Nacktes asiatisches Mädchen auf der Straße

Nacktes asiatisches Mädchen auf der Straße
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This story is dedicated to "first time sissy bitch" reader of who is Gay and requested me to post one for him, it is just a piece of fiction and my first time of writing a gay story, and I hope the readers will enjoy it. I was coming back on the road when something hit me on my head. I was pushed into a Van and lost conscious. When I woke up there was this Huge Black Guy standing completely naked, he began kissing my legs then licking them he got to my inner leg and slid his tongue all the way up to my crotch and pulled back for a second then buried his head on my cock and balls and took a whiff of my sweat and sent together at once.

Afterwards he began licking and sucking on the imprint of my cock through my workout shorts. I thought this was weird but he was so in to it that it turned me on a lot. He looked up at me and told me to stand up. I got up and said "now what?" He responded "the moment I been waiting for man.I been watching u run past me for 2 months with those lil shorts on and this big meaty ass and all I could think about is sticking my tongue in it right after u got done running" He spun me around and began rubbing all over my big butt.

He pulled me shorts down to my mid thigh and said "even better than I had imagined!" He began kissing my butt and spanking it softly then he pulled my underwear up into my crack like a thong. He pushed his face into my cheeks and began licking my asshole through my bundled up underwear.

Then all at once he pulled my underwear and shorts all the way off, my cock was only 6 inches erect but it was touching my stomach and precum was everywhere.

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I was bent over with his tongue darting in and out of my ass!! I couldn't believe it but it felt so good that I began to get into it completely as I pushed my ass out as far as a I could exposing my asshole to its fullest.

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He began sliding a finger in and he had big hands so one finger was hurting a lil bit but as the slober kept building up and my asshole kept expanding he kept stretching me out until he could get 2 fingers in and out easily. Out of nowhere he stood me up and walked me to the bathroom.

I got into the shower after taking my shirt off, he followed right behind completely naked. The water poured over both of us he began lathering soap up on my chest as I dropped down to my knees and right in front of my face lay a huge 8 inches Cock which was only semi hard something I had never seen before.


I decided it was the moment of truth.the first dick in my mouth ever! I grabbed it and put my mouth on it.I sucked and pulled back like I had seen girls do to mine. Large amount of juice shot into my mouth.

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I asked him "did u cum?" and he told me it was just precum. I liked the way it tasted it was salty and gooey. I began sucking on his penis until it became completely hard in my mouth. He was now about 12" and half cut with gigantic balls that matched the size of mine.

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His body was a work of art as far as im concerned, his chest was ripped, his stomach wasn't a 6 pack and had some meat on it but it was not flabby at all, his butt reminds me of how mine looks today big and juicy.

I was hard on my knees with a huge dick and balls taking turns rotating out of my mouth. He stood me up and began sucking my prick while fingering my ass at the same time.After 2 or 3 minutes of this I shot a huge load in his mouth.

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When I looked down and was cumming I noticed he did not stop sucking or fingering.this sent shockwaves through my body as I looked for something to hold on to not to get weak.i put my hands on his shoulders.He didn't stop and he didn't spit!!! He just kept on going and by this time 3 fingers were in me and I didn't even know until he stood up and smiled and said "I got 3 in you so u should be ready" I told him I really wasn't horny anymore because I just came, he said that was cool but if I could suck his dick while he ate my ass out 69 until he came.

I thought this was fair so I agreed, we hopped out of the shower dryed off quickly and he laid on the floor right near his bed.and he told me to get on top of him in 69.

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But seeing his well scrupled body laying their I decided I wanted to get fucked and fucked right then.I felt like a lil slut. I told him "no, u can come but only on my face and after u fuck my pretty ass" He got extremely turned on by this and bent me over on the bed and began lubing me up and fingering me slowly and picking up the pace to an amazing speed.this hurt extremely bad and I knew the dick would hurt more but I just wanted him in me badly so I didn't even give a fuck!

He pushed his big head up against my anus and it slid in rather easily as I moaned lowly.

He took his time, minute by minute he would make small adjustments and get deeper and deeper.within what seemed to be 5 or 10 minutes he was all the way in but long stroking me very slowly. He groaned "this is the best piece of ass I have ever had man I can't hold back its too hot and tight!" I moved forward and didn't allow him to cum yet.suddenly I was in control.

I said "I want us to cum at the same time" and then I lay on my back.he slid between my meaty cheeks and began stroking my cock.every time he stroked me he pushed inside.I couldn't take it I was trying to squirm away.I felt like I was gonna cum and i couldn't hold back anymore as he stroked I came all over my stomach and all over his hand too about 30 seconds later he sprang up and unloaded a thick load all over my face.he put his cock on my lips and because I was so horny I just started sucking his dick and licking up every lil bit of thick sperm that was dripping off his big long rod.we went back to the shower where he washed me off and got me ready to go back home.

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He got suited up for work and I couldn't resist but to suck his dick before he left one more time.he came in my mouth and I swallowed again. Then we got in his car and he drove me home, I couldn't stop wanting this man to fuck my brains out.


Hope everyone likes the story. positive comments appreciated.