Latin bareback amateur in locker room sucking

Latin bareback amateur in locker room sucking
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THE CHEERLEADER CARWASH CAPER By STORMKING (M/fff, NC) All characters are fictional and are assumed to be at least 18-years old or of the minimum legal age in your community or region.

The idea for this story came from cheerleader car wash pictures someone shared with me a few months ago. A picture really is worth a thousands words or more. Bear in mind that this article is fantasy and not real. Don't try this for real, or you may suffer an adverse change in your life status. If you wish to imagine their ages to be otherwise since the cheerleaders in the story are H.S. seniors, then it is not my problem as I am not a mindreader.

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After a mediocre week of heisting vehicles, I hit the jackpot on this tricked-out Hummer. The fool owner left the keys in the ignition after dropping it off at a car repair place. The SUV looked crappy as the owner had taken it out 4-Wheeling in some muddy area. Getting it was washed off would get me a few more dollars. My luck got even better when I sighted a brunette teenage girl holding a carwash sign beside the road.

She was wearing gym shorts and a tank top that said BCH CHEERLEADERS. 'Convenient' I mused knowing I was already planning on getting the big SUV cleaned, and this would be done while perving on the cheer meat. There was a a luxury car, a crew cab truck, and a delivery van ahead of me. A cute little blonde was taking orders on a clipboard.

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When she came walking barefooted up to me, I noticed she was about 5'2", maybe 32c cups, and toned athletic body. She was wearing black shorts, a red BCH tank top, a black bikini top, and her long blonde hair was in a French braid with a black and red bow ribbon. Nice. Innocent. Cute. I noticed that some of the girls were packing up, and heading to their cars. "Hello sir, you're just in time as you are the second to the last car we're taking today.

Our cheer squad is taking donations so we can pay for our trip to cheer competitions. How much you like to donate?" "How's business?" I asked with a smile as I saw the name Emma on her shirt.

"Only $435 so far," she said with disappointment. "What was your largest donation so far?" "$40 for a mini-van." "I see. Well how about $200 for washing my Hummer? And maybe more." Her eyes grew real big. Teen girls are so easy to reel in.

"WOW! Thanks mister! Uhhh.what do you mean by more?" "Well, you kiss me on the cheek is another $100.

Plus I'll give you another $200 if you grab a bite to eat with me," I said with a smile as I thought of her tied downed naked in my motel room, and I having her tits and pussy for a hot meal.

Her smile turned upside down into a frown.


I pulled open my wallet, and she stared at the 50 and 100 dollar bills. "Really? Uhmmmm.I-I mean I can't do that mister. That's might not right.

BCH is a top religious school. We do not tolerate that kind of inappropriate behavior. And.and.I have a boyfriend too," she said with hesitation I noticed. "Come on now! You would turn down $500 for your squad? How about this? I give your squad $200 for a kiss, and I give you $200 just for you personally. That 200 is secret money just for you.

Plus $300 to go to lunch with me, and you can do whatever with it, like give it to the squad or keep it. So, what do you say, sweetie?" I said in a low voice. "Just a little kiss, okay? But I can't go to eat with you now. Maybe supper later today, then?" she said in one breath. I put my backpack on the dashboard near the steering wheel to block the view of the other girls. "Sure honey! Now how about that kiss?" The naive girl looked around to see if anybody was looking at the exchange.

Then she stepped up on the running board and leaned her head and shoulders into the cab.

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She pursed her lips to kiss me on the cheek as I turned my head and kissed her on the lips. She immediately tried to pull back, but I grabbed her ponytail. I wanted tongue and tits for $1,000, so I slipped my left hand under her tank and bikini tops and squeezed her right breast hard. She screamed into my lips, and I slipped my tongue in. I found her nipple and played with it until it was hard.

The teen cheerleader slowly stopped resisting and kissed me back. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe because if she resisted the other girls would see, or maybe she was secretly thrilled at doing the naughty with an old man. Whatever the reason, I had her partially under control. That chance at teen pussy was looking better. "Hey Emma, tell him to pull forward so you can go home.

Sophie and Bree said they'll help you finish that Hummer," the cheer coach yelled as she walked to her minivan carrying her toddler and a large bag. Emma immediately disengaged and stepped off. She was blushing and panting. "Supper. Today. Got it?" I growled. She nodded. "And after that, I'm going to fuck your brains out, little girl," I whispered into her ear.

As she stepped back in shock, I pulled forward and got out. I watched as the three girls got to work in an efficient manner. Sophie was blonde, 36d breasts, and about 5'4" tall. Bree had long curly dark red hair, 34b cups, and stood about 5'6" tall. Their togs were the same except for their under clothes.

Bree who wore a white bikini and Sophia whore a black sports bra. Both were also barefooted. These girls were prime examples of healthy, physically fit, and teen American girl-hood. Being a History buff, I associated the cheer girls with those Spartan women. But then I also thought of those Sabine women and my own retirement after this score. Living isolated made for a lonely life. Maybe having some young cunt and even some rugrats could brighten up the place.

Why not then? It's not like I never worked in white slavery before. Except this time, I'll get to keep the merchandise. Bree was doing a tire while on the other side Emma washing the roof while sitting atop Sophia's shoulders with Sophia's hands on Emma's thighs to steady her.

Divide and Conquer was the plan of the day. I opened up the back hatch and grabbed some bondage gear out of my suitcase. Why do I travel with that? Hey, I'm a guy who likes to have fun on business trips. Spohia smiled back at me as I approached her and Emma.


I stood behind them and pulled Sophia's wirsts behind her. and handcuffed her. Sophia looked back at me in surprise, then fear as I gave her 'The Look'. "I'm ready to come down," said the unaware Emma. "Sure honey!' I said with glee. I grabbed her by the waist and put her on the ground.

She immediately gasped when she saw Sophia's cuffed wrists. I spun Emma around to face me and, as she was about to scream, I gave her a deep, hard kiss. She didn't respond, but just stood there in shock. I pulled back and Emma was blushing while panting in fear and arousal. "Come on girls, let's go pick up your leggy red-haired teammate." I sensed Emma's submission, I handed her handcuffs.

My arms went around their waists, and I walked them over to Bree. We stood over the kneeling redhead who looked up at us in fear. She understood what was going on, and she had this deer-in-the-headlights look. "Okay Red, put your hands behind your back. Emma, you cuff her," I said in a menacing voice. The frightened girls quickly complied, and as I looked down on them, I explained the change in their life plans.

"You are being taken by me. You will obey me, or I will beat you senseless. Emma, I assume that those three bags over there belong to you girls. Go get them and come back here. Don't do anything stupid, or your friends will suffer first, then you will.

Now go." Emma went and returned with three red and black cheer bags with the BCH logo. I put slave collars and leashes on all three girls. I sat Bree and Sofia in the back seat and used the seat belts to strap them in. I ball-gagged them, and cuffed their ankles together. Finally, I forced the two girls to bend over at the waist and tied their leashes to their ankle chains.

That kept them out of sight. I told Emma to ride shotgun and put her sunglasses on. I drove straight to my big R.V that was parked deep in the woods. Once there, I hogtied Bree and Sophia and locked them in the closet. I went through Emma's cheer bag and pulled out a sleeveless yellow sundress and a pair of of strappy white 3" sandals. I handed them to her and told her that she had 15 minutes to get ready.

She told me she needed her bra and panties, so I slapped her and told her to get in the shower. 15 minutes later, Emma came out, coiffed, dressed, and smelling nice. I told her to raise her hem above her waist.

I installed a crotch rope onto her and made sure the rope deeply split her pussylips. I liked how she moaned in pain as I tied her. To make sure she didn't get any ideas, I tied a 20" rope connecting her thighs together.

To blind her, I put some thick sunglasses on her that were painted black on the inside and handed her a a walking cane. People who saw her would think that she was a blind girl going out with her dad or uncle.

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We drove over to a nearby airfield to turn the SUV over to my contact Gonzalez in exchange for $10,000 cash. This was my last job before going into retirement. The crime life was making me sick, and I was too old for merc work. I had a mil and a half salted away plus a condo and two houses, all paid-off. I also had a 6 seater aircraft.

The only thing that was missing was female company, and now I had not just one, but three hot girls. "Hey amigo, who's the chica bonita?" Gonzalez said in awe as he stared at Emma. He was about in his 40s, 5'7", weighed 290 pounds, and was a total pig. However, he was useful in the dark world.

"That's my blind niece." "Hey, whatever man. She's like a total fox. Can I buy her? I got cash." Just for fun, I paused as if considering his insipid offer.

Emma grew more apprehensive with each passing second, and then suddenly she stood behind me with her arms around my waist. I guess she decided her classy kidnapper was a safer bet than some bottom-dwelling gangbanger.

"No, I think I'll keep the little slut," I could hear Emma let out a sigh of relief. "Yeah, I gets it. Incest is best. Hey, anytime you want me to babysit her, or you wanna sell her, you call me," he said while rubbing his crotch. Emma had a look of disgust.

"Okay, that's it. We're done here. Don't call me, I'll call you," I said in disgust. Gonzalez had apparently learned nothing from his prison time for sex offenses. I guided Emma out to the parking lot where I had prepositioned my Ford sedan.

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I drove us to a fine Italian restaurant. Guido was my long-time friend in the dark world and owner of the place. "Hi Gina, is your father Guido around?" "Good evening, Mr.

Grendel. No, he and a couple of the boys took a guest out to buy some shoes at the concrete plant. He should be back soon. Would like your usual table in the back?" she said straight-faced. "That would be fine, thank you." "And who is your beautiful, teenage companion," Gina said with a raised eyebrow. "That's my niece Jane," I lied.

"Oh right Bobby, sure! This cute young thing is your niece. Well, you have a nice time with your 'niece' and teach her all about birth control. Give me a call after work sometime," Gina snickered with a wink. When we were seated, I saw that Em was upset. I don't blame her as she had so far a rough day: Kidnapped, Molested, Leered At, and Sexually Harassed. I held her hand and made menu suggestions. Gina took our order and left. Emma started to sob. "What are you going to do with me, Bree, and Sofia?" she said.

Tears fell down her cheek. "You mean today?" "No, No, I mean . are you going to sell us or kill us or." "Kill or sell you girls? Did I ever say that? Look slut, this is what you can count on. I won't hurt you unless you disobey me or try to escape. I will rape you and your friends, over and over. I might someday let you go or maybe never. I may loan Bree and Sofia out to friends, but rarely. If you girls get to be too much trouble, I'll sell your scrawny asses to some whorehouse overseas." "What know.birth control?" she said haltingly, her face red with embarassment.

"I don't believe in it, and Nature should be allowed to take its' course. Women and girls were made to be bred and nurture families. Any other questions?" "Who are you? What's your real name? We don't know anything about you." I threw my arm around her shoulders and told her my name was Bobby. I gave her a short biography of my former careers which got her interest: High School Teacher and Coach, Soldier of Fortune, White Slaver, and lastly Thief of the Rare and Exquisite.

She asked questions which I sometimes answered, the rest ignored. The White Slaver career was what she was most interested in, and I noticed her rubbing her legs together. In turn, Iasked about her and her teammates. They were are church girls, had high grades, did volunteer work, and were still virgins. As for activities, Bree was into martial arts and field hockey while Sofia was a violinist and a swimmer.

Emma was cheer captain and played tennis. "So.uhm.what did you do to those girls you took? them? What happened to them later?" she asked haltingly. She looked like a bitch in heat. "I'll answer that later tonight, and give you a one to one learning experience. Good, the food is here!" Emma took her first bite and briefly mentioned the food was excellent.

When we were eating I put my right hand on her knee, and her body stiffened. As we ate, I moved my hand up her leg, and she immediately closed her legs.

"Please stop it.Don't touch me please," she whispered. "Why should I? You belong to me. You're my property. I use it as I want to. Now open your legs," I harshly whispered back. She hesitated for a few seconds, then she slowly opened her legs. My hand went straight onto her pusssy. My thumb and finger pinched and stroked her little love button while two fingers fucked her while not busting her cherry.

Emma turned out to be a sensual girl. Her body relaxed and her head rested on my shoulder with her eyes closed, and she murmured how evil I was, and that I should stop. After a minute, she was softly mewling with her toes curling and uncurling. The waitress returned. "So would you two like dessert, or do you have your own? If so, then I wouldn't mind having some of your dessert myself," Gina said saucilythem licked her lips.

"No, we're good. Just give me the check." "No check. I called Guido, and he said to comp to make amends for not being here like he promised. Dad said he'll link up with you later." We got up to leave, and I noticed the back of Emma's dress was soaked as was where she was sitting.

Half an hour later, we were back in the RV. Emma now knew that after such a lavish supper, I would expect her to put out which is a nice way of saying rape. "Uh.uhm.are you going to tie me up and put me in the closet with my friends," Emma said nervously as she folded her arms over her chest.

"No sweetie. You and I are together now, sorta like married without paper. Hmmm. common law marriage I think it's called. So we're gonna consummate our marriage. Now sit in that chair over there and don't take your eyes off me," I said as I began to undress. Her eyes grew big as she watched me get naked, and she looked away only to be yelled at to keep looking.


I walked up to her and stopped close to her. Her eyes crossed as she stared at my blue-vein jumbo sausage, and she started to hyperventilate.

"Yeah slut, this is what's gonna turn you from virgin girl to wife and mommy. Now I want you to stare at the camcorder and recite your name, that your the cheerleader captain at BCH, then your age, body measurements, school, GPA, and activities," I demanded as I turned the recorder on. She did as I asked as best she could, but then the big moment came. "Take off your heels, then stand up and lose the dress, and you can remove the crotch rope too," I said with an edge to voice that signaled that she better obey me.

She began to sob and tremble as she stripped naked for me. Seconds later, she was naked with her right foot over her left foot, one hand over her pussy, and her left arm over her breasts. 'Lack your fingers together and put your hands behind your head. Okay, now put your feet wider.good. Now turn slowly," I ordered. Then hapless teen was blushing from head to toes. Oh my stars, young Emma was a sight to see.

I hit the jackpot with this one. She didn't have breasts as big as her friends, but her overall body was like a Greek statue: ass, breasts, arms, and legs. She had babymaking hips. I couldn't wait any longer to deflower this submissive beauty.

"Emma, you are very beautiful! Let's go to bed," I said which caused to her to give me a little smile. I lock a slave collar on her and led her by the leash to the bedroom. I locked the leash to the headboard. I gripped her jaw hard, and asked her if she was going to give me problems. She yelped out a "No sir!" "Lay down and spread your legs, cheer slut! Good. Now spread your cuntlips open so I can see your cherry. Nice." The hidden vidcams continued to record her debasement.

I knelt between her legs, and saw that she was still wet. I gently fucked her with my finger and was delighted with the wet squishy sounds that she found humiliating. A minute her hips were moving in sync with my fingers. "Time to fuck, my sweet slut," I growled as my cock-tip touched her labia. She began to babble for me not to rape her, but instead I slowly entered her until I touched her hymen.

I pulled back, and with a mighty roar, I slammed into her unspoiled birth canal. She screamed in pain, and tried to get me off of her. I could hear her friends screaming in the closet. Emma's screams were hurting my ears, so I shoved her panties into her mouth. My rod was halfway in her, and I pulled back, then shoved it in again. This time was I almost all the way in.

I felt her trying to use her pelvic muscles to squeeze my rape-rod out, but all it did was get me harder and more likely to shoot inside of her. My alpha male was in full control as I raped her fast, deep, power strokes that shook the bed.

Little Emma moan and scream in pain as my cock-head penetrated her cervix on every thrust. After 10 minutes, I switched from pain fucking to pleasure fucking. I changed my angle and now did slower, but still deeper thrusts against her G-spot. The effect was gradually noticeable. Her painfilled screams eventually faded away to be replaced by moans of arousal. As the minutes went by, her legs went around my waist, and she began to hump back at me a little.

I knew that Bree and Sofia also noticed the sounds of arousal and lust because they became quiet. I was about to bust my nuts since this petite cheerleader's pussy was squeezing me even tighter.

"Here it comes, my slut! I'm gonna knock you up with a week supply of babymaking juice!" I roared. My rape-seed fired away deep inside her womb. Her pussy muscles seemed to be trying to wring every drop of life-creating man juice.

This little girl was my cock's fuckmate with her small pussy linked to my big cock. She was definitely a keeper. I collapsed on top of her. I pulled her panties out and gave her a deep kiss. At first she just lay there dazed, but she slowly began to kiss me back.

My hands molested her breasts, gripping them and pinching nipples. She arched her back so that her breasts were pushed up into my hands. The sexual euphoria began to wear off a bit, and that made my realize what I realy wanted out of this sex slave.

I wanted her knocked up! I pulled out, and she gasped out "What? No!" After tying her ankles together, I pulled them up and tied off the rope to an eye-bolt in the ceiling. Now Emma was resting on her shoulders and head. Now my man-seed had no choice, but to follow gravity and puddle in her uterus and fallopian tubes. She must have understood that too because she begged me to let her down, and that she didn't want a baby since she was a teenager.

"Please let me go! I don't want to become a teen mom," she pleaded. I told her "Tough shit.

Slaves don't get to choose." I sat next to her head and put my cock to her lips. She turned away, so I grabbed her hair and yelled, "Clean me up, slave bitch!" It wasn't the best cock cleaning, but it was a start. As she cleaned, I reflected on my good fortune today: $10,000 for the SUV and three hot teen cheerleaders to be used for servicing me. My cunt-raper was hard again, and so I grabbed her hanging hips and slowly inserted it into her ass. I checked off her anal virginity. She howled in pain, and her two bound friends also howled too in sympathy.

I spanked her ass a couple of times to get her attention. "Relax your ass! Stop fighting it. Just relax and it won't hurt as much," I instructed her. Emma took the advice somewhat, and we could now both enjoy the loss of her anal cherry. I'm not an assman, but in order to break Emma I had to use all three of her holes. There is nothing more demoralizing to a teen girl than to be ass-raped.

Her body relaxes, and she seems to just accept the humiliation. I move my right hand to her wet pussy, fucking it while playing with her clit. My left hand grabs her right breast, and it is massaging it while pinching nipple. Soon she is going with the sex, humping back at me.

The petite teen is on fire, and she is gasping about how it much it hurts while also asking for more. We explode about the same time, her pussy pours out girl juice while I flood her rectum. It was so intense that we just lay there for a long time. Eventually, I get us up and into the shower where we wash each other. Then we crash into bed, naked and sated.for now. I really must share this suggestion: If you don't have a teenaged sex slave, then get one!

ASAP! The next morning, I got us up. After a quick shower sex, I sat in my captain's chair drinking coffee while Emma made breakfast, naked and with soft clamps on her nipples and labia. She was humming some pop song. At my feet were Sofia and Bree, both still dressed except for their barefeet. The girls fettered into a strict hog-tie, and their panties were in their mouths. I even ziptied their big toes together. Painful clamps were secured to their nipples and pussy-lips.

Vibrators were lodged against their pussies carefully so that I could still take their cherries later. Another hour of this, and they should be docile enough for the stripping they were going to do in front of my camcorder.

The rest of the story will maybe continue another time. However, I will say that Emma did get knocked up in my R.V. and that she is my common-law sex slave wife who gave birth to our four kids. Is it possible to have a loving, solid relationship between a kidnapped high school senior cheerleader and a man in his fifties?

Well.fuck yeah! Should you want a sex slave, be sure it is a recorded consensual one with a girl 18 or over (like mine).

Unprotected sex with a cheerleader, like in this story, may cause pregnancy one or more times (like mine with my seductive Emma).

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Be aware that the "young slave" may actually be the one in control and may seduce your middle-aged manhood into impregnating and marrying her, and causing you to live unexpectedly in a family and home situation (like mine).not that I'm complaining.

She ain't no teenaged cheerleader any more, but she is still a hot piece of ass years later. And yes, she does leave me exhausted at my age. Emma pumped out three girls who are now teenagers, so buy a gun and a shovel.

You're probably gonna need it. AUTHOR NOTE: I started on Chapter 2, which I might finish based on reader response.

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