I love sucking daddys lollipop brenna sparks

I love sucking daddys lollipop brenna sparks
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After Katie walked out the door, I fell back on the bed. I replayed the last couple of days and I couldn't believe my luck. I had to laugh at that thought because I didn't feel lucky after I realized my "Vegas Piece" was my own cousin. But after several thoroughly satisfying orgasms, I was thrilled. Katie was by far the most attractive woman I had ever shared a bed with. The fact that she was so aggressive and seemed to not be able to get enough of my dick was a great bonus.

This was definitely turning out better than I thought. As a matter of fact, Katie's openness gave me a great idea for later on.

I checked the clock and did a quick Google search. I needed some supplies and the perfect place was just three blocks away.

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I hurried up and dressed and called down to Katie's room. I told her I would pick her up in an hour but I needed to head out for a few moments. She said she would see me then.

I sprayed some cologne and put on some deodorant and headed out to my destination. About 45 minutes later I was back in my room and laid out my supplies. I set the room for how I wanted it to be when we got back from our night out on the town. I double-checked my setup, and satisfied with my choices, I set out to pick up Katie. I knocked on her door and she answered and my dick stood at attention.

She was wearing a red strapless dress with her tits pushed up to wear you almost thought they were trying to escape. The dress only came down to mid-thigh, but with her heels, pearls, and her hair pulled up, she looked elegant.

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I thought about just stepping in and taking her right then, but I had made plans, and I was far more excited to see them through. Katie asked, "So what do you think?" It was time to set my plan into motion.

I stepped into her room and shut the door.

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I pushed her against the wall and kissed her hard on the lips. She was surprised at first, then smelted into the kiss. My tongue swirled around hers and I could feel her body melt into me. I pulled away from her lips and moved out to her neck just below her earlobe. I could feel the goose pimples form on her skin.

Not giving her a chance to get used to my kisses, I went for the gold.

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I took my hand rubbed it up her thigh and under her dress. I came to her panty-covered crotch and rubbed up and down her slit. She gasped as I applied pressure to her clit. I moved up and slid my hand inside her panties and she was already so wet that my finger slipped easily inside. I finger-fucked her for a minute while I continued to kiss her neck. I could feel her getting close, so I backed off of my pace. I moved to her ear and asked, "What happened to no panties?" She shuddered at the vibration of my voice and my breath on her ear.

"I decided I should probably wear them since." and she trailed off as my thumb was stroking her button as my finger penetrated her. She started breathing harder and I backed off again to bring her down from the edge. She stammered out, "I thought I should wear them since we are going out tonight." I removed my finger from her hot, wet hole and brought my finger to my mouth and sucked it clean as I looked her in the eye.

I moved right in front of her face and she instinctively closed her eyes and moved to kiss me again, but I backed away. After her lips missed their target, she opened her eyes and looked at me confused. I smiled a wicked smile and said, "The decision to wear panties is the last decision I will let you make tonight. With that I knelt down and moved my hands under her dress. I moved my face close to her panty-clad crotch so that my breath was hot on her skin.

Then without any fanfare, I reached up and grabbed both sides and ripped her panties from her body. She groaned so low that I thought I might have sent her over the edge.

I stood back up and showed her the torn panties before I threw them over my shoulder.

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"I turned her towards the door and said, "Ok, we can go now." Katie acted like she was a little drunk as she staggered out into the hall. I couldn't help but smile knowing the effect I had on her at the moment. We managed to catch a cab towards The Strip.

While in the cab, I stroked her thigh, moving closer and closer to her womanhood, but I whenever I got close enough to touch, I backed off and started over. Katie whimpered several times, but never gave words to her complaints. We finally arrived at The Venetian and went inside. We sat down at a couple of slots to ease into everything. It was both funny and sexy watching Katie try to climb up in the seat without exposing herself.

After a few minutes, I told Katie it was time to go to the gaming tables. We walked over to one of the roulette tables. Someone was on a hot streak and a small crowd was gathering. I got some chips from the Croupier and gave them to Katie. I stood behind her and whispered in her ear, "I will let you place the bets, but if you miss I will punish you." She turned around and smiled, and said "How will you punish me?" I replied, "You will see." Katie played her first round safe. She placed $30 on black.

It landed on 20. She cheered and kissed me. I said "that was lucky. Why don't you try to win us some more money." This time she played $30 on 25.

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She was not so lucky this time as it landed on 19. I leaned down in her ear and said "That was a very naughty girl." With that I slipped my hand up under her dress and began to stroke her from behind.

I was behind her and with us in such close proximity, I didn't think anyone can see.

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Katie froze. I don't think she was prepared for this "punishment." I don't know if she was nervous because it was because I was doing this in such a public place, but soon whatever misgivings she had about the situation gave way to the lust that had been building up from before. As soon as I felt her give into the pleasure, I immediately ceased all activity and pulled my hand away. Katie was visibly bothered by the sudden absence of my hand.

She seemed to try to be processing what had happened when she suddenly felt everyone looking at her. I could feel her uneasiness so I said,"they're calling for final bets." She hurriedly placed her bet on 21. She lost again.


I whispered to her again, "You lost my money again. That was very naughty. I began another assault on her with my fingers from behind." I again stopped as soon as I felt her giving into the pleasure build up. For another 30 minutes we went through the cycle of her losing money, occasionally winning, and me punishing her by withholding the release I had been building up in her for quite some time now.

Finally, she turned to me with pleading eyes and said "I can't stand anymore, please." I had planned to spread this out over a couple more stops, but I decided that I could eat, so I suggested we go to Pinot Brasserie in the Hotel. I figured some French food and wine would be perfect for the mood I was creating. We sat down in the restaurant and ordered our food and a nice bottle of wine.

I kept the mood light during our meal by telling her a few jokes and then as we were about to finish up and we were waiting for the check, I looked at her as seriously as possible and said "You lost me money tonight.

There's still some punishment in your future." She answered, "I don't know if I can take anymore of your kind of punishment." I smiled and leaned back and said, "we'll see." We walked through the hotel to see everything we could see, and as we walked down a deserted corridor, I spotted a restroom.

I asked her to wait for me while I went in to use it. When I got in, the place was empty, and as luck would have it, immaculate. I walked back to the door, opened it and pulled Katie inside. She started to protest, but I took us to the very back stall before she could say anything.


I locked the door behind us, and pressed her against the wall just as I had earlier and kissed her deeply. My fingers found her pussy immediately and I began to really grind into her.

I could fell her getting close, so I backed off again. She looked at me almost with tears forming in her eyes, she whispered, "Please. I need this so bad." "I looked at her and said, "okthen. I'll give it to you." With that I unsnapped my belt and undid my zipper. I lifted her up and impaled her on my dick. I held her up against the wall and thrust into her with all my might. It did not take long at all before she was wailing. She was so loud, I'm sure if someone was walking down the hall, they would have heard her.

I went as fast as I could pounding her and soon an evening full of frustration and arousal boiled over in a violent orgasm for Katie as she screamed at the top of her lungs. She dug her nails into my neck as she rode the wave of pleasure. I slowed down just enough for her to come down off her high before I began my onslaught again.

I had barely began to slam into her again before she was building up to another climax. The thing about punishing someone by withholding their release is that you are also denying yourself a release. I was fast approaching blast off myself. I bucked into her with a primal lust while her voice kept rising in pitch.

I could feel her reaching her climax again and as she cried out with a "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!," my orgasm struck with a fury and my balls erupted into her. The force of my ejaculation was so great I could feel splash-back inside of her. The pulsing of my cock inside her kept her at the pinnacle of her orgasm. The spasms of her pussy walls in turn milked me and extended my own.

We both finally began to come down from our mutual bliss. I sat her feet back on the floor and my cock fell out of her while a mixture of our juices fell to the floor. We cleaned up and she straightened her dress while I pulled my pants back up. She looked up and smiled at me and kissed me again.

"Thank you for allowing me to finally cum." I let her know that she was welcome and to remember that she only had an orgasm because I had allowed her to have it. I went to go see if the coast was clear before walking out.

As I stepped into the hallway, I was greeted by two gentleman in suits. One of them said, "May we have a word, sir?" I nodded in the affirmative, and walked out with them. The same gentleman said, "Sir, we've been watching you and your companion since you were at the gaming tables. We have been standing at this door for the past 5 minutes while we heard some interesting sounds coming from this rest room.

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Looking at your companion, I don't fault you for any of your behavior, but at this point, it is probably best for you to call it a night. I said, "I thought I was being discreet at the roulette table. There was such a crowd I didn't think anyone could see anything." He laughed and said, "I am sure no one on the floor was wise to what was going on, or you would not have made it to this point in your evening here at The Venetian.

But you need to remember that when you're in Vegas, there's always an eye in the sky. I apologized, and feeling I needed to explain said, using air quotes, "I was 'punishing' my girlfriend for losing money." The other guy then raised an eyebrow, and with a smirk said, "Perhaps it's time to go home and 'punish' her there." I laughed and said, "I believe you're right." I opened the bathroom door, and to my surprise Katie was right there beside the door.

I said, "Time to go, Katie." With that, we headed back out to catch a cab. Katie said "You called me your girlfriend?" I said, "well, we were busted, and I didn't think telling them you were my cousin would help the situation in any way." She looked at me almost disappointed, and asked, "What about what you said about 'punishing' me? Are you going to punish me more when we get home?

A cab pulled up just then and we got in. I directed the driver back to the hotel. I put my hand on her thigh and let it drift to her pussy. She took in a breath at the sudden contact. I leaned over and whispered in her ear," Question my punishment again, and you will not cum again this week."