Layala hot ebony black ass big butt blowjob

Layala hot ebony black ass big butt blowjob
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I awoke on a Wednesday morning in my girlfriends bed. She had gone to work already and I was left by myself in her queen sized bed to wake up slowly after a night of sex. My girl Tasha is a long chestnut haired, brown eyed, athletic thirty five year old and former Gymnast and now gymnastics teacher at a local club. She missed going to the Olympics because she injured her knee and never competed again. She was recently divorced and was now living back with her Mother Liz and Step-Father Ben.

I had spent the last few days there as the parents were away on vacation and we had the place to ourselves and our vigorous sex sessions. I got up and showered and pulled on the plain black shirt I had on the night before and a pair of red briefs.

I was about to put on pants when I heard someone in the kitchen downstairs. I walked down the stairs thinking Tasha was down there and I came around the corner rubbing my crotch and saying how I was glad she was still here as I was in the mood to bend her over the table when I saw Liz standing at the island holding a cup of coffee and looking through a pile of mail.

"well thats nice Ron but I think you are expecting someone else I think" she winked at me checking me out as she sipped her coffee. Liz may be in her fifties but she looks in her thirties.


She and Tasha are often seen as sisters rather than Mother and Daughter. Liz is the same five, five height as Tash but she has shoulder length multi toned silver hair that is straight and very distinguished looking. The hair sets off her dark brown eyes, thats are always surrounded by a pair narrow Burgundy marbled, thin framed horn rimmed glasses. She never wore make up usually, but today she had a small amount of silvery blue eye shadow and mascara on. It brought out her dark eyes.

She jogs and does yoga so her body is lean and fit, she was wearing a pair of not loose, but not tight jeans and a tight white t-shirt with a fine ribbing in the fabric that allowed you to see the outline of her bra underneath.

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She wore a blue and white checkered shirt over top that was unbuttoned. She smiled at me and took another sip of her coffee as I tried to hide my semi. "relax stud I came home early" she licked her lips as she put the cup down. "I see you two have been taking advantage of an empty house" Feeling very exposed I just shrugged and smiled, which she returned telling me to relax as she knew her daughter would take advantage of the house while she was away. She also added she was glad someone had gotten laid since she didn't.

Her second honeymoon with her second husband had turned into a golf vacation for him and a series of days of her doing things alone and not getting laid at night.

So she gave Ben a decision go golfing and she would leave and file for divorce before he got home or spend the day with her.


She woke up to a note that said he would be back before noon, she packed her bag, rented a car and drove home arriving just after Tash left for work. "damn Liz I am sorry I had no idea, but if ya ask me he is a numb skull.

You are a damn fine looking woman and any guy who would rather play golf than pound your hot ass is either gay or impotent." "Either way I have needs and he seems not to care so I am moving on" She looked at a letter and tossed it on the pile. She walked over to the counter and poured me a cup of coffee and gave it to me as she ran a finger over my arm.

"Maybe I will get me a young man that is nothing but a walking hard on, spend lots of time letting him give me orgasms and a hard time walking" "mmm" I said sipping the coffee as she ran her hand over my chest. "Shit my daughter can find herself some hot men" She was starting to make me feel like maybe she and I could get it on but I was trying to keep the thought out of my head as I had never had anyone that old before.

But she was so close I could smell her body wash and she was smelling mine.

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Her hand was now at my stomach. "She said you worked out, and you were in good shape but hell Ron you are in better shape than I imagined" I continued to drink my coffee as she ran her hand over my abs and arms. She then began running her hand over my ass, and I could no longer hide the way her attentions were turning me on.

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She put a hand under my shirt and rubbed my chest, and asked if I realized just how horny she was. When I shrugged she leaned in and with a moist, soft whisper told me she either needed to have sex with me in the next few minutes or she was going to have to masturbate.

Hard. She backed up and took her checkered shirt off and hung it over my shoulder, then crossed her arms and pulled her shirt off exposing her light pink coloured sheer bra. She was a solid c cup for sure.

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"I am going upstairs now. If you want to fuck my brains out follow me soon or I will just start and finish myself off." She cupped my dick and balls through the shorts. "I can make this semi full blown, ready to make me come, hard as a rock cock." She stroked it gently sending more blood to the member.

"The bonus is I can't get pregnant so my pussy can be your cum dumpster for the day." She backed away and walked towards the stairs. As I watched from the kitchen door still drinking my coffee, dick pitching a tent.

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I was not even trying to hide it any more she stopped at the bottom of the stairs and opened her suitcase and pulled out a nine inch purple vibrator and put it on the stair as she undid her jeans and turning away from me and bending over as she pushed them down showing me her nice firm ass and purple panties with the lacy cuffs and waist.

She then tucked the vibrator in between her tits and winked. "two minutes to decide, then Barney here" She pointed at the vibrator. "gets to take your place in my wet wet" She showed me the line in her silky underwear, running a finger along it.

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"PUSSY" I looked back at the clock and watched it count away two minutes as I finished my coffee. When I heard a sultry, kitten like voice from upstairs "times up" I put down the cup and walked up the stairs two at a time and walked to the end of the hall where the master bedroom was. She was in the center of the king sized bed on top of the bedding sitting with her back against the head board she still had her bra and panties on but the vibrator was humming away as she slid it into her panties and made circles over her clit.

I walked over to the bed and picked up her glasses and put them back on as I peeled off my shorts and shirt and knelt beside her on the bed. She wasted no time grabbing my dick and deep throating me as I took the vibrator from her and began rubbing her slit hard up and down as she slurped and sucked my dick. Stopping every once in a while to take a breath. "I bet you've had lots of practice suckin' dick ain't ya sweet lips." "how true" she replied rubbing me softly.

"but not lately though" "well you have not lost your touch gorgeous" She smiled spit on the tip and resumed her professional grade hummer. I told her to slide down in the bed so I could return her favours as enthusiastically as she was giving and I got on all fours above her and pushed her panties to her knees as she continued her oral on me.

Her hairy pussy was wet and I ran my tongue along every inch up and down and with every pass put my tongue in a little further in until it parted her pink lips and I worked her clit like an ice cream on a hot day.

"fuck Ben you are going to make me cum" she moaned as I grabbed the vibrator and inserted it into her starving snatch. I cranked up the speed and pushed as far in as the dial and went back to work on her clit the orgasm was almost instantaneous and she squirted all over my face and soaked the bed spread. At this point she was yelling at the top of her lungs and arching her back and gripping the sheets so tight she looked like she was having a stroke. I left the toy running in her as I turned around and rubbed my hard on over her slit as I pulled her bra off.

She just kept coming as I grabbed hold of her tits and ran my thumb over her rock hard nipples and areolas. "you were excited weren't ya you nasty piece of slut" I sucked on her nipple as I twisted the other.

I slowly pulled the toy out but left it running between her tits as I spread her legs and slid my dick into her drenched pussy. She was calming a little now as the strong waves of pleasure subsided and I slowly and deeply fucked her. I ran the vibrator over her clit as I sent another wave of pleasure through her bawdy body. I rolled her over on her stomach and stuck the vibrator back in her pussy and kept her twitching body flat on the bed as I ran my dick between her ass cheeks.

" you said something about wanting to walk funny after sex, Liz" she said something but her face was buried in pillows but there was a nod of the head. So holding her down at the hips I slid my cock deep into her tight ass. I knew her being so tight it would make me cum soon so I slowed right down knowing every time I pushed into her the vibrator pushed in too.

I pulled her hair to raise her head up, her glasses were half off her face, which had her thin, beautiful hair matted to her sweaty face, and she was gasping and groaning as I fucked her in the ass. "still wanna be a cum dumpster?" "fill me, my ass wants to feel you fill it with cum" she begged. "you kiss your daughters cheek with that filthy whore mouth of yours?" "yes oh god yes, so true even once after giving a blow job" "mmm your dirty come coated mouth kissing your little girl" I slapped her ass making her yell in pleasure again.

" you are such a dirty tart" I slapped her again as she smiled at me looking over her shoulder. "say it" "say what baby" she begged me to tell her. "say you wanna be my hot, sexy, mature, whore of a cum dumpster" I was so close but I really wanted to come while she begged me to. "okay baby, okay" she laughed as she pushed back against me.

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"I__ wanna be___ your HOT___ Sexy" I began pumping faster wanting to hear the sound of slapping before I finished. "Sexy MAAAAAture ah fuck, whore aaahah ahahahahand cuuuummmm dumpster!" I shot hot load after hot load just as she said the word whore, it was perfect.

She collapsed face down panting on the bed as I pulled out, and rubbed my dick between her ass cheeks again before turning the vibrator off and pulling it out and tossing it on the night stand. She turned over onto her back and caught her breath as she took her glasses off and moved the matted hair from her face. I saw her body was glistening with sweat.

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I had really given her a good time for sure. "no fuckin wonder Tash comes home from dates with you smiling like that" "your daughter loves to fuck" I laid down beside her.

"me too" she giggled.