Rm two euro teens in anal action new

Rm two euro teens in anal action new
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Two Men-1 Woman By Blueheatt &hellip. I have to hand it to my wife, she's honest. &hellip. This all started when the wife was young. Her and her sisters all got horny over their male cousin. He was a tall, dark haired guy. A wonderful personality. The outgoing life of family gatherings. He was charming to all the lady's and was just a handsome guy. My wife told me about him and how her, and her sisters had the hots for the guy.

She went on and on about him, and admitted she bet he'd be good in bed. She said she had more than just a crush on him, and that if he ever came on to her, she didn't know what she'd do&hellip.hmmm…I thought. She really would like to fuck this guy.


&hellip. He was married and all the lady's didn't like his wife, feeling she wasn't good enough for a stud like him. The next family gathering he informed everyone that he was now divorced. The wife and her sisters got all excited and giggled behind his back, thinking how they would love to 'do' him&hellip. &hellip.except my wife. She got real excited and started cozying up to him. He liked her and responded with his wit and charm turned on high. &hellip. I watched her squirm and twitch talking to him.

She fiddled with her hair, played with her blouse buttons, adjusted her bra about 10 times while talking and was putting out all her charms too. I saw he was getting a boner and he put a newspaper over it, but still adjusted his cock several times. &hellip.That night at home, I started talking about him, and how nice a guy he was.

(on purpose) just to see her react. She did and I watched her get herself all hot talking about him. I felt her pussy. Wet. I suggested what about a threesome with this guy. She gasp, held her hand to her chest and stammered about how she could never do that:…"&hellip.a…he's family&hellip.and…a&hellip.it would just be&hellip.to intense…and…a…what if someone found out from her family&hellip.and&hellip.a…a…" she said.

I smiled and whispered in her ear: (".let's just do it.") She looked it me and said back: (".you would go for it, wouldn't you.") I just smiled. &hellip.I let the idea simmer for a while.

A few nights later the wife had been carefully thinking about all this (I knew she would) and very carefully began to feel me out. (I loved this part) She began slowly talking about him and how "IF" we all felt comfortable with a 'meeting' at first&hellip.a&hellip.just a .maybe a kissing thing the first time&hellip.to see how it went…and…"IF" …everyone was 'comfortable' with it, then&hellip.maybe we could advance a little and then see how that goes.

I let her squirm. I just listened, with no reaction. She continued: "Then…a&hellip.we could maybe…you and him…get more intimate with me…and…it would just be like having two boyfriends who liked you…and &hellip.a … they both wanted you…and …we…all just…let 'things' happen…and see how it goes&hellip.kinda thing." Now came the kicker. It was my turn to get some action too. Her older sister and I had always teased each other about 'stealing' me away from my wife.

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She was single, a real good looker and was very sexy. I had thought about what it would be like to fuck her many times. We had kissed at a drunken party once, and It was hot! I still remember her hand feeling my cock and her tongue sliding across my lips. After that&hellip. when we were together, the sliding of our fingers across our butts began. Little feels when no one was looking. A quick kiss on the back of the neck. An arm across her big tits. A squeeze of a hand.

A 'family' hug, with her pussy and my cock mildly pushing into us, and her big tits against my chest. &hellip.My wife and her older sister were very close. I bet she'd already told her about my 'offer' to have a threesome with their cousin. Knowing her sister, I bet she thought about 'well if her sister has a 'ok to cheat' deal, then why couldn't she have one with me.

It turned out&hellip. I was right. Now was my chance. The wife and I had another 'feeling out' talk in bed. I finally reacted. "Two guys making it with you, wow that sounds hot!" Her face lit up and she lost her breath for a second. She didn't want to sound to anxious, so she said 'we' all could just see how it went. Now, I asked would he go for it? She said she was sure he would if she called him privately, and used her charm on him she bet he would love it.

(I found out later she had already called him and got a big green light for it.) Now for my end of a 'ok to cheat' deal. Now I 'carefully' said that to fulfill the complete picture, I had a request. Somehow the wife knew it was coming. She turned to me and smiled. She said: "My older sis?" I was a little shocked.

She said she had already thought of that and talked to her sis and she was all for it…"IF"…I wanted to. We all had a deal. We decided we would like a one on one first, before&hellip.a threesome. It was now&hellip.SET. My cock was the hardest I could ever remember it. The wife was soaking wet…so, let's not waste it.

&hellip.It was the hottest sex we'd had that we could remember. She closed her eyes, and I knew she was thinking of her cousin, as I thought of her sister. We fucked like hungry animals at a feast. Wow…that was steaming hot! I think we fucked most of that night, over and over again. A few phone calls, and the 'one on one' was set for this Saturday night. I was to go to her sis's apt, and cousin was to come her to our place. &hellip.That Saturday the wife and I were excited.

We joked that her cousin was coming by…to get a 'back rub' that only she could deliver. I said: "Oh really?…sorry I'll miss the 'cousin' but I have to go move some 'heavy stuff' for your sis.

It's real heavy and will take a 'very' long time, maybe all night." She said: "OH…ok, now you be nice to sis, and no 'messing' around…ok?" I said: "Why dear, the thought never crossed my mind, now you make sure you only rub cousin's back…I trust you…sweetie…(blowing a kiss to her.) ----------------------- Sunday morning I came home…spent.

The wife was still in bed, with a big smile on her face as she slept. I crawled in bed with her and finally got some sleep. The rest of the day we went about our regular day, no discussion of last night. After a nice evening, we showered again and got into bed. The wife's thoughts&hellip. 'This is so cool. I don't have to hide anything.

No guilt, just pure pleasure. If he asks me about last night, I'll tell him everything, if not, we'll just keep it that way…but…I'm DYING to know how it went with sis and him. I just wonder how he compared sis to me in bed.

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Does she moan?…is she good in bed, or a dud. Does she like to have her pussy licked, does she suck cock real good&hellip.oh well.she'll tell me eventually anyway. I've told her over the years what he likes.

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I bet she used that information on him good&hellip.but…I didn't tell her everything…of course. I wonder if she swallowed, he likes that, but …did he even cum in her mouth?,…I'll soon get all the details…it's exciting to hear it…cousin is not like him, he fucked me good, but then ran out of steam.

I guess he couldn't take a wild woman like me after his dud wife…tee hee.' &hellip.I wondered if the wife even wanted to hear about me fucking her sister, maybe not?…oh oh, I feel a hand on my cock, somebody wants my attention. I turned out the light and felt a hot woman climb on top of me. She knew just what I liked and I sure knew what she liked. Looks like another hot sexy night for us&hellip.ahhh…I feel a hand putting my cock in a warm pussy.

I guess she's going to hang around a while&hellip.damn&hellip. her butt cheeks are warm&hellip.mmmmm.

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------------------ &hellip.We never got around to discussing our night out that night. My content mind was happy as we both walked around smiling. He sister and I decided to play down our great sex fest we had, so as not to upset the wife.

The truth is she was a wild fuck. She liked it from behind and had a tight pussy. We had desired each other for a long time and now we got what we wanted.

She had bigger tits than the wife which I loved. The wife only moaned when we fuck. Her sister was a talker&hellip."Oh jezzz…fuck me hard!…put that cock in me baby, CUM in me good!…I want all of it!"&hellip.later&hellip.it was: "That's it…lick my clit faster &hellip.sink your tongue in my pussy all the way!

Cum for me baby, shoot it in my throat.cum baby cum!" She sucked my cock raw, and wanted more. She was noisy and made wild noises as she had loud moaning climaxes. She was a little wild animal who couldn't seem to get enough. She liked it rough, and I sensed it and threw her around and fucked her hard and told her to move that pussy faster!, and Suck baby, suck daddy's cock harder.

&hellip.She loved it she told me later. She invited me to stop by anytime and just take her, hold her down, rip her clothes off and fuck her hard! A 'drop by and rape me', sort of thing.

That girl made me hot for the future. All the wife got out of her was."It was fun"…very very vague on details. -------------- The wife told her sister that cousin was a real hot fuck and couldn't wait for their threesome.

She had fantasized about a DP (dual penetration, two cocks in her pussy.) Sister didn't know what that was, but relayed all this secret sister talk to ……me. Saturday night was…'show time.' ------------------- The wife couldn't sit still as we waited for cousin. She had it all set up. A hot porno film, low light, a blanket, lube and heavenly perfume all over her body. It only took about two glasses of wine, and the wife would fuck real hot.

She had the wine ready. Cousin and I only like a little wine. He finally got there and I watched them kiss hot at the door. He seemed a little nervous of course, and gulped down a full glass of wine, as did she. I sipped mine and kind of helped get things going. She sat on the couch between us and started the film. She had on a jogging suit. I did too, as he had on short shorts and a T shirt. I took his arm and we both put them around her. I watched her squirm with excitement. I told cousin to rub her leg, she likes that.


We both began to rub her legs. She closed her eyes and stretched her legs straight out. Our hands went to work feeling her legs and just kept going. Up to her tits, and then we unzipped her top and both got a tit to play with.

I whispered: (".how about your first triple kiss.") We moved in on her and were all over her face and lips. She started to shake. We both headed our hands down her pants and pushed them down and off. She labored for air. She put her hand on both our cocks and felt them. We dropped them down and off for her.

Now she had a cock in each hand, a first for her. She leaned down to mine first and started sucking and licking, then switched to him. We slowly peeled all our clothes off and I tossed the blanked on the floor. We were all over her with feels and kissing her body. I opened her legs wide and he went for her pussy. I joined him teasing her clit. Now she moaned with each gasp of air. We all slowly drifted off the couch on the blanket.

While he tongue kissed her, I licked her pussy, then we switched for a while. She was so hot, it was like her whole body had a high fever. Cousin laid down beside her and then moved her on her back, on top of him. She reached down and rubbed his cock against her pussy.

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He and both worked her tits, massaging them and I sucked on her nipples. She's gasping and moaning all this time. I watched her work his cock and get it all wet with her pussy juice and move it up and down and …&hellip.in it went.

I let them squirm and get her wide open. I put her legs on my shoulders, and moved in to her pussy.

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I had never seen her this wet&hellip.ever. &hellip. Cousin started slow fucking her. She never stopped moaning. I started putting my cock in her, just a little at a time. He pussy was on fire with heat. She kept squirming and adjusting to let my cock in. We all adjusted until it worked in on top of his cock in her wet pussy. It was a strange feeling to feel a cock under mine sliding in and out of her pussy with me.

She had already orgasmed at least once, buy her moaning sounds. I tongue kissed her between breaths as her one hand felt our cock going in and out.

He other hand was on my butt cheek, pulling and squeezing me. It was so excitingly different that when cousin started cuming, she climaxed as I had to cum a big load in her. A triple cum. It was super feeling with his cock pumping under mine, and my cock massaging her G spot on top of her pussy. She started gushing pussy juice as she squirmed.

We all moaned and kept pumping double the cum in her already wet pussy. She yelled a long moan and kept pumping her pussy on our cocks.

Cousin and I kept fucking her till we both went weak and just let our cocks keep shooting cum in until there was no more. Her hands went crazy feeling us both and strange moans, I'd never heard before. … We were both spent, but she kept pumping us. Her pussy squeezed us both, over and over and then she just trembled and went weak&hellip.muttering something&hellip.as she passed out. ----------------------- She came to&hellip. with us both still in her pussy and thought…&hellip.

'&hellip.Oh jezzz&hellip.did that really happen?…wow…I &hellip.loved the feeling of both cocks in me&hellip.no other feeling like that… I watched a porn film of it&hellip.but this is the real thing&hellip.I'm a little sore…but I don't care…we'll all do this again&hellip.and again&hellip.if we don't all have a heart attacks first……" ----------------- A week went by as we all pleasantly recovered.

The coming weekend, the wife had to go out of town to a seminar. Cousin called and said: "Be home around 9pm Saturday night. I have a little surprise for you."&hellip.and hung up. At 9, there was a knock at the door. It was Cousin smiling and wife's older sister hanging on him.

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She was already half drunk. She came in, kissed me and felt both our cocks. She plopped laying down on the couch, her dress pulled up to her pussy with no panties. She rubbed her pussy as we smiled at her. She smiled back at us and said: "Now……what the hell is a DP?"