feel it had started to twitch with the effort, which they must all be able to see. Mary stood up and came to lie beside calling for Mandi to lie on my other side. Jane meanwhile, just kept staring. Inching herself closer to me, Mary whispered, "We didn't see any snakes on the way here today but we've seen one now!" She giggled and continued, "I didn't know whether to believe Jane when she told me about what she had seen the other day but I do now.

None of us have seen one like that before although we talk about them a lot at my boarding school. Mandi's a bit shocked but I can tell that she's fascinated, so don't worry." I then felt her hand lightly stroke the outside of my leg, until after a little while she asked "Do you think that I could touch it, it won't bite will it?" and again that lovely giggle.

"No it won't bite but it might spit a bit, so go ahead." "Jane doesn't go to boarding school, she's been schooled at home so doubt she's talked about .er," she paused, "cocks before but I know the dirty little girl has been pinching some of mum and dad's naughty books, so she's read about it but never seen anything till you showed up." With that, I felt her hand move slowly up the side of my leg and then pushed my shorts up a bit.

Naturally, upon being freed from its restriction, my cock jumped up into full view, standing smartly to attention. Mary's hand moved straight to it and her fingers gently caressed it, exploring her first touch of a cock. She let her fingers slowly tease all over and then said, "Come on Mandi" Mary said, "have a feel, it's beautiful." Mandi reached over very tentatively but Mary grabbed her hand and pulled it to me.

She wrapped Mandi's fingers round my cock with hers on top of Mandi's and then started to slowly move them up and down. "This is what the girls at school say you do, is it right?" asked Mary. "Yes, it's right but you do know what will happen if you keep doing that"?

I asked. "I think so but it's only what I've heard" Mary replied with another of her giggles and they continued with their rubbing. "I think I should maybe take my shorts off Mary, or they're going to get a bit messy." "Wow!

Really! That's a great idea," she said enthusiastically. So the next thing, having taken my shirt off as well, there I am lying completely naked and two young girls working their hands up and down. Mandi suddenly said, "It's gone all slippery just like you've oiled it." "That's my pre-cum, it's coming out of the end if you look and oil it is exactly what it's meant to do." Both girls moved in for a better look as I could feel more oozing out.

Then I felt a light finger touch the very tip and glancing down, I saw that Jane had moved up, not wanting to be left out of the fun, she was now lending a hand also. She just ran her fingers round and round the end, spreading my pre-cum. What a great day, I thought.

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Three lovely young girls rubbing my cock for me. I let my hands move and touch the side of Mary and Mandi's thighs and gently caressed with my fingers.

Mary who was now lying on her side immediately bent her left knee up and she took my hand in hers and moved it between her legs. I gently rubbed the front of her crotch through her shorts but when I tried, I couldn't get under the edge of her short legs, they were much too tight for that. I felt her fiddling about and she again took my hand and moved it to the top of her shorts, I knew that she had just undone them for me.

"I've never been touched by a boy before and only once a little fiddle by a girl at school." I moved my hand down inside and realised that just like me, she had come out with no panties on.


My fingers quickly found her slit which was already very wet and slippery. At the same time, I had moved my other hand up Mandi's thigh until my fingers were at the junction between her legs. But unlike Mary, her legs remained tightly closed so I just slowly rubbed one finger up and down her mound where I knew her clit must be, although I couldn't feel it through her clothes.

Meanwhile, at my other hand, my fingers had indeed found Mary's clit and I was giving it a good playing with. I could feel her body writhing against me.

She kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear "Please put a finger in me, I want to feel you touch me inside." So of course, I obliged and slowly slipped a finger inside the juicy warmth of her. She thrust against my hand as I slowly worked the finger in and out. Then I eased another in and I wanked her with my two fingers.

She was now gasping and kissing at my neck I felt one hand leave my cock and suddenly Mary had grabbed Mandi's head and pulled her into the other side of mine. I could see her resist at first but then she seemed to give in and lay her head against my right neck. I turned to face her and before she could pull away, I planted my lips on hers. For a moment she seemed as if turned to stone but then I could feel her slowly relax and she let me kiss her. After a little while, I teased my tongue gently between her lips and again I could feel her reserve but I persisted and suddenly her mouth open to me and my tongue found hers as we kissed, slowly becoming more and more passionate.

My right hand suddenly found it now had space and I knew she had decided to open her legs to me. I eased my hand down and gently caressed her through her clothing.

I could feel her getting more excited so I moved my hand to the top of her trousers. I gently stroked her belly then very slowly eased my hand down inside her trousers. Although I felt her tense, she didn't stop me. And then I had two pussies to rub. I realised that I was reaching my own climax.

"If you watch now girls, you will see what happens." Whilst I continued to administer the two writhing girls I arched my back as I could feel the heat rising in my now very swollen cock, still being vigorously rubbed by three hands. Four faces gazed at my cock, three in anticipation, as it started to throb wildly, until woosh and the first load of cum shot into the air.

The girls all squealed with delight and amazement while my cock carried on shooting more as they wanked at it. Soon it stopped and I lay back exhausted. Mary said, "Hey you've stopped doing your job, do you mind!" Mary and Mandi both lay back and I felt their legs open wide so as I could more easily continue. I felt Mary easing her shorts down her hips, giving me better access to her inner warmth.

Then I knew that Mandi was going to climax as I felt her stiffen and raise her hips off the rock.

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She suddenly gave a yelp and started to buck up and down against my hand, her head twisting from side to side. I could feel the wetness on my hand as she clamped her legs tight around it, trapping my fingers inside her as she spasmed over and over.

Mary said, "My god Mandi, that was beautiful to watch, I hope you're gonna do the same for me now Pete." It was then that I realised that whilst bringing Mandi to a head, I had stopped working on Mary.

I said, "Let me just give Mandi a kiss and then I'll be back to you". Mandi put her arms around me and squeezed hard as I lent in to kiss her. When we finished kissing she said to me "That's never happened to me before when I've played with myself. It was wonderful. I'm sorry I tried to stop you but I was afraid and anyway, I didn't know it would be like that".

We kissed again until I eased away and turned to Mary. "Ok, now it's your turn beautiful." Her shorts were still only halfway down, so I eased them off of her, then went round to kneel between her legs. "Hey what are you doing?" she asked. "Just wait, you'll love it," I replied. Spreading her legs a little wider so I could better see the wonderful sight of her little mound topped with the finest small blonde hairs, her slit looking very wet and inviting.

I eased the lips apart as I bent closer to see her clit, not big but protruding quite proudly. As I leaned in and gently tickled it with my tongue she gasped and pushed hard up against my mouth. Ouch! I thought I'll have a sore lip later.

I slowly licked my tongue downwards along the length of her pussy. Her hands came up and grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling me into her. She raised her legs and wrapped them around my back as I sucked and licked. I pushed her legs up higher and was rewarded with the sight of her beautiful little arse hole.

Naturally, I allowed my tongue to move down till it found the small orifice which I gently tickled. "Oh my god" I heard her gasp out through clenched teeth as I continued to work on her arse hole. I tried pushing my tongue further in but she was too tight so I went back up to work on her clit. At the same time, I eased two fingers into her cunt, getting them nice and juicy, then moved one back down to push gently against the opening of her arse.

I had moved my thumb between her lips and as she raised her hips to meet my tongue and thumb, my finger eased its way into her arse. I could feel it clutching as it fought to resist this new invasion but then relax as my finger slipped right in. I was now finger fucking both her cunt and arse.

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It was then that I noticed both Mandi and Jane were leaning over to get the best view of what was going on. Jane had a hand between her legs giving herself a little rub. Mary released her grip on my hair and took hold of the two girls hands and pushing up her top, she placed their hands on her gorgeous tits, furiously rubbing their hands over her nipples. Both girls looked quite shocked but didn't pull away and quite soon both were busy caressing Mary's boobs, as I continued to thrust my thumb in and out of her pussy, whilst my finger kept up it's reaming of her arse hole and my mouth sucked on her clit which was by now quite a bit bigger.

I knew she was near as she writhed and bucked her pussy against my mouth. Then her hips rose right up and with a huge shudder, she started to quiver as she reached her climax. She was gasping out loud as suddenly my face was soaked with a mixture of pee and come.

I thought if I don't suffocate, I'm gonna drown here as she continued to squirt. The writhing subsided and she lay back gasping.

She opened her eyes, looking at me shocked. "I'm so sorry, I feel dreadful. I just peed in your face." I moved up and gently kissed her, "Don't feel bad, in fact, it was lovely and you tasted beautiful. I loved every moment of it." "But I peed!" she said.

"I know and I hope you do it every time we do this." "Really?" she asked. "Yes, really," I said. "And you pushed a finger up my backside!

I've never done that to myself, it was lovely but I was a bit shocked at first." She then just kissed me again and afterwards she asked: "Is that me I can taste?" "Yes it's great isn't it," I answered. We both then glanced at the other two girls. Mandi looked ecstatic but Jane had quite a frown on her face although she was still rubbing herself.

"What's up, little sis?" Mary asked her. Hesitantly Jane said "Well it's alright for you lot but what about me, I'm not having much fun! Well, I am really, it was fun watching but I want my turn." I looked at Mary who just grinned and gave me a little nod. So I said to Jane "Would you like to slip your shorts and top off?" "I thought you'd never ask," Jane replied and without further hesitation, her clothes had gone, panties as well.

She lay down between us and we feasted our eyes on the petite young body. Her breasts were smaller than Mary's but with much larger areola's and with stiff upright nipples. There was the merest whisper of hair over the top of her tight little slit. I asked Mary and Mandi to play with her pert nipples as I bent to gently rub my fingers over her pussy lips. She quivered, her eyes closed as I eased her lips apart. And what a lovely sight it was.

A tiny little clit, just sticking up but her pussy was already wet, her body had reacted and aroused itself watching her sister being brought to a climax and the little rub she had been giving herself. I licked my tongue up along her slit until I reached her clit then closed my lips around it and gently sucked.

She gasped and almost at once I felt it grow just a bit. I eased a finger into her pussy but not too far. But she pushed up hard against it. I could feel the resistance it came up against and I didn't want to break that, so I quickly eased out a bit and then back in a little again, as I gently wanked her. Like her sister before, she raised her legs around my upper back.

I tickled her arse hole but didn't try pushing my finger in, although I then lowered my mouth until I could flick my tongue around the tight little hole. She squealed with delight and pushed her arse against my mouth. I moved my hand back up to her clit but found another hand there already. It was Mary who was busy rubbing and pulling at her clit.

So I slipped my fingers back in her pussy. Whilst Mandi, I noticed was now sucking Jane's nipples which I could see had grown quite remarkably. Her young climax came with almost no warning. She convulsed and shrieked out loud as it hit her.

The joy and passion evident on her face as she rode the wave. Then my head was soaked as just like her sister, she started to pee. Each time she arched her back another squirt of pee hit me in the face, which I had raised to watch. I could see Jane watching me wide-eyed as I opened my mouth and took all she could give. Soon it stopped and as she lay back she said in a begging voice, "Do you think you could kiss me like you did Mary and Mandi?" It was a tentative kiss that she gave and I knew that she had never been kissed before.

So I let my lips gently caress hers until I slowly eased my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues met and danced around each other as she hugged me tightly. Soon it was a lovely kiss.

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When we, at last, broke for air, she said "Thank you so much, that was wonderful, the kiss, and the er whatever you call it. The best day of my life yet.

And I saw you drinking my pee, wow!" We all had a hug and then lay back for a rest and a drink.


Meanwhile, I had forgotten about myself but I suddenly noticed my cock had raised its head again, not a surprise really! Three girls all giggled and made a grab for it, as one. Mandi whispered in my ear, "It's against everything I've been taught" she said, "But I think I'll have to let you take my trousers down tomorrow and let you do what you did to Mary. If you want to that is?" She gave me beautiful smile when I said: "It would my greatest pleasure Mandi." And you know what? I knew it would be.

So here's to tomorrow. It wasn't too long before my cock decided to let loose, the three girls all trying to catch more cum than the other. Mary obviously the more forward of the three, then raised her hand to her mouth, stuck out her tongue and gave her fingers a lick. "Mm, that's nice," she said, "come on girls, try it." Which of course they both did. Then Mary asked, "Jane and I both peed when we came, I don't know about Mandi but you didn't why's that?" "Well I can't pee when I'm rock hard, I have to wait until it's nearly soft," I answered.

"I think you should show us tomorrow then, don't you agree girls?" Looks like tomorrow's gonna be a good day! After dressing, we gathered up out bits and pieces and climbed back down from the rocks and we set off back along the path.

I slipped one hand down the back of Mary's shorts and she was soon wiggling her arse on my finger. My other arm was round Mandi's shoulder and I had reached down for a handful of lovely soft tit. As for Jane, well she just glared and poked her tongue at me, then said: "Don't worry, I'll get my own back later." She seems to be growing up fast I thought. After dinner, I had gone outside for a smoke when I noticed there was someone over at our mango tree. Sure enough, when I got there, it was Jane sat up on my branch.


She had changed and was now wearing a skirt and top. "It's my turn," she said and opened her legs to reveal a bare pussy staring at me. "You like the view?" she asked, grinning like mad.

"You don't need to just stare you know, you can touch, I liked your tongue playing with me the best." So obligingly I leaned in and ran my tongue along her pussy lips.

I licked and sucked as she wriggled about until she suddenly said: "I'm going to fall, catch me quickly!" I made a frantic half grab for her but she came off the branch too quick for me to get a hold of her and I felt myself falling backwards. I landed on my back with a wallop. Jane following me down for her to land on top of me, still straddling my face. She didn't pause to ask if I was okay but just pushed her pussy down on my face and started to rock back and forth.

"I want your finger up my arse like you did to Mary please, I want to know what it feels like," she said. So I squeezed my hand under her so as to lubricate my finger and moved it back to her tiny arse hole. Gently I pressed but it was so tight not much seemed to happen until she suddenly pushed back hard against my finger and it started to go in.

"Ouch," she exclaimed but didn't stop pushing until my finger was well and truly buried up her backside. She rotated her hips so her pussy mashed down hard on my mouth and her arse swivelled about on my finger. "I'm going to do it, I can feel it happening again," she exclaimed as she tensed above me, her hands pulling on my head and then started to buck up and down, "I'm sorry, I'm going to pee again, I can't help it." Of course, I couldn't answer with her thighs clamped around my head and her pussy jammed into my face.

And then a stream of hot pee was filling my mouth and although I swallowed as fast as I could, I still felt I was going to choke. I think maybe she realised and eased herself up, although maybe it was just that she wanted to watch.

But still, she kept on squirting every last drop onto my face, while she watched with a rapt look on her face.

Slowly she stood up, looking a bit unsteady on her legs but with a huge smile on her face. When we calmed a bit, she suddenly said: "I want to see you pee now". So I eased my shorts up and took out my cock. "Can I hold it while you do it?" she asked.

But I answered, "No, best not to because it'll go hard as soon as you touch it and I might not be able to pee then." "Oh okay, then will you pee just a little first so I can see what happens?" With that, she knelt down to watch closely as I pointed it away from her and started to pee with a satisfying woosh. "Stop!" she commanded, "now point it at my mouth and start again." Not thinking about her clothes, I did just that and began peeing straight in her face, she opened her mouth wide and just drank it down, her mouth coming closer and closer to my cock.

As I stopped she leaned forwards and put her tongue on the end and licked at the drips. Of course, my cock reacted immediately and rapidly started to grow. "Wow, look at that," she said but didn't stop licking. "Is there no more pee coming?" she asked. "No," I said, "but if you keep doing that then it'll do what it did earlier today." "What you mean it'll shoot all that white stuff out?

I've gotta see this." "Well if you really want to see it, put your lips around it and suck while you move it in and out of your mouth". Which she immediately did, gazing up at my face.

You would have thought she had been doing it for years, she was a natural.

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Her mouth swallowing me deep inside and her hands rubbing the shaft. What I sight, that beautiful young and innocent face with her mouth bobbing up and down on my swollen cock. "You ready for this?" I asked, to which she just nodded and sucked and rubbed harder. I felt my cock well up as the pressure reached the point of no return and then I was shooting my load into her mouth.

I felt her gag but she never faltered, just sucked all the harder. At last, I was spent but as my cock started to shrink, she still kept squeezing and sucking. When she finally stood, she said "I didn't want to lose any of that, it was brilliant!

Wait till I tell the others that I had a first" We just stood cuddling and kissing for a while, until I said: "I think it's time we went home." "I'll see you tomorrow, it was nice having you all to myself for a while, without the other two.

I'm not sure what you've done to me but I feel kind of all grown up and so so happy." As she walked away, she turned and called back "I love you, Pete." All I could say was thank you but I thought oops as I turned for home. To be continued.