Moriah Mills woks her ass hard to sell a house

Moriah Mills woks her ass hard to sell a house
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My Journey to be a Pokemon Master Chapter 1 As I lay in the grasses of Pallet town looking up at the evening sky. Pidgey fly by on their way to their nests. "Tomorrows is the day isnt it Jason?" Sitting up I say my long time girlfriend Jane walking up to me."Why yes ma'am yes it is."I reply in a sad attempt of a cowboy accent. Glaring at me she looks down at me, her aburn hair blowing in the slight breeze. "You have one day left here and your spending it alone.

Why is that?" A sad look comes across her face. We have known eachother for years and now I was finally leaving to become a Pokemon trainer."I'm only enjoying the evening sky."Standing up and wipeing the grass of my pants a I look at her smiling. "Now it is time to spend the time I have left with you." A smile instantly sprung across her face as I took her hand and started to walking toward her house.

Tonight would be our last night together for a long time, "I have to make it special."I thought.

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As we entered her house we slowly made our way toward her room. Figuring I should ask,"Wheres your dad?" She turned to me smiling."Hes gone Viridian City for the night. We are all alone."She dragged me into her room with a passionate kiss. As I continued to kiss her I drifted my hands toward the hem of her shirt and began to pull up but she pushed my hands away then pushed me to the bed."Ah ah ah."she says in a taunting tone."I want to give you something special to remember me by while your on the road." Reaching over and turning on her small boombox she began to dance sensually to the music.

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As the song progressed she began to slip her shirt off but would pull it back down after reavealing only a bit of skin. Then when it was least expected she tore the shirt straight down the middle. Jane nevering being one to wear a bra her firm young c-cup breast stood proud as they defied gravity.

As the song changed to another sensual one she turned around and bent over."Are you going to miss this?"Reaching behind her she lifted up her skirt to reveal she wore no panties."I will miss it every night I am on the road."Reaching forward I slowly stroked her hip. Letting out a small moan from the contact she turned around and facing me she pushed me to lay down on the bed."I'm not done." She slowly slid her way down my body until she reached my waist.

Kissing it as she slowly began to undo my belt and pants. As she slid my pants and boxers down my hard cock sprung out for her. Smiling she reached forward and grasped buldge."My my my is this for me?"She said with a smile as she began to stroke it slowly up and down."I think its time for your special gift."Moving forward and before I could realize it she swallows my whole cock into her mouth."Oh shit!" Before I continue let me just say I am no small guy, though I have never had anything to compare to I have measured it and it came out to a perfect 9in.

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As such Jane rarely gave me blowjobs because she was scared of chokeing."Oh god Jane." As she slowly raised her head she moved her tounge around to tease me. When she was all the way to the tip she moved her tounge around the head. Biting my fist to keep from ending it there I looked down at her."How about you spin around and let me return the favor." With what appeared to be a smile she swung around and brought her wet hairless pussy to eye view.

Wasting no time I dove right into her sopping slit. Letting out a moan from her cock filled mouth to let me know I was doing good sent chills down my cock and pushed me to do better. As I brought her clit into my mouth she took me all the way back into hers. The amazing feeling of her on sucking was driving me crazy, I really was going to miss her. Reaching my hand around I slowly eased two fingers into her pussy as I lashed her clit with my tounge."Oh fuck Jason that feels so good keep it up."She moaned as she dropped back down to sucking my cock.

The sounds of her moans filled the room along with the wet sounds of her sucking my cock. Not long from that moment she pulled off my cock but continued to stroke it."Shit Jason keep it up im almost there." Pushing my fingers to a new speed and sucking her clit I tried harder to get her off.

Her moans being used to drive me further to succeed she finally screamed."YES YES IM CUMMING!!!" With her sentence finished her juices slowly flowed from her pussy into my mouth and I happily drank them up. After cleaning her up she turned to me and smiled."Now its time for the main course."She said as she slowly sat down on my cock eliciting moans from the both of us."God you fill me up so well." As she said that she slowly began to move her hips in a grinding motion.

Reaching up I grasped her firm yet soft titties and rubbed her nipples making her let out small moans."God you know that feels great." Having her lean down I took her hard nipple into my mouth and sucked it."AH yes!

More of that." She said as she began to ride my cock at a faster pace. Getting bored of this postion I rolled her over on her bed so she was on her back."MMm.

Mister big man gonna show me pleasure?" Smiling at the way she talked I drove my cock all the way into her eliciting a moan. Slowly pulling back she looked at me with pure lust as she said,"Fuck me hard Jason. Give it to me."Not wanting to disappoint I slammed deep into her eliciting another moan and I loved it. Continueing at that same pace I continued to bring out a moan from the girl under me till she said."Ok thats enough stop toying with me." Know that was her sign I began to pick up the pace eliciting a group of moans from her.

The sound of moans a skin on skin slapping filled the room. Leaning forward I took her nipple into my mouth."Oh fuck Jason! Your going to make me cum again!" As I began to pick up the pace she continued to let out load moans filling the room."J-Jason! I-I'm. YOUR GONNA MAKE ME.FUCK.I'M CUMMING!"She screamed as her pussy convulsed around my hard cock. The feeling was just to much for me as I yelled."I'm cumming too!"As I pushed all the way into her I felt myself shoot load after load of my hot cum into her."Oh fuck Jason thats great."Smiling I pulled out and layed next to her.

Without waiting a moment she moves down and starts to suck my shrinking cock clean and back to full hardness."I'm not done with you yet."she said with an evil grin.

The next morning I woke up next to Janes naked body, looking down at her she was still asleep. Smiling as I remembered last night I slowly looked at the clock. I had two hours till I had to be at the lab. As I slowly got up I felt a hand grab mine."Where do you think your going?" Jane said with a smile. Even when she just wakes up with her long hair a mess she was still incredibly sexy."I need to get ready and I think as long as we had sex last night I am not about to forget it soon."I smiled as I kissed her.

As she let me go she gave my ass a small swat."You better shower before you go. Want me to wash your back?" Knowing full well that would mean more time wasted I smiled at her."As much as I would love to you know I cant.

I really have to go. I'll meet you at the lab."I said as I pulled my clothes on and with that I was out the door heading to my own place. Sneaking in I slowly made my way to my room until."JASON WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!" looking over my mother stood in her robe staring down at me.

Slightly scared I smiled nervously."Oh I was just hanging out with Jane. Last night here and all." The look of anger left my mothers face for a moment but returned again."Maybe I would have liked to spend my sons last night at home with him! Did you ever think of that?!" She yelled. "Not the way I spent it."I thought."Sorry mom I didnt think. How about I take a shower and then we spend the rest of the morning together before I leave." A slightly calm look came over her face."Fine hurry up and Ill make breakfast." Taking off I dashed straight for my room.

Locking the door I took a reliefed breath. "Well that could have gone worse." I thought as I began to pack my last minute things and jumped into the shower. After taking care of the usual daily grooming requirments I stepped out fully dressed with my All grown up and ready to take on the world. Now eat your breakfast before it gets cold you get 30 minutes."Taking no time I dove right into the food realizeing I was starving."wow sex sure takes alot out of you." I thought as I shoveled eggs into my mouth.

Standing up and downing a cup of coffee I turned to my mom."Thanks mom." I gave her a hug."Now now cut it out or I'll start to cry."she said but as I pulled away I saw tears rolling down her face."Its ok mom I'll be back to visit before you know it." wiping her tears away for her she smiled and hugged me again."You just be careful." With that I was out the door and on my way to the lab.

As I made my way to the lab I was met up with my long time rival Dillon."Well well well.If it isnt my old friend Jason. Did your mommy give you a little kiss on you way out?" he said while trying to pick a fight."God I hate this guy."I thought but just smiled to him and said."No but your mom sucked my cock as a good bye." the smiled from his face disappeared."Fuck you!

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I'm gonna get there first and pick the best Pokemon."With that he took off. Looking at my watch I counted down."!"With that I took off at an amazing dash. I have always been faster then Dillon I ran past him in seconds. As I reached the lab I made my way in and headed straight for Prof.Oak. Turning to me he smiled"Well its good to see your anxious to get your first Pokemon.


We will wait till Dillon gets here."Shortly after Dillon came in panting."Good to see you made it."I said. Not even wanting to waste the breath he just gave me a dirty look."Well now that your both here let me tell you how this will work.

I have three freshly caught Pokemon. Bulbasaur,Squirtle, and Charmander. Since you got here first Jason I will let you pick first.

Feel free to take your time but dont take to long."He said with a smile. Walking forward I looked at the pokeballs on the table. "Which to pick which to pick?"I thought. Finally deciding I reached forward and picked up Squirtle."What a good pick Jason. That Pokemon is very engergetic." Releasing the pokemon from its ball I looked it over."Its a girl if you cant tell Jason.

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Just so ya know if you want to give it a nickname." Oak said. Looking down at her again I asked"Well Squirtle lets pick a name for you how about Jade?" With a smile it yelled."Squirtle."With that it jumped into my arms hugging me."Jade it is then." With that I turned and looked at Dillon."I'll take this one then."Reaching forward he picks up the Bulbasaur. As I started to make my way out of the lab I heard dillon yell."Jason you get your ass back here. You still have to answer for that little mom statement earlier."Turning around he had his Bublasaur already out."Come on Jade lets show him what we got."Jumping out of my arms she jumped in front of the other Pokemon.


"Bulbasaur Tackle!" Dillon yelled. The small pokemon charged Jade."Jade Dodge and Tackle!" Easily avoiding the grass Pokemon she slammed into his side launching him into a bookcase and causing it to collapse on him. Thus the battle was over before it began"Fuck!Bulbasaur return."The red beam shoots toward the unconcious grass pokemon returing him to his pokeball."I wont forget this Jason."With that he took off.

"First pokemon battle is a victory. I am already on my way to being a pokemon master."I thought with that Jade ran up to me smiling and jumped into my arms again."You better not get used to this lil miss.

You will be big one day and I wont be able to carry you." I said smiling. With that I made my way out of the lab and into the begining of my new adventure.