Gratis bdsm video

Gratis bdsm video
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Damn another frustrating night. John went to the bathroom to clean up. I just lay on my back in deep thought. It hadn't always been this way. We had gotten married when I was 17. I had never had sex until our wedding night. It wasn't great, but it wasn't all bad. During the first year we had sex almost every day. The second year we knew something was wrong, but we did not know what to do. We had sex, maybe once a week.

Now we have sex once a month and neither of us enjoys it. John is suffering from premature ejaculation. As soon as he enters me he cums. Even if we have sex more than once he cannot last. This means I can get no satisfaction. I am sexually frustrated. John has tried everything and has seen a doctor, but nothing has worked. A few days later I was talking to my sister.

She asks what was the matter with me and that I was acting depressed. I had never talked to anyone about our problems. I finally told sis everything. She listened, never saying a word until I finished with tears in my eyes. She said have you ever though about a lover.

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I was shocked and said no that was not possible. I would not cheat on John. We talked for several hours, but I did not change my mind. That night I had several erotic dreams. I woke up the next morning with my panties soaking wet. I am 20 years old. I have a slender body, but I am proportional to my size. I stand 5' 2", weigh 100 pounds. I have long, almost black, hair.

I have small tits, but they are shapely with no sag. John says they are perky. I think my measurements are 34A-21-34. I think I am attractive, but not beautiful. John says I am beautiful, but I have always thought he was just being a good husband.

John had left for work and I went to the supermarket to get groceries. I dressed in shorts that flattered my legs and butt.

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I had put on a halter top, but skipped the bra. My hair was long and just about two inches above my butt. I wore it straight that day. I was pushing my buggy down the end of the isle not really paying attention when I ran into another buggy.

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It was being pushed by a young guy. When I went to apologized I could only looked into his eyes. They were deep blue and I felt like I could fall into them. Then I noticed how good looking he was. He stood over 6' and had a good chest that his tee shirt emphasized.

He was slender, but had an athlete's body. He was saying something to me, but I was lost in his eyes. I finally came to my senses and asked if he would repeat what he had just said. He laughed and said he was trying a apologize for running into me. I said no problem it was not everyday a good looking guy hits on me.

He smiled and said I don't usually run into a beautiful woman. I was blushing and embarrassed since he was looking me up and down. He noticed my wedding band and asked if I was married.

I said yes and my mouth out ran my brain when I said I was sexually frustrated. I turned red and brought my hand to my mouth. I quickly moved past him. A few minutes later he came up behind me and whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me. I was speechless, but very aroused. I could feel my panties getting wet. I quickly pushed my cart down the aisle. I finished my shopping and was headed to checkout, when he coming down my aisle.

I couldn't back up so I went straight ahead. As we got next to one another he handed me a piece of paper. When I got to checkout I looked at the paper and it was a phone number. There was a trash beside me and I started to throw the paper away, but instead put it in my pocket. When I got home I put the groceries away and as I pulled my car keys out of my pocket the piece of paper fell to the floor. I picked it up and my mind went back to the supermarket. I pictured him in his shorts and remembered his deep blue eyes.

I was shocked to realize that my panties were soaked. My hand reached for the phone and I dialed the number. It rang about four times and I was about to hang up when he answered. He said hello and it took me a couple seconds before I said "Hi." He said "the beautiful woman from the supermarket right?" Before I could answer he ask if I had a pencil and a piece of paper.

He then had me write down directions to his apartment.


He then hung up. I went and took a shower, dried my hair. I spent several minutes applying my make up and deciding what I would wear. I chose a short skirt, a white blouse, plus a lacy black bra and matching panties. I have to admit I looked damn sexy and desirable. I really could not make up my mind about what shoes to wear. If I chose spike heels I looked like a hooker, but I liked the way they made my hips sway.

The address he gave me wasn't too far away. As I drove I tried not to think that I was cheating on John. I had never been with another man.

I decided to think about the guy, and his deep blue eyes. Just before I reached his apartment my panties were very wet. To say I was sexually aroused was an understatement. When I got out of the car I saw a group of teenage boys giving me a once over and smiling. I guess I passed their inspection and fantasies. I went to the apartment he had given me. I started to knock, but hesitated, did I really want to do this?

What will this do to John and our marriage? Will I love him less or will he love me less? I finally knocked on the door. After a few seconds he opened the door and all my doubts disappeared. He was dressed as he was in the supermarket and again his beautiful blue eyes captivated me.

His smiled and said "I knew your were beautiful, but your are gorgeous." I just smiled as he ushered me inside. I turned to thank him when he took me in his arms and we had a deep passionate kiss. His hands were rubbing up and down my back.

My hands were on the back of his head pulling him into the kiss. I had never been a French kisser, but when he forced his tongue into my mouth and we touched tongues I felt a spark pass between us.

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I just pulled his head closer. He also pulled me closer and I could feel his hard on pressing against my stomach. He picked me up and carried me into his bedroom. He stood me up and reached around and unzipped my skirt. He then slid it down to my ankles and I stepped out of it. He started unbuttoning my blouse.

When it was open he stepped back and looked at my lacy bra. Reaching around undid the bra. I let both fall off my arms. He leaned down and started sucking on my tit and squeezing the other.

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I was moaning from the pleasure I was feeling. He gently pushed me back on the edge of the bed. He then slid my panties off. Here I was completely naked in front of a man I didn't even know. He slowing undressed and when he pulled his shorts down his cock was standing straight up.

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Now in the sex stories this is where his cock would be 10 inches or more and thick as a baseball. Instead, his cock was slightly smaller than John's both in length and width. After admiring the view he got down on his knees and spread my legs. He started kissing my pussy lips and sucking on my clit.

Each time he kissed or sucked my pleasure level got higher. I was moaning and squirming my hips back and forth on the bed. My pussy was on fire and leaking fluids. He began to stroke my pussy with his tongue.


In just a few seconds I had the first orgasm I had had in years. I scream as it hit. He got up off the floor and push me up on the bed.

In one fluid motion he got up on the bed and thrust his cock deep inside me. His thrusts were slow at first, but he gradually increased his speed. I was entering a pleasure zone I had never been to before. He started going faster and faster.

Then he buried his cocked in me as far as me could. And I knew he pumping me full of baby makers. It was then that I had the biggest orgasm I had ever felt in my life and it caused me to scream as loud as I could and I fainted, but before I blacked out my thought was "I hope he didn't get me pregnant." I was not out long and when I came to I had to pee badly.


I had a lot of fluids coming out of my pussy. In the bathroom I got as much out of my pussy as I could, but finally had to put tissues in my pussy to stem the flow. When I came out of the bathroom he was still on the bed and had another hard on. I walked over and got on the bed, but when he tried to get me in a fucking position I said no, instead I put my hand at the base of his cock and took the head his cock in my mouth. I ran my tongue around the head and in his pee hole. There was still liquid in it, either cum or pre-cum so I sucked it out.

I started taking the whole cock in my mouth, bobbing up and down the entire length.

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He didn't last long and he started cuming and cuming. I took it all and sucked him dry. I then went back to the bathroom to clean the cum off my face.

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I used some of his mouthwash. When I walked back in the bedroom he said what is your name? I realized that I had fucked and sucked him, but didn't even know his name.

I said "Shirley", What's yours? He said "Dave." I smiled and said "hello Dave." He "said hello Shirley." I said I had to go and start supper.

He asked if we could do this again, but I just said "maybe." I got dressed and he was still laying in the bed playing with cock. I went over and gave him a deep passionate kiss. As I left his apartment the teenage boys out front whistled and said I was hot. I wiggled my butt all the way to the car. I was still on a sexual high. When I got home my high evaporated as I realized I had just cheated on my husband something I had swore I would never do.

I also realized that I would probably do it again. I decided to call my sister to tell her I had taken her advice. We talked about what I had done and experienced. She said how did you like Dave? It hit me I had not told her his name. She realized she had messed up and said her and Dave had set this up.

Dave was her lover. I laughed and said he was great.