Totally free gay ginger boy porn He put the guts wand deep inside me

Totally free gay ginger boy porn He put the guts wand deep inside me
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I almost always bring my laptop home with me. Ever since I'd been promoted to Manager of Network Services, I'd grown accustomed to getting paged late night or early morning to help straighten out some corporate network or platform disaster.

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It was a lot more comfortable to hook into the network from home and work in my underwear than to get dressed, hop in the car and drive into the office.

When my pager went off at about 2AM, I quickly realized that I'd made a terrible mistake. My car had broke down on the way into work. I'd got a ride home from Joe and had left the damn thing in his trunk.

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I was mumbling and grumbling while I got dressed. My wife was used to these early morning muttered rants. I kissed her on the forehead and told her I'd have her car back before she had to head out. She murmured a quick thanks and pulled the blanket over her head.

Once my eyes became unglued, I returned the page to let them know I'd be on-line within a half-hour and headed out the door. When I got to the tenth floor, I wasn't surprised that it was mostly dark. Security had been instructed to shut off the lights on all unoccupied floors.

What surprised me was that my office lights were on. We call my office the fishbowl. In a sea of cloth-covered cubicles, my glass walled office took up the space of about six cubicles. Lit up in the darkness it looked even more exposed than it usually did. The two people on my office couch highlighted that exposed look I don't consider myself a control freak. I manage all kinds of computer geeks and am pretty liberal about the dress code but this was the first time I'd actually seen someone without pants in my office.

Even from a distance, I could tell it was two people and, though neither one was helping with the network outage; they were working on nature's original man-woman interface. Leaving the lights off, I moved closer to get a better look.

The girl I recognized as Cindy from customer support.

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Her curly dark hair was down over her face but that massive curly mop and her big tits were a dead give away. I'd sometimes imagined what those massive boobs looked like naked.

Here they were swaying in gentle rhythm, big brown aureole circling her large, erect nipples. Her shirt had been pulled up near her neck, probably by the guy in the open security guard shirt who was under her on the couch. She was leaning forward with her arms braced on an arm of the couch, riding his cock for all she was worth. The guard had a fistful of fine full buttock in each hand, kneading her ass as she slid back and forth on his happy, hard dick.

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My own dick was getting pretty solid watching this hot action. I knew I had to get to my computer and phone but I paused when Cindy sat up and began rubbing her big, beautiful, healthy breasts. The security guard was now pumping his cock into her as she stretched back, massaging her massive mammaries and moaning for him to fuck her harder. Hell, I figured, what harm could a few more minutes do? Trying to stay out of the light, I moved into a nearby cubicle. I unzipped my pants and released my hard, hot cock.

It was throbbing in my hand as I began to stroke it. Looking over the cubicle wall, I was now close enough to see Cindy's dark brown pubic hairs, as lush and curly as the hair on her head. Her cunt lips, spread around the security guard's thick cock, were swollen with lust.


His dick was wet with her pussy juices as it slid in and out of her hungry warm pussy. Their heavy breathing was punctuated by groans of mutual pleasure and the rhythmic slapping sounds of their naked flesh pounding together at increasingly intense pace.

I was jerking my cock hard and fast to keep up with their frantic fucking. Cindy released her tits and began frigging her clit, her cries of pleasure were sweet music to my ears. My own breath was becoming a bit ragged but I knew they were too caught up in their incredible fuck to hear me.

Each of his hands had now grabbed on to one of her fantastic tits. His butt was rising and falling back into the couch in a hard thrusting motion.

Cindy was grinding his cock deep inside her with every upward thrust. I could tell from his breathing and groaning that it wasn't going to be long now. Cindy's fingers were now playing a drum roll around her clit, her mouth was open and she was slack jawed.

The orgasm that was growing within her began to shake her body. She leaned back and gently grabbed between the guard's legs. When she squeezed his balls, his hips jerked up so hard I thought he was going to throw the curly brunette's body right off him but Cindy had a tight grip on his dick, she was moaning and panting as he came inside her with violent spurts.

Despite their head start, I was only seconds behind him.

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I slid down into the cubicle and ejaculated into some tissues I pulled off the desk. Slowly my breath and my composure returned. I had just zipped up my pants and resumed normal breathing when my pager went off.

I could hear the lovers scurrying to get their clothes on. They probably had no idea where the pager tone came from but they were sure that it wasn't good news.


I worked my way back through the cubicle maze and hit the light switch before stopping to return the page. I watched them hurry out of my office and head for the back stairwell. I'm not sure whether they looked back to see who was standing at the light switch. I was grinning as I sat down in my office.

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The smell of their sex was still in the air as I waited for my computer to boot up. The fish bowl felt good.