Oiled girl has fun with a dick

Oiled girl has fun with a dick
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Under normal circumstances, the events of last night would have made things uncomfortable between Eva and I.

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This morning however was like every other morning. I was reading the newspaper at the kitchen table when Eva walked into the kitchen clad in only a loose fitting basketball jersey.

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I say only because when she bent over to look for the juice in the fridge, her jersey rode up her back, revealing her two moist puss lips snuggled between the globes of her ass. What a way to start a man's day!

It was the beginning of the summer holiday and I had a surprise in store for my beautiful little girl. I had booked a 2 week long stay at a resort in the bahamas and decided to present her with the air tickets this morning. Her eyes lit up with excitement when I whipped out the tickets and she immediately hugged me with the enthusiasm of a five year old.

Our holiday was due to resume tomorrow, so we had to get packing right away. Fast forward to the resort, we booked in around noon and were taken to a 1 bedroom suite with a bathroom en-suite. There was just one bed but neither Eva nor I were too bothered by that. I immediately stripped off my clothes and put on my speedos, while changed into her red thong and bikini top.

My eyes almost popped out their sockets as I took in the beauty of her toned body. Her long legs were gorgeous, leading up to her barely covered puss.

Her thong was basically a piece of red string, just big enough to cover her lips.


The top of her landing strip was visible as the small patch of material of her thong was too small to cover her pubic hair that extended from the top of her puss-lips to just below her navel. It was a beautiful sight as she groomed her pubes perfectly.

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Her 36D tits were spilling out her bikini top and her nipples were poking through the thin material. Eva has large brown areolas and the circumference of each areola was left exposed by her skimpy bikini top. She was sure to turn heads down on the beach. We decided to spend the afternoon on the beach and sat down on a blanket we had packed.

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Eva began to rub tanning lotion into her beautiful 18year old skin and I picked up a magazine to read. I had a constant hard-on and didn't bother trying to hide my state of arousal. Eva has already seen my cock and she is comfortable around me anyway. We spent the afternoon lazing about on the beach, and later returned to our suite. Eva headed straight to the bathroom and proceeded to strip off her bikini.

She did not bother closing the door. Although our relationship had proceeded to the point of us being so comfortable around each other I resisted staring and sat down to watch some TV. After her shower she entered the bedroom, where I was sitting on the bed watching TV.

She was wrapped in a fluffy towel and began to dig in her bag for her clothes. She unpacked all her clothes and set them in the drawer next to the bed.

I decided to give her some privacy by announcing that I was going to hit the showers. When I returned to the bedroom Eva was sitting on the bed wearing a pair of blue lace boyshorts and a matching bra.

She had a pair of my boxer shorts on the bed and I nonchalantly dropped my towel to the floor and stepped into them.

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My cock was half erect and immediately began to grow as I took in the beauty that was laying on the bed just a few feet away from me. Eva had a bottle of lotion on the bed and picked it up asking, "Daddy please could you rub some lotion into my back? My skin gets really dry back there." I took the bottle of lotion from Eva and she rolled onto her stomach ready for her skin to be moisturised.

I began at the back of her neck and made my way down her shoulders, slowly rubbing the lotion into her tight young skin. I basically sat above her with my legs on either side of her body and my bum lightly in contact with her body. Everytime I leaned forward to the top of her body my cock rubbed against her back.

Although I was wearing my boxers, it was still very stimulating. I was completely hard and felt like my cock was going to explode. I reached her back and rubbed her lightly until I came into contact with her bra strap.

Eva immediately reached behind her and unhooked her bra and threw it to the floor. I proceeded to rub her back and eventually moved down towards her ass. I rubbed her in slow circular motions just above her ass and my hands regularly came into contact with the top of her boyshorts band. Her ass was covered by the lace material of her boyshorts, with only the bottom of her ass cheeks just slightly hanging out the bottom.

It was not a sag by any means, but was caused by the boyshorts being a size or two too small. Eva then lifted herself off the bed slightly and reached behind her and tugged the boyshorts off her ass and down her legs, leaving them at her knees. I now had full access to her ass. I placed both of my palms on each of her ass cheeks and took in the lovely feeling they gave my hands. Her ass was as firm and round as a soccer ball.

I pulled them apart slightly and revealed her puffy puss-lips peeking out from underneath. I put some lotion onto my index finger and rubbed down her crack almost coming into contact with her puckered ass-hole. I loved Eva very much, and the moral side of me took over as I decided to let go of her ass and complete the rub down of her skin. I rubbed her legs and came to her knees where I found her bunched up boyshorts. I took hold of either side as I gently tugged them down the legs of my 18 year old daughter.


Eva was now completely naked, and thats how she remained after the rub down. She very casually turned over and resumed watching the TV. I was once again rewarded with the beautiful sight of my gorgeous 18 year old daughter completely naked.

Her huge tits were even more accentuated by the small frame of her body, and they hung like pendulums towards either side of her body. My cock was so hard that the tip of my cockhead was actually poking out the top of my boxer shorts. Eva looked over at me and giggled telling me "Dad, you're fighting a losing battle.

Just take off your shorts and you will be way more comfortable. Besides, it's not like I haven't seen you before. And I think it's really cool that we can be so comfortable around each other." With that I reached for the waistband of my boxers and tugged them down until, like my daughter, I was completely naked. My cock was sticking out away from my body almost like it was a being of its own. Pre-cum was dripping down my thick veiny shaft and coated my big hairy balls, making me very sticky and filling the air with the pungent smell of impending fucking.

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Eva reached for her bra which she had thrown on the floor and handed it to me asking me to wipe myself dry, jokingly saying she didn't want to get drowned in her sleep. I took her lace bra and placed one of the 36D cups over my cockhead and gently wiped myself dry.

The constant arousal I was in the entire day had made my cock extremely sensitive, and the slight touch of Eva's bra on my cock made my balls boil. Resistance was futile. In a moment of pure lust a grabbed my shaft in a fist and pumped myself to orgasm, groaning like an animal.

I came in 5 bursts, filling Eva's bra cup with her daddy's cock cream. After my orgasm had subsided, I realised that I had just masturbated infront of my daughter.

I was ashamed and felt that I had crossed the boundary between us. Although I blew my load all over Eva the other day, it was part of her stimulation as well.


Today was different. However my feeling of guilt was rather short-lived as Eva took her bra from me and proceeded to put it back on. I was shocked, as my daughter casually took her bra which I had just sprayed with my cock-juice, and put it back over her tits. I guess we had just reached a whole new level of comfort.

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