Melissa masturbates on stepmoms big tits and get to lick her

Melissa masturbates on stepmoms big tits and get to lick her
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Hi, My name is Britney. And this is how my fun with Butch all began. I was 17 at the time, on that hot summer day. School was out and my backyard pool was just right for a swim. I changed into my thong, went outback and dove in. I've raised Butch for about five years.

He's a golden yellow dog, I'm not sure what breed he is. He was so small as a pup, but now he is almost my size. When I moved out of the house, I made sure he came with me, we are very close. I was always the one to take him on walks, or play with him in the backyard. Today was no different, when I went out for a swim, he came out into the backyard with me.

Once in the pool, I started think about how Butch has always been around. Then I started to wonder if he was watching me the night I popped by cherry with Joseph.

Of course, once I started thinking about that night again, my nipples started to become firm.

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Before I knew it, I was reliving that night in my mind while my hands was busy fingering my pussy. Joseph was good, but as my first I wasn't sure how good. Between the pain and arousal, I was lost in the moment.

That was the first time I wasn't concerned about my Butch. As I kept thinking about that night, my fingers keep moving faster and faster over my pussy. I enjoyed that night so much, I couldn't wait to feel a cock inside me again. My virginity was gone, but my desires was only increasing. Joseph didn't do anything to kinky that night.

But I've been playing with my pussy alot since then, remembering how good it felt.


Today was no different as I continued fingering myself in the pool. My clit was so hard, it didn't take me to long to cum.


After a few moans from my climax, that hopefully the neighbors didn't hear, Butch barks at me. That's his signal that he is ready to go back inside. I was ready to go back in as well, I needed to dry off after all that excitement. Once inside the house I squatted down, in front of the couch, to pet Butch. He licked my cheek and I petted him along the back of his head with a laugh.

I then decided we should play a little. I started to crawl, on all fours, over to get one of his favorite toys laying on the floor.

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As I did that, he moved around to my rear, I felt his cold nose on my exposed ass. I laughed and acked at the same time. But as I started to crawl away from him, His front paws jumps up on my lower back. The sensation was defiantly odd, and at first I wasn't sure what he was up to. But then as his paws moved higher up by back, I knew exactly what he was going to do next. I'm not sure after all these years what made him do this now, but I wasn't very scared since my thong was going to protect me.

Butch does start trying to mount me, his hard cock I could feel pressing against the thong. He was very determined, so I tried moving off of him gently. But that wasn't working and it left me confused on what to do. I still love him, and didn't want to use harmful force to stop him.

It was then that somehow his paw or teeth snaps off the string on the top right side of the thong. The thong didn't fall off at first but I still paniced, hoping he would still have trouble.

But on his third thrust the thong was pushed to the side, he was inside me. His cock was a nice size, I couldn't help but moan from the entry. My pussy was still wet from thinking about Joseph, so Butch's cock had no trouble getting inside. Again, I tried to gently get free, but it was no use. Their was only two choices, either hurt him or I let him continue. By the time I realized that, he was already fucking me. His cock was thrusting so hard and fast. I had only felt that with Joseph towards the end.

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It was really starting to feel good. My mind was so confused about how I could enjoy getting fucked by something that wasn't human. But I love Butch, and he was giving it to me well. I could feel his rock ramming into me over and over.

His length going very deep into my pussy. At that point, I no longer cared what he was. I became his bitch. I gave into to him and spread my legs open and lowered my ass down to the ground more, to give him a better angle. He kept thrusting very hard, and a few minutes later he howled out.

At first I wasn't sure why, but then I felt it inside me. His watery cum was inside my pussy. I wasn't expecting it so soon and I was still enjoying my own building up. His cum again felt different than Joseph's, much less creamy and more runny. Still it was hot and felt good inside of me. He then pulls out of me and starts licking along the outside of my pussy lips. That felt almost as good as his thrusts.

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For several minutes I felt his long wet tongue licking along my folds, cleaning up mess he had just made. Just when I thought it was over and I started to stand up, he remounts me and starts again to fuck me. At this point I was glad to feel him again, I felt so let down that it was over so quickly.

This time I start fondling by breast while he trusted his cock so wildly into me. Oh he was so good. None stop hard thrusts. It was late into this one that I felt something else. His cock, started getting bigger at the tip. I was in total shock that it was a knot forming. I was even more overwhelmed by how good that knot felt rubbing inside my pussy. Butch also started to pant loudly. This turned me on even more as his panting increased, I knew how close he was getting. I was about to cum when he again cummed inside me.

Feeling that hot juice squirt out inside me this time was enough to make me hit an incredible orgasm. I yelled out like never before. "Oh Yes. Yeeesss! Boy! I feel your hot cum and I'm cumming too. Oh Buuuuuutcchhh!" Its to bad he couldn't understand me. That was defiantly the best orgasm I had ever had, and it wasn't even with a human.

When he pulled out of me the knot almost didn't come out. The sensations from that was so incredible. He again licked my pussy clean. At this point I was urging him to take me again, I wanted him so bad.

"Come on Butch, take me again boy!" I said.

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And he did take me again, this time the knot was huge. His cock managed to still keep fucking me hard and deep as it could go each time. I moaned out and yelled as I never had. He was so incredible. His knot rubbing and stretching my pussy, was so intense. I loved every moment of his shaft being inside my love canal. Pump after pump, each one hard and deep inside me. It felt so good I had two orgasms back to back within just seconds of each other. But he still continued on and I was still encouraging him.

"Oh Yeeessss! Good Boy Butch! Fuck Me!

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Ohhhh!!" Finally he howled as his hot cum shot into me again. "Oh yes baby! I feel that cum." And I too cam hard once I felt his inside me. "Oh YES, I OH GOD!! I'M Cumming Again Boy! Mmmmmm!!" The sensations was unlike any other I had felt before. My whole body cried out in pleasure. As the moment passed, he tried to pull himself out, but was unable to. His knot had become to big to get out of my pussy.

After another hard pull, and ripping out the last remains of my hymen, his knot came free of my pussy. He again licked my pussy clean as I sat there moaning and enjoying the afterglow.


As I tried to catch my breath, I looked back at him and said "Good Boy! That's my Butch!" Once I was sure he was happy and not going to take me again I sat up, and petted him.

I tried to ask him where did he learn that trick, but naturally he didn't answer me. Since that day, When I'M alone in my apartment, I make sure not to wear any cloths below the waist, just encase Butch is in the mood again.

And he has been. Butch takes me so much that I had to breakup with Joseph. He would get upset when he couldn't get any action with me anymore. And there was no way I could tell him that I found a better lover. This is one girl who defiantly loves her dog and no longer minds being called a bitch.

If you can take me like that, I'll be your bitch anytime. Butch can take me anytime he likes.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm his till death do us part. I hope you enjoyed my story as much as I enjoy living it. winks.