Blonde Pornstar Anna Nova Interview

Blonde Pornstar Anna Nova Interview
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The faint smell of cheap spray paint filled the crisp midnight air as Griffin created one of his usual graffiti masterpieces on the backside of the modern languages building on the east side of the large college campus.

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He seemed to stop every few seconds to see how it was turning out before going at it again. Lately his work had been getting noticed by campus security so he made sure to be as quick as possible with his bag and skateboard ready to go if he had to make a quick escape.

The dim floodlights illuminated the area just enough to where the darker colors could be seen against the aging red-brick walls. Griffin wore black jeans and a navy blue hoodie tonight so he would go unnoticed.

He stood at just 5'4", but it worked out for him because he it meant he was pretty quick on his board. His ash brown hair was freshly cut into a gentleman's cut, per request of his parent's before he came back from Thanksgiving break. His dark brown eyes shone with accomplishment as he put the last touches on the his work. People thought he looked like a mini Justin Timberlake with brown contacts.

He stepped back once more and looked at the finished product. It was a colorful pillow surrounded by black and silver clouds. In the middle of the pillow it read, "dream but never sleep". In his 10 years of tagging experience, this was by far in his top five. He took a few steps over and began to tag his alias delicately in his signature colors purple mixed with blue, "Kidd Oreo".

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He quickly packed his stuff together, grabbed his skateboard and froze. He could tell he wasn't the only one there. "That's some solid work there, man," Axle said, emerging from some nearby bushes with his phone in hand still recording. Tonight is one of many where he followed Griffin and secretly recorded him. Axle was a graffiti artist as well. It just so happens he only did it inside the buildings. His specialty was hallways that didn't get a lot of traffic and the restrooms. There's no telling how many times he did the men's restroom on the second floor of the main library.

He tagged his work as "Rebel 88" He stood just a little taller than Griffin at 5'5". His eyes were an off shade of gray that sparkled in the low light. Other than that and the faux-hawk he had going on, he was just another average person. "So you're Kidd Oreo, huh," Axle questioned, getting a little closer. "I might be, who are you?" "I'm pretty sure you've seen my work. I'm 'Rebel 88'." Griffin smirked. He knew exactly who Axle was without the introduction.

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He caught him in the bathroom tagging one time not too long ago. "Nice to meet you. I'd stay and chat but I have to get going," Griffin said as he dropped his board and coasted off. "I'll see you around," Axle called to him. The next week Axle found Griffin huddled up in a jacket by the art building napping.

There was a large box next to him along with his backpack and skateboard.

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Something made his heart drop. He slowly walked over to him and shook his arm. Griffin awoke with a start yawning. "You look like shit," Axle commented, looking into his eyes. "Gee thanks," was all Griffin could say. "Come on," Axle said, holding out his hand. Griffin grabbed it and pulled himself up. Then he grabbed his board and bag while Axle grabbed the box. Axle led them to a small building not too far away. It housed 24 students, with six rooms and three bathrooms on each floor.

"This is where I live. You're staying with me. What happened anyways," Axle began as he opened the door and walked into the small hallway. "Don't really want to talk about it," Griffin reply.

Being out of the cold was doing wonders for his energy. Axle went down to the end of the hall and opened one of the rooms. "I guess so. Well my roommate left for Thanksgiving and then sent for all of her shit. I talked to an advisor and the room is all mine," Axle said as he ushered Griffin in and closed the door. "Since I'm an honor student I had the choice of having another person move in but you know how that is," he continued, setting the box on the empty bed across from his.

The room was tagged all over. The colors ranged from the prettiest hues of pink to the ugliest of browns. It was mostly words but there was a picture here and there. There was a small stereo sitting by the door and a desk with a stack of sketchbooks at the window.

Then there was a small table by the desk that was overflowing with different cans of spray paint, paint markers and even Sharpies. Each bed had a nightstand and lamp as well. "Make yourself at home." Over the next few weeks they became partners in crime. They would go out every other night and work together on putting up beautiful pieces, quotes, and even just their aliases in each others signature colors. By day they would just sit around, chat and smoke weed when they didn't have class.

Sometimes Axle talked about past girls he fucked around with and Griffin would just listen. One boring day Axle was alone in the room while Griffin was in class. He decided to pry a little bit and check out the sketch books that Griffin left laying around.

When he opened the first one in the stack his eyes nearly fell out of his head. "R88" was on one page and on the opposite page was an exact copy of one of his works. He began to flip through each page, and like before, nothing but exact copies of his work done in Sharpie. Even the colors were accurate.

He was amazed at the level of talent displayed. Just as he was getting towards the end, Griffin came in and dropped his bag immediately.

"It's not what it looks like," Axle stammered. Griffin shot him a goofy smile before closing the door. Axle took a few seconds to catch on before letting out a huge sigh of relief. "Jesus. I guess I forgot to tell you I'm a fan of your work," Griffin said, picking his stuff up and tossing it onto his bed.

"I like it, you're better than me when it comes to markers though," he said grinning. "I know," Griffin shot back and they both shared a laugh. The whole building was icy that night. Axle watched as Griffin shook under his thin blanket in the moonlit room.

"You awoke over there, Griff," Axle quietly asked.

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"Freezing my nuts off, bro," Griffin said a little too loud. "Come over to my bed. We can put our blankets together and you won't be so damn cold," Axle suggested.


A moment passed before Griffin made a move. He slowly got out of his bed, wearing nothing but his boxers and crawled in with Axle, who was only wearing boxers as well.

They laid there shoulder to shoulder staring at the ceiling. The moonlight illuminated a few of the taggings done in metallic paint. "I still want to know why you were sleeping outside a few weeks ago," Axle asked innocently.

"Room mate found out I'm gay," he began, "and threatened me to leave or he'd personally make sure I'd never be able to have kids." Silence filled the room for a few moments. They both slowly looked into each other's eyes at the same time.

Axle smirked and leaned in. Griffin did the same and they began to kiss.

At first, it was friendly, but the more energy Griffin put into it, the more Axle responded. The heat under the blanket rose as Axle found himself on top of Griffin and began to dry hump him while still making out. Griffin managed to slide his boxers off and then Axle's. It was skin to skin contact. Both of their cocks were hard as diamonds as they ground into each other while never breaking the kiss. Griffin let out a small groan as Axle became more aggressive in his thrusting. Axle grunted when Griffin broke the kiss and bit his neck.

"Can I?" Axle breathlessly whispered into his ear. Griffin nodded vigorously as he lifted his legs over Axle's shoulders, allowing his tight pink hole to be exposed and vulnerable to the outrageously thick cock probing it's way around it.

By now, a thin river a precum was lubricating the hole and Axle was starting to push in slowly. Griffin's breathing began to get deeper as he felt the dick slide in inch by inch. "Dammit man how much more," Griffin asked as the pain started catching up.

"You're almost there, bro. You're about to take this 9" cock for me," he replied nonchalantly.

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Without giving him time to adjust, Axle began to pump slowly. Griffin's ass was a tight fit but boy was it a dream! The way it seemed to suck him back in when he pulled out was one for the books. Griffin stayed relatively quiet, but it was obvious he was enjoying it. He reached up and stroked Axle's face a few times before he closed his eyes.

"Breed me baby. Breed this virgin ass," Griffin begged, sounding somewhat desperate. "You're a virgin?" Axle asked while thrusting a little harder. "Yeah I am, it's all yours." After another hour the two boys came at the same time. Axle buried his load deep in Griffin's ass while Griffin shot all over the head board. Axle rolled off of Griffin and was out in minutes.

Griffin laid awake, staring at the ceiling again, still covered in cum. He next morning Griffin woke up to the Axle sitting at the desk fully clothed sketching out a lava lamp.

"Morning," Griffin croaked.

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His throat was dry as hell. "Hi," was all Axle said as he kept his eyes on the paper. Neither of them said anything. The sound of a Sharpie coloring on paper was all that was audible.

Griffin stretched out a bit before getting out of the bed completely naked. He walked over to the closet and grabbed a towel. "What's up," Griffin asked, not daring to get close to Axle.

"Been doing some thinking. I think I'm going to go check on my Grandpa and see how he's doing. I haven't seen him in forever. He lives in the next town over," Axle said flatly, still not looking at Griffin. "Oh. How long," Griffin asked.

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"Just a few days, nothing major," Axle replied. "Okay, want me to go along or." Griffin trailed off. "Stay," was all Axle said. "When are you going," Griffin asked, the look on his face was unreadable at this point. "Today.


After I get out of my exams actually," Axle said, finally glancing back. Griffin finally noticed the bags by the door. He wrapped the towel around his waist and stepped into the bathroom silently. He flung the skimpy towel over the paint covered rack and turned the water on to the hottest temp on the dial. He stepped in without a flinch and slid the glass door shut.

He let his mind fog as much as the glass doors and mirror. Axle, on the other hand, grabbed his bags and board and left as soon as he heard the water turn on.

He needed time to think.


After Griffin came out the bathroom a half hour later the room was lonesome. He grabbed his bag, loaded it with a few cans of paint and headed towards the rec center. He figured he'd be able to get a chance to clear his head if he could just tag something. When he arrived to the basketball courts he noticed a tall ginger walking away from the outside basketball court and a black guy walking the opposite way.

He made his was over through the snow and looked at the middle of the court. He grinned as he pulled a can of black spray paint from his bag. It was time to let it all out.

------- I do plan on writing the second part to this, but not any time soon if there isn't any feedback. *hint hint* Hope you at least got to the end. As with most of my stores, they're all on the same campus and some characters do run across the others, so, you know, read 'em if you dare. Oh, and thanks for reading this one!