Masturbating and gapping her cunt hole

Masturbating and gapping her cunt hole
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Suddenly a joyous sound greeted Rachel's ears. The high pitched 'beep beep' of the oven timer. She let out a sigh of relief. Her half hour was over. Her whole body was in agony but she had made it through. She looked up at her tormentor. Toby was still casually reading through the notes; ignoring the timer completely. Eventually when he reached the bottom of the page, he looked up staring into Rachel's pleading eyes.


She looked so helpless and vulnerable and extremely sexy. He decided she had suffered enough for now. Besides he was tired having cum 3 times in a couple of hours. So he stood up and walked over to the oven, pushed the button to stop the timer, turned off the oven and then knelt down in front of Rachel and looked her in the eyes.

Not that Rachel could see through the tears. "I'm sorry Rachel." Toby started whilst reaching round to remove the gag. "I know it hurt but I needed to make a point" "Fuck you" Rachel replied now that her mouth was free. Toby placed a finger to her lips. "Now that is very rude. I'm going to ignore it this time as you are still learning the situation and to be fair I probably deserved it." He said his voice scarily calm and matter of fact.

"But if you ever swear at me again." His voice rose significantly. "I will take one of these clamps and attach it to your clit!!" He hissed, showering Rachel's face in spit. At the same time he grabbed both clamps and pulled hard until they both came free. Rachel howled in pain, as the teeth tore her nipples apart. It was like real crocodiles had bitten her. Toby looked at the red metal and the little drips coming out of her torn teats, creating little red polka dots on the tiles.

Maybe crocodile teeth weren't the best for nipple clamps. He gave her a few seconds to recover. And set about untying her ankles so that the weight was taken off her knees. Rachel shifted her position.

An immense amount of relief spreading through her, now she could take the weight off her throbbing knee caps. Then Toby undid the rope that was tying her arms to the oven. But with her bodyweight leaning forward and her legs and arms too tired to take her weight. She collapsed forward onto the tiles. Rachel whimpered as her shredded nipples kissed the tiles. But at least her large breasts provided a cushion that stopped her face from bouncing off the hard surface. "I'm sorry Rach. I didn't mean that to happen" Toby said genuinely, grabbing her shoulder and helping her to her feet.

Her legs were so tired; she needed all his help just to make it to the table where she slumped in a chair exhausted. He left her there while he plated up, and then placed a plate of salmon, potato and vegetables in front of her. Whilst he had given her a porcelain plate, he had given her a plastic knife and fork. He clearly didn't trust her.

He then kindly untied her wrists so she had free movement to eat her food. Rachel shook her arms loose, trying to rid herself of the aches and pains, but it was no use. She ached everywhere. Toby sat at the other end of the table and started tucking into his salmon, cutting away with his metal knife. Rachel sighed, but she was so hungry she couldn't resist the food and she started hacking away with her own utensils. Lucky it was salmon really; anything else and she would still be there in a year's time.

She brought the pink meat to her lips and tasted the first mouthful. She wasn't sure if it was just her tiredness but it tasted incredible, so flavoursome and moist and seasoned perfectly.

The more mouthfuls she had, the more she realised Toby was an excellent cook and for the first time that evening she smiled.

She glanced up at Toby grinning, as he watched her. "You like my food then?" He asked smiling. She nodded her mouth full of food. "Yes I do; I like it a lot." He raised his eyebrows. "Sir!" She added hastily. "Good. I'm glad to hear it" he said, satisfied. Once they had finished eating, Toby stood up and cleared the plates onto the side. He then picked up his stuff from all over the kitchen; his rope, his trousers, his notes and tidied them all away in his suitcase. All he left out was one length of rope.

He walked round behind Rachel so she couldn't see what he was doing. A feeling of trepidation rose up in her stomach. What was he up to? Eventually she felt his presence standing over her. And then she saw the rope. It looped round at the bottom and then tied to form a ring back around the rope so the loop could be made bigger or smaller.

He had made a noose!! Fear surged through Rachel's body. With all her remaining strength she pushed his arms away and stood up and barged against him as he tried to stop her. She then tried to flee across the kitchen; but her legs still hadn't recovered, she stumbled and fell almost immediately. Toby jumped on top of her. Dragging her arms behind her and pinning them.

Toby felt her naked body shaking beneath him. She was shaking her head back and forward but he still managed to slip the loop over her head and gently tighten it around her neck. "Calm down" he said, I'm not going to kill you, as he secured the knot so it wouldn't come undone. "This is just your lead. You are going to be my lap dog!

My bitch as it were!" With the rope secured he stood up, spanking her arse as he went. "Come on up you get! Walkies!" Rachel struggled to stand, but as she got to her feet. Toby pushed her in the back knocking her back to the floor. "What are you doing? You are a dog. Get on your hands and knees bitch!" He ordered. Rachel did as she was bid, barely able to believe the latest humiliation.

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"Good let's get you upstairs! Off you go!" Toby ordered. Rachel started to crawl. It hurt her aching knees as she crossed the tiles.

Eventually she reached the merciful softness of the carpeted hall. She felt so humiliated, so used. She was a top business woman and now she was being forced to crawl and act like a dog by her deranged colleague, who had spent the evening using her as his own personal sex slave. She had reached the bottom of the stairs. "Go on up you go!" Toby said, spanking her bare arse.

Rachel yelped and then started to climb. "Oo your arse looks good above me" Toby said slapping it once more. Rachel collapsed at the pain of her stinging arse. She tried to get up but he held her in place. Rachel was happy for the rest. "Go on you have a rest. This dog wants to have a closer look of your arse." He leant in closer.

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God her body was a delight, he ran his paws up her long, smooth legs, to the seductive curvature of her hips and then continued over the gorgeous, mounds of her arse. He slapped her arse watching it compress beneath his palm and then bounce back to its previous pertness; he howled in happiness. He then ran his claws down her cheeks, scratching white marks into her perfect skin. Rachel whimpered slightly in pain. Continuing the dog like teasing, he ran his tongue up the back of her legs and then when he reached the top, he then pretended to sniff her bum.

Rachel felt humiliated, he was treating her like a dog and then making fun of her at the same time. She hated everything; the feel of his hands and tongue, the constant jolts of pain, but most of all the complete helplessness. She couldn't help but whimper and sob, as he molested her arse. Then Rachel yelped; he was no longer looking at her bum. His nail was now tickling its way along a far more intimate area, an area that in her current position was at eye level.

She cried out as his finger scratched between her folds and she felt them being pulled apart. Then it was her turn to howl like a dog; as his tongue ran the full length of her pussy. She couldn't help it, it actually felt good.

She knew she shouldn't but she had always loved the feel of a tongue running over her slit more than anything else. And his tongue clearly had some expertise. He started off by running his muscle along the full length of the soft pink skin between her thighs, tantalising his taste buds with the sweetness of her snatch. Rachel could feel heat rising inside her as he licked her out. After devouring her entire pussy, he then started to focus his attentions on her clit; licking and biting away until her button was swollen and throbbing in arousal.

She couldn't help but pant and moan as he actually pleasured her. However suddenly he stopped. "You dirty dog!" He shouted "enjoying me lapping your cunt are you? Who said you could enjoy yourself? Now get up those stairs, you filthy bitch!" And he pushed her onwards up the stairs. Rachel was left in limbo.

Half way to orgasm and even more humiliated. How could this monster nearly make her cum? She felt dirty, filthy even, she felt like a whore. Tiredly she climbed up the stairs. Occasionally he'd slap her arse or stroke her pussy causing her to grunt and moan.

The way he kept teasing her pussy so occasionally and the fact she didn't know when the next touch was keeping her aroused, in fact it was even more of a turn on than his constant attention. She could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter and her moistness dribbling down her legs as she crawled. What was happening to her? Why was she aroused? She knew she shouldn't be. But the gentle caresses of a tongue to her most intimate area were always going to have some effect, but there was also something else.

Something that was more difficult to identify; she was so used to being in control in every part of her life both work and at home, that this feeling of relinquishing control was completely new and different to her, was that also exciting her?

She felt his fingers slide inside her once more and actually moaned in pleasure. Her legs started to tremble as he flicked his fingers back and forward inside her. "God you really are a filthy slut" Toby teased as he felt her wet pussy, enjoying the affect he was having on his captive. But he didn't want her to have too much fun, so he withdrew his fingers to a moan of disappointment.

"Get up the stairs you dirty whore!" And he spanked her arse to get her moving. Rachel slowly climbed, her legs still shaking slightly. But eventually she made it up the stairs and once she was on flat ground she made better progress. She needed no more instructions where she was to go, as she reluctantly crawled her way into the master bedroom.


Rachel felt a feeling of trepidation. Now she was in the bedroom the thought of what was about to come filled her with dread. The enjoyment of the stairs had vanished and been replaced by memories of the horrors inflicted on her earlier in the evening and what horrors may be about to come. Toby looked around as he entered the room.

Just like the rest of the house, Rachel had spared no expense. He stared approvingly at the massive super king bed with chrome bed heads and crisp white sheets. Windows were on one side and along the entire length of the opposite wall were wardrobes with mirrors wall to ceiling on the front making the room seem even bigger. Toby liked these it meant he could watch himself as he did all the things he had planned for Rachel. Just as he did now as he brought his hand down on her bare arse.

Rachel sobbed in pain. She had also seen it coming in the mirror, but it didn't make it hurt any less. Toby continued looking around the room and found his favourite thing of all, along the wall facing the bed; a massive 50 inch plasma TV.

Rachel really did have a great house. Then in the corner to the right of the tele he saw a door. He presumed this lead to an ensuite bathroom. This caused him to have a change of mind, from his intentions of fucking her in the bed. "Change of plan! Let's get you cleaned up, my dirty bitch!" Toby teased. And he placed his foot on her mound and pushed her towards the bathroom with it.

Rachel reluctantly crawled her way towards the bathroom. Clearly the night was not quite over, she didn't know what Toby had planned but she could tell by the tone of his voice it wouldn't be good for her. She felt the cold for beneath her hands as she entered the bathroom and couldn't help let out a sob as her poor knees experienced the hardness of tiles once more. Toby was already removing what was left of his clothes and throwing them onto the floor.

Very quickly he was stood over her; they were both completely naked; his dick flopping down in front of her face. Rachel felt sick at what that thing had already done to her. Toby stepped into the shower; she felt a pull on the rope, making it dig into her neck. She shuffled forward to relieve the pressure and joined him in her large open shower which had plenty of space for the both of them. She felt the shower come on and the hot water splash onto her back.

"Sit!" Toby ordered, "Let me see that beautiful body of yours!" Rachel sat up; as she did the water cascaded over her hair soaking her head, shoulders and chest. She leant back so the water wasn't falling in her eyes. This gave Toby an even better view of her naked form as the spray left droplets on her breasts.

"God your fine," Toby said crouching down and squeezing her breast; loving the how the soft skin compressed between his hands. Once he'd had a good grope. He stood up.

"Right slave. I need to be nice and clean for tomorrow. Here is your first task, I'll do the top half, whilst you make sure my bottom half is nice and clean." He said holding out the shower gel and squeezing some into her cupped hands. "Come on! What are you waiting for?" He said as he soaped up his hands and rubbing soap all over his chest.

Rachel felt disgusted as she lathered up the shower gel in her hands and started rubbing her hands up his hairy legs. She wanted to be sick. "Ooh I like the feel of your soft hands. Make sure you get every crack and crevice" Toby said as he washed his hair and he turned so that she could get to the back of his legs easier.

Rachel ran her hands up the full length of his legs right the way down to his ankles and worst of all his feet. "I said every crack!" Toby ordered; turning back with a horrible grin on his face.

Now Rachel felt truly sick. She knew what he meant. She soaped up her hands once more and started to rub over his butt cheeks, she then reached round and started to rub his balls and then stroke his cock which she felt harden beneath her hands. "Ooh that feels nice, but there is one bit you've missed!" he said and he pulled his arse cheeks apart.

Rachel actually felt sick as she stared at his puckered arse hole. She couldn't do it. She rubbed his arse cheeks again but wasn't going anywhere near his hole. It looked like some form of blood sucking sea monster going to suck the life out of her. "Well you're clearly not going to use your fingers. So maybe you should use another body part." And before Rachel could react, he grabbed her head and pulled it into his arse. The smell was horrible; her mouth was clasped between his cheeks.

She couldn't breathe. She struggled against him but he held firm. "Lick my arse and I'll let you breathe!" he ordered.

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Rachel continued to struggle. She wasn't getting any oxygen, she had used up the smelly pocket between his arse cheeks and she was gasping for air inhaling foul tasting shit particles as she struggled. What a horrible way to die she thought; suffocating inside a man's arsehole.

She couldn't do it, she didn't want to die. So she flicked her tongue out and sampled the ridged pink pucker. She gagged as the little bits of shit covered her taste buds. It tasted even worse than it smelt. She was really running out of air now.

So with one last blast of will power she forced her tongue out of her mouth and started to lap her tongue over his arse hole. Like a thirsty cat that had been craving milk. Only it was air she was craving. Except she didn't get air, she just got caked on shit from when he failed to wipe his arse properly. "Ooh that feels good. I never knew it would be like this." Toby was really enjoying himself at being able to engage in another depraved fantasy.

He could still feel Rachel struggling against him. "Stroke my cock too. Then you can breathe. I want you to play me like a trombone!" Without hesitation, Rachel reached round and grabbed his cock.

She rubbed up and down from the base to the tip of his thick shaft, feeling it pulsing with the blood of his arousal. "God, that feels good. You can breathe now." Toby panted and he pulled her head back still maintaining a firm grip on her hair. Rachel gasped the sweet, fresh oxygen.

Nothing had felt better. The feeling of oxygen rushing into her starved lungs, and the fact that it didn't smell of shit made it even more blissful. However, she didn't have too long to savour the moment, before her face was shoved back into Toby's arse.

"I want you to lick my arsehole clean!" Toby ordered. Rachel didn't protest, not that she could if she wanted to with his arse cheeks muffling any noise she made; besides nearly suffocating had really scared her. So she flicked her tongue out and felt the small ring of ridges beneath her tongue. She had never tasted anything worse in her life. Every now and then her tongue would pick a small piece of shit and she had to do everything she could not to vomit as it hit her taste buds.

Rachel was hating life, but Toby clearly wasn't; he was gripping the back of her head and pulling her tongue deeper into him, until the tip of her tongue was licking inside his arsehole. "Ooh that feels good. Get your tongue as deep as possible Slave!" Rachel obliged, flicking her tongue in and out like a snake, against his ring.


"Uggghhhh" Toby moaned, pulling her even deeper. Rachel was struggling to breathe again. She pushed against him but he wouldn't release her. Panic started to fill her once more. "If you want to breathe, you need to stroke my cock to let me know." Toby stated.

And so Rachel reached round and started to rub her hands up and down his rock hard member. But Toby didn't release her straight away this time. Rachel started to panic now. She tried rubbing his cock faster.

"Oi, slow down!" Toby shouted, "You wouldn't want to break your trombone now would you? Play it nice and slow, and build it to a crescendo" Rachel did as bid. She slowed her pace, and slowed her rhythm. Starting at his base and rubbing her hand all the way up to his tip and back down again. Toby loved the feel of her soapy, soft hands as they glided over his cock.

"Good! You can breathe now!" And he released her head. Rachel slumped back on her haunches. "You are a fine musician, slut. I'll have to let you play my trombone again some time." Rachel wasn't listening; she was gasping for air, trying to repopulate her lungs, and trying to get as far away from Toby's arsehole as possible.

But then she leant too far and the water cascaded over her head engulfing her, and flowing into her open mouth. She collapsed forward, spluttering. She coughed for a couple of minutes trying to rid her mouth of the taste. Eventually she had recovered, and looked up to see Toby giggling and holding a bottle of shower gel. "Here let me help you!" and he placed the end of the shower gel bottle against her lips. Rachel shook her head; she wasn't letting anything more horrible in her mouth.

"Open up!" He ordered. She shook her head again, she'd had enough. Toby flipped and stormed out of the shower and picked the gun up off the side and pressed it against her head. "I said open up!" He bellowed. Rachel couldn't resist, the gun was too scary and even if she did. The force he was pressing it into her temple made her sob in pain anyway. As soon as her mouth opened, Toby squeezed the bottle, squirting the gel inside her mouth. It immediately started to mix with her saliva and began to froth up.

It felt disgusting the way it bubbled up inside her mouth. The soap was horrible but at least it tasted better than the shit. "Good! Let's clean all that shit out of your filthy mouth." Toby said slapping her face for her disobedience. "Now clean my cock!" he ordered and he pressed his cock against her lips, forcing them apart to allow his member inside. Her soap filled mouth felt slightly different to normal. The soap acted as a kind of lube. Easing his progress inside her and without any difficulty his dick was buried in the back of her throat.

He grunted as her gag reflex closed around his dick. So he slid back out and thrust back in; pounding against her face once more. Rachel protested in vain against her punishment. Her frothy mouth allowed only bubbles out and she just had to suffer the way his cock stretched her jaw and pummelled the back of her mouth.

Like it was playing swing ball with her tonsils. "Oh yeah. That feels good." Toby grunted.

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"Do you like it when I fuck your face?" He asked. Rachel didn't. The force of his pounding was hurting her and she was struggling to breathe again with his cock filling her mouth.

Her body was just not getting enough oxygen. First his arse, now his cock, had denied her precious air. Mercifully Toby stopped. "Good. Now you've made my cock nice and soapy and cleaned my arse so nicely. Maybe I should return the favour." Toby said as he pulled away.

And before Rachel could react he had picked her up, spun her round and pushed her head into the ground with one hand, whilst keeping her hips raised with the other.

Rachel was too tired to fight but that didn't stop her screaming as his soapy cock easily slid between her arse cheeks and pushed her sphincter apart once more. It hurt so much. Her muscles ached as his cock penetrated her more easily than before.

The soap aiding his entrance. It still hurt like hell though, his cock stretching the still sore muscles from her last buggery. And to make things worse for her as he pushed into her, all the partially healed rips in her arse that he had made earlier were torn open once more.

It was agony and the soap just made it ten times worse as it made those cuts sting even more. Toby was having no such trouble enjoying himself. He loved the way his cock slid so easily into her and how her tight arse clenched in pain every time he thrust. And with each squeeze of her ass muscles the pleasure built inside him. "God your arse is tight slut I'm enjoying cleaning out that filthy bunghole of yours with my soapy rod. Are you enjoying it slave?" He asked. Rachel could only howl in pain in response.

She was in agony. She felt like her arse was being split in two and torn to shreds at the same time. She thought the first time had been bad, but this was so much worse as the soap allowed him to pound her so much harder and tear her unhealed bum apart even worse than before.

The pain was unbearable. She was struggling to cope. Toby was struggling to cope too. He was so turned on and her tight arse was squeezing his cock so hard that he knew he was about to cum. But he wasn't finished yet. So with great will power he pulled his cock out of her with a loud pop. Rachel's body went limp in relief and tiredness. She could feel the blood trickling out of her arsehole and down over the soft skin between her holes and round her pussy lips.

She wanted to collapse and just lie there and let the water wash her clean but Toby had not released her hips. Then she felt the rush of fear and horror rush back through her as she felt Toby's cock parting her pussy lips and the tip pushing its way inside. "Noooooo" she started, but it soon turned into a scream as he thrust into her so violently that she thought his cock was going to come out of her eyes.

She thought the tempo in her arse was bad.

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But this was worse. Her slightly looser cunt allowed him to slam into her over and over again at incredible speed. She was gasping in pain, by but the steamy shower made it difficult for her get in enough air to fuel the blood that was rushing to aid her aching loins. Toby was loving fucking her pussy. It was the only hole he hadn't plundered tonight and so he couldn't go to bed without completing the set.

So he had to slide his cock inside her helpless snatch. But he wasn't going to give her an easy time. So he ravaged her as hard as he could. It actually hurt him slightly as his cock slid against her walls at such pace. But he revelled in the knowledge that he was hurting her a lot more.

Rachel was overcome; she couldn't deal with it any more. The exertion of being raped constantly; the emotion of the night, the pain; the heat and steam of the shower was all overwhelming her.

She couldn't cope any longer; she was going to pass out. Toby felt Rachel's body go limp. The whole thing had got too much for her. However he still had his hands on her hips, so she was going nowhere; and her pussy was still tight. Besides he was nearly done, so he continued to fuck her lifeless body. A minute later he felt the familiar feelings rushing through him.

His arms were aching from holding her limp body in place. But he was loving life all the same. Thinking back over all the things he had done to Rachel that night turned him on so much. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold on much longer.

His cock was starting to tense as he slammed into her a couple more times. Then at the last minute just before he came, he pulled out. He watched as his cock tensed and let loose his sticky white spunk, which gracefully flew through the air like a serpent striking, before arcing down to land in rows running from her cunt, up over her arse and all down her back like zebra stripes. He enjoyed the orgasm rushing through his body as he watched his dick cover her in his sticky juices.

Luckily for Rachel this was one humiliation that she would not know about. However he turned off the shower and crossed the bathroom to pick up his camera and took a few photos of her cum covered body for his own private collection.

Once he was happy, he directed the shower head towards her and rubbed shower gel over her and soon the water had washed all the sperm away. Toby then turned off the shower, towelled them both down, scooped Rachel up and took her over to the bed. He made sure she was positioned safely and then lay down naked beside her wrapped his arm around her and clutched her breast.

He was very happy with his nights work; it was without doubt the best night ever. He lay there spooning the most beautiful girl in the world, who had made him cum 4 times and who would be making him cum a lot more; as she was now his own personal sex slave.

And with these thoughts filling his brain he drifted off into a very enjoyable sleep. Halfway through the night Rachel awoke. It took her ages to come to her senses. She ached all over; her arse felt stretched and raw; her pussy felt like it had taken a baseball bat inside it; her jaw felt like it had been locked in place; her knees and arms ached as if she had done a marathon gym session; and her breasts felt like they had been in a fight with a cheese grater.

As her eyes adjusted to the light, she noticed the hand clutched around her breast, her eyes then followed along the arm to the shoulder and the face. And then the horrors of the night before came back; Toby pinning her to the desk and taking her anal virginity; Vinnie's monstrous cock splitting her fanny in two; the car journey home and then the punishment in the kitchen; before the shower at the end where the heat and exertion had been too much.

As the emotion of her ordeal flooded through her, she just laid there and cried. He'd tied her to the bed. Her arms tied to the headboard, her ankles to the footer. Not that she really cared any more. She just lay there sobbing for a while until tiredness came over her once more and she drifted into a nightmare filled sleep.