Cute girl on periscope showing her sexy body

Cute girl on periscope showing her sexy body
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Cherrys extra classes "I will see you after school Cherry" said Mr.Orion sternly as she braced for the dismal afternoon session. Cherry was failing at biology and math and needed extra classes, her parents signed her up to study and take extra classes with Mr.Orion at his house hoping her grades would improve because Mr.Orion was a very brilliant man who built a reputation for helping failing students to excel.

Cherry is your average 17 year old American high school sweetheart. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, has blonde silky smooth hair reaching her shoulders and a perfect smile that catches both boys and girls attention.

She is shapely with perfect small size c cup breasts, a tight, firm butt and she wears size 5 shoes. Every boy wanted to have her and every girl wanted to experiment with her.

She had the bubbliest personality around and could pass for an up and coming model with her beauty. She dreaded Mr.Orion because many of his past students who studied with him complained he was very strict and would sometimes shout in anger if they weren't quick to catch on. Mr.Orion was tall at 6 feet 2 inches of African American descent.

He weighed 280 pounds and was built of mostly muscle and looked like an African prince. He spoke English, Italian and french and he earned his masters degree from the prestigious Oxford university. Many of the female teachers always talked with one another on their breaks about him and wondered how well endowed he was some of the male teachers also wondered. That afternoon around 3 O'clock her parents dropped her off at Mr.Orion's place and begged him to help her in any way possible he could to better her grades.

He promised he would do his best, their schedule was for 2 hours each afternoon till her grades picked up. "come on in Cherry, lets begin" Mr.Orion said as Cherrys parents left. She entered his huge home where he lead her to his living room which was spacious with leather furniture in front of a wooden sturdy brown coffee table and a 52 inch television. She sat down and unpacked her books as he brought her a drink of orange juice.

"Lets start with Math and then we shall move onto biology" Mr.Orion said in a deep voice. He went through the basics of each subject with her and revised a few equations and such which she understood but as the weeks past it grew harder and harder for Cherry to understand the more advanced problems in math and she had problems remembering different parts of the body in depth.

He was about to shout at her for mixing up biology answers to easy questions when her phone fell on the floor and as she bent to pick it up her skirt rode up past her thigh and Mr.Orion caught a glimpse of her waist and was able to see she wasn't wearing panties. The thought of this young beautiful girl in his house without any underwear on drove his mind crazy with lustful thoughts about her and in an instant his cunning mind planned out how he would ravage her and make her his slut.

"Cherry tomorrow is a holiday I think we should take it easy tomorrow and do some revision and let your mind clear from further studies.

Come across tomorrow early and wear something comfortable so we can relax a little while we revise. I think we shall concentrate on Biology tomorrow." He said in an calm nice voice.

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As he got up she noticed a massive bulge in his pants pressed against his left thigh and she quickly turned away and packed her stuff. "Oh my God!

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Is that his cock pressed out like that against his leg? It's huge! Is he thinking something about me?" Cherry thought to herself. She decided to look her best tomorrow and new what to wear. She woke up early that Friday morning and had a long bath in the tub. She then painted her toe nails a bright red and she painted her finger nails a bright pink.

She put her blond hair in two pigtails, she wore a tight blue shorts with a white stretchy tshirt and slippers. Her parents talked with Mr.Orion over the phone and decided to drop her off at his place for 1:00 to 5:00 and they made plans to go to the beach and relax while waiting to pick up Cherry. "Hi Cherry, come on in" Mr.Orion said as he smiled and waved to her parents and closed the door. Her parents happily sped off for some time alone on the beach. Cherry was nervous and had butterflies thinking of what could happen, would she see his huge member today?

As she sat in the middle of the couch in the living room Mr.Orion confronted her. "Cherry, you need more work to progress than I thought and you will have to make a big sacrifice and do as I tell you to. What I tell you to do will help you to relax and concentrate to study better but you must promise you won't tell anyone, this is between you and me ok?" he said with a straight face.

"Of course Mr.Orion, I will do anything that will help me to excel, I really want to do better, I'll keep it between you and me" she said truthfully.

Thinking through what he said, "what doe I have to do?" she thought hard to herself. "Good, you won't need your books today", he said as he took her bag from her and threw it to one side on the ground. "Close your eyes this is a special Biology lesson" He said laughing to himself he was ready to give her a banging of her life.

She closed her eyes shut and her heart started to pound faster and faster, what was he going to do? He pulled his tshirt off and his pants and put them aside on the single chair, standing naked and proud he moved right in front of her.

"Open your eyes" he said with a devilish grin. She opened her eyes to see the biggest cock she ever laid her eyes upon. His circumcised cock was long, thick and veiny. The mushroom head was huge and pointing straight at her cute face, his ball sack was hanging low and he had heavy big balls.

She could actually see his cock throb and his veins pump the bl**d through it. "Sex stimulates the brain and helps you to remember and understand more in math, for you to understand more about Biology we have to get naked." he said sternly. "Huh, huh, how big is it?" she stuttered as she looked at it in disbelief. She never saw such a huge cock before except for in the pornographic films she would watch online and masturbate to.

"It's 11 inches long, 7 inches wide and your going to have to take it everyday to help with your studies" he said proudly as his member stood tall, hard and proud. "I don't think we should be doing this, what if we get caught?", Cherry said as she gulped down her spit, her mouth was watering at the sight of the massive piece of meat in front of her.

"Don't worry we won't get caught once you don't tell anyone "I have after sex pills here to give you once we are finished fucking so you won't get pregnant but we will get to that later on, go ahead and get comfy with it." he said as he pulled at her clothes.

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She pulled away a bit at first but she then allowed him to pull her top off revealing a yellow strapless bra. "Can I touch it?" she asked with a stutter. He looked at her and grabbed both her hands and rested them on his ramrod. "Rub your hands all over it" he bent over her and undid her bra which dropped to the floor without her even realizing it. She felt the heat being emitted from his huge prick as she touched her very first cock ever.

She felt jumpy and excited at what was going on. She tried wrapping a hand around the base of it, she couldn't get her hand all the way around and then she wrapped her second hand higher up and she gently pulled on it a little. His KNOB was unbelievable, she bent close and sniffed it and gave it a hard lick which sent shivers through his body.

He fondled her breasts then pulled off the rest of her clothes. He looked deep into her eyes and kissed her fully on the lips, for a moment her heart skipped a beat and she started to jerk his cock faster with her hands as their tongues darted into each others mouth. They parted their french kiss, "go on, don't be shy" he said as sucked on her breasts, her nipples now erect and pushed out. "By the way call me by my first name when where alone, its Lex".

She smiled without moving her staring eyes at his meat "can you sit down? I want to try sucking on it". She said with a big smile. He sat on the couch and she got down onto her knees and gave his knob a few more licks, she then tried to engulf his rod in her mouth and tried to suck on it.

His meat stuffed her mouth completely as she tried to slide more of it down her throat. She came back up and slid her mouth back over it trying to make sure her teeth didn't scrap against it. Up and down she went, her mouth started to get accustomed to its size.

"Ohh yes cherry, just like that, suck harder", Lex groaned from the virgin mouth on his organ. She made sure and tried her best to follow what she saw on the videos online. "Take a deep breath" he held her head with his hands and as she inhaled he slowly pushed her head down further and further on his prick. She couldn't get a proper quarter of it in her mouth and she gave a little gag which turned him on even more.

"You like that black cock, you little slut?" he brought her head up for her to catch breath and f***ed her down on it once again. She gagged and spit drooled out from the sides of her mouth.

"Wow, this is amazing! I can't believe what I'm doing. I can't believe what Mr.Orion is doing to me!" She said as she lowered a hand to her pussy which was getting wetter and wetter by the moment. She made vacuum noises as she sucked on his pipe wanting more and more of it she couldn't get enough. With a sucking sound and a pop she raised her head and said "My pussy is tingling and I want to feel you inside me but I don't know if you will wit, I only ever had my fingers up my cunny.".

He looked at her with a loving smile and said, don't worry from the look of your ripe pussy it looks like its getting wetter by the second and we will just have to make it wet enough to let it stretch open with ease." He stood her up and had her sit on the couch, "I want to taste that white virgin pussy of yours now", and with a passion he stuck his longue tongue out and started to lick and flick his tongue back and forth on her clitoris and on her lips, he swirled his tongue on her clit then slid his tongue up and down on either side of pussy lips.

Her juices were starting to flow as she tweaked her nipples and his masterful tongue sent shocks through her body. "Oh teach, I like what your doing, don't stop I feel an orgasm coming soon!" She moaned loudly as he brought his hand up to caress her breasts, he started to dart his tongue in and out her pussy which sent her over the edge, "Oh my God I'm cummming!, YES!!!!!" she screamed as she writhed grinding her mound of pussy meat into his face.

She squirted her juices into his mouth and he sucked all her nectar up, lapping and lapping at it, torrents of juices splashed on his face and he greedily sucked her out. "Huh, that was.the best orasm I ever had" she said trying to catch her breath. "Your good and wet now, time fore you to take some pipe, ha ha ha".

Looking wild and crazy for more she said "I am ready for it, just be gentle, I want this moment to last forever". He had her sit a bit lower at the edge of the couch as he moved the coffee table closer to them. She leaned forward and spat on his big boner and he guided it to her pink box and rubbed it against her swollen vaginal lips. "Look Cherry, my cock is kissing your sweet pussy". She giggled. "stop teasing me, I want it badly in there." He held his staff directly to her love hole and slowly pushed the bulbous head inside.

"oh yeah, that's the great stuff", she said as her eyes rolled back into her head from the new found pleasure. "Feels better than your fingers doesn't it babe?" He pushed more of his cock into her slowly but surely half his rod reaches into her.


"Ohh, stop there for a while, its feeling like it's going to rip me". She said now growing a little concerned. "I have to push a bit hard for the rest to go in, before you know it the pain will go away, you have reached the thickest part of my cock the rest is easy to get in". She felt uneasy about it, "Ok suck on my toes for a while it'll help me take my mind off the pain and then you can push through." he brought her beautiful feet up to his face, they smelt of lavender and they were soft, he took her left big toe into his mouth and sucked on it, then he went to work on the other four toes and then he switched to her right feet and did the same, he didn't know how much he loved feet till today as he got even more aroused and his cock bloated another inch or two.

"Holy crap, I think your growing inside me!" He looked down and with one hard push he shoved the rest of his penis into her beaver. "Ahh" she screamed as she felt her hymen rip and tear from his long dong. "Sorry Cherry but I need to have you now, don't worry the pain will go away" he said caressing her face.

Her tears were flowing only for a few seconds before she felt her horniness take over her senses" They kissed for a few minutes swapping saliva over and over again, till she was ready. "Here I go". He slowly pulled out and as she felt the pain and thickness of his shaft in her she squeezed on his cock making him dribble precum in her. As he pulled almost all the way out she could see all her juices with a bit of bl**d on his shaft. He slid it straight back in with a grunt, her snatch was ripe and swollen and yearning to be filled.

He sat on the coffee table right in front of her and braced his hinds behind him and slowly started to thrust in and out, in and out of her cunt. She was going insane with the amazing pleasure and she spat on her right hand and rubbed her clit with it. He eventually began to speed up with his thrusts and then he would slow down and then swirl his hips around which twirled his lollipop inside her cavern.


"I want you to pound me now, I want to feel you thrust hard into me", she couldn't bare him taking it slowly. "If it's a hammering you want, I will give it to you", he grabbed her up while still in her and braced his hands under her ass, with one hand he held her up for a moment as e slicked two fingers and slowly put it into her ass. "Ohhh" she squirmed as she felt his fingers prod her rear hole. She wrapped her legs around his waist and they both looked each other deep in one anothers eyes and he started to lift her up with his big muscular arms.

She raised up almost off the tip of his mushroom cock and he let her drop straight to the base of it and he kept doing so making her feel the power of his steel. She threw her head back in ecstasy as she slammed down on him, her breasts mashed against his muscular defined chest was sending waves of pleasure through her body.

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He heaved her up and pounded into her, she was in 7th heaven, her hands around his neck and her legs wrapped around him she hung on for the wild ride. "My God Cherry is amazing, her pussy is the tightest I have ever felt, I am gonna cum hard in her and make her beg for more" Lex thought to himself.

It wasn't long before he rested her on the edge of the couch to pound into her better. He positioned his hands in the push up position as he completely pulled out his throbbing member and slammed it deep into her womb. She screamed in joy and wrapped her legs around him again while she played with her tits. He jack hammered his drill into her as hard and fast as he could. His heavy balls were brewing thick, hot sperm that was ready to shoot any moment now. "Baby I'm gonna cum soon and I am going to shoot it in you," he muttered under his breath as he focused on fucking her senseless.

"I'm gonna cum soon as well" she panted. He was ready to cum he couldn't take much longer of her delicious pussy sucking on his thick cock. "Ahhh, I'm cummming!!" He shouted as he he felt his muscles contract and his head swelled even more as he felt his balls shoot rope after rope of cum deep into her womb. He kept fucking even though he had the urge to stop and relish his cum dumping deep into her he kept at it.

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The sensations of his cumming insider her drove him over the edge and he pound harder than ever into her, she felt his hot chocolate cum empty into her and his thrusts were harder than ever, it sent her over the edge as well. She curled her sexy toes and cried out her second orgasm. They both writhed in fulfillment and eventually they tired and he pulled out her vacuuming cunt with a suction pop and rested next to her.

They were both breathing heavily and she was still twitching from the after math of her second orgasm.

Lex's cock was still semi erect when he pulled out and they both looked it it shining with remnants of her juices and his cum glistening on it. They looked at each other and laughed then she bent over and sucked on his cock to clean it up.