Tiny teenage girl play with herself in her yoga pant

Tiny teenage girl play with herself in her yoga pant
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My uncle always showed me a lot of attention when I was younger, but when I turned 14 he seemed to show me a whole lot more! It all started when myself and parents visited him one summers day. I changed into my bikini which I had had a couple of years.

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Since then I had filled out a whole lot more. I was still slim but my boobs had got larger and they really showed in the bikini. I noticed him looking at them a few times and it sort of excited me.

I decided to really tease him, so whilst we were swimming I got on his back and rubbed them on him. A couple of times I also brushed against his cock which felt pretty hard!

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I was thirsty so said I was going to get a drink, and surprise, he said he would help. My parents were asleep on their sun beds, so into the kitchen we went. As I faced the sink looking out onto the pool, my uncle came up behind me and told me how beautiful I had got.

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Thanks I said a bit embarrassed. He said I had filled out nicely, and all of a sudden started rubbing my bottom. It felt nice so I didn't move. He then started stroking me lower until he was rubbing my pussy through my bikini. It felt sooooo good, I didn't want him to stop. He then held my hand and put it onto his hard cock which he had released. He showed me how to stroke it up and down, then stopped me as he said he was going to cum.

He then pulled down my bottoms and told me to keep watch. He parted my legs and put his tongue into my pussy. That really felt great, I was feeling I would let him do whatever he wanted to me. He came back up and got close behind me. I soon felt his hard cock at my entrance.

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I backed onto him and even though it was my first time, I was so wet it went straight into me. It was so exciting having him thrusting into me with my parents just outside, it felt so naughty. He suddenly pulled out and told me to get on my knees.

He then put his wet cock into my mouth and wanked his cock until his cum spurted into my mouth, it tasted so warm and nice. He quickly pulled his shorts back on, whilst I was still naked from the bottom down. He told me to take off my top and get onto the kitchen side.

He then told me to open my legs as wide a I could. He got out his camera and took pictures of me, like that, bending over and other positions, it was so exciting.

He then told me he would show his friends and perhaps invite them next time I visited, which got me really horny. On the way home I asked my parents if I could go back for a sleepover on the holidays, they said yes! Can't wait!

The journey to uncles house Uncle picked me up from home and started the two hour drive to his place. I was excited as I was going to stay the whole weekend, and after the last visit I was wet just thinking about it.

My mother had frowned at me as I left because I was wearing my shortest mini and quite a revealing shirt, but I just said it was too hot to wear otherwise. She obviously trusted her brother as she did not argue the point.

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We had nearly made the first corner before he had slid his hand up my skirt and was feeling my pussy through my panties! He told me to take them off, and I said anything you wish master! I liked the way he was dominant with me, I felt I would do anything he said. We stopped halfway back at a truck stop. Let's get something to eat he said. I went to put my panties back on but he said no!


As I got out and walked across the car park I could feel all the truckers eyes watching me. It was windy and I went to hold down my short skirt, but uncle said leave it! The whistles soon came from the truckers as the wind revealed my bear ass and almost bear pussy as I didn't have much hair down there. We ate our meal and walked back out. Uncle asked me if I had ever been in one of the huge trucks, and I said I had not. He called out to one of the truckers if he minded if I had a look in his cab, he couldn't have said yes sir quick enough!

When I got to it I suddenly remembered my no panties situation. "up you go" uncle said, and as I did they both were right under me looking up! It made me feel horny knowing two grown men where looking at my pussy. My uncle told the trucker he was going for a beer and could he look after me. The trucker said he sure would! He was a huge guy compared to me and he climbed right on up next to me. No panties he said, you must be a real slut, my short skirt had ridden up on the seat and my pussy lips were on full view!

He didn't waste anytime, he reached down and started rubbing me, at the same time pushing his tongue into my mouth.

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It felt good and when he said get into his bunk I got straight in. He told me to get his cock out, and when I got it out I realized it was huge. When he pushed my head onto it I struggled to get it into my mouth. He groaned with pleasure as I sucked and licked his big cock which got me all the more excited.

He then told me to get into the doggy position, which I did and then felt his cock at my entrance. He started pushing it into me and I was so wet and horny I wanted it all. After a few more pushes he got it all in and started thrusting, getting faster and faster before he let out a big groan and I felt his hot fluids flooding my now sore pussy.

He got off and started to get dressed whilst I lay there with his cum dripping out of me. Uncle came back and told me to get out. The trucker gave him some money and I realized I had been whored out! But really I would have done it for nothing.


I can't wait to get to uncles house as I wonder what else he has in store for me!!