Straight guy has gay sex after break up with girlfriend

Straight guy has gay sex after break up with girlfriend
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After leaving Uni Claire worked for a real estate company down town for a couple of years until it folded in the crash of 2008 She struggled for a while doing odd shifts waitressing and temping in offices getting deeper in debt until she found out they were recruiting hostesses at a Gentlemen's club down town.

She wouldn't be seen dead in such a place usually but she was desperate and had bills to pay. She applied and got offered a weeks trial Gentleman's club Claire arrived for her first shift working at the club just after 7.30pm. She stepped into the office for instructions. "You're late," The Manager barked.

"Get changed and get to work." "Changed?" she asked. "Changed, you can't work dressed like that can you?" he snapped, "Here wear this," he continued and threw a bundle of clothes at her. "Is there some where I can change?" she asked. "Sure right here," he replied, "You ain't got nothing I ain't seen before at least I hope you ain't," he chuckled.

Claire stared at the outfit, a tiny skirt that would barely cover her buttocks and a chemise with lace cups with a slit for her nipples to poke through, paired with a suspender belt, tiny thong and stockings.


Black high heels completed the ensemble. "I look like a hooker," she protested. "You're not a Hooker, you're a Hostess, don't forget it," he insisted, "Now get dressed." Claire began to peel off her stylish black dress, her pantihose and sensible shoes, she left her bra till last pulling on the short black skirt before slipping her panties off and only then slipped off her bra before pulling on the chemise.

The manager looked up, "That's better, now do your make up, you look like a Librarian, grab something bright for your lips and dark for your eyes, there's plenty in the box." Claire put something horribly garish and bright red around her mouth and some thing dark around her eyes.

The manager looked on approvingly. "Your nipples aren't prominent enough." He took a pair of suction cups from his drawer and ordered Claire to lick the rim so that the moisture would provide a stronger seal.

Claire almost told him where he could stuff the job right there but she needed the money so she decided to accept his terms. She licked the rim. He squeezed the bulb and applied the first cup over her left nipple. Claire gasped as she felt her nipplle being pulled hard into the cup, and gasped again as he quickly repeated the process on the second nipple. "Keep them them on until you go out onto the floor." he ordered Claire stared unbelievingly as her nippled quickly enlarged and the sharp pain subsided to a gentle but persistent throb as the cups tugged at her nipples.

The manager left the room to speak to someone and when he returned he gave her nipples a squeeze through the cups to see how they fill the available space within. Satisfied he pulled on both cups, watching her breasts stretch as the cups refused to give up their hold on her nipples.

Finally, he gave one bulb a gentle squeeze to release the suction and pulled the cups off to admire the effect. Her nipple looked huge, more than twice its usual size.

He gave it a pinch to test the effect on it's sensitivity and she squealed in pain. He removed the cup from her other nipple, giving it a gentle pinch as he did so. He placed the cups back in his desk, and told Claire to use them again during any breaks she takes. He laid a friendly hand on her shoulder, "Are you ready?" he asked, "Condoms in the pockets of the skirt, don't forget to use them." She nodded shyly at his unspoken reminder that she was to have sex with the customers.

She felt very conscious of her engorged nipples poking between the lace cups covering her breasts as he opened the door and ushered her into the club's main lounge.

The floaty skirt did nothing to preserve her modesty, yet she felt very feminine, and somehow innocent in the skimpy outfit. "Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce Claire, our latest hostess," the manager announced with a smirk, "She's very shy so be nice to her, but may I assure you she has agreed no holes barred!" With that he reached under her skirt and pulled her thong down, "That's better!" he laughed, and he whispered, "Go clear some glasses." Claire spotted some empty glasses on a small tableand went to collect them but before she could reach them she felt an arm around her waist.

"Hey not so fast," a husky voice ordered. His hand went to her nipples. She winced. "Sensitive huh," he enquired, "You been fucked tonight?" "No sir," Claire said awkwardly. "So what are we waiting for, you got a rubber?" he asked. "Yes," Claire replied and handed one to the guy behind her. "So bend over, hands on the table," he husked.

Claire was stunned, shocked, excited all at one and the same time. She knew this was going to happen but was shocked it was happening so soon. She did as he asked, hands flat on the coffee table. She braced herself for the pain of his member forcing into her but instead his member slid easily inside her. A thrill exploded through her mind, she could actually do it, actually fuck a stranger for money. She had been so worried about having sex for money, being fucked brutally with no foreplay, her unwilling vagina violated by an uncaring stranger intent only on hs own pleasure but instead she found she was already wet with excitement and as he pressed his cock between her pussy lips so she took him easily, even greedily.

She gasped in shock, she hadn't had many boyfriends, she usually needed a lot of loving foreplay to get in the mood but suddenly in a sleazy club nearly naked in a skimpy outfit with people watching she found herself behaving like some seasoned whore. Claire thrust back at the unseen customer, she should have been ashamed but she felt strangely content and reassured as he thrust into her, his hot breath rasping past her ear as he cupped her breasts and pulled he onto his length.

They rocked rhythmically and pleasantly until his breathing grew deep and he thrust with increasing urgency as his moment approached. Claire gasped when she felt the thin wall of the condom pulsing as his cum stretched the soft latex leaving Claire frustrated. She wanted it in her womb but realised it was too dangerous. then he withdrew leaving her even more frustrated. Claire realised to her horror that she wanted cock, needed cock, needed to cum. She need not have worried as almost immediately another customer called her over and ordered her to stand in front of him and turn around so he can get a good look.

He liked what he saw so he pulled her down to sit on his lap, straddling him. He grasped her left nipple between his finger and thumb, pinching it and rolling it, enjoying her reaction of painful pleasure.

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He reached down beside him, he pulled up a chain with a soft-tipped tweezer clamp attached to each end. He watches her closely as her eyes widen in apprehension. "These are adjustable, so they won't hurt too much." he whispers, "as long as you're a good girl.". Claire shudders, Surely she cannot endure the pain of having her nipples clamped while they are so swollen from the suction cups?

Pulling on one nipple, he placed the clamp around the base and began to tighten it. It didn't take long before she began to whimper at the pain of having her huge, over-sensitive nipple squeezed between the clamps. He placed the other clamp onto the other nipple and then lifted the chain and put the centre of it into her mouth, ordering her to keep it there. He manoeuvred her so that she is half-sitting, half-lying across his lap, and his hand began to move between her thighs.

She opened her legs instinctively and he began gently rubbing her clit. As she relaxed so the pain in her nipples begins to dull, to a pleasant throb. Her head tilts back, she pulls on the chain and that causes it to tug sharply on her nipples. She gasped and the chain fell from her mouth. He smiled down at her, tightened the clamps slightly and attached a connector to slightly shorten the chain between them before returning it to her mouth.

Then he resumed stroking her clit. After a while, the pleasure began to take over again, distracting her from the pain in her nipples. Suddenly he put two fingers into her moist pussy. Claire cried out in surprise, letting the chain fall. Calmly, he tightened the clamps again, ignoring her whimpers of protest. He adjusted the connector to further shorten the chain. To keep it in her mouth, she now had to keep her head forward at a slightly unnatural angle in order to reduce the strain on her nipples.

His fingers again pumped into her pussy and his thumb brushed over her clit with every thrust. Even though she tried to move with him, each push caused the chain to tug on her nipples,distracting her and preventing her from the release of reaching an orgasm, despite the growing pleasure.

"I could keep tormenting you all evening," he tells her, smirking, "but I'm sure some of the other fellows are waiting for their turn. I'll be watching you, and if you're good, I'll let you cum later." His fingers stoped probing and he put them into her mouth for her to suck them clean before removing the clamps, giving her nipples a final squeeze before he released her.

Claire had no time to recover before another guy calls her over.

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He sat her on his knee, his hands roamed over her body before gently stroking her sore nipples. His head bent to suck on each nipple, soothing the pain with his warm tongue. Then he softly commanded her to kneel and to lick his cock. She pulled it out of his pants and took the bulbous purple head in her mouth. He repeated his instruction to lick it.

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She began at the base, licking upwards in firm strokes. When she reached the head, she swished her tongue over it and around it, seeking out the sensitive spots making him groan in pleasure. "Now you can suck it," he tells her.

Claire closed her lips around his cock, slowly moving her mouth up and down, taking it a little bit deeper each time until she reached the base. She picked up the pace and suddenly she feels his cum begin to spurt into her mouth.

She started to gag but remembered her job and forced herself to swallow obediently like she is being paid to do. The guy thanked her and slipped his freshly cleaned but limp dick back in his pants as Claire slipped out of the room for a quick drink. "Hey what did I tell you?" the manager asks. Claire saw he was staring pointedly at her breasts.

She nodded, remembering his earlier instruction. She went to the desk and took the suction cups and put them on her nipples. After being clamped not long ago, they were still very sensitive and she felt the tug of the suction even more keenly. She made herself a coffee and rested for about about ten minutes, knowing that she was needed back out in the lounge.

She removed the suction cups and looked down to find that her nipples had swollen once more to the huge size that they were when she started the evening. Claire washed up her coffee cup and returned to the lounge. A tall guy clicked his fingers at her in a brusque manner.

She walked across to him and smiled awkwardly. He was already naked from the waist down. He stood up and taking he by the shoulders he pushed her down so she was kneeling in front of him.

His swollen cock nudges at her lips as he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. His other hand reached down and pinched one of her nipples. She shrieked in pain and he took advantage of her opened mouth to force his cock between her lips. Claire gagged slightly, unable to take his entire length. She attempted to use her hand to hold the base of his cock, trying to prevent him thrusting too deeply, but he tooks her hands and placed them behind her back.

He took his belt and wrapped it around her wrists fastening them securely behind her back. He tried again to force his cock deep into her mouth, showing her no regard for the fact she was choking as he forcefully fucked her face. He held her head and pinched her nipple. Sensations raced through Claires mind, she was being fucked to death and her nipple was on fire but all she could do was kneel and let him use her.

Just before he reached orgasm, he pulled out of her mouth, and sprayed sticky white cum across her nose and face before laughing, "Now you really are a filthy whore." as he untied her wrists and waved her off dismissively. Claire withdraw to the office clean up and reapply her makeup. This time she remembered to use the suction cups on her nipples while she did so. By the time she removed them to return to work, her nipples are so sensitive that even a slight brush over them caused her pussy to tingle.

As soon as she walked back into the lounge a guy beckoned her over, asking her to get him a glass of whiskey, a bottle of lube and a butt plug.

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Claire fetched the items from the bar and handed them to him. He took a sip of whisky before dripping some lube onto the buttplug and ordering her to bend over in front of him. She did as he asked but it made her blush to feel so exposed. The thought that the man had such an intimate view of her bum hole and her and pussy appalled yet thrilled her. She worried that her pussy was now leaking moisture as she presented herself to him for his pleasure.

He chuckled as he began sliding the beaded plug into the tight brown bud of her bum. He whispered "Just getting it ready to take my cock later," he chuckled, as she felt the first beads of the plug begin to stretch her as he continues to push, and then he gives it a sudden firm shove to force the widest bead into her bum causing her to yelp in surprise.

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Then he sent her over to his friend known as "Mr P," reminding her to keep the plug in. Mr P is waiting for her, his pants round hs ankles and a condom already over his hard cock. He pulled her onto his lap, facing away from him, making sure that her wet pussy lined up with his cock, before pulling her downwards andforcing his entire length inside her in one hard thrus.t He held her still and she whimpered at the massive size of the cock deep in her pussy alongside the plug in her bum.

He released his grip on her, and ordered her to ride his cock. She moved up and down on his cock as he continued to pull her downwards onto him, forcing her to take his entire length. Finally he reached his orgasm, pushed Claire away and sent her back to his friend. Her legs wobbled as she walked the short distance to where his friend was sitting.

He ordered her to bend over his lap. Again, she feel exposed, her flimsy skirt doing nothing to hide his view of her plugged bum hole and her wet pussy. He caressed her buttocks before pushing the plug deeper into her. Then his hand swished down in a sharp splap across her buttocks. Claire clenches the plug as he continues to spank her harder and harder until she is on the verge of tears.

Then pleasure overcomes pain and Claire almost begins to cum. She cries out in ecstasy and her pussy juices ooze from her exposed slit. He pulls her upright, and pulls the plug out of her bum before quickly replacing it with his condom clad cock, pushing in gently but firmly until his cock is deep in her bum.

He pauses to allow her to adjust to this new invassheon before beginning to fuck her. His thrusts becoher harder and quicker and she almost begins to cum again. "Sir, may I please play with myself?" she ask. He agrees, and she reaches beneath herself to rub her clit in time with his thrusts. He slowed slightly, and finally she reached the point of no return as a crashing orgasm shook her entire body through the combinatsheon of his cock in her bum and her own fingers on her clit.

Her spasms set off his orgasm as her legs gave way and she collapse into a chair, moaning in pleasure. He generously allows her a few moments to catch her breath and recover a little before asking her to clean his cock with her tongue.

Claire looked at him and shook her head, she needed a rest, she was completely spent. She stood up and wobbled uncertainly back to the office. Mandy another of the hostesses was sitting drinking coffee, "Did the bastard make you cum?" she asked. "Oh god yes," Claire admitted. "Beginners luck," Mandy sighed, "They will soon get over the novelty and you'll be serving drinks and wanking all evening," she laughed.

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"Oh god, I can't do this," Claire sighed. Mandy laughed, "I would say you're a natural, how about we do a show together?" "Er, sorry I'm not into girls," she replied. "Neither am I but it pays the bills!" Mandy agreed, "Later perhaps?" Claire forgot the suction cups, forgot the coffee and took a big slug of Bourbon to calm her nerves before returning to the lounge.

A middle aged guy known as Mr J had been watching Claire and sensing her need for a bit of tenderness after her orgasm he gently beckoned her over.

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He sat her on his knee and pulled her body in towards him, caressing her gently until her breathing returned to normal. "That looked like quite an orgasm," he chuckled "Now I want to watch you have another one" He leds her over to a dining table at the other sshede of the room and ordered her to lie on it, positioning her so that she lay on her back with her feet wide apart at the corners of the table and her knees bent.

A large cushion was placed under her head. He picked up a length of rope and began wrapping it around her leg, circling her thigh and shin with loops and knots that held her leg in its bent position. One end of the rope was round her ankle and the other was at her thigh and both ends were then tied to table leg to hold them in position. As he repeated the bondage on her other leg, she relaxed into the feel of the soft rope sliding over her skin and the rhythmic pattern of the loops and knots.

Claire realised she was left helpless, restrained in a very exposed positsheon, unable to move her legs either to straighten them or to bring them together. Another guy pulled up a dining chair and sat down. Claire realised that the cushion under her head was not there for her comfort, but means that she was looking directly at the man rather than at the ceiling. "Now, that's better isn't it," the guy asked, "Play with your clit again, we want to watch you cum." Claire began rubbing her clit, feeling incredibly vulnerable and exposed.

She closed her eyes as she tried to lose herself in her pleasure, wanting to shut out the thought that mens eyes are watching her intently, aware that other men have also gathered around her. "Keep your eyes open," someone ordered. As she continued, she realised that she was becoming aroused by being humiliated and forced to expose herself and to be watched performing such an intimate act.

A smirk crossed the man's face as he watched her blush. "You're enjoying this, slut, aren't you?" he asked, "Look the slut's enjoying being watched whshele you play with herself?" "You enjoying youself," he asked. Claire realised she was actually enjoying herself, it was exciting, more exciting than anything she had ever experienced before. "Tell me, are you enjoying yourself?" he asked again.

It was hard enough to admit it to herself and she feel a sense of shame as she was forced to admit her arousal. "Yes." "Yes, what? Tell us what you are enjoying." he asked "I am enjoying playing with herself while you watch." she admitted.

Saying the words aloud brought on a new wave of shame and vulnerabity, and also arousal.


"Are you sure you're enjoying it," he asked, "Are you a filthy whore who fucks all comers and wanks in bars?" he asked. "Yes," she admitted. "Say it," he insisted. "I'm a filthy whore who fucks all comers and wanks in bars" she admitted. "Do you like being a filthy whore, exposing yourself, does it make your filthy pussy cry out for cock." he asked. "Yes I like being a filthy whore," Claire admitted, "And I like showing my tits and ass and exposing my filthy pussy and I need cock." and she started to cum.

"I like being a whore, I want cock, ohhhh god. I need cock! I need cock." she protested and then she just went limp while gasping for breath. The left her to recover, Mr D gently untied her and helped her to her feet. He held her as she walked slowly to the office for a rest and collapsed into a chair completely spent. The rest of the evening passed in a blur of sucking cocks, cocks in her vagina, in her anus, sometimes one at a time, sometimes two or even three at a time.

Claire completely lost count of the men and the orgasms she enjoyed or was it endured until around 3 a.m she finally got to take a well needed rest for more than 10 minutes.

She curled up in the chair in the managers office and dropped off to sleep The manager returned, he gently shook her by the arm waking her. "I heard good things about you young lady," he beamed, "Forget the weeks trial you got the job full time if you want it." Claire didn't really understand, "Oh, right, yes, thanks." she agreed sleepily.

"No holes barred, live in available 24/7, butt naked with collar and chain, that ok?" he asked. She thought fast, the rent on her apartment, was killing her, living in would save a fortune and it was only for a few weeks while she got back on her feet.

"Yes, ok." she agreed. "That's fine, sign here ," he suggested. She signed the dotted line. He smiled and showed her the black leather collar. He lifted up her hair and placed it round her and buckled it. He clipped a leash to a ring at the front of the collar, tracing the cold chain over her nipples, which still highly sensitive from the suction cups.

He pulls on the chain to bring her to her feetand gently removes her chemise, her suspenders, her stockings and her heels and finally the tiny skirt to leave her competely naked.

"You feel sexy, you want to play with yourself?" he asked. Claire said nothing, she just spread her pussy lips closed her eyes and started the long climb to another shuddering climax