Amateur tranny solo twerk and jerk session

Amateur tranny solo twerk and jerk session
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As she raised the knocker on the door of the huge mansion, the butterflies began to flutter again in Alexandra's stomach.

After all it was 1 in the afternoon and she was standing outside in skimpy lingerie. She knew what she was getting herself into, and although she was nervous, she knew that she was ready.

Alexandra was a bombshell in every sense of the word; her dark brown hair flowed gently down her back, where it stopped about halfway down. She was a tall girl, standing 5' 11" barefoot, and her body was something that brought to mind the beauty of old.

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She was a big girl, considering her height, and she wore a size 12 dress. She was not in any way fat, but curvy beyond belief. Her bust was an amazing 36 E, and her ass was big. She was not sure of the exact measurements, but she knew that they would be taken soon enough. She had a gorgeous face with naturally full lips, a slightly pointed nose, and bright green eyes, and her skin was a bit on the paler side of the spectrum, although she was certainly not pasty by any means.

The door opened, and what Alexandra saw made her feel comfortable. There was a girl of similar size and stature, but with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing very little, just a pair of light blue tanga panties and a matching bra, as well as a leather collar with a ring on it. Her nose was pierced with a ring through one nostril as was her belly button.

Alex was wearing similar clothing, but in pink, apparently her new host liked this kind of underwear. She was a very sexy woman, thought Alex; however she did not want to be seen with her pussy wet within the first few minutes of arriving.

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"Hello, you must be Alexandra." said the girl in a fairly thick Swedish accent "Y…Yes I am." Alex stammered back. "Welcome to our home, my name is Ilse. The master is very excited to have you coming to live with us, and he will meet you soon enough, but first you must be prepared.

I am the head slave here, and I will be giving you your orientation." "Umm, what should I call you?" "Well, since I am the head slave, you must refer to me as Ma'am or Mistress." "Ok Ils- I mean Mistress." "Are you ready?" asked Ilse. "As ready as I'll ever be." "First I will show you your quarters." *As you can tell from the tags and some of the language, this is a BDSM compound, in case anyone was wondering* Alex wondered what her quarters would be like, whether they would be bunk beds, or if she would even be given a bed, it was a long walk to the bedroom; she had to climb two long staircases to get there.

However, she was happy with what she saw. She arrived in a room that was quite large and when she looked inside she saw multiple beds that could fit about four people her size comfortably. She was somewhat astonished that there was no one there. "Mistress, where are all of the other girls?" asked Alex respectfully. "Most of the other girls are either at school or work, but a few of them are here somewhere." responded Ilse. "OK, I was just curious mistress." "That's quite alright, here let me take your measurements, follow Me." the gorgeous Swede commanded.

"Yes Mistress" Ilse led Alex out of the bedroom and to the grand staircase. They climbed the staircase and turned to a pair of large wooden doors. She opened the door and entered the kitchen. "Welcome to the kitchen Alex." said Ilse. "We're taking the measurements here Mistress?" "Yes." said Ilse as she went into a drawer and pulled out the tape measure.

"Now I need you to remove your clothing and stand here." said Ilse again. Alex had been dreading this moment for a while, even though she was secretly excited to undress in front of the beautiful buxom blonde. She stood upright, and reached behind herself, unclasping her bra. She then bent down and lowered her panties and Ilse took them, both of them noting that the front was slightly damp with her sweet juices.

Suddenly, Alex felt Ilse's hands slip under her arms, and felt the tape measure being drawn across her upper and lower chest. She had had bra fittings before, but this one was different, more intricate. She felt Ilse measure each breast independently. "Your left breast is slightly bigger than your right, but just so you know, you should be in a 40F, not a 36E. If you pass your orientation today and tomorrow, you will be presented with a few options for your lingerie that will be custom made for you.

Now I will measure your waistline and hips." Ilse knelt behind Alex and accidentally let a compliment slip.

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"God, what an ass." said Ilse in a slightly exasperated voice. Alex heard her, but did not want to be insubordinate by making a snide comment, but just made sure to remember what she said; she also remembered that Ilse's ass was great as well.

"Legs together Alex." "Yes ma'am." she said, bringing together her gorgeous legs. Ilse then brought the tape measure around her legs and rose it up, and as she did, the front of the tape measure caught Alex's pussy lips, and the light touch caused Alex to shudder. She proceeded to measure her waist and hips. "Your waist is 28 inches, and your hips are 44, the master will be pleased by these measurements and by the roundness of your belly." "What do you mean by that Mistress?" "Well as you can tell by looking at the two of us, the Master likes his women full figured.

He thinks that we are much more beautiful and attractive than skinny women." "So I get to eat a lot?" "Not exactly, see, the Master likes women with bodies like ours, but not grossly huge and overweight.

So you have to stay in the shape you're in now, which doesn't seem like it would be too hard." "No, I think that I can do that." said Alex confidently. "Good, now you may place your clothes back on if you wish, after which follow me, I need to change my panties." said Ilse sheepishly. Alex had not taken the opportunity to look down at Ilse's crotch, but when she did, she was pleased to find that the lacy fabric was visibly darker than the rest "Yes Mistress." said Alex as she began to clothe herself, taking this opportunity to feel if her own breasts were really uneven, she found that indeed they were, but it was alright with her, it made her feel unique.

As they walked out of the kitchen, they then moved to what Alex soon realized was the Master's bedroom. There was a bed larger than any she had ever seen, and there were cases all throughout the room with flogs, clamps, whips, and various other bondage equipment that she was sure to use soon enough.

Ilse walked in and went into an armoire and dug out a set of black lingerie, slightly frillier, but ultimately the same style. Ilse turned to Alex and without thinking began to undress. As she did this, Alex's eyes were drawn to Ilse's glorious breasts. As she removed the bra, Alex salivated at the sight of what appeared out of them. Two large pale masterworks capped with large, pink areolas and nipples. Alex noticed that each of her nipples was pierced with a ring.

Alex began to salivate at the sight, Ilse then bent down and removed her panties, revealing the neatly trimmed triangle shaped blonde bush that hid underneath. Again she noticed a piercing, this time through her clitoral hood. Alex wanted nothing more than to throw Ilse down on the bed and pleasure her in every way, but she knew that she must be restrained.

Alex grew disappointed when Ilse replaced the clothing, but her skin was still red from her pleasure at the sight of Ilse naked. Ilse looked up and noticed this.


"Did you like what you saw? Be honest now." "Um, yes Mistress, I liked it a lot." "Good, good." said Ilse. She knew what would be in store for Alex later that night, and knew that they would know each other much better in the next couple of hours.

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"The master will be home in one and one half hours, we need to get you cleaned, inside and out. Follow me." Ilse led her down to the first floor, and then continued down three stories' worth of stairs and after passing three doors, they encountered a door made purely of glass, and they heard what sounded like the moans of an orgasmic woman.

The door was fogged up from the hot water inside the room. As Ilse entered, Alex followed her inside, where she saw what this entire floor was dedicated to. The entire room was in essence a giant bathroom, with four gigantic baths carved in marble that looked like something out of ancient Rome, and around the edges were a few toilets. In one corner was a large white cabinet.

"Well, I guess I should introduce you two lovely ladies, but I'll wait until you are done Savannah." said Ilse, chuckling slightly as she did. "THANK YOU MA'AM!!!" screamed Savannah, as she began to orgasm again. Savannah was currently in the throes of pleasure.

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She was kneeling on a towel in the doggy style position, wearing a collar like the one that Ilse wore. As the women looked over her body, again like those of Alex and Ilse, it was full figured, her thighs were a little thicker, and there was some cellulite in them, but nothing grossly huge or disgusting. From her ample breasts hung a chain, Savannah noticed that a pair of clamps were affixed to her nipples. Her stomach poked out quite far, almost like she was six months pregnant.

Her ass like the other girls was large and juicy, but oddly, at least to Alex, there was a tube sticking out and up to a discreet white hook on the wall, the hook, on which hung a large open topped red bag, looking almost completely devoid of water. As she heard Ilse give her permission to finish, Savannah plunged two of her fingers into her pussy, the hair shaved into the triangle just like Ilse's.


She began to grind her palm into her clit as she rammed her pussy with her fingers. As she felt another wave of orgasm coming, she began to scream again, and began to squirt her pussy juices all over the towel she knelt on, which was obviously already wet. This is incredible, though Savannah, she knew the only thing better than masturbation while receiving an enema or colonic was being fucked by the Master while receiving one.

As the orgasm washed over her body again, she placed her head on the towel and yanked hard on the clamps, causing her to scream louder, and cum harder. She continued to cum for two minutes, and as she did Ilse approached, Alex in tow. Ilse had already dipped her fingers into her own pussy, and had removed her bra and tossed in the corner, her thumb and index finger were pinching her left nipple, and Alex could see drops of milk running down her hand.

Alex followed suit, removing her sexy pink panties also and placing them next to Ilse's. Alex however did not want to please herself until she was told to, but her pussy was creaming heavily, and the sweet juices were running down her inner thighs. "How long have you been holding that enema Savannah, and what tip are you using?" asked Ilse as she patted Savannah on her round buttock. "About fifteen minutes Mistress, and I'm using one of the thirty inch colon tubes, and, as I'm sure you know this is the 6 quart bag, and it's empty." "Savannah, go ahead and relieve yourself, clean up the equipment and prepare an enema for Alex, we'll need to make sure she is as clean as a whistle for the master so she'll need more than one.

Prepare me one also." "Thank you mistress." said Savannah as she removed the tube. The long red rubber slid out of her slowly, and she moaned at every inch.

Savannah then stood up, the girls both got better looks at her body, even though Ilse had seen it plenty of times. Her stomach was large and round, in account of the gallon and a half of water in her bowels, her breasts were smaller than Alex's but they were pleasant, and topped with dark brown areolas with evenly colored nipples, pierced in a way similar to Ilse's. The clamps were mashing her nipples, making them bulge more. "As she expels the enema, Alex, I want you to masturbate her while removing the nipple clamps.

Continue to masturbate her and suckle her until she finishes, then we will begin your series of enemas." "Y-Yes Mistress, I'm just nervous, I've never had anything other than my finger up my butt, let alone an enema." said Alex.

"I am sure you will do fine, now attend to Savannah." said Ilse sternly. "Yes Ma'am." Savannah walked towards one of the toilets and sat down on the commode. Almost immediately, the enema began to work its way out. She had given herself two enemas before, so all that came out was clear liquid.

Alex immediately cupped Savannah's plump pussy, feeling the piercing through her clit. She inserted two fingers and rubbed her clit. "Oh god, that feels so good." said Savannah, continuing to expel the enema. Just then, Alex reached up and removed the nipple clamps. Savannah began to scream as the blood rushed back to her nipples, but she loved the pain and began to cum.

"OHH GOD!!!" she screamed as Alex worked her fingers in and out of her pussy.

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Alex felt a swat on her ass, which reminded her that she was to be sucking on Savannah's gorgeous breasts as well. Alex's pussy continued to drip her sweet nectar as she brought her mouth up to Savannah's waiting brown nub. She began to lick around it and across it before completely enveloping the nipple in her warm wet mouth.

As she began to suck, she felt and tasted the warm creamy milk that she was sucking from Savannah's breast. Her hand began to work more furiously inside her new lover's pussy, the heel of her hand grinding her clit as the fingers inside worked wonders on the woman's G-spot. As Savannah was nearing the expulsion of the enema, she began to orgasm, the intense pleasure brought on by the intense amazing feelings on her three major erogenous zones. "OHH, AHHH. Mistress may I cum, please?" screamed the gorgeous woman, who Alex thought looked to be about forty.

"Well, since you did not ask me the last time, I feel that you should wait, but since we need to get Alex prepared for the master, I will give you your punishment later." "Thank you mistress! I'M CUMMING!! OH GOD I'M CUMMING, I'M GONNA SQUIRT!!!" again she screamed as the orgasm wracked her body. Her body began to spasm and shake and her legs began to move, thankfully Alex was just out of reach. Alex kept sucking her left nipple, getting more of her delicious milk. Alex then felt Savannah's pussy spasm and clench her pussy tight around her two fingers, and she felt the spray of her sweet juices all over her hand.

Her orgasm continued for two minutes until eventually her eyes rolled back into her head and her body went limp. "Did I do something wrong Mistress? I think she's unconscious." "On the contrary, my dear, you did something very right, she will come to in a few minutes.

While we wait, go over to the cabinet and take out one of the long thick white towels and lay it down here." commanded the tall Swede, pointing to a spot on the floor. Alex walked over to the cabinet, carved out of solid marble, with no seams, meaning that this was once one huge block.

Ilse watched Alex walk away, the whole time both mouth and pussy drooling at the sight, her hips and ass moving left and right as she walked. She had to get her, but she knew that she would soon have her chance. As Alex walked back Ilse got a great look at her breasts moving and bouncing with every step.

She had to get just one taste, and it was part of her exam, she had to make sure that Alex was lactating before she was initiated, the Master had to be able to get milk from every woman. He even used it in his cereal.

"Once you lay down the towel, come over to me and face me, I need to make sure that you are lactating, if not, you may be asked to leave." "When I told you that I had decided to come here, you told me to buy a breast pump and to induce lactation, I can tell you that I have." said Alex. She cringed as soon as she said it, knowing that this would warrant a punishment. "Well, since you have decided to snap at me, go over to where Savannah is laying and take the nipple clamps and bring them here." yelled Ilse, she turned away and walked over to a black cabinet similar to the white one in the opposite corner of the in home bathhouse.

She went over and got a wood and leather paddle. Alex had retrieved the clamps and was standing where Ilse just was.

Ilse smacked Alex in the face, hard. "YOU DO NOT TALK LIKE THAT TO ME, YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!" screamed Ilse, she knew she needed to assert her authority now. "Ah-Yes Mistress." Alex knew that she would be reprimanded for speaking that way to Ilse, and she honestly thoroughly enjoyed the punishment, and loved being hit and told what to do.

She began to feel her pussy beginning to once again get wet. "Now, kneel here with your ass in the air, and prepare yourself for fifteen strokes with the paddle." commanded Ilse. Alex knelt down on the towel, but before she did, Ilse stopped her and affixed the clamps to her nipples.

Alex screamed. She knew that she wanted this desperately as her pussy again began to moisten, and she knelt down and presented her ass to Ilse.

"I want you to count out these strokes, they will be the first of many tonight." Just then Ilse brought the paddle down squarely across both of Alex's round ass cheeks. She winced at the pain, but moaned at it also, the familiar itch in her pussy began to start as the warmth from the paddle spread. Ilse brought it down hard again, and again, and Alex counted in between the screams. She was loving it, every swat with the paddle was causing her more pain, yet more pleasure.

Her pussy began to drip her juicses onto the towel. "TWENTY!" screamed Alex, she needed to be touched, she needed to touch her pussy, she needed to cum, but she knew that that was very unlikely.

"May I cum ma'am?!" screamed Alex, pleading with the nude blonde. "Hah, that is a funny joke slave, absolutely not." Savannah was now awake and was preparing the enemas for the two women. "Ma'am, what kind of enemas would you like?" "Castile soap, Savannah, for both of us." "Yes ma'am." "While she prepares these enemas, you will attend to me. Alex, make me cum, however you need to." "Yes ma'am." said Alex. Alex watched Ilse walk in front of her and lay down on the towel.

She got a great view of her pussy as she did so.

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Ilse cocked her legs back and held them, allowing Alex access to her entire nether region. Alex crawled forward to Ilse, and she began to smell the delicious odor of her sex. She did not know where to start, with her plump pink pussy, or her tight, clean pink asshole. She decided to start with her pussy. She began by licking the inside of Ilse's thighs and the outside of her pussy lips. "Ooh, yes Alexandra, that feels very good, continue." She had not let go of the paddle, and brought it down on Alex's ass again as the beaten girl ate her pussy.

"This will ensure that you do a good job." Alex winced at the pain, her ass was already very sore, but she was getting pleasure from it. She moved to the inside of her pussy, the pink flesh glistening with Ilse's sweet nectar. Alex brought her tongue down on it, licking from the bottom to the top of her delicious pussy. She loved the taste, and couldn't get enough. She noticed that Ilse's clit was bulging out of it's hood, she began to suck on it lightly.

"Ohh God yes, keep going!" said Ilse as she continued to spank Alex, but more lightly, she was grinding her crotch into Alex's face. Alex was loving this, the pleasure from being spanked, and the knowledge that she was doing a good job eating Ilse's pussy, especially since she had never had a lesbian experience beyond kissing. She had been eaten by one of her friends once, and was trying to do what she had done to her.


She moved her tongue from Ilse's clit to her vagina. She lapped the pooled juices out of Ilse's hole, noticing that some of them ran down to her asshole. She began to tongue fuck Ilse and ilse responded well.

"Keep going, use your fingers now!" screamed Ilse as she continued to buck her hips into Alex's face. Without missing a beat, Alex moved her tongue out, and two of her fingers into Ilse's pussy.

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She moved her tongue down to Ilse's asshole, flicking it and licking her pink rosebud. Her asshole was cute thought Alex, it had a few freckles in spots around it. (And no, it's not shit, just freckles) She switched hands, moving the hand that was inside of Ilse's pussy to her asshole, while replacing the others back into her pussy.

Ilse gave Alex one more spanking, before she became to enthralled to continue. Alex slipped the two fingers from Ilse's pussy into her asshole slowly. First she worked her middle finger in, twisting and pushing until her hole relaxed and the finger slipped in.

She finger fucked her asshole with one finger for a few seconds before slipping the next finger in. She continued to lick her asshole and finger her pussy as she did this. Ilse was beginning to cum, Alex could feel her asshole and pussy begin to clamp down on her fingers. "Oh GOD, I'M CUMMING!!" screamed Ilse, Alex did not let up continuing to finger and lick her holes, and Ilse began to squirt pussy juice into the air, it rained down on Alex.

Her orgasm continued for a few minutes, her body shuddering as she came down slowly. Alex was proud that she had serviced the woman so well. Ilse layed there for a few minutes, regaining her energy, knowing that she would need it for later that night.

She eventually stood up on slightly unsteady legs. She eventually got her legs and was steady. "Good job Alex. You've passed the part of your test pertaining to pleasing the other women of the house. Now stand up, I must check to make sure that you are lactating properly." Alex stood up, her ass warm and red from the beating. Ilse grabbed Alex's nipple and lifted each breast, checking the weight of her breasts.

"They feel good and heavy." said Ilse, she then pinched Alex's nipples, and mile squirted out. She then squatted slightly and took each of her nipples into her mouth and sucked, sampling the sweet food of life that flowed out of each of Alex's breasts.

"Mmm, your milk is good and sweet, I am sure that the Master will approve of your milk. He uses it in almost everything, even his cereal in the mornings." Ilse chuckled when she said this. "Now, the enemas." End of Part 1