Blonde with big ass takes a messy anal creampie

Blonde with big ass takes a messy anal creampie
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Okay, dont know how to start this, but here it goes. My Friend Amy and i have known each other since we were little.

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Over the years her and I have gotten super close. She tells me everything. Were in high school now as freshman's, and we dont talk much, but anyways, here's the story. Let me tell you some things about Amy.

She's 5'2 and has orange brownish hair. (she dyed it) and she has an amazing body.

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She has 32 C's. And her ass is drop dead amazing. It looks good in everything. She has a decent face, but of course not perfect. She's well.


Developed, is the word. And me, im 5'7 and I have long dirty blonde hair. I dont have a six pack or anything, but im pretty muscular. Im pretty popular when it comes to getting girlfriends. But Yah, that's me. Chapter 1. Me and Amy have a lot of history. I go over to her house all the time. When im at my friends, she comes over there. We have always done stuff. Probably the furthest I've went with Amy was finger her.

We have a string relationship, were, not dating, but we act like we are. She will come over to my house and give me a lap dance. She knows it makes me horny, but she keeps wiggling. At my friends house, I had Amy there, in his room. I got her completely naked. I fingered her like crazy. She moaned and grabbed the bed sheets. But that would soon lead to a whole lot more.

Chapter 2. I would go over to Amy's late at night and walk right up in her house.

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Her mom loved me. I was always good to Amy and was always there for her. One night I went there and Amy was in the shower. And I realized that she just got in, because the water just turned on. Amy has a sister, her name is Brittany. She is a little bit shorter than me, but she's fourteen. She's in the eighth grade. She has super nice tits, even though there not as big as Amy's, but she had an amazing ass.

Like almost better than Amy's. I went into Brittany's room to see what she was doing. She was in her walk in closet. Turns out she made it a room.


She had a bed in there, a lava lamp, and a purple sheet covering the ceiling light. It was awesome. I knocked on her closet door, and she opened it. To her surprise, it was me. She let me in, and I went and sat on her bed.

We talked for a few, and then she said she was cold. I had on a brand new Aeropostale jacket on. She grabs my jacket by the hood and yanks it off of me. My shirt and everything came off. She just stares at me for a second, and I get all embarrassed.

She blushes and gives me my shirt back. As she handed it to me she told me to keep it off. I asked why. She paused for a second, then said "because its hot in here." I awkwardly agreed with it. For some reason she had a lock in her closet, and got up and locked it. I asked " why did you lock that? " She said "So my little sister Rachel doesn't get in here. " I said alright, and she sat back on the bed. I stood up and pulled at my jacket, trying you get it from her small hands.

She jerks on it really hard, and I purposely fall on top of her. I cought myself before I landed on her. Her eyes caught mine, and I went in for the kiss. She knew exactly what to do, and kissed me back. To my surprise she stuck her tongue in my mouth. I let my body relax on hers, and we passionately kissed.

She grabbed my back and clawed all the way up it. It was instant boner for me. And she realized it. I jumped up real fast and I told her sincd I toom something off, that she needed to. She agreed and took off her shirt. Her tits hung in an amazing black laced bra. She said your turn and we sat there and played the strip game. I took off my pants and so did she. Her bra matched her panties. When everything was left but our underwear, I laid on the bed.

She sat on top of me, and started shifting her hips forwards and backwards. Grinding on my Dick. I looked up at her and took her bra off. As soon as her gorgeous tits fell out of that bra, I was in heaven. I started to stand up but she pushed me back down. She rubbed her nipples. I couldn't resist so I started sucking on the right one. She moaned loud, it echoed. I got from under her and took off her panties.

She laid there naked. I took off my underwear and threw them behind me. I laid on top of her and kissed her sweet lips.

I could tell she was loving this, so I got brave. I started kissing down her body. I kissed the bottom of her belly, and smelled her sweet sex juices. She was wet. She was shaved and I started to rub where the hair grows. I got lower and I started to rub her clit.

She went wild. She started bucking and thrashing. Then I stopped. I looked up at her, and before I could say anything, she said " take my fucking virginity". I just about blew my load.

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I couldn't believe this fine ass girl was a virgin. I rubbed her clit and tried to fit two fingers in. I hit no where. She screamed loud. And I thought " shit, this isn't Amy, I can't fit two fingers in. " Then I thought about it, I don't want to take her virginity with my fingers! I wanted to get her so exited. I licked up all of her juices, and she almost went through the roof. I licked her clit hard, and stuck my toungue deep inside her.

I felt her walls contract and I knew she was having her first actual orgasm. She moaned for almost a minute. I sat her up and kissed her. And as I did she noticed my Dick. She slowly moved her hand around it, and started moving it up and down. It felt a million times better when she did it.

After a few minutes of that, I realized her face was really close. I pushed forward so my head hit her lips.


Some how, she knew just what to do. She opened her mouth, and licked my head. And swirled it all over. She pushed forward until she was about half way, then I pushed the other half. I felt my Dick hit the back of her throat. She gagged and pulled it out of her mouth. I just smiled. I stood up, threw her on the bed and got on top of her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I said "this may hurt a little". Before she had time to scream, I found her hole and pushed it half way in and popped her cherry.

She screamed so loud. Luckily we were the only ones home, besides Amy, who takes like 2 hour long showers. She caught her breath and said " Oh my God, that kinda hurt. " "Im sorry." "No keep going, fill me up, it feels so fucking good." She was cussing like a sailor, and that's all I needed to hear. I pushed all the way in, and she yelled again.

I was in balls deep. I sat there for a second, trying not to blow my loud right there. I pulled out and pushed back in, in and out. I picked up speed. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Don't stop! Fuck me hard, I want you to cum inside me!" She kept saying those lines over and over. I went as fast as I could.

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I felt her insides tighten up around my Dick. All of the sudden I felt her cum, and one more push and I cummed too. I yelled and she screamed, and our sex juices were going everywhere! My whole body went weak. I sat there for a second.


Then my Dick fell out of her. I was gone. Lost in my own world. I just had sex with a sexy virgin. I cleaned up some of our mess. When suddenly I heard a knock at the closet door.

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"Sis, you alright in there?" It was Amy. This is my first story, so please no bad comments. Tell me if you like it, or not, but dont be mean :D If you like it, I'll make another one!