First time letting her daddy to deep fuck her needy booty

First time letting her daddy to deep fuck her needy booty
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I had been looking forward to my camping trip for a while, work had been crazy busy for some time and I needed the break. My trips happened twice a year with my good friend Carl, we'd fish, drink beer and spend our nights having fun. My wife knew of course, our wives would stay home and have fun of their own. Carl arrived at my house on the Friday morning with his gear in the truck, his wife and daughter came in a separate car shortly after.

"Hi Lisa, Sally is almost ready, you guys are headed to that festival right?" I said, greeting Carl's daughter. "Yea, they have so many awesome bands this year, will be amazing." She said with a smile then went inside. "Liz is in the shower Claire, she'll be down in a minute." I said to Carl's wife, she greeted me with a hug and whispered in my ear. "She'll be down about 20 minutes after you all leave." She said with a grin. "Wait till you see her new toys." I said back.

"I forgot to ask you to bring your cooler, fucking dropped mine last night and it cracked the shell." Said Carl, shaking my hand. "No problem, I'll go grab it." I loaded the rest of my gear into Carl's truck then after kissing our wives goodbye we got on the road. "Don't know about you but I have been looking forward to this man, past month or 4 have been crazy in the office." Said Carl. "Yea same, caught 2 of my new hires smoking weed in the bathrooms and the agency keeps sending me idiots.

Did you bring that new lube?" I replied. "Hell yea I did, Claire let me try it with her on Monday, feels amazing." "Claire let me try it last night, she got a bottle for herself too." "That mean I'm getting first night?" "It does, Claire put a plug in me this morning too." "Fuck, tell me these things when we're still three hours out, that's just mean." We had all been friends for 15 years, we'd met at a swingers club and got on really well.

At first we just swapped wives but eventually Carl's wife wanted things to get kinky and wanted to watch her husband fuck me. We both liked it, our swaps soon became us watching the women have sex with each other then them watching us men fuck each other. I used to take my camping trips alone but that changed to week long trips where the women would have each other for a week and Carl and I fished and fucked on our private land. We both had daughters the same age, thankfully they got on great and we'd send them off to sitters until they were old enough to be sent off alone with cash to spend.

"Want some road head, take the edge off?" I said.

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"No, last time Claire did that to me I about ran us off the road." We laughed. We pulled into our campsite after a drive down a secluded road and started setting up camp, 2 tents, one for us, one for gear and food. Our campsite was pretty amazing, we'd bought the land between us, it had private river access, 60 acres of hunting land and was well maintained by our groundskeepers. We even had an electric perimeter fence for camping so we'd be safe from any animals at night.

"Fence is set, lets eat then get what we came for." Said Carl. We scarfed down our packed lunch then stripped naked and closed ourselves in the sleeping tent.

We had an agreement that last to have sex with out wives would be first to receive, was usually always me since Liz liked sex so much but I didn't care, we had a whole week to take each other.

I knelt before Carl and took his cock into my mouth and sucked him until he was hard then got on all fours and took out my butt plug as he got the lube. "Has been a good couple of days so I might have a big load." He said. "You don't exactly ever had a light load dude." I said.

Carl coated his cock with lube then slowly pushed into me, I'd been stretched a little by the plug so he went in easy but it felt good to feel his cock stretch me more as he began thrust.

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We both groaned in pleasure as he fucked me, I felt my cock harden once he'd built up a good pace and after a while he muttered 'oh fuck yea' then pushed deep inside me to cum. I felt each spurt splash inside me, the heat of his seed warming my insides, his cock swelling to spray his seed and he stayed inside until he was done. Once he started to soften he pulled out slowly. I collapsed onto our towel. "Oh man I needed that." He said. "Me too, ready for me or you want a rest?" "I'm good, that lube is awesome, I really like it." Carl got on all fours, I lubed up my cock and entered him and after a while I shuddered as I came inside him.

I was still inside him, my cock just starting to soften when my phone started to ring. "Fuck, I have it set to emergency calls only, it can only be Liz." I said, slowing pulling my cock out. 'Hey honey what's up' I said, my phone on speaker. 'I'm so sorry to call you but you're closer, Sally and Lisa are in Connorville Police station, the girl they were going to the concert with got arrested and they took her car, the girls are not in any trouble but they need picked up.' 'That's just an hour from here right?' 'Yes, Claire and I have been drinking so we wouldn't be able to leave until morning.' 'It's fine, I'll go and get them, call you when they're with me.' I said then hung up.

I texted Sally to get the address then started cleaning myself up. "Want to just bring them here? We can meet the wives half way tomorrow or something." Said Carl. "Yea, that'll work." "I'll split the tents up for appearances too." "Yea, good idea." I cleaned myself up and set off, both girls had been crying and were still upset, thinking they were going to catch hell.

"You both okay?" I said, hugging Sally. "We're so sorry, we didn't know.


Our friend Karla had a warrant and was carrying drugs when the cop pulled her over for speeding. You know we don't touch that shit but she's a mess, she used to be so cool too. She was getting the tickets from her friend but we didn't know who." Said Sally, starting to cry again. "As long as you're both okay it's fine, you can stay with us overnight and tomorrow we'll meet your Mom's half way to get you home. Have your sleeping bags?" "Yes.

Thank you Mr Black, I know my Dad really enjoys these trips, sorry we're interrupting it." Said Lisa. "It's fine, we usually just rest the first day so you didn't pull us away from fishing or anything." I said. The girls stayed quiet for the hour drive back, Carl had all of our gear split up into our own tents by the time I got back and had aired the sleeping tent to get rid of the smell of sex.

Lisa hugged her Dad and threw her sleeping bag into the tent. "Well I'm beat, all the driving has me worn out.

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You're with me Sally, I'll put the partition up for you to get changed but I only have one pad." I said. "Is fine, your feet don't smell as bad as Lisa's." She said, finally smiling. "Bitch." Replied Lisa with a grin. Carl and Lisa turned in too, I texted the plan to our wives then fell asleep pretty quickly but woke a few hours later, the flap open a little on my tent. Figuring Sally had gotten up to pee I tried to go back to sleep again but I could hear the sounds of sex and recognized Carl's groans when he was trying to keep it quiet.

I unzipped my sleeping bag and got up to look but as I did, Sally crawled back into the tent. We both jumped. "What are you doing?" I whispered. "I um, thought I heard Lisa moaning so I got up to make sure she wasn't in pain or something, they have their tent open a little so I peaked in and she's fucking her Dad." Said Sally.

"Fucking him?" "Yes, he's on his back and she's riding him." "Huh, okay then." I said. I closed the tent and tried to roll over, I didn't know Carl was into family stuff but I didn't care, just hoped he didn't get too worn out to fuck me once we'd dropped off the girls. I could hear Sally breathing heavier and rustling her sleeping bag. "Are you okay?" I asked quietly. "Sorry, I can't get them having sex out of my head." "Is just sex, they're both adults, don't worry about it." "I'm just jealous is all." She said.

I sat up to look at her. "You want to have sex with Carl?" "No, jealous that she got to have her Dad." I thought about what she said for a moment. "What are you saying Sally?" "Will you make love to me?" "I, we can't, you're my daughter!" "A second ago you said it was just sex between 2 adults." I tried to think of a defense but she had me. My wife and I always brought her up to be open minded about sex, especially since we were so free minded ourselves but I'd never entertained the notion of having sex with my own daughter.

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"If you want I'll ride you so it's less on you." Said Sally. "Have you had sex before?" "Yes, Lisa and I have fucked each other with her Mom's strap on, she didn't know we borrowed it but not with a man." "I don't know about this Sally." Sally decided she wasn't taking no for an answer and pulled off her t-shirt, she was athletically built like her Mom and had the same small but really pert breasts.

My eyes were already used to the dark and I could see her dark nipples were already hard. "Do you not think I'm sexy Daddy?" If my brain wasn't paying attention, my cock certainly was and I knew I wasn't going to be able to say no to her.

"If we do this we will be telling your Mother together, okay?" "Okay." I pulled off my own shirt and got out of my boxers, Sally gasped a little when she seen my cock but I got her onto her back and after briefly sucking her nipples I pulled off her panties and started licking her pussy.

She tasted pretty sweet and by her gasps of pleasure she was enjoying my tongue. I slid a finger inside her to reach for her g-spot and was rewarded by her cumming, almost holding her breath as she tried to stay quiet.

When she got too sensitive for me I climbed up her body and kissed her neck. "Are you sure about this sweetie?" I said, looking into her eyes. "Make love to me Daddy." She said. I reached between us and guided my cock into her, she gasped once the head was inside her and let out a moan when I pushed more inside her.

She felt amazing, I was thankful I'd already came into Carl or I'd not have lasted long insider her but the feeling of her tight pussy gripping my cock as I slowly thrust into her was exquisite.

I soon built up my pace, Sally was cumming every couple of thrusts and before too long it affected me, I pushed in deep and exploded, spraying what seed I had deep inside her.

"Oh wow that felt so good." Whispered Sally breathlessly. I rolled off her as I caught my breath, she snuggled into me and rested her head on my chest. I don't remember falling asleep but I woke up to Sally sucking my cock, it was morning and the thoughts of what we had done the night before had me growing hard in her mouth.

"Mmm, finally awake, can we do it again before the others wake up?" She said, stroking my cock. "By the sounds of it they already are but sure." I could hear a faint sound of flesh slapping flesh, figured Carl was getting himself some too. I pulled Sally onto all fours and entered her from behind, sliding my full length into her with one motion. She let out a moan so I stopped but didn't hear anything so I carried on.

When she came she moaned again, I was close to I let it go and thrust hard into her as I filled her pussy with my seed again.

"Mo. mommy is so lucky, getting that any time she wants." Said Sally as she caught her breath. "Remember what I said, we tell her together." "Yes Sir." I threw on a pair of shorts and a shirt then headed down to our portable shower. It was pretty much just a pump to pull water from the river, had a base and a drain but it worked pretty well. Carl was already in but he wasn't alone, Lisa was there with him, naked and on her knees, sucking his cock. He spotted me before I could turn away.

"Shit, sorry, thought you were still asleep." He said, Lisa didn't stop. "I uh, no, Sally woke me up." I replied. "I hope this doesn't bother you." He said. "Uh, no." I said. I didn't really know where to look, Lisa was a little taller than Sally but had bigger breasts and shorter blonde hair to Sally's longer brown hair.

She stopped and looked up at Carl. "May I?" She said.

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"Yes, he'll like it." Replied Carl. "Who, what?" I asked but Lisa answered. Before I knew what she was up to, Lisa had my shorts down and was sucking my already hardening cock.

"Oh fuck, you're okay with this?" I said, gasping as she sucked me. "I want to watch you fuck her, she's only had me and I want her to enjoy a different cock." Said Carl. "He tastes like Sally." Said Lisa, briefly stopping. Carl just grinned. "First time with her?" He said. "Yea, she heard you guys and wanted the same from me. How long have you two?" I asked. "Few months, she walked in on Claire taking me with the strap on and it kinda went from there.

Pair of them keep me pretty drained." "Can we do it in our tent, I don't like anything other than sucking outside." Said Lisa, pulling my hand. "Sure, let me go talk to Sally first, maybe she'll want to play with your Dad." I replied. "Oh bring her to our tent, I want her to watch so I can watch her with Dad." She said with a grin. The scene in the tent was pretty surreal, Sally watched as I fucked her best friend, chewing on her bottom lip as she toyed with Carl's cock then when I'd cum, she got between her legs and ate my seed from her.

Carl got behind her and fucked her as she licked her, my poor cock tried to come to life again but I'd already had so much. We all took a nap and I woke to the smell of coffee and bacon, Sally and Carl were still sleeping, I looked out the tent to see a naked Lisa using our little stove.

"Hi." She said with a smile as I stepped out.


I didn't bother getting dressed. "That smells amazing." I said. "It's almost ready, I have bread set up already and I have little blue pills for you and my Dad. I was hoping you'd let us watch you two fuck before we have to go back." She said, smiling. "You know about that?" "Yea, Mom told me the second time she fucked me with the strap on, I think it's so fucking hot. Open." Said Lisa. She pressed her breasts against me and held a pill at my lips.

I took it and poured myself some coffee to swallow it down. "Mmm, do I smell coffee." Said Carl, he didn't bother getting dressed either.

"Here Daddy, Marcus just had his." Said Lisa, giving him a pill. "Claire told her about us and she wants to watch, you good with that?" Said Carl. "Yea, I'm going to have so much to tell Liz when we get back." I said.

"You won't have to Daddy, I texted and told her I finally got to fuck you and that Carl has had me too, she's excited for us." Said Sally. "Finally?" "Yes, I've been begging her to let me have you fuck me for months, she said you had to be okay with it and couldn't come from her." Replied Sally.

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"And when did you have this conversation?" I asked. "Last week after I ate her pussy, she found out a few months ago I've been having sex with Lisa and we had a long talk." Said Sally.

"And I take it you know about Carl and I too?" I asked. "Yes, so fucking hot." Carl and I looked at each other and laughed. "Ever feel like your the last to know everything?" I said. "We're puppets of a hire power my friend." Replied Carl. "Wanna go first? My cock is still aching a bit from earlier." I said. We scarfed down our sandwiches then got back to the tent, Carl took me from behind as both girls fingered themselves as they watched.

We switched once he'd cum in me and once I'd cum we fucked our own daughters, then each others' before the Viagra wore off. Eventually we all showered and drove the girls to the halfway point to meet our wives, Liz kissed me passionately then hugged me. "I can't wait to hear about how you enjoyed fucking our daughter then Claire's daughter my love." She said with a grin. Claire, kissed Carl then the women swapped, Claire kissed me too. "I can't wait to hear about you fucking your daughter then mine." She said then let me go.

"Well I'll be happy to tell you but we have some fishing and fucking to do, see you in a few days." I said. Carl and I spent the rest of the week fishing by day, fucking each other at night and talking about the girls, it wasn't the last time they came camping with us but those stories are for another time.