Horny girls Fighting for cock

Horny girls Fighting for cock
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Mia Arrives I was overjoyed as my surrogate teenage daughter was coming to stay with us for a few weeks. She and her mother have not been getting along very well at all, in fact there is huge resentment between them.

Both are to blame but the main problem as I see it is that Mia feels unloved by both her Father, Mother and other people close to her. I waited at the airport for Mia to arrive. It wasn't long when I saw this incredibly sexy young lady in a short skirt and a revealing top walking toward me with a huge smile on her face. We approached each other, I was finding it hard to keep my eyes from looking at her ample tits which were nearly falling out of her top.

We gave each other a huge hug, I could feel her tits pressing against me, my cock twitching and growing in my pants. I know I should have these feelings toward a friend's young teenage daughter, but she was one hell of a sexy girl. We collected her bags and found our way to the car and proceeded to go home. Mia sat beside me in the front and squirmed around a bit to get comfortable which meant that her short skirt rose up to her thighs exposing the crotch of her skimpy panties.

She also turned slightly toward me and placed her right leg innocently up on the seat which allowed a perfect view of her camel toe.

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My cock was becoming quite hard and uncomfortable. I had to concentrate hard on driving as my mind went haywire imagining all sorts of lustful and wrong thoughts. I noticed Mia glancing down at the ever increasing bulge in my pants.

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She had a wry smile on her face which meant she knew exactly what she was doing with her body and the effect it was having on me. But did she know of the consequences.


It was quite a drive to home, I knew of a quite spot where we could pull over. I pulled over which caused Mia to gasp and ask what I was doing. I told her that if she is to tease me by exposing her panty clad cunt to me and causing my cock to get stiff then we need to stop and talk about it. With that she slid over closer to me and put her arms around me and gave me a kiss on the lips.

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This was too much for me and I just had to feel those beautiful tits. Mia gasped as I manipulated her nipples in my fingers. After teasing her nipples for a short time I pulled back from Mia's embrace and began to tell her off for being a little slut by exposing her wares to an older man and that there are consequences for such behavior. She looked at me in total surprise as I continued to berate her. After a while I told her to get out of the car as I was going to punish her for being so slutty.

Part of the punishment was humiliation and as soon as she was out of the car I told her to remove her skirt and top. She hesitated and looked like she was not going to comply with my request.

I walked over and bent her slightly forward and gave her a good whack on her arse causing her to squeal loudly. I told her once again to remove her outer clothing, again she hesitated for a moment and then complied. I told her to bend over the bonnet of the car with her legs spread apart, as she did I removed the belt from my pants.


The sight before me was exquisite, a nice young teenage ass with a glistening pussy. Mia was getting turned on by her actions and the anticipation of what may come. I unraveled my belt and drew it back and then moved it forward and lay it across her ass. She yelped and pushed her ass back further in anticipation of the next stroke. I swung it a bit harder this time. As I hit her she pushed her ass further back which exposed her pussy even more.


I could see that it was getting moister with every stroke. I had a raging hard on, my 7" cock the only thing stopping my pants from falling down.

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I gave her a few more stokes of the belt and then moved closer to her and placed a finger in her soaking pussy. She was certainly turned on and I told her what a little slut she was to be getting so turned on by this belting.

She moaned in pleasure as I continued to probe her tight cunt with my finger. My cock was straining to be released, I pulled my shorts over my engorged cock and let them full to the ground. As I wasn't wearing underwear my cock was immediately released.

I removed my finger and placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt and without hesitation thrust my cock deep into her tight little cunt. Mia let out a yelp of surprise at first then as I pushed in past her hymen let out a squeal of initial agony. I told her these are the consequences of being a slut. I immediately started to pump my cock in her pussy and after the initial onslaught she began to thrust back with me and I could hear her moans of pleasure.

Mia was starting to enjoy this pounding I was giving her pussy.

As I rammed my cock into her tight virgin cunt, I began to probe her asshole with my finger. She resisted at first tightening her shitter so as I couldn't push my finger in. I gave her a good hard whack across her cheeks with my other hand.

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This caused her to jump and as I had maintained pressure on her ass my finger suddenly popped in past her sphincter. She let out a loud squeal of surprised and begged me to remove my finger I just fucked her harder and started to move my finger around her asshole slowly stretching it. As I pumped my dick in her cunt and manipulated my finger in her ass I could sense she was relaxing a bit and enjoying the penetration of both her holes I told her sluts get fucked in all kinds of ways and their bodies are used as a mans plaything and they have little say as to what they themselves get.

I continued to pound this virgin pussy and expand her asshole with my fingers. When I thought that her shit tube was expanded enough I with drew my fingers and then my cock and in one quick movement thrust my cock into her tight little ass.

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Mia yelled out in total surprise as I forced my cock up her tight asshole. The feeling to me was absolutely wonderful and I new that I could hold on much longer before I was going to explode with my cum. I pounded her ass more furiously as my balls contracted ready to release my load.

I withdrew and ordered Mia to turn a round and to get on her knees in front of my cock. I pumped it a few times and suddenly it exploded shooting my hot sticky load all over her face and beautiful tits. After I had finished shooting my load I told Mia to clean my cock of both her and my juices.

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She at first hesitated but I pushed her head toward my cock and she then willingly began to lick my cock clean. After she finished cleaning me I bent down and started to suck and nibble on her tits and slowly cleaned all the cum from her body.

After we finished cleaning each other up I embraced Mia and gave her a long tender loving kiss.

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She responded by kissing me longingly back and went all weak I the legs. I told her to get dressed as we had better get going before a search party is sent out.

As we drove off Mia snuggled up close to me and placed a hand on my cock, I then knew that this was going to be a very pleasurable few weeks or so.