Sex and exhibitionist Couple on Public Bus

Sex and exhibitionist Couple on Public Bus
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Bruce and Carla met at the concert and got a ride home with Janna and Carla's friend Jackie. Bruce lived nearby and his friends were staying for a party after the show. He asked Janna for a ride, as she was driving the van. Carla was totally hot. She had long slender legs and a figure like a ballerina.

Her breasts were not large but, the fit perfectly with her slim figure. Her loose clothing did not give an outlined view of the body but, she had alluring looks in her eyes and a sexy aura about her.

It had been a long day out of town; the late night drive would be at least a couple of hours, through farmlands in the darkness, back to their suburban neighborhood. Bruce lay back on the floor in the back and rested silently. After a while the girls started fooling around with each other.

Jackie began tickling Carla and Bruce enjoyed the shadowy play without saying anything. The girls assumed he was asleep after a while and Jackie went from tickling to feeling and goosing Carla on her boobs and between her legs. Carla was so ticklish she was helpless to resist once Jackie got her giggling and her protests of the sexual advances were weak and halfhearted. Her "No's" turned to, "Oh Yes" and moans replaced her giggling.

Bruce had seen Carla with men at the shows sometimes too. Now he assumed that she was bisexual as well, since her friend had taken things to a very sexual level. Bruce felt his dick filling with blood and becoming stiff as he listened to Carla and watched Jackie reaching between her legs to evoke moans that were starting to sound orgasmic.

Up in the driver's seat Janna looked back a couple of times to see what the commotion was all about. In the back lit illumination from the oncoming headlights, Bruce saw Janna smiling at the hot action in back.

Carla was clearly getting off again and again while, Jackie giggled with her mischievous fondling success. The moans were approving and Bruce was so aroused and stiff that, he opened his pants.

He played with his hard dick in the dark. Carla kept saying, "Oh, Yes. Oh, Yeah!" so much that Bruce wanted to see if he could get her going, even more. Jackie paused and sat back on her knees and Bruce instinctively moved over and began ticking Carla himself.

She squealed in protest at being found out by a relative stranger but, she was so turned on that she came quickly when Bruce grabbed her boobs and tickled her pussy through her sweat pants.

"Get her!", Jackie called out in an approving tone. Bruce kept his hand right on Carla's pussy and could feel it wet and warm beneath the sweat pants. Then he boldly reached inside and cupped her moist box with his palm and Jackie joined in again on Carlas breasts.

Bruce took the cue the continue and pulled down Carla's sweat pants to reveal her natural bush covered pussy, with no panties to impede his attack. He pinched her clit between her wet folds and Carla screamed out, "Oh God!" Then Jackie said, "Yes, fuck her.

She needs to be fucked." Bruce's pants were open already and he pulled them down. His dick was so hard he thought the skin would tear from the pressure. He did not think about protection or birth control for a second. All three of them were turned on and did not care who did what anymore. Bruce began to rub Carla's pussy with the hot end of his erect shaft.

He could feel the heat on his glans, from Carla's flaming hot clit. Carla shook and exploded in orgasm again with this new erotic touch. Bruce lubed his dick in her juicy furrow, rubbing its length along the wet trough. Every new sensation sent Carla higher into orgasmic storm waves. Jackie called out, "Fuck her. Fuck her now!" and Bruce obeyed.

He slowly slid his wet member into Carla's love cave. It felt hotter than anything he could remember. Carla clenched down on him as he got his dick head completely inside. Her kegel muscles had the most incredible grip on him. Again Carla moaned, "Yes, Oh Yes" as he slid further in. Bruce paused and Carla said, "Don't Stop!

Oh Don't Stop Now. Oh Yeah!" Bruce could not refuse her encouragement; no man could have, at this point. He pumped in all the way and drew back slowly. Carla's muscle clenched him so tight he thought he might come in one stroke. She had the hottest, tightest pussy ever. Bruce slow fucked her and Jackie continued to play with her breasts and kiss her which quieted her moaning.

Janna looked back again to see why it had become quieter and saw a wild threesome thrashing on the floor of the van. She wished she could join in because it was making her wet just listening. Bruce slowly pumped back and forth pressing against Carla and then withdrawing, almost all the way, before plunging back in to hilt.

Then his balls began to stir and tighten against his crotch. A tingling arose between his legs and spread over his body and focused on his red hot cock.

The dick tingles turned to a rhythmic throbbing. His fluid began pumping from his prostrate up his dick, to his inevitable ejaculation. Now he felt his sperm rising; he thought about the baby juice and the likely outcome of such unprotected sex. He didn't care at all. He had not thought about having a child but, now he felt excited by the idea.

Carla was hot. Somehow, the idea of getting her pregnant excited him even more. His juice gushed down the hard dick. It shot out the end, in spurt after spurt of sperm filled semen. Carla was hot and needed to be fucked like this. If he got her pregnant he did not care. That would be even hotter somehow. The van smelled like hot sex now and Jackie was well aware that Bruce shot his load.

His shaking body and convulsing motions gave it away. He fell in a heap on Carla and she held him close not letting him withdraw.

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She did not care what happened. Now, for some reason, she wanted to get pregnant. Bruce was wild and so was she. The swaying van took over for their thrusting and humping for a few minutes and then Bruce slowly began to get hard again.

He started slow stroking Carla and Jackie noticed at once. "Oh, yeah Bruce, Fuck her good. She needs to be Fucked like that again." This time Bruce took a little longer to reach full stiffness. He pumped his sperm deposit deeper inside where it would find Carla's egg. He deep drilled slow and then fast fucked her shallow. Carla loved it and Jackie found new ways to reach into add to the stimulation for both Bruce and Carla. After a while she felt between Bruce's legs and started to squeeze on his balls.

The effect was instantaneous. Bruce felt like he was being manually milked and his systems took over. He re ejaculated deep in Carla's, baby rearing, recesses. They locked together in a deep kissing embrace like they had been lovers for years. Somehow if felt right and they both knew what was going to happen. Janna pulled up to Carla and Jackie's little shared cottage.

Jackie opened the front door and then returned to lead to two half asleep lovers out of their sex nest into the house.

She pushed Bruce into Carla's bed and kissed Carla and felt her sperm filled puss. Then she knelt down and licked up the leaking juices so they would not go to waste.

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Only one seed was needed; surely one had gotten through, if it was egg time, in there. Janna drove away and Jackie put Carla to bed with her new lover Bruce. She poured herself a glass of wine and then sat in the dim lit room and admired the two forms in the bed together. Idly Jackie fingered herself and tickled out a string of orgasmic tingles.

Her friend had gotten off more than she had but, that turned her on too. She sat and played with her own wet pussy, while she looked the bed. In the morning Jackie made coffee and returned to Carla's room without knocking.

She found Bruce kissing Carla's nipples and playing with the underside of her breasts with one hand while he fingered her puss with the other. She drank her coffee and smiled at Bruce.

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Bruce got up and motioned for Jackie to take over on the finger banging and boob squeezing. He poured himself some coffee and watched Jackie get Carla coming again with a knowing technique. Clearly these girls had spent plenty of time in bed getting each other off. Carla started feeling Jackie's fuller breasts and pinched on her nipples gently with both hands.

Jackie moaned and lay down beside her lover and they worked each others naughty places skillfully. Bruce finished his coffee and went to take a shower. He returned to the bedroom and found a lesbian sixty nine licking couple on his return.

Carla was licking Jackie off again and again while Jackie quietly moaned into Carla's messy puss. Bruce poured another cup of coffee and sat down with the towel around him and enjoyed the show. Carla's skillfully brought Jackie off again and again. Just like her friend had been aggressive the night before, Carla took charge; she licked her friends trimmed pussy into a, glowing hot, state of excitement. Jackie came again and collapsed away from Carla.

Carla looked over at Bruce and then got out of the bed and kissed him as he sat in the chair. She took a sip from his coffee and sat on his lap and he put his hand on breast and kissed her deep.

He tasted Jackie's sweet pussy juice, which had no traces of his sperm load. His other hand began to finger Carla again and she kissed him hard as he squeezed on her hood protected clit. Her little pink button could not hide from his clever fingers and he made her come again. She whispered, "We need to talk." Bruce gazed into her eyes and saw a worried look. He nodded. "I am a courtesan" Carla said. "An escort, a call girl, a&hellip. whore." Bruce looked puzzled.

"I don't believe it", he said. "What do you mean?" Slowly Carla explained. In high school a boy had talked her into fucking, after begging and offering her a couple hundred dollars.

He was a rich kid and the money convinced her. Her single mom struggled to pay the bills. She did not have spending money and this boy offered her a lot. She took it and did the deed he requested. He came inside her and she made some easy money.

It felt weird at first but, she did not care. She was not in love by any means. Carla was willing to play, if he wanted to pay that much. It was risky letting him come but, it worked out. Later when he wanted to do it again she decided to stick to sucking him off instead. She did him in her mouth a few times and had quite a bank roll going. She was a high school hooker now and she decided to offer herself to some other guys that came from the rich neighborhood.

As long as she was going to do it she decided to set a high price tag on her service. The word got around in certain circles and she got a request from an unexpected boy after school one day. She was busy later but, had enough time if they could figure out where to go.

He had a car so they drove to a park access road off the highway. No one was around right after school and she went home again.

In a few weeks she made some serious money. School was almost out and she was graduating at age 18. She found a job in a city office and kept her side business, with the rich boys. Then one of their fathers called her and said he wanted to interview her at his office. He was in the stock market downtown and had an impressive location. He brought her into his his private office and explained that his son had told him where he had been spending his allowance.

He did not care he explained. In fact he was glad that his son was getting sucked off and not getting girls in trouble. He liked oral too he explained and his wife did not care for it at all. If Carla would suck him in his office right now he would give her $500 and a job with a paycheck too. Carla said she would suck him for sure at that price and think about the office job later.

She had a commitment already and did not want to be called unreliable. Mr. Jensen understood and pulled out his dick as he handed her the hundred dollar bills.

She took him in her mouth and sucked and pumped him with both hands. He did not last long with her skillful work and she swallowed his juice and wiped her mouth on her handkerchief. She had to go but, took his business card and said she would call him tomorrow. The next day she said, she wanted to keep her desk job that she had. She only had to answer a few phone calls and walk in clients; it was just her alone most of the day.

It could not get easier than that so, she told Mr. Jensen, she would not quit. He was disappointed but, asked if she would be willing to visit him on her lunch breaks.

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Since her hours were her choice, within reason, she agreed. Soon she had a regular job and a regular executive client that paid her $500 at least two or three times each week. After a couple of weeks Mr. Jensen asked if she wanted to help in staff a trade show on the weekend.

He had some important investors on a new product with one if his clients. If she could keep their interest during the trade show they would not be likely to look for other investments. Carla agreed and she spent the weekend sucking off two men from New York. Mr. Jensen had a hotel suite at the trade show and she took the men on one by one, while Mr. Jensen worked the business angle on the other one in the front room. It turned out to be a multimillion dollar deal and Carla made $4000 each day for sucking off two men twice each.

Once the papers were signed a couple of weeks later Mr. Jensen called Carla to his office. He gave her a bonus check from the company for $5000 and another extra $5000 in cash. In just one weekend Carla had made $18,000 and another thousand during the week. Deals like that don't come along all the time but, if Carla was willing she could count on some extra earnings if she would agree to stay on call with her talents.

How could she say no to that. The guys were not bad looking or dirty. Just married men bored and on a business trip. Then money being spent was part of Mr. Jensen's expenses and never in question. It was safer than pulling off the highway with some rich boys who were now in college. Carla was a high class call girl and had a good cover working as a secretary.

She dressed like a hippie chick when not at work, not even wearing make up or dress clothes. Bruce listened to her story in amazement. His work paid OK but, Carla made much more in her trade. He never suspected her as even working in a downtown office. She seemed like she worked at the bead store or coffee shop. Carla asked if it bothered him. Bruce shook his head.

After all he had paid for sex a couple of times. It was not anything super or special but, he knew he was not the only one who had.

One of the girls he fucked at a massage parlor was kind of personable and said her boyfriend did not know. He realized people had secret lives and more partners. It was not like being a swinger but, it was not that much different than just having an open sex relationship. Actually is sounded kind of cool. Bruce realized he was getting hard listening to Carla's story with her sitting on his lap.

He was not into paying for her or anyone for that matter but, if she did other guys he still wanted to fuck her. Maybe it made him want to fuck her more since, she had a choice and took him by her own decision not for cash!

It made him feel extra sexy he said. He put his hand in her lap and told her he thought it was really hot that she did sex work. She could call it anything she liked, escort, call girl or whore. He liked, the fact that, that was what she liked to do. She liked sex and he liked her. Bruce started meeting Carla in the city on her lunch breaks when Mr. Jensen was busy with clients. Sometimes they just made out at her regular job office when they closed for lunch.

Sometimes she went to the hotel where Mr. Jensen rented a room by the month. She was never questioned there and the staff would not speak a word anyone if she brought someone with her, since Mr. Jensen often had her do one of his potential clients to seal the deal.

Once in a while Carla and Jackie rented a suburban house for the weekend or week and had some sex parties there. Some guests thought they were just paying expenses for the rental, some realized they were fucking whores at a fuck party gang bang. Jackie liked to fuck for money too and she had a few side jobs of her own to make it look like she worked a regular job too. After a couple of weeks Carla announced that she was definitely pregnant with Bruce's baby.

She told him that her sex work actually paid more for prego girls; she wanted a baby too. Bruce asked her if she cared about being a single mom. Carla told him she wanted a baby but, if Bruce wanted to be part of the family they could work it out as long as he accepted her lifestyle.

Bruce thought long and hard. Carla made him long and hard all the time and he had fantasized about marrying a hooker. A hooker might accept him having other partners. Since Carla had an extensive variety, he asked her what she would think about his sleeping with other women. Carla laughed, and said that as long as it was done safely and he gave her first priority for family time she could care less who else he fucked.

Bruce asked the fateful question,"Will you marry me?" Carla looked deep into his eyes, she made him wait and feel the weight of this decision. Then she said, "Of course, I want to marry you Bruce.

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I love you and it will only get better." They drove to Reno for a quick out of State marriage license. While they were there they drove to Virginia City, the historic mining town.


In this county brothels were legal and licensed by the county and state. Carla told Bruce to go in and check out the situation. By law a woman could only enter the brothel if licensed by the Sheriff and holding a current medical check up card. While Bruce went inside Carla walked over to a clinic on a back street. She got a blood test and ID check. Then she took the papers to the Sheriff's office and dropped them off.

By the time she was done Bruce had finished checking out the line up at the brothel. He came out and said that there were women of all types in there from college girls to grandma types. Every man had a special fantasy and the were all available. Carla asked him if there were any that appealed to him. Bruce looked at his new wife and wondered what she was thinking. He answered honestly, "Yes, there were a couple of college girls and an interesting Asian woman who was a bit older." Carla asked him if he wanted to do them now.

Bruce said that is was their honeymoon and he wanted his new wife to have priority. Carla laughed, "Exactly Bruce, I want you to feel as free as I do. I will pay for any girl you want in there. After all it is only fair since I am in the same business they are." Bruce hesitated and agreed. Carla handed him a wad of cash and told him to do what ever he wanted to. She would get a room at the historic hotel and meet him at the Bucket of Blood Saloon later.

Bruce went back to the brothel and took all three women to a private room. They stripped for him in turn. First he sat with one college girls on his lap and fingered the other.

The Asian women put her swollen nipples in his mouth and he made her moan. Then the young girls team sucked him with one on his dick while the other sucked his balls. He was rock hard and ready but, backed off and took the Asian women on the side of the bed doggy style. She lubed the ultra thin condom on the inside and it felt like it was not even there. She was even tighter than the college girls he fingered and tighter than Carla too.

He stuffed his cock inside and she contracted in a way the milked on him to the point of no return while one of the girls sucked his balls from behind. The other one gave him a face full of soft boobs to envelope himself in and he blasted his nut hard into the latex sheath. He did not want to go another round but, tipped all three and showered. He dressed and kissed them on the cheek and went on his way. Back at the Bucket of Blood, Carla waited to hear his story.

They sat in the corner and she fingered herself while he filled her in on the details of his honeymoon side trip. They both had only a small drink, since Carla was pregnant, and walked back to the old hotel. Later they went out for dinner and walked around town a bit.

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Then Bruce took his wife to their room and fucked her like a nasty whore, spanking her lightly and calling her names. She loved it and winked at him as he called her every name that described her work.

After a long night in Nevada, they returned to the Bay Area and Bruce took her home to his rented duplex. They played house for real now and he looked for any sign of a rising belly showing her new baby inside. A week later Carla said, they should go back to Virginia City to resume their honeymoon. Neither one had time for a real vacation right then so it was the best that they could do. While Bruce checked into the hotel.

Carla picked up her paperwork to be a legal prostitute in Nevada. She walked over to the brothel and signed some papers with the madam and said, she would be back later.


They had a Friday night late supper and then they walked down the street past the brothel. This time Carla led him herself. Bruce was dumbfounded that they let a woman off the street inside but, Carla winked at the security bouncer and pulled off her overcoat to reveal her silk lingerie outfit.

She joined the line up and pushed Bruce back into one of the sofas and told him to relax and watch. Soon one of the regular guys took Carla aside to one of the rooms to see about the new talent. Bruce watched and wondered what might be going on behind closed doors. He knew in general but, the details had his imagination working overtime. Carla took the local rancher back to the room and sheathed his dick in a heartbeat.

She started sucking him like a milking machine using both hands and her powerful suction. The rancher didn't take off his pants or his hat; he just stood there and emptied his balls into the condom, in her mouth.

Carla took his cash tip and they were back in the lobby in just a few minutes where the madam swiped his credit card again and took his signature.

He tipped his hat to Bruce and winked as he left. Bruce realized his wife had told the rancher who her husband was but, he did not know the rancher's wife was the Asian woman with the tight pussy he fucked last week. Bruce watched Carla at work for a couple of hours and she took on three guys in total. She took her paycheck from the madam and they left arm in arm. She stopped at the Bucket of Blood; Carla handed Bruce her $300 in tips and cashed her check at the bar.

She ordered her husband a drink and then and introduced him to the rancher. They all laughed and the rancher wished them a happy honeymoon before they left for their hotel. He handed Bruce his card and said to stop by the ranch if they had time. The summer heat was gone and so were the big tourist crowds in Virginia City. Ski season had not started in the Sierra yet and it was quiet and peaceful. Fall colors were changing and it was a romantic honeymoon for Bruce and Carla.

They spent the morning exploring antique shops and museums. They rode the steam train and went back to their hotel, for a mid day fuck. Bruce fucked Carla from behind doggy style and played with her tits until she moaned and then he turned her on her back and knelt at the foot of the bed and put her legs on his shoulders and pounded her like a rock drill in the silver mines beneath the town. He said, "I am going to fill this drill hole with dynamite and blow you up and take your treasure!

You are going to make us rich and I am going to keep drilling until you give it all your riches up." Carla laughed at that line and he made her come with his fingers while he stuffed his dick in her bareback. Bruce spermed his already pregnant wife.

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as though he needed to breed her like a stallion on a mare at the ranch. They showered up and walked back into town. They had a light dinner and then Carla led Bruce back to the brothel. Inside the brothel Bruce looked around at the line up while his wife checked in. She stepped into the line and a tourist quickly picked her out, as the new talent. She was gone after the man swiped his charge card and Bruce looked over the line up once again.

Now another Asian woman caught his eye. She was obviously half Asian at the most. She was a beautiful mixed woman and much younger than the rancher's wife. He looked closer and realized that she looked almost the same but, had a lighter complexion and Caucasian blood in her mix.

He took Carla's tip money wedding gift and went to the madam and placed $200 on the counter. He took the Asian girl to the side and asked her which room to take.

She led him to the room next to his wife's party. They went in and she stripped down and modeled her slender figure. Her nipples protruded erect and proud though her breasts were not large in any way. Bruce examined her boobs and gently worked her nipples and gauged her reaction.

She purred and smiled at his gentle stimulation; her shaved pussy dripped, in anticipation of what would happen next.

Bruce asked her where she was from and she said she was a local. Her dad owned one of the major ranches and she grew up riding horses bareback. Instantly Bruce realized she was the daughter of the other woman who was not around tonight. She was about the same age as Carla, maybe 21 or 22 at the most. Barely legal in this county for brothels. Her shaved pussy was beautiful and invited his attention at once.

He finger probed her while he played with her nipple and she clenched down on him with a grip tighter than her mom! She could open a beer bottle with that muscle and Bruce could not wait to feel her squeeze on his dick.


He greased his condom like her mother had shown him and replaced his finger with his hard swollen glans. The little Asian cutie took his hard on standing up with one foot on the chair. Bruce held her close and intimate and pushed his dick head deeper inside. She was so tight, he thought he would come with out stroking at all. Her muscles contracted and held him. She stood motionless and squeezed him like a boa constrictor. Without moving their bodies she could contract her love channel from end to end and she milked him until his knees weakened and he started to shake.

Her incredible clenching power held him in a trance and he erupted like Mt Fuji or Krakatoa! In less than ten minutes she had extracted his energy and satisfied him completely.

They stood joined together and he held her close and asked her about the ranch. It was down in the fertile Washoe Valley, close by. There were plenty of riding horses besides all the cattle. She gave him a card and said to look her up any time. The ranch name confirmed her father as the cowboy that Carla sucked off earlier. Bruce had fucked her and her mom. His wife had fucked her dad. Now they had invitations to visit and he planned to do that, as soon as the time was right.

Bruce showered and left the room and Danielle the hot girl showered after he left. She had been paid in cash up front and Bruce tipped her the remaining $100 his wife had given him. He went back to the brothel lobby just in time to watch Carla take two more men away at the line up. They were tourists on a bus trip for the fall colors, like her first trick. She took them away and they spit roasted her from both ends.

One stuffed her mouth while the other stuffed her snatch. They pounded away face fucking and deep drilling in unison. The impact of their stroke raised the pressure on her mouth and vaginal squeeze.

Like the blacksmith pounding red iron the relentless strokes raised the heat and they blew their juice in no time. Carla took their tip money. They signed out and hurried, to join their bus group, for dinner. Carla had done a quick couple of throws and signed out. The rush hour was over and the line up was plenty full. She added to the action to keep up the pace but, did not need to stay all night while on her honeymoon.

They walked back to their hotel in the crisp mountain evening. Carla wondered if they could visit the ranch tomorrow. Bruce agreed since it was on the way out of town. The could do some horse back riding if the got there early and still make it home over the pass before it go too late. He left a message on Danielle's phone machine and they looked out over the little mining town through the hotel window.

The stars sparkled and Bruce kissed his beautiful wife. They stood in the window and made out. Bruce felt her boobs and her pussy while Carla gazed out the window.

It was a romantic honeymoon scene. Then he called her a nasty whore and fucked her brains out on the bed. Carla loved every minute as he, took his time and, pumped her like he owned her. Being pregnant made her hornier and she was getting the attention she loved again and again.