Slutty teen with monster tits on dirtycambabes

Slutty teen with monster tits on dirtycambabes
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About Myself - [Hypocrites (Hi-pok'-ruh-tees) ] I am now middle aged, not in horrible shape but my nearly sixty years shows. Most of these vignettes come from a time when I was much younger, in great shape and before I was married. I am 6'1", and hirsute and have always been muscular. Ego notwithstanding I've been told I am good looking. I have never measured myself, I guess I have always felt I was adequate and never considered the minutiae of length, girth and circumference.

Maybe there is a hidden anxiety that I won't, ahem, measure up. I will say that every lover I have ever had was tight and many strained against discomfort. I don't remember any episodes where I did not "hit bottom". I have always had heavy balls covered in thick hair. My wife calls them "bull balls". So you won't read any precise lengths or volumetric analysis.

I always spend a good deal of time in foreplay and will make sure my lover orgasms before intercourse. I find making sure they cum at least once makes MY experience more satisfying. As for the women, I favor redheads and voluptuous figures. However, I have dated a variety of women with different body types and age ranges.

Most have been white while some were Asian and some African American. I went into the Army (airborne) straight out of high school, when I came home I have been many things but settled in fire and rescue.

My experiences prior to that were clumsy as I and the girls I was with were learning. We didn't have the internet and unless you were ballsey enough to check out/purchase things like the Kama Sutra, The Kinsey Report or similar; you were left learning from Variations and other erotic writings in skin mags. Just before I went in, I adopted the odd habit of actually speaking to the girl I was with and actually asking what she enjoyed.

I became better. This story is true and I was very inexperienced when it occurred. It wasn't until late into the next day that I realize that this young lady was a virgin when I took her to bed. CHRISTMAS LEAVE VIRGIN Some forty years ago I was in basic training.

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Christmas Leave was thirty days starting in the first week of December. I had gone in at 17 and was just now 18 years old. I was living with my dad and when I came home, my best friends all decided they would take turns treating me to a night of drinking and revelry. There was a wood frame honky tonk in town that had awesome bands and cheap pitchers of beer. The waitresses and the band actually remembered me from all of the times I had been in there before.

I didn't have the heart to tell them I was just now of age.

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I wore a full beard in high school and the subject never came up. Both the house and the band bought rounds and it wasn't long before driving became ill advised but I wasn't driving. I definitely stood out in this seventies scene with my high and tight haircut so it was fairly easy to find women to talk to. I was and am a horrible dancer but that didn't stop me from "dancing" with several women. I had ladies grabbing my butt and pressing their breasts into my chest.

I have to say, I idled at a state of semi-arousal the whole night. I remember one tall, gorgeous woman that was maybe 35-40. She was a handful. She was about 5' 8", dishwater blonde curls down to her middle back with long legs and a nice heart shaped ass.

She wore a cotton muslin shirt and no bra, yeah it was that obvious. Her breasts were the proverbial champagne glass size, but oh those nipples. We were "dancing" to a semi slow Pure Prairie League song when she pulled tight into me, those nipples felt like they'd drill into my chest. She was nibbling on my neck and grinding her crotch against my leg. She was cooking and i was finding it hard to believe she couldn't feel my stiffness pressing into her hip.

She reached up and started to French me and our tongues started a dance of their own. She tasted of menthol and Kahlua. She kept grinding and soon shuddered against my leg, did she just cum?

I don't know but I do know she was flushed and breathing hard. The dance floor was crowded but soon enough the song ended and I readjusted myself as subtly as I could. I made it back to my table, sat down and cooled off with another frosted mug of draft. I noticed she was staggering as she tried to navigate back to her table.

She almost fell and I started to get up but her girlfriends caught her and sat her down. This one looked promising. I had to hit the head though and when I got back, both she and her friends were gone. Oh well. Me and my buddies were talking to various people and girls around the club while the band was on break.

There was a table with three girls that as I stopped by to say, "hi," asked me to join them. We were all talking and laughing a little to loud when the young lady to my right asked me what I did. I told her i was a soldier home on leave. "I LOVE soldiers," she said with a breathy exhale. I studied her for a minute and found she was beautiful. Not closing time beautiful but really beautiful. When the band started back in with a slow number, she asked me to dance.

I told her I wasn't very good and she laughed and said, "I am." Maybe I read too much into that remark, but it sounded promising. What the heck, I can sway back and forth. When she stood and lead me by the hand to the dance floor I took her in. She was around 5' maybe 5' 1".

Her hair was a shiny brown flowing in long straight locks to her butt which filled out her jeans liked they had been spray painted on her. When she turned and we joined on the floor I really got my first good look at her face. She was milky white with a built in pout and over sized gleaming eyes. She was curvy but not fat with full thighs joining at a visible cleft showing through those insanely tight jeans. She wore a light sateen blouse with enough buttons loose to give me a clear view of her ample cleavage.

I've become a pretty good judge over the years and if i recall correctly, she was every bit of a D or a DD cup. She squeezed into me as we danced and I worried that she could see the outline of my stiffening dick through my jeans. We finished the dance and we went back to her table. We talked some more and I found out she was celebrating her 18th birthday with her friends (the legal drinking age then was 18). She had scooted up next to me and was rubbing her hand n my thigh as we all talked.

Occasionally she would lean in and we'd kiss long and deep. I'd glance at her friends to gauge their reactions. They were smiling and whispering. I had my hand draped around her shoulder and drew her in for another kiss while I reached over with my left hand and slid it up her thigh, pressing lightly against her vulva. She gasped in my mouth. She rasped, "will you take me home with you?" I whispered back, "I came with friends, let me see if they are good with driving us out to my house." They had been watching and were ready to go.

Talk about good friends. We got to my house and my buddies pulled away. I cautioned, "my dad will be asleep, be very quiet." We came in, I grabbed another couple of beers from the fridge and we went back to my room.

Thankfully it was on the opposite side of the house from my dad's room. We went in and I lit a couple of weird little wizard candles that I had and we sat on the bed.

Good grief she was beautiful as the candle light danced in her eyes and painted her alabaster skin. Her hair shimmered as it draped down the front of her shirt cascading over her left breast. We talked in hushed tones and she told me about finishing high school in the previous spring, that she liked volleyball and was working as a waitress. She went on about dating a couple of guys in high school but had not been seriously involved with anyone since.

The way she had talked and acted at the bar, I figured she had had at least some experience. But when I reached up with my right hand and swept back the hair from her face and caressed her cheek, she began to tremble. She leaned her face into my hand, her breath came in something like a sigh. She closed her eyes and I leaned in. She turned her face slightly and kissed my hand as she slid closer.

I pulled her face to mine, causing her to lean forward and I softly kissed her on the cheek and then her lips. As I lingered on her mouth my left hand came and grasped her shoulder and I pulled her into a tight, almost crushing embrace. She whimpered and called my name almost questioningly. I felt her whole body trembling now. I took her face in both of my hands and lifted her chin so she could look me in the eye. I gazed at her, questioning with my eyes, I could sense she was afraid.

She looked at me, her eyes shining almost welling with tears. She kissed me hard and hen leaned her head against my chest, she softly kissed between my nipples through the open top of my denim shirt.

I held her close, gently rocking her. I had resolved to let her decide. We stayed like that for a long time, me just holding her gathered up in my embrace.

Then I almost missed it when she so very softly said, simply, "please." With all of the patience and gentleness I could muster, I took the hand she was holding against my right chest and guided it to my crotch.

She, tentatively at first, rested her hand on my erection and then traced it through the denim. It ached with desire. I lifted her chin and kissed softly and she opened her lips slightly and let me in. We locked in that kiss for several minutes, I rubbing the small of her back and slowly brought my hand around. Reaching between us I started to unbutton her blouse and her breathing came faster as we continued our torrid kiss. I slipped her blouse off of her shoulders and broke our kiss long enough to work down her neck and kissed the pearlescent shoulder.

I pulled back long enough to take off my shirt, I don't know how but it managed to be untucked and unbuttoned. I pulled her close again and let her rest her head on my chest as she lightly rubbed through the hair. As skittish as she was, I wanted to make sure every step was her idea. I laid her back in my bed and sat up and just gazed at her, marveling at the way her breasts pushed her lacy bra to its limits.

Her skin glowed and I gently caressed her stomach causing her to take little gasping breaths as I slid my hand over the smooth cups that were keeping her breasts captive. She reached her arms up and I laid down with her, half on her body with the weight of my chest crushing those beautiful breasts and a leg between hers pulling her right leg under me. I held the back of her head and a handful of her hair as I pressed my lips into hers with earnest effort.

I brought my right hand up the inside of her right leg, squeezing as I went until I pressed into her denim covered crotch and added pressure to my middle finger wedging into the pronounced cleft of her mound.

She inhaled sharply and her eyes shot open but she didn't break our kiss. I continued pressing until she whimpered plaintively and lifted her hips pressing back. I relented and rolled back, searching her eyes for answers. I saw confusion, lust and a touch of fear. I had to ask, "what do you want me to do?" She bit her lower lip and reached up with her hands slipping her bra straps off of her shoulders and ten reached over to me and pulled my right hand to her left breast.

The bra was not padded but I could only detect the smallest lump of a nipple when I started caressing the cloth covered breast. I slid my finger under the top of the cup and traced the line of her bra cruising across what turned out to be very sensitive nipples.

She jumped and made a kind of gasping chirping noise. I repeated the assault on the nipple and felt it growing hard as she twitched and breathed in a sharp little staccato of gasps and puffs. I rolled the top hem of her bra cup off of her nipple causing it to obscenely halve her breast. Her aureola was about quarter sized and a very pale, almost translucent pink.

Her nipple was tiny but as I worked it with my fingers and the palm of my hand, it grew to an unexpected hardness. I leaned down and took her in another deep kiss and rolled her on her side facing me. I worked my hand up from her lower back to her bra clasp.

I admit I was worried this wasn't going to go well, so far in my experience the girl had to eventually undo her own bra.

I barely touched it, or so it seemed, and it snapped open. She pulled back suddenly and looked me in the face with an expression that seemed to say, "how did you do that?" I laid her back down on her back and slowly, teasingly, raked the bra off of that luscious chest. She shrugged her shoulders together and I pulled the offending barrier off of her arms. She suddenly wrapped her arms over her breasts in an acute attack of shyness and modesty.

I reached down, took her wrists in my hands and whispered, "let me see." She resisted a tiny bit but relented and I pulled her arms open. "Your gorgeous!" I hissed as I gazed at those full breasts only slightly moving to the side.

Instead they elected to stand proud, both nipples now raising from their pink flowers. She smiled weakly as I leaned down to kiss her, and then started my way down to her chest.

When I got to her left breast and took the nipple into my mouth, she jumped and made a sound like a sob. I suckled and gently took the growing flesh between my teeth pulling it away from her breast.

She moaned as she grabbed my head and pulled it tightly to her tit. I kept up the oral assault on one, then the other nipple. As I did I would work the other breast with my left hand and my right returned to working on her jean clad crotch. She was whimpering and twitching, jumping around as she humped back at my hand. I was pressing hard into her cleft and it was definitely getting to her. I didn't want to mar that flawless ivory flesh but I worked her tits until the aureola and nipples were swollen and nearly purple.

A flush had spread across her chest, made its way up her neck until her face looked feverish.


I pulled up and looked down at her. She was panting and starting to glisten with the sheen of sweet perspiration. I touched one of the inflamed nipples and she squealed and jumped, they were almost too sensitive now.

She was looking at me, flushed and with her eyes half opened. I said, "let me see all of you." She nodded but didn't say a word. I moved down to where I was eye level with her waist and undid the top button of her jeans. She grabbed my wrist as if to stop my hand and then slowly let up. I found the slider of her zipper and worked it down almost silently.

I peeled the front of her jeans opened and leaned over and kissed her panty covered mound. I don't think I had ever done that before but she sighed and hugged my head to her stomach. I reveled in her clean smell and the undulation of her stomach with every breath. I sat up and started to work the jeans off of her beautifully rounded hips. She lifted her bottom off of the bed and eventually they slid over her full thighs and wonderfully curved calves.

I was still relatively inexperienced but I knew what it meant when a girl got wet. I looked at her modest white panties and could see the crotch had been worked well between her outer lips and that the crotch was soaked.

She held her legs closed. I started at her calves and ran my hands up past her hips and to her breasts as I leaned in for some more passionate kisses. I rested my weight on her and pressured her with my right leg and she parted hers slightly. I ground my denim covered thigh into her crotch again as I humped against her hip, she groaned as I pressed into her hard and that was as rough as I cared to go. I sat back up and urged her onto her stomach.

I worked my hands into her thighs, massaging deeply, then I worked her glutes and finally her legs opened a bit more. I hooked the hem of her panties and worked them over her bottom. I paused to rub those beautiful mounds and finally went to finish pulling off her underwear. She clenched her legs together at first but then as I worked the elastic down to her thighs she relaxed and I finished sliding them of of her legs.

She began to tremble again as I encouraged her to roll back over. When she finally did she clamped her hands over her pubic mound. I didn't push her or try to remove her hands.

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If all of this went through the way I hoped she would be my third girl and I was still not all that confident and I sure did not want to scare her. I laid down next to her and cuddled with her, kissing her forehead and cheeks and tasting a slight taste of salt where a tear or two had escaped her eyes.

She relaxed and pulled herself tightly to me. After we had lain together for a while, feeling her flesh pressed into my chest, I eased her onto her back again.

She kept her hands on my upper arms but did not try to cover herself any more. Up to this point I was feeling pretty good about how this had progressed.

I eased my hand over her left hip and rested on the lightly covered mound. She looked at me with worry and I reached down to kiss a sensitive nipple as i started to work my finger up and down her slit. She was wet and it glided easily. She lurched forward and again grabbed my wrist and clamped her legs together. "Do you want me to stop?" She was breathing in shallow rapid breaths and whispered, "no, but go easy." As I said, I didn't have a ton of experience and I don't think I ever brought a girl off before this.

I wasn't convinced I would know if I did. But this part I had a girlfriend patiently talk me through when I tried to enter her dry and I wanted to do it right. As she panted deeply, I could see the pink flush running across her chest and flooding her face again. I would lightly suckle one of the still turgid and sensitive nipples and she whimpered as her hips started to move.

I could feel the thick slippery fluid start to flow more readily then I slipped a finger tip into her vagina. She jumped violently and squeaked. I froze and then asked her, "what do you like?" She grasped my wrist and pulled it slightly upward until I could feel a lump under my finger tip.

"There, " she rasped. I started to slide my finger up and down again and then pressed against the "lump".

I knew about the female anatomy and I suspected but wasn't sure if this was her clitoris. She groaned and pressed her hips up against my hand. I started a rapid side to side assault and a high pitched wail started in her throat, she pulled me down to a hard kiss and groaned loudly into my mouth as she jerked upwards and started to thrust. Her legs clamped together and her breathing was loud and ragged in my mouth. She felt almost like she was convulsing lunging her hips upward, her face a deep red and her eyes clenched closed.

She finally settled in to twitching, pulled her face from mine and was exhaling in ragged puffs. She reached down with her hand and grabbed my wrist, gasping every time I strummed her sex. "Please please stop she hissed. Oh!" she lurched. "It's, Oh! (another lurch with my finger movement) sensitive.I, uh.oh God." I withdrew my hand.

I stroked her face feeling pretty satisfied that I had pleased her. "That was the most intense thing I've ever had," she said with almost a giggle in her voice. She rolled on her side, slid her hand down to my aching hard on and said simply, "now let me see." I stood next to the bed and pulled down my jeans. It was the seventies and I wasn't wearing briefs. When I straightened up and she saw my erection, her face turned serious and she bit her lower lip.

She raised her arms and I returned to her embrace pressing her flesh into me and mine into her. We kissed hard and my hands roamed her back and full bottom. She started to tremble again and she tried to say something, I caressed her hair and said, "it's okay, we don't have to." She rolled back onto her back and pulled me on top of her. Her breasts were crushed under me and her legs parted. The base of my cock and balls settled into a very wet cleft.

I couldn't gauge the look she was giving me, fear, wonder, excitement? Maybe a little of each. I had to kiss her again and worked my way down her neck, nuzzle and kiss her breasts. I had heard of cunnilingus but had no idea how it really worked but her scent was intoxicating.

I raised up on my elbows and tongued my way down to the light, neat covering of brown hair that pointed the way to her sex. I had never looked closely at a girl's vagina before but the inner lips had blossomed a bit and the candlelight shimmered in the slick coating. I leaned down and kissed the pink flesh and she jumped and let out a squeak. I stuck out my tongue and ran it from the base to the top of her sex. She lurched and clamped her hands over her mouth as she stifled a squeal.

Her thighs momentarily caught my head in a vice like grip. Now I've heard a lot of descriptions but it was the texture more than the taste I remember.

A slick coating akin to some kind of glycerin gathered on my tongue. Maybe there was a slight salty taste, but I don't remember some forty years later. She whispered, "no, please," and grasped the sides of my head with her hands and pulled me up over her.

She opened her legs further and the helmet of my cock nudged into the opening revealed by her labia. She was shaking in earnest now, but she smiled and lifted her head to kiss me.

I added pressure. She gasped as the head started to wedge into her opening and her eyes widened, the resistance was amazing considering how slick everything was.

I relented slightly and pushed again and the head slipped in, a ring of vaginal muscle snapping back behind the crown. She was breathing in deep, rapid fire gasps as I pressed harder still.

I could feel every ridge as I progressed another little and she bit her lip with a small squeal. She breathed deep and then there was a hushed but rapid fire, "ow, ow, ow, ow," then a hissing inhalation. I released the pressure and she took a couple of deep breaths. "I'm sorry," I whispered. She set her eyes on mine and grabbed my butt with both hands and pulled me into her again. I pressed the advance until I felt like I was really pulling her open. She leaned up, locked lips with me and pulled hard, I felt a pop and sank into her.

She all but screamed into my mouth. I was resting at the bottom of her vagina with another bit of me still outside.

I looked at her face, her eyes were leaking tears and she was breathing in slow, deep and tremulous breaths.

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I remained still as she studied my face. It was all I could do to not drive into her as was my inexperienced teenage way. She smiled a small smile and started to flex her hips, ever so slightly. Her vaginal muscles squeezed and released, rippling up and down my shaft. The tightness was almost painful. I was propped up on my elbows so I could watch her face. Her eyes were loosely closed and her luscious lips parted slightly.

I drew out in a long stroke, pulling at the slick insides of her vagina. She whimpered and arched her back as I pulled back, her head pushed back in the pillow and her neck veins distended. Her expression changed to a grimace. I was mostly out as a I pressed back in and pressed hard against the bottom of her vagina. She let out with a guttural sound, like a groan as the air seemed to be forced from her.

I'd like to say how my sexual prowess gave me staying power. How I wore her out through a tortuously long intercourse. But I boiled up in a hurry. I actually lunged one last time, pressing all the way in and displacing what must be her cervix. Every muscle in my body seized as I erupted deep in to her. A lot of stories have ridiculous claims about the amounts of semen that the protagonist ejaculates while others I guess stopped to take scientific measurements of how much fluid they released.

I had little to compare my volume to, but it was a lot. She gasped as I shot into her, "it burns," she complained. I held tight while my penis lurched into her with each ejaculation. Honestly, this orgasm beat anything I had ever experienced and I collapsed over her, crushing her tits and showering her wet face with kisses. She whispered in my ear, "I don't know why it hurt so much." I was still thinking she had a number of lovers to compare me to.

I never went completely soft but it did soften a bit. I withdrew in a long and arduous stroke before the cool air hit my glistening rod. I rolled to my back with my left arm sliding under her neck.

"I'm sorry." I had hurt her, I must have done it wrong. I looked at her face for an answer but she was still looking at the ceiling, crying silently.

Damn it, I wanted to be good for her. Her creamy thighs were still splayed open and I could just make out the creamy leakage from between her vaginal lips. Her entire body glistened from our combined perspiration. I lifted onto my side, wiped her tears and stroked her wet hair from her face. She turned her eyes to me and through the tears, she smiled. She rolled into me and we held each other, kissing lightly.

I pulled the twin sheet over us and we slept. The sun pierced through the blinds and woke me about 7 o'clock. I was on my back and I could feel the naked and soft flesh pressed into my side with one full thigh draped over my leg.

She was sound asleep. I gently moved so I could look at her in the light of morning, she was so beautiful and glowing as the sun bounced off of her white skin.

I was grateful to realize this angelic being was as pretty as I thought she was last night; I was also grateful that I wasn't hung over.

I raised the sheet and ducked under it, the smell of dried sex hitting my nostrils. I admired her breasts undulating with her measured breathing, the sloping curves moving to a smooth white stomach.

My eyes drifted down to those luscious thighs and then I saw it. The streaks of dried cum left on her body with our post coital cuddling were tinged with streaks of pink. I looked at my own member, crusty with our dried combined juices. It too was streaked, "that's blood!" I realized I really was an idiot. "Oh no, I really hurt her," I thought.

My mouth tasted like a cat had died in it during the night. I figured on slipping out of bed and at least brushing my teeth before waking her. Then there was a sharp knock at my bedroom door and my dad's voice sharply calling my name.

She started awake and I clamped my hand over her mouth and signaled for silence. She nodded and pulled the sheet up around her neck.

"What in the world? He never wakes me up when he's leaving for work." I pulled on my gym shorts and cracked the door open, "yeah dad?" I said as unknowingly as I could. "You brought a girl home?" "Yessir," I admitted. He was mad but not furious. "You should've asked before you brought a stranger into my house! I want her gone when I get home." "Yessir," I nodded and he turned on his heels and headed out through the back sliding door.

I sighed a little sigh of relief and in self directed sarcasm thought, "great, only twelve hours before she has to be gone." As I was closing the door I saw the problem, in my drunken idea of humor I had posted a note on the door, "Do Not Disturb! Entertaining." Sheesh, what an idiot. I turned back toward her and she was sitting up on the bed with the sheet gathered over her breasts and folded into her lap.

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Those beautiful curvy legs folded under her. I shrugged and she beamed. "I need to brush my teeth," I said.

"Do you have a brush I can use?" I knew my dad entertained ladies from time to time and he kept cheap toothbrushes for their use. I went across the house to get one, he was already mad I was thinking, "what's another toothbrush?" We went to my bathroom and we shared the vanity brushing our teeth and rinsing our mouths out. I was in my gym shorts and she was still naked with those magnificent breasts swaying as she moved.

It wasn't long before the top third or so of my dick had extended past the hem of my shorts. She hugged me, opened her mouth and we kissed deeply I squeezing her tight her soft tits flattening and her nipples like little marbles pressing into me.

She broke our kiss, slid her hands down my front and gently ran her hand over the head of my dick. "Unh," I let out as the erotic electricity coursed through me. "Will you take a shower with me?" those oversized eyes looking up into my face.

I laughed at the ridiculous question. I started the shower and as steam bellowed into the bath room we climbed in together.

There are few things as beautiful as a woman wet with water cascading over her curves. I spun her around and pressed into her bottom with my hardness and started a deep massaging washing of her neck, hair and breasts.

She laid her head back on my shoulder reaching behind her and pulling my hips against her. She cooed as I worked the soap into her shoulders and breasts. I spun her to face me and backed her under the shower head, kissing that full, pouting mouth.

The water cleansed us both of the dried remnants of our.our lovemaking. I worked her front with a wash cloth causing her to gasp and whimper as the coarse cloth rubbed across her nipples. They were still sensitive and darkened from last night's assault.

I worked my hand down her front and started what I thought was a gentle cleansing of her sex. She inhaled sharply and grabbed my wrist. "I'm sorry, I hurt you didn't I?" She looked down and shook her head. Finally she looked back up at me and kissed me lovingly and deeply. I dropped the cloth and finished cleaning her with the soap and my bare hand. She pressed into my hand slightly, occasionally breathing in sharply as I first worked the outside and then the inner folds of her vagina.

She leaned in and kissed on my hairy chest, suckling on a nipple. Wow, What a charge! She looked up and kissed me again and said hoarsely, "please suck on my neck." I half laughed and said, "what, do you WANT a hickey?" She nodded and lulled her head back, exposing that pale swan like neck to my gaze.


I obliged and went to work on her nipples with my fingers and eventually moving to her sex. I tasted blood and released her neck with a pop and she was whimpering as I worked my hand over what I knew now, was her clit.

She puffed out, "you're so wonderful, so gentle! Thank you." I stopped my ministrations and protested, "I wanted to be good, but I hurt you." She hugged her wet body into mine, her cheek against my chest.

"I just didn't think it would hurt that much," she whispered, "it's not you." I mulled her words over for a moment than my dim witlessness gave way to revelation as I added up all of the clues. I looked at her with what had to be the stupidest expression, holding her at arm's length.

She tilted her head and flashed me a meek little smile. I shut down the shower and stepped out, my hard on swaying in front of me. I stood in front of the sink and she hugged me from behind pressing her breasts into my back and laying her cheek on my shoulder as I shaved. I rinsed off and turned and hugged her again, grinding on her a little, filling my hands with a magnificent ass and my mouth with her tongue.

I broke our kiss and said, "I'm making breakfast." We stopped at the room and pulled my gym shorts back on.

She was sitting demurely on the bed, not making a move to get dressed. I handed her my field jacket and she put it on.


It hung loosely on her and reached to about mid thigh. She pushed the sleeves up and pulled her drying hair out letting it fall about her shoulders. Folks, there is few sights as beautiful as a voluptuous woman dressed only in an army field jacket. We sat at the kitchen table, drank a little coffee and ate some scrambled eggs. We talked about her wanting to start college in the spring semester, I talked about my pending trip to jump school.

She was speaking very affectionately but the "L" word never came up. I admired her beauty, the flash of white cleavage in an olive drab cover. We sat next to each other and she set her hand on my leg and nudged my balls. I had been in a constant state of arousal except for maybe when my dad hollered at me. I stroked her cheek and long shiny locks. I started to kiss her lightly and soon our hands were roaming up and down our backs. I slipped a hand into the top of my field jacket and lightly worked her nipples and massaged her breasts.

Her eyes fluttered and her mouth opened slightly as she sighed. I stood and offered my hand. We returned to the bedroom, I opening the jacket as I laid her back across the bed. She looked self conscious but I went back to work on her breasts and worked my hand down and slipped into her crack. She was already wet and as I started to stimulate her she gasped and started gyrating. As she became inflamed she hissed, "stop.

Stop! I'm too sensitive." I stood next to the bed looking down on her figuring we were done. I smiled warmly and she said, "Don't get up. I want you." "I hurt you last night." And she cut me off. "Please, I want you again." I rubbed her legs to the inside of her thighs and pulled her legs apart and she willingly let me.

I stepped up to the edge of the bed, "my God your beautiful," and I laid on top of her, sinking to the hilt as I did. She arched her neck, clamped her eyes shut and squealed through a clenched mouth.

I held still reveling in the incredible tightness and the rippling waves in her vagina. I was not as cautious this time but I steadied my pace. She grunted as I hit her cervix again and again.

As I pulled out she whimpered and quivered. As I pushed through the wet, warm resistance she would stiffen and strain against the intrusion. I pushed her thighs further apart and sank in to where I pushed hard against her cervix and I could feel every ripple as I stretched her open with my incessant thrusting.

Eventually she had grabbed my ass pulling me into her as I rocked. I could feel my balls getting wetter from her juices and I lifted up and looked down at our union. All it took was seeing her labia stretching paper thin as I withdrew and rolling back in as I thrust into her one time.

I shoved as deep as I could and held tight against her cervix and erupted, throbbing and dumping another load into her. I shuddered as I came down and pulled out with some effort and laid next to her. "I'm sorry, I wanted to make you feel good.I just couldn't last." She laughed a little and rolled on her side facing me.

I don't know if what she said next was the truth or for my benefit, but it soothed my anxiety. "You made me feel so good last night, I have never had an orgasm like that. I don't know if I could take it again. I just want you in me." We cuddled and stroked each other in a languid, easy pace. I would periodically suckle a nipple causing her to jerk her body and gasp her protest. I would periodically dip into her vagina with a finger causing her to coo. The mixture of her juice and my cum still had a pink tinge.

I worked her clit gently while she rocked her hips and shuddered quietly. I looked down at her sex and the whole area was red and swollen. I kissed her there eliciting a small twitch in her hips and then moved back up to look into her face. I felt incredibly turned on but also very protective.

I wedged the head of my dick against those tender, swollen lips and watched her face for a sign. She reached down with her hands on my butt and gave a little pull toward her. The resistance was incredible and she locked all of her muscles, pushing back at my hardness. I pushed in a bit and that first ring of muscle snapped tight behind the crown. I continued to force my way in feeling every ridge and bump as they deformed the head and shaft of my cock until I was again against her cervix.

She was obviously in pain but there was a look of lust fighting for supremacy on that beautiful and tired face. She leaned up and locked lips with me and said, "it's okay, do it." I pulled back to the sound of little gasps and cries and thrust back into her, crashing against her cervix while she grunted. Her full pale breasts had waves roll through them every time I crashed into her.

I was actually lasting a while now as I became aware I had become tender working against the impossible tightness. She was working her hips, rolling against my thrusts and my sweat dripped from my forehead to her dancing breasts. She started to whimper plaintively and her eyes were screwed shut. Tears started to leak out of her eyes and she pulled hard on my ass. I knew I was hurting her again but I couldn't stop. She managed to spit out, "ow, ow.please." I jammed up tight into her and stopped driving.

I just flexed into her in little deep jabs until I felt my dick swell against her tightness. "Uuuhng," I groaned as I emptied into her again. She became still as I lay on top of her, quiet whimpers still emanating from her.

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She slowly started to kiss me and rub her hands up and down my back. I slowly withdrew my raw and softening penis from her and a flow of pink tinged cum flowed after it.

The afternoon was waxing and it was time to take her home. We dressed, hugged and kissed some more before I loaded her up and drove her home. I walked her to the door and she mumbled something about how mad her parents were going to be. She smiled sweetly and hugged me tightly. I gave her my APO mailing address and she went inside.

Back in AIT I got a letter from her telling me how special her first time had been with me. She talked about how her friends had gotten all excited when she showed them the hickey, evidence that she had finally "done it".

And she talked about getting ready for school. I wrote back telling her how special she had been, that I was getting ready for jump school and that I wished she'd be my steady girlfriend.

I never heard back and eventually lost track of her address. I actually think it was only after I met my wife that I finally quit missing her on some level.