Dirty asian bitch cum discharged

Dirty asian bitch cum discharged
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He pulled off all her clothes, then pulled down his own pants. He looked at her, examined her carefully, the cold of the gun brushing against her skin. She remembered his laugh, because it wasn't a laugh that said something was funny.

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"Shoot me," he said, pressing the gun into her small hand. "Go ahead," he said, "Shoot me!" She stared at him, not understanding. "If you don't, you'll be sorry." She shook her head, holding the gun, heavy in her hands. He sighed. "Okay, then.

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Have it your way," he said brightly, and took the gun back, pushed her hard against the couch, starting pressing himself into her and laughing. Laughing. It hurt.

It hurt. Like knives cold gun at your head. Like suffocating being strangled knives hands on your throat.

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Like surprise all of everything gone no way of knowing what what what. He hit her, twice, three times, more, and then there was a great darkness. Then, waking to the sleek feel of plastic against her skin. Then, the feel of knives in her. Again.


Again. Again. She decided she was dead, and lay still, feeling nothing. Not even letting her skin know what was happening to her. Again. Again. Again. How long did he stay? Maybe just a day. Maybe a week. She didn't know, because she was already dead, and when you're dead there isn't any time.

Isn't any body. Isn't anything to feel anymore. He moved her here and there, and the plastic against her skin became her skin as she became plastic, just plastic. Just dead. Jaguar awoke with a start from the old nightmare.

She had been nine when that happened. Now, at twenty-eight, it remained her only sexual encounter. Every time she came close to having intercourse in a relationship, it was as if she died like she did that day. She would physically, mentally, and emotionally shut down. Though she was beautiful by any standards long and lean, with dark hair and sea-green eyes she had resigned herself to believing that she would never have consensual sex.

A knock on her hotel room door made her look at the clock. It was 6 A.M. She sighed and stood, knowing it could only be one person.

"Good morning!" said Alex, already dressed and highly caffeinated. He was tall and sinewy, well built, with dancing blue eyes and untamable brown hair. Handsome for a man of 38, or any age for that matter. He had been Jaguar's handler and best friend for three years and knew her better than anyone else.

He was the only one who knew her story. "There is nothing good about it," she quipped.

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She stepped aside and let him in. He came in, sat down, looked her over, and frowned. "You had the nightmare again, didn't you," he said. She nodded. "I think it would help if you had some… other experiences some positive experiences." Jaguar didn't know what to say. Alex stepped closer. "May I?" he asked, wrapping his warm hands around her waist. Jaguar was about to protest when all of a sudden his thumbs were hooked over her pajama bottoms and were pulling them down. She gasped.

"It's okay," Alex whispered, "it's okay." He guided her hips down onto the bed and slid down onto his knees between her legs. With two warm hands he spread her inner thighs apart and placed his lips on her smooth pussy.

He licked along her trembling lips sending chills up Jaguar's spine. Slowly, she relaxed into it. "Ahh," she moaned quietly as he licked her from the back up to the top, avoiding contact with her clit. Jaguar had only let her guard down for a minute when she felt Alex shove his tongue up her now sopping cunt. "Ohmygod!" she breathed. Without thinking she pushed her pelvis into his face as he orally explored her slit.

She couldn't see his grin at her eagerness. When he finally arrived at her love button, he paused, then gently flicked it with his tongue. She moaned and cried out, growing louder and louder as he worked her swollen clit.

A few more passes around and across her button and she climaxed with a cry of pleasure. Her breathing was labored as a low moan emanated from deep within her shaking body. She opened her eyes and stared at him with a look of amazement and primal satisfaction.


"Alex," she whispered, "oh Alex." He pushed her back onto the bed, crawling over her until her head was resting upon the pillows. They kissed long and hard, undressing one another the rest of the way. Jaguar didn't waste any time, taking hold of his throbbing member and guiding it into her wet and wanting pussy. She gasped in amazement at the feeling of fullness. Her hips began bucking wildly. Alex laughed and pressed her pelvis into the mattress with his hands.

"Easy, Little One," he said with a roguish smile. He pulled out and ran his dick up and down her slit, letting her feel it's full seven inches. Jaguar moaned half in pleasure, half in frustration. "Alex I need you inside of me!" He smiled, leaned down and kissed her long and deep, then slid his cock into her soaking cunt.

She gasped and squirmed beneath him, but Alex held her pelvis fast. Slowly, gently, he pushed all the way in, paused a moment, then pulled all the way out and repeated. Jaguar's body clutched his dick just as her hands clutched his shoulders. "Faster," she breathed. Alex needed no encouragement. Settling his dick in, he began moving inside her, faster and harder until she was moaning and screaming in carnal pleasure.

"Oh my God I'm going to cum," she gasped in-between screams. Her whole body ceased up around him. Jaguar clutched Alex's body with her arms and legs as wave after wave hit her. When she finally relaxed and let go, she wilted back onto the bed, chest heaving, body shaking.


"Ohmygod that was so good." Alex felt that familiar tingling sensation in his stomach and pulled out. Pumping his dick, he shot out load after load of hot cum onto Jaguar's heaving abs. She watched, eyes wide with amazement. "Ahhh," he said and smiled down at her. She glowed back up at him. "Thank you, Alex. Thank you."