Amateur Russian Couple Fuck On Sofa

Amateur Russian Couple Fuck On Sofa
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"You know what sound I like?" I asked Laura over the phone "No. Which one is that?" I heard her giggle back. I could hear her friend in the background, so I decided to see how far I could push her. "That sound you make when you choke yourself on your dildo. Get's me so turned on" This was met with laughter from the two girls. "I knew I was on speaker phone" I said back too them with a smile on my face. Laura and myself hadn't known each other for long, but the connection between us was incredible.

She was my ideal girl. Everything about her turns me on. And it wasn't just the sexual feelings either. The emotional connection was amazing as well.

That being said though the sex is what we came hear to talk about. Laura is your typical high schooler. She is good looking, popular and smart.

Everyone loves her, and those who have never met her have a hard time not liking her straight away. She stands at 5'4. Slim, stunning to look at, and fit. She actively takes part in any sports she canand because of this her body is toned and perfect to behold.

Not only this is, she has an impressive chest size of 34 DD, and the firmest ass in jeans I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. And if this wasn't enough, her sex drive is through the roof.

I can only just keep up with her. And when you add in the fact that she loves rough sex too it blows my mind how completely perfect she is. And I'm not talking about just being tied up and spanking crap. I'm talking full on anything in anywhere. The harder you do something.

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the harder she will cum But those are story's for another time. As the laughing died down I asked " So you staying at Eve's tonight? 'Cos it's pretty late already" "Nah I'm not, I'll be leaving soon. So what else you like too hear?" I could hear in her voice now she was becoming turned on.

It didn't take much for it too happen, and when it did I knew I was in for a good time. And of course I decided to play along. "I love to hear you moan." And as I said that, just to tease me, she let out a small moan. Instantly I was turned out. She could do it so easy to me which always surprises me. However I can very easily return the favour to her. "How wet are you babe?" I could hear her moving about a little, and she replied " I'm getting really wet babe.

Eve's been telling me what she got up to with her boyfriend today and now your helping" "Well then why don't you hurry home so I can help you out with it?" I knew this would get her, and she quickly said "Ok babe, I'll get going now" With that, we said our goodbyes and she was off back home.

- I got a text from her moments later 'I'm walking home now. It's so cold. Warm me up!.' I smiled to myself. I really love this girl I thought. But now wasn't the time for that. I texted her back saying 'How about I take you down an ally way, push you against a wall, and take you like that?' I knew that would get her, however I didn't know how much.

'God. I so want to touch my self right now' Was her quick reply ' Well then why don't you?' 'But I'm outside?' 'So? Just rub yourself through your pants as you walk home : P' 'This feels so good.

And I feel so naughty. Anyone could walk by and see me doing this. :D' 'I wish I could drag you into a bush and fuck you right now' 'Me too. I'm dripping babe I'm so turned out' 'Start pinching your nipples through your top as well as your walking' 'Oh fucking hell. I have to sit down and do something' 'Can't you wait until you get home? Lol' 'No lol. I'm so horny. What should I do now?' 'Hmmm, I think maybe you should put your hands inside your pants now and start taking care of yourself that way : P' 'OMG!

Someone's watching me!' 'What? Where? Do you want too stop?' 'He's watching from his window. Do you think I should stop?' 'No, I think you should give him a show : P' 'I'm sitting on a wall and it's dead secluded. Do you really think I should do this? 'Yeah. I'm really excited by this, but if you don't want to it's up to you.' 'I want to keep going. I'm so wet and this is so exciting!' 'lol.

What's the guy doing now? And you still playing with yourself?' 'Yeah I am. And he is just watching me right now. What do you think I should do next?' 'What are you wearing?' 'I've got my jacket on, a t-shirt and bra. My jeans a thong and my trainers on. Why?' 'I think you should left your top up and flash him your bra?

:P' 'I don't know if I should. This feels really weird' 'Go on babe. Your enjoying yourself I can tell, and if you flash him he may get his cock out and start wanking over you' 'Ok, hang on' 'Alright babe' 'OMG can't believe I did that.

I lifted up my top for him, and then as I was about to put it down he opened his window and said leave it up for longer. So I did and he got his cock out and started wanking. I just looked at it as he did it and I couldn't believe the size of it. I just kept watching as he was stroking it. I shouted up to him 'It's so big. how big is it?' and he just laughed and said 'It's not even fully hard yet'. My mouth just fell open and he laughed again and said 'When it's hard it will be 10 inches long.

You like them big darling?' I just couldn't reply and watched him wank with my bra showing. My pussy is dripping babe, thank you for letting me do this.' 'lol no problem hunny. I'm so turned on right now my cock is aching. Are you still showing him your bra and are you playing with yourself still?' 'Yes. My hand is in my jeans and I'm rubbing my clit. Do you think I should pull my top down?' ' Fuck no!

lol. I think you should take your bra off and show him how great your breast are too the guy. After all he's been nice enough to get his cock out for you :P' 'He just asked me to do the same thing lol. I don't know if I should, it's really cold.' 'And? He'll be able to see how hard your nipples are lol. Take your top and bra off and just leave your jacket on. That should keep you warm :P' ' I turned around so he couldn't see my front and took my jacket off. Then as I took my top off over my head he whistled at me.

I turned my head around and winked at him and said 'it's not over yet'. I turned back around and unhooked my bra slowly, letting it slide down my arms and dropping it to the ground.

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I used my left arm and covered my breasts completely as I bent over and put my clothes in a pile and picked my jacket up. I heard him shout out wait let me see please.

But I just put my jacket on and walked back to the wall. I stood there for a while and opened the top of my jeans more so my hand could get in with ease.

And zipped my jacket up to just under my tits so they were framed nicely for him to see. Then when I was ready I put my hands down my pants and started playing again and turned around quickly sitting back down on the wall' 'WOW! And what did he do when you did that?' 'His cock has gotten fully hard and he was using both his hands to wank it.

It was so hot I started rubbing my clit faster.' 'I've started wanking myself babe. This is amazing!' 'I'm so turned on. I need to cum so bad babe. He's asked me to come closer. Should I?' 'I think so. Has he asked you too do anything else?' 'He just called out for me to come to his front door so I can suck his cock. I want to babe. What should I do?' ' I think you should take your jeans off and go over to that door and suck his cock. However I'm going to phone you so I can hear whats going on.' 'Ok but hurry.

I can't wait' - I was shaking. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but I was loving it. I had never been this turned on ever. My cock was hurting in was so hard. I brought up lauras number as fast as I could and called her.

It rung once before she answered it. "Hey hunny" She said. I could hear some russeling going on in the back ground. "Hey Laura. You taking your jeans off? "Yeah, they're just round my ankles now. Just wish it wasn't so cold tonight" We both started laughing. However it died down quickly.

"I'm so nervous" She said to me. "Me too. But I'm so turned on as well. But if you want to stop you can?" "As long as your fine with it I want to keep going" "I really am ok with this. I've got my cock out and wanking it. I'm so turned out it's unreal." "Mmmm, I'm so glad you said that. I'm so wet it's just dripping down my leg.

I can't wait for his big cock inside me" "I can't wait to hear it babe. How you dressed at the moment?" "I've got my jacket zipped up like you said, and just my thong. Why babe?" I could hear she sounded confused "Should I be completely naked?" "No not at all. I want to make you look like a real slut." I knew she wouldn't mind me calling her this. During sex she loves it when I call her dirty names. That, and I could hear her moan when I said the word slut. She also loved it when I take control of the situation.

" I want you to keep your jacket like it is so it frames your tits. And then make sure that they are hanging over the top, so they are framed nicely. Then pull your jacket up to under your top, and show your thong and stomach off" During all of that I could hear her doing it, not even questioning me. "I look like a right slut now. I love it. Anything else you want me too do for the guy?" I knew she was loving this, so I pushed her more. "Yeah two things; The first is I want you to stay on the phone to me during everything that goes on, and you can tell him that as well so he knows what's going on.

And second I want you to crouch down, and spread your knees out, and start rubbing your pussy. Then knock on the door, and when he answers I want you to look up at him and say 'Hey mister. I'm really hungry. Do you have anything that might fill me up?'. Think you can do that Laura?". "For you, of course I can. Alright, I'm starting to crouch down now. I'll have to hold my phone between my ear and shoulder to do everything you asked" I heard her starting to move around.

Then she said " Ok, I'm down, I'll start rubbing myself, mmmm, that's good. I'll knock on the door." I heard her bang on his front door. Then there was a long pause.

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Neither me nor Laura said anything, too nervous waiting to see if the guy would come down or not. For what seemed like forever we waited. And then I heard the door handle pushed down and the sound of his door swing open. I couldn't imagine what she was seeing, but knowing Laura she was playing it cool. And then she said her line " Hey mister. I'm really hungry. Do you have anything that might fill me up?" I was waiting to hear his reply, but it never came. And all of a sudden I heard Laura gasp, and then a gurgling sound.

I like this guy. He'd gone straight to shoving his cock in her mouth. And by the sound of it she didn't mind at all. "That's right Laura, make sure you take it all in your mouth like a good slut" She took this to heart, and I could clearly hear her trying to get more down the back of her throat like the good cock sucker she was.

I then heard her let out a long low moan and then a popping sound. I guessed she was pulling the cock out of her mouth, but keeping her lips tight against it. It was one of her favourite tricks she used. She said you got more of the flavour that way. "My boyfriend is on the phone 'cos he wants to hear me be a slut. Is that ok with you?" She sounded out of breath as she said this. And I could hear licking and slurping sounds as soon as she stopped. She could never resist a cock right in front of her face.

"If he doesn't care why should I? Now keep my cock back in your mouth where it belong whore." I was really starting to like this guy. He knew exactly what Laura liked.

And because of this she would do anything he wanted. I could hear her happily suck this guys massive cock and trying to fit it all down her small throat. And she would keep trying until she had done. I decided it best to not put extra stain on her neck.

"Laura. Put the phone of speaker so you can still hear me talk to you and I can hear you still. And when you've done that make sure you get as much of that cock inside your mouth as you can." I heard a beep then a loud thud as the phone hit the ground.

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The slut was really getting into this now. I decided to treat her like she loved then. Like a sex object. "Hey man. How you like your dick being sucked by the best cock sucker in town?" I needed to see how much this guy was into the current set up and see if I could start pushing it more. "Haha. Man, she's not the best cock sucker in town. She can barely get my cock in her mouth." "Well all cock suckers still need training. Grab her hair and start pushing her head down on it. Force it inside the sluts mouth.

It's the only way she will learn" "Alright man. You Don't mind if I break her then?" he started laughing at his own joke. And in the back ground I heard Laura start to moan and gag loudly. "More men than you have tried to break this whore than you have man. And no one has succeed yet" I laughed back with him. Just to make sure I stayed in control of the situation.

Couldn't let him start doing what her wanted or there might be trouble. Then I remembered about Laura still crouched down "Laura. Make sure you keep that pussy wet. Keep rubbing your clit and fingering yourself like a good slut, while the nice stranger feeds you his big cock" "She's doing it man.

She's a right horny cow isn't she? She's already got half my cock down her throat. That more than my wife has ever been able to take before." "She'll have it all down there if you let her keep trying.


Haha" I could hear more moans and wet sounds coming from Laura again. Then a massive gag as what I guessed was her pulling the cock from out of her throat. She started gasping for air and coughing. But I knew she would still be wanking off his salvia covered cock for him. Made me proud at how well trained she was. " Mmm. I do love this massive cock in my mouth that's for sure." "Whoa!

She's started kiss and rubbing my dick all over her face!" "Yeah she does that a lot. She addicted to hard cock. That's why you have to keep giving it to her or she goes crazy." I could hear her it the back ground as she degraded herself more, muttering "I love it" as she covered her face with his cock too. I wasn't sure, but I think I heard her start slapping it across her face as well. Wasn't going to let her have all the fun. "Don't you think it's time you pounded this bitch then man?" "Yeah man.

I think she really needs it" This followed close with a chorus of "I do" from Lauras mouth as she kept kissing his rock hard member. "If you can, I think you should put her on the hood of your car and fuck her on there like a street whore would" "Sounds like the only thing good enough for this whore. She too dirty for a bed" Both of use started laughing at this. I mean, it was true. "Come on then slut" I heard the phone being picked up and then the sound of feet being dragged along a gravel path.

The phone was placed down, and then I heard a thud as Laura was dropped onto the hood. "Better not dent my car with that slut ass of yours." I couldn't help but laugh down the phone. "Already slut, spread them wide for me." The lust was building up in his voice, and the whimpers that were escaping from Laura told me she was under his complete control now. "Oh God!" That was very loud from Laura. I got a bit worried. "Shut up bitch. These fat titties of yours are made to be squeezed hard" I calmed down a little bit and smiled again.

Then it was followed by another very loud slap. And then another and another. And these just kept going. "Oh please keep slapping my tits hard!


I love it. Make them red please?" There was a mix of pure lust and desperation in her voice now. She was pleading with him to hurt her more.

She's always been a good slut. I then heard another loud slap and Laura letting out a loud whine. "Shut the fuck up whore. You get what your given and be thankful for it." I heard another few slaps and a lot of moaning from Laura.

"Now it's about time I fucked this tight pussy of yours isn't whore?" "Yes! Yes please! Fill me with this massive cock of yours. I need it now!" I listened closely as the guy began grunting. And Laura was panting and whimpering.

"Jesus this bitch isn't that tight. You weren't wrong about her being a well used slut." "Told you man. She'll ram anything into that pussy of hers if she thinks it could get her off. " I couldn't help but smile as I had seen some of the stuff she had used first hand. "Please just keep fucking sliding that meat inside me.

Get it balls deep. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." Laura was now lost to the cock. I could heard her voice breaking and she sounded like she cumming so quickly from having been impaled by this strangers cock.

"Fuck sake I'm not half way in yet and this little bitch just creamed all over my car. Damn it I'm going to shot soon too if she keeps up like this." "Then just ram your cock right up inside her and fill the cum dump up.

That's all she's good for so that's what you use her for." I was pushing both of them now.

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Trying to turn them both on to the point of exploding. I could still hear Laura panting like a bitch in heat and demanding more of his cock inside her twat. "Oh fuck it. I'm going to ram this cock inside your stomach then whore and fill you to bursting. Fuuuckkk! Take it you fucking slapper!" The guy almost sounded like he was roaring as he sank his cock into Laura.

And Laura was screaming as she took all of this strangers cum right into her wanting cunt. These animal noises kept going for a good long while, until I heard the guy start to move again.

"Oh fucking shit. That was insane. Don't normally cum that quickly but fuck me I was turned on thanks to this little bitch." I heard a quick slap followed by increased moaning from Laura who sounded like she was in pure heaven. "Now seeing as my nuts are totally empty I'm going back into my house. Thanks for letting me use your slut man. And if she's not off my property in two minutes I'm calling the police." And with that I heard him walk off and a bang as he shut his front door behind him.

I could hear Laura purring as she raised the phone to her ear. "That was amazing. My pussy is so full of that guys cum, it's leaking all over his car. I'm just scooping some of it up now and mmmm it taste nice too babe." "Well hurry up and get home then slut.

'Cos I want my turn with you now. So get your jeans, coat and shoes on. Nothing else though. And walk home holding the rest of your clothes in yours hands." "Hehe always the dirty boy.

See you in five minutes lover"