Two Hot Teens Get Facialized

Two Hot Teens Get Facialized
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Karin is known as the girl with the best tits in the office. At 6 feet, her heavy 22 year old double D tits would sway right in front of my face. She has long legs and a soft round face.

Karin didn't talk much which only added to her allure. Karin's voice is soft, which is a contradiction to her tight and tall body. While Karin's tits are not just huge, they are perky as well.


And while Karin is a wall flower, she knew how to perfectly display the size of her incredible rack. He assassin's suit, so to speak is a tight black shirt which outlined her double D globes. When the office got cold, her pencil eraser hard nipples would poke and announce themselves to the office. Needless to say, everyone turned to their heads when Karin walked by. Karin however, never really seemed to notice.

I noticed. However, it is hard to make a connection with the girl. My first try, wasn't so great. Since Karin was in charge of scheduling meetings with the client, I would ask her work related stuff.

She would reply like an automated machine and then walk back to her desk. Any attempt at a social conversation just went nowhere. "So, um, where did you go to college?" I'd ask her. She would say "USC." and then that was it. It was like she was under cross-examination. I got the feeling that Karin was maybe a little shy or scared of talking to people in the office.

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Other guys would try to chat her up just to get a mumbling response. Then, one day, out of the blue, I got a call about a research trip to a chain of hotels for our new client. The Chateau Suites is a chain of "affordable luxury" suites. And I was one of the people picked for the assignment.

Karin was asked to come and take notes. That seemed kind of weird since Karin never really goes on these trips. To save on taking six cars to one of the hotels, the agency booked one of those white shuttle buses. I really like these scouting trips. It nice to get out of the office without the pressures of a big meeting. It didn't occur to me that Karin was coming until she got into the bus. And this time, she was wearing a white t-shirt. I thought her skin tight black shirt was incredible.

This white shirt amplified her incredible tits by ten! Karin walked into the bus, the sun hit through the shirt, outlining her body. When Karin leaned over to look for a spare seat, the outline of her 38DD tits came into full view.

My dick is completely hard. My face is red. Then Karin looked over to me. "Is this seat taken?" Karin asks. I couldn't even respond. I became as shy and tigh lipped as Karin. "Oh yeah." I said. "It is?!" Karin says. "I no. No." I said. "It's not taken." Those tits don't have me thinking straight.

Karin sits down next to me. I can feel her body warmth next to me. My face is red but Karin doesn't really notice. She looks down at her backpack and takes out her iPad. All I can do is catch the glances of those magnificent tits.

The shuttle bus takes off and Karin's tits begin to jiggle as the shuttle bus pulls out of the office parking lot. Now, I don't want this trip to end. LA traffic means we should be i the shuttle bus for maybe 30 or 40 minutes. That gives me more than enough time to think up something clever.

Sadly, I couldn't come up with anything. I tried making small talk about the client. Karin would nod or give me the minimum amount of words. It didn't bother me too much though. I just sat next to her and stared at those tits. God, I wanted to squeeze them so badly. Just tweak those incredibly hard nipples.

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We arrived at the Chateau Suites. I tried my best to stay close to Karin. Just to be close to those tits. The shuttle bus arrives at the Chateau Suites.

I almost forgot about Karin to admire the neo-Classic French design. There are eight of us from the agency. We walk into one of the suites.

I walk behind Karin and notice that she has a great ass as well. Damn, does this young woman have any flaws on her? "We have these six rooms open here so feel free to walk around take photos and notes." The hotel brand manager tells us. "You will be able to see all of the floor plans which we offer." Just like that the agency people began to wandered off into the different suites.

I forgot all about Karin and began walking into the suites. I was impressed with the different layouts and designs. I walked into the bathroom of one of the suites and smiled at the bidet and the shell sinks. Then I feel someone else in the bathroom. I turn around and there is Karin. This is so weird because this is the first time ever that Karin has ever approached me.

I felt completely off guard. "These are nice." She says. I naturally, am unable to string together a cohesive sentence with those tits in front of me. I try my best to mumble something. "Yeah, check out the bedroom." I say. I walk pasted Karin and feel her tits against my chest. Wow. Oh my fucking God. I body is red hot. I am breathing through my mouth. We walk into the bedroom. Karin looks at the bed. "This is gorgeous. I wish I had this in my apartment." Karin says.

"Sit down." I tell her. Karin sits down. her tits bounce slightly. Karin lies down. Her tits and giant mounds pointing upward.

I am completely hard. Karin tries to get up from the bed. She reaches out. I hold out my hand to help her up. But I spend so much time staring at her tits that I fall into the bed with her.

I can feel her tits on my chest. We stare at each other. I can feel my hard cock against her thigh. Karin looks at me and say nothing. Then I feel Karin slowly slide her thigh up and down my cock. I don't know if she is doing this by accident or what.

I slowly run my hands up her side. Karin slides her thigh up and down my cock some more. Now, I know she likes this. I run my hand up from her side to the bottom of her tits. Then I run my fingers over her huge rack. Karin arches her head back on the pillow.

Her long neck exposed. I kiss her neck. "Yes." She says softly. I squeeze her tits. She squeeze her tits with ehr hands as well. Her tits are firm and warm. I tweak her huge nipples. "You like that?" I asks her. "Tweak them harder." She says. I lift up her shirt. Karin is wearing a white lace bra. Her tan tits and heaving. I rub her tits. My dick is throbbing. Karin's body shakes slightly. "Fuck. Fuck." I all Karin can say.


I'm breathing too hard to say anything. I lie down and reach behind Karin to unhook her bra. I unhook the bra and unleash the double D rack that has driven me crazy for over a year. They are better than I imaged. Her nipples and large, harder and thicker that I thought. I hold her tits with both of my hands and just stare at them for a second.

I slowly lower my head to her right breast and begin to lick her hard nipple. I lick around the nipple. Karin moans. Then I begin to suck. Then lick and suck.

I sucked her right tit for a full minute and then realized there another tit to play with. I suck on her left tit while tweaking her right nipple. Karin grabs my ass and pushes my crotch begin her legs. I begin to grind her as I continue sucking her left nipple. I look at both of her tits, wet with my saliva. Then I grab both tits and begin to quickly suck on both nipples, switch between each one every, ten seconds, then every five seconds and then every second. "Suck off my fucking tits!" Karin says loudly.

I keep going. Licking side to side. Licking up and down. I am hyperventaling. I stop to catch my breath Karin kisses me and begins to unbutton my shirt.

I squeeze her tits while I feel the fingers run up and down my chest. Karin now begins to play with my nipples. She licks my right nipple. I lie down and Karin continues to lick and suck my right nipple while playing with my left nipple.

I play with her heavy tits, pulling her hard nipples. Karin sucks on my left nipple now. I push her tits together and try to rub them against my hard cock, which is still in my pants. Karin plays with my nipples while kissing my stomach.

Karin's tits continue to rub against my cock.

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Karin looks at me and smiles. She begins to stroke her chest up and down my cock. Then Karin hands slowly rub down my stomach and toward my pants. Karin unbuttons my pants. She pulls down my boxers and my hard cock and throbbing right ober her lips. She kisses the top of my cock.


She grabs the base of my penis and begins to slowly lick squeeze her tits. Now, Karin is licking and sucking. Her head begins to bob slowly up and down. I am trying my best not to cum.

I close my eyes and squeeze her tits and then rub her hair. She begins to suck faster and harder. Karin takes my entire dick into her mouth. She goes balls deep. Push her head down as she maintains for a good five seconds. Then she comes up for some air.

Karin moves her head down and begins to play with my balls. She licks my sack and begins to suck them. I hold my dick just to prevent myself from cumming all over her hair.

Then Karin lifts her head up and smiles. I can see her big heavy tits again. She takes her hands and grab my dick and puts her between her massive rack.

I help close her tits around my dick and she begins to give me the best tit-fuck ever.

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My wet dick slowly slides up and down the 38 DD rack of this hot 22 year old. The head of my cock disappears into the massive mounds as she slides in a nice rhythm. She looks and me and I look at her. It's the first time we have really made extended eye contacts. "You like that?" Karin asks. "I could play with your tits all day." I tell her.

She smiles. "I'd like that." Karin says. She looks down and begins to tit-fuck me faster and faster. I turn her over so she can lie on her back. I grab her tits and continue to tit-fuck her.

Karin's face is blushing. She holds her tits. The massive breast consume my cock. I tweak her nipples. I am afraid that I might be hurting her too much with the tweaking. "Is it okay to tweak them like that?" I ask. "Tweak the fuck out of them." She says. Wow.

This girl looks to have her nipples worked out. I tweak and pinch and rub while I slide my cock between her double Ds. I feel like I'm ready to come so I stop. I grab her tits and begin to kiss her stomach. I unbutton her pants and look at her black thong panties. Then I pull them off to reveal her trim pubic hair and luscious pussy. I grab her thighs and begin to kiss her lower and lower. She moans slightly. I kiss and lick her inner thigh while I rub her pussy. I lick her pussy.

I can feel her arching her back.

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"Oh yeah. Karin says as she sits up. I lie down and Karin is sitting on my face. I continue to work my tongue in between her legs while grabbing her hard ass. Karin grinds on my face. I look up and sees those incredible double D tits, wet hard nipples bouncing around. It just makes me lick and suck her hard. I feels Karin turn to the side and stroke my dick and my balls. I grab her thigh and begin to quickly run my tongue across her pussy lips. She moans squeeze my dick.

I feels her body quiver.

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Karin falls off of me holding her hands between her legs. "Of my fucking God." She moans. I get up. I look around. I realize the door has been open the entire time. I quickly close it. Karin is lying on her side stroking herself. I hold me hard dick ready to fuck. I climb back on the bed. Dammit, she is so hot. Her tits are squeezed together as she continues to hold and stroke her pussy.

I notice her tight stomach and begin to rub my cock against it. She takes both hands and plays with her tits while I rub her flat belly. She pushes her right tit up against her mouth and begins to suck her own nipple. Fuck. That almost makes me cum right there. I stop humping her stomach just to watch her suck off her own right tit.

Then I begin to lick her left nipple and together we have a nice little tit sucking party. We switch breast. She begins to suck her right tit while I lick, suck and nibble on her massive left breast. I use both of my hands on her left tit alone and I have a hard time getting a hold of those massively perky double Ds. My dick happily humps her muscular left thigh. Karin grabs my ass and says, "Put it inside of me." She with a growl. "You want it slow or hard?" I ask.

"Just put that hard dick inside of me.please." She says. I take my dick and slowly put it inside of her. It is so fucking tight. Karin looks at me like some sort of caged animal. I start slowly. Karin tits juggle which makes me want to start pounding. But the feeling of her tight pussy is so nice, I want to savor every stroke. I lean in and kiss her. Karin sticks her tongue into my mouth. Her tits pressed against my chest. I fuck the 22 year old with a nice rhythm, increasing in speed a little bit at a time.

She moans in approval. I kiss her cheek and begin to lick her ear. "Your pussy feels so good." I tell her. "Yeah." She says. "I want you to pound me." She says. I put my hands on the bed and begin thrusting into her. She grabs the brass backboard. I pounding until the bed begins to shake. Karin bangs her head up and down the pillow. "Fuck. yes. Fucking destroy me!" She screams. I'm nervous that the other employees will heard but I can't stop.

That pussy. Those tits. That young blushing face. I pound harder and harder and then I fall on top of her. My dick is still throbbing. Karin puts me on my back and then gets on top of me.

She sits on my dick and licks her finger tips. Then the six foot, double D babe begins to rock and grind on my dick while playing with my nipples. Her brown locks dip around her face as he bites her lower lip. I rub her round tight as as she bobs up and down on my hard dick. Damn, Karin knows how to play with my nipples. I can feel my whole body tingle. "Lean over." I tell her. "Yeah." She says. "You want more titty." She purrs. "Oh hell yeah." And just like that, I get two 38 inch globes in my face.

Karin rubs and jiggles her double D across my mouth. I stick my tongue out licking all the tit I can get in front of my lips. I feel those fucking hard nipple and catch her left tit with my mouth.

I begin to suck and pound while grabbing her ass. My dick wants to cum so hard. I close my eyes to try to stop thinking about cumming because I'm not finished exploring Karin's fantastic body.

I dig my finger nails into Karin hard ass. "Lemme take you from behind." I tell her. Se doesn't need me to tell her twice. Karin gets off of me. This six-foot, big-titted dick destroy puts her ass up in the ass and places her face down into pillow. She turns to her side. I stroke my cock. I take a moment and just stare at this incredible ass.

I slap my dick against he right butt cheek. Karin rubs herself. I take a free hand and play with her big tits. Then I slap my dick on her other ass.

Then I get behind Karin and enter her from behind. Karin's ass is a delight to stare at. I begin pounding her from behind. I smack her ass. "Fucking take it." I tell her. She grabs the headboard. Her six foot body is stretched like she is bound to some sort of torture rack.

I marvel at her beautiful, firm, muscular back and arms. She is so tight in the right places and so round in soft in the other places. My biggest problem is alternating my grabbing hands between her big bouncing tits or her firm ass. I finally lie on top of hard and go balls deep into her pussy. I grind and grind. Then I pull her hair to the side and kiss her long neck.

Karin purrs as I lick her neck and bite her shoulders. "Pull my hair." She moans. "Pull my hair." I grab her long, brown hair and pull. Her neck arches back as I lean up and begin to pound her hard from behind.

Her moans turn to screams. Karin begins to pound the pillow with her fist. "Fuck. Fuck!" She scream. Dammit. My dick is about to explode. I stop and turn her over. I pull out and hold my dick. Karin leans over and takes my entire dick in my mouth. I fall back onto the bed as she rockets her head up and down my cock. I don't want to cum but Karin won't stop sucking me off. I try to lean up and Karin pushes me down.

She sucks and sucks. I grab her head and help her slide up and down my cock. I scream.

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I pump a load of cum into her mouth. And another. And another. I have never cum so hard in my life. My balls explode as the cum continues to shoot into her warm mouth.

I pump six times into her mouth. My body collapses in exhaustion. Karin slowly removes her mouth from my dick. She opens her mouth slightly. I watch her as she swallows my entire fucking load. Her throat pulsates. Karin takes her fingers and slides the rest of my load into her mouth.

Karin slides her hand up and down my cock slowly. She massages my balls. I look at her. I don't know what to say. I just look at this perfectly toned, six foot, double D babe as she rubs me down and looks me in the eye.

"Wow." Is all I could say. Karin smiles. "Wow." Is all she could say in return. "You made me cum really fucking hard." She adds. "I don't think my balls have ever been drained like that before." I add. She looks at my cock. She begins to slowly suck in it. My dick is so sensitive that my body jolts.

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"I love your cock." Karin tells me. "I love your tits." Then Karin playfully puts her massive tits between my cock. "I think they should be friends for a long, long time." She smiles.

I just take a second to marvel at the site of my dick between those perfect tits. Karin smiles. Then I ask her. "You know, we've never really talked." I said. "I'm not good with words." She tells me. We don't talk much for the next five minutes. In a way, we are both shy. Both sex hungry. And both enjoy playing with and testing the sexual limits of our bodies. We walk into the shower. Dammit, the site of this tall drink of hotness walking naked into the shower is a site to behold.

Her long stride and swaying hips perfectly compliment her heavy yet, perky bouncing double D tits. We enter the shower and begin to slowly soap and wash each other off. "You know, with Chateau Suites as our client, we will have access to any spare hotel rooms for research." She tells me.

I smile and squeeze Karin's massive, soapy tits from behind. "I think we need to spend lots of afternoons doing some research here."