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Sexy gay doing blowjob and enjoys anal sex
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One of the things that I liked about Jessie was that regardless of what I thought, she made decisions on her own. If she disagreed with me, I knew it, she had no qualms about sharing it with me. For other people is could be annoying, but for me it was as honest and truthful and clear as the sunshine on a cloudless day.

Ok, sometimes it was annoying for me too, but it definitely made her more attractive then some silly bimbo that just smiled at you and nodded as she planned her itinerary for tomorrow in her head.

So no matter how close the three of us grew, it was always Jessie that I wanted to be with and do anything for. When it came to be our anniversary, I wanted to do something that showed that I set her apart and always would. It was going to be difficult, because there was just the three of us on the island and it looked like it was going to be like that for a while.

I still didn't want to upset JoanI and then have to live with it for God knows how long. Guys have to think very seriously about getting between two women. My second problem was that there was no Macy's in sight. Hell, there wasn't even a Seven-Eleven. There was a limit to the island's resources that all three of us hadn't already shared. I found my solace to contemplate my dilemma at the top of a coconut tree on the north side of the island. When you get to the top of one of those things you really feel alone.

How was I going to get a whole day alone with Jessica without annoying JoanI? One thing I knew, JoanI had no use for traipsing around the island without a particular destination in mind. She didn't mind going from point A to point B, but she had no interest in getting to B by way of points C,D, and E.

She was not a curious woman, so when it came to doing a little reconnaissance, she would just as soon stay on the beach and bask in the sun. If I came up with an all day excursion, and say that I needed help, I could probably convince JoanI pretty easily to watch the camp while I took Jessie someplace private.

I decided what I was going to do as the sun setting snapped me out of my meditation. I shimmied down the tree and started making my way back to the camp. Walking back through the jungle at night was like going through a dark warehouse all by yourself.

Every shadow, every branch, every leaf flapping made your head turn. You always have a gut dropping feeling and that annoying "someone's following me " feeling. You can't really move fast without kissing dirt along the way. I was just about back to camp when I heard that sound I always dreaded. Wild pigs crashing through the jungle in my direction.

Just as I started reaching for the closest branch to scramble up, the last barricade of greenery exploded, followed by a loud cacophony of squeals and loud grunts. The collars and leashes around their neck stopped my eminent launch up the tree. Tom and Jerry dragged JoanI and Jessie behind them a second later.

Those pigs were the best damn bloodhounds on the island. "Hey, what's up?", JoanI puffed and huffed through the bushes.

"It was getting dark and we were getting worried about you". "Yeah, you big doofus", Jessie laughed, "You know I'm scared of the dark! What have you been doing all day?" "That's for me to know and you to never mind about, and I would be fine if you two weren't trying to give this old man a heart attack".

"Fine", Jessie turned her nose up and started pulling Jerry back to camp. "Next time we'll leave you hanging by your toenails off the edge of some cliff till daylight." I followed the girls and the pigs through the last piece of jungle before we hit the campsite.

The girls had left me some fish and something like potatoes that we had been growing, so I grabbed a flask off the shelf and sat down at the table. I told the girls that there was a hidden valley on the other side of the mountain that I wanted to explore and that I was going to need some help. Just as I expected, JoanI was already hedging when Jessie jumped at the chance to do something new.

I usually didn't take her on a trip until I had the area well scouted out. Well, I still didn't.she just didn't know about it. We all went for a swim in the dark and laid out on the beach and got buzzed on my wine. There's something about staggering back to bed with two beautiful naked women that makes a guy feel all warm inside. There are some mornings that sleeping three to a bed is hazardous. I woke up with Jessie's leg under my head and JoanI laying perpendicular across the middle of my body.

The fact that I was laying on my stomach and not my back made this a little less pleasant then it should have been.

I think it's was Jessie's other leg crashing down across the back of my head that woke me. It took some effort, but I managed to untangle myself and slide out of bed.

Stiff and sore as I was, I went right down to the beach and dived into the water. I still had a headache and my body still hurt, but being wet seemed to make it all better.

I walked back up to our kitchen on the beach and started making one of the biggest breakfasts I had ever made on the island. I fried potatoes with some chunks of ham. I scrambled a dozen eggs with some bacon and herbs mixed in. I toasted some bread and cut up fruit. By the time I was done, the girls had dragged themselves out of bed and plodding zombie-like towards the beach. The fact that they were shading their eyes with their hands as they sat at the table told me that I wasn't the only one that enjoyed a little too much wine last night.

I scooped out large portions of food for everyone and sat down myself. As we filled our stomach, we all started to feel a little bit better. Jessie started asking me about the trip and I just said she had to wait and see. I finished before the girls and packed some gear to take with us, as well as a couple surprises for Jessie. JoanI was already spread out naked on the beach when Jessie and I set out.

Jessie had chose to wear her traveling clothes. Being naked so much with the girls was obviously having an adverse effect on me, because my own loin cloth started to rise up and salute whenever she moved in front of me.

She had her bikini top that barely covered her nipples and I loin cloth similar to mine, except it covered a lot less of her ass then mine did, but then her ass was a lot more attractive then mine, at least to me. She even had her lace up knee-high moccasins on, making her look a lot like Gabriella on "Xena, Warrior Princess".

Especially towards the end, when Gabby's outfits started getting smaller and smaller. What was troubling me was that I was debating whether or not she was sexier with her clothes off or on.

At this point, it was a toss-up. We managed to reach the apex of the hill that hid the valley by noon, and the sun was really beating down on us. We found a bit of shade and had something to drink before we started making our way down.

I was entertaining myself by chasing a drop of perspiration down Jessie's body with my eyes. It rolled down her neckpaused for a second, then passed slowly between the curves of her tits.

It caught the sun occasionally, making it sparkle on it's trip. It slipped under the strap between her tits that barely held her bikini together, and started racing down her belly that had flattened out during her stay on the island.

I thought it was was going to get caught in her cute belly button, but about an inch over her belly ring, it took a hard left on a muscle ripple and moved down the rest of the way to her loin cloth. That was a killer. I took a hard swig of water and suggested we head out again. There was a reason that the valley was hidden.

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The hill blocked it from view and the backside of the hill was so steep that we had to tie ourselves to each other and kind of slide down the hill a few feet at a time. About three quarters of the way down, Jessie spotted what I wanted her to see. The water fall was high enough to cause a mist cloud as it bounced off the rocks at the bottom.

The sun shining through caused a multiple rainbow effect that was amplified by the crystal formations around the little cove. The reflection was an incredible sight. There was a deep pool directly under the falls with sharp boulders bordering it. There was a visible cave behind the falls with more crystal formations. Jessie stood with her mouth open, pretty much like I had the first time I had taken in this sight. I reached over and took her hand, pulling her in front of me.

I wrapped my arms around her from behind and kissed her neck. "So, what do you think?", I whispered. "Cool", was the only response I could get out of her. I led her the rest of the way down the hill to the water. To top off this fantasy, the other side of the water was an orchard with a variety of different tropical fruits and hanging vines with flowers.

We walked to the edge of the water and I knelt down at the edge. I swirled my hand around in the water a bit, then flicked water at Jessie. She was as surprised as I was the first time I came across the waterfall, that the water wasn't cold, but as warm as bath water.

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The falls were actually a run off from one of the mineral springs that we had bathed in, but by the time it traveled away from the spring and fell over the ledge, it had lost a few degrees, so that it was a very comfortable temperature. Jessie took off her moccasins and we waded across to the orchard and put our things down. I laid out a silk sail blanket for us to sit on, but Jessie wanted to check out the falls first. I just smiled at her and pulled the string holding my loin cloth up and she followed my lead, dropping all her clothes onto the blanket.

We walked along the water's edge arm in arm. From this side, you could walk right onto a ledge that led to the cave behind the falls. If it was possible, the view from the inside the cave looking out was even more incredible. The falls was a wall of water, giving us intermittent glimpses of rainbows and misty clouds and green plants and multicolored flowers.

I led Jessie right up to the water and pulled her under it with me. It was the closest thing we had had to a shower in 4 months. I pulled Jessie tight and put my arms around her, kissing her under the water. I could never get tired of the feeling of her wet body up against mine. The smoothness of her skin against me sliding against my whole body.

I wanted to be able to taste every square inch of her. I licked the water running off her lips and worked my tongue between them. I savored the taste of her mouth and the feel of her tongue against mine.

The water ran down between our bodies and her nipples slid around against my chest. My cock was standing straight out and slipped between her thighs. The water beating down on us was like the best pulse shower head ever made. I glided my hands over as much of Jessie's body as I could cover. I let myself slide down her body like the water, tasting her neck and her shoulders.

I grasped her beautiful tits in my hands and sucked the water off her nipples as it ran off them. I loved the feeling of them hardening between my lips and then burying my face in her chest and squeezing her tits against me.

My tongue slipped down her belly and I nibbled at her ribs. My hands slid down her back and cupped her ass cheeks, drawing her too me. My tongue swirled once around her belly button and continued down to her waist. My fingertips made circles around the cheeks of her ass as I nibbled and licked from side to side along her bikini line.

I was going crazy with the desire to bury my face between her thighs, but I wanted this to last a long time. The white skin that used to cover her panty area was long gone. Her skin was alot lighter then JoanI's but there was a slight gold tan that covered her whole body. The water flowed down her body like a curtain.

I kissed her mound, just over the opening between her legs and my hands slipped over her ass and down the back of her legs and back up again. I lifted one of her legs up and put it over my shoulder. The water sprayed off her inner pussy lips and bounced off my chin as my tongue circled her clit over and over. As I felt it stiffen, I placed my lips around it and sucked it into my mouth. I caressed and massaged it with my tongue, encouraging it to grow to it's full size. The taste of Jessie's juices became more prominent then the flavor of the mineral water.

I was starting to hear Jessie's moan's and whimpers over the splatter of the water hitting her body. Her hands were moving over my head, combing the little hair that was still there, doing her best to maintain her balance. I flattened my tongue out against her pussy and dragged it all the way up to her clit, pressing it into her the whole way.

My mouth left her clit and I pushed my tongue deep into her, rubbing the tip along the inside of her pussy walls, first on top, then on the bottom, working from the inside out. I fixated on the spot just inside her pussy on the lower wall, making little circles there.

I went back to her clit and covered the area with my mouth. I batted it back and forth with my tongue and slid two fingers up inside Jessie. My fingers started pumping in and out of her, turning left, then right. Her hands stopped combing my hair and had formed fists with the last of my hair clenched in them. I had contemplated shaving my head, and was now wishing I had gone through with it.

There was something about the feeling of her pulling me to her though. Like it was a metaphor for her feelings for me. One I was really loving at that moment. I used my hand on her ass to help keep her balance, while I continued to drive my fingers deep into her while working her clit with my lips and tongue.

I could feel Jessie's thighs and pussy start to quiver and shake with an intensity that vibrated my jaw. I tried to help keep her balance but it was difficult with just one hand. I felt her knee start to give as she came against my mouth. She pitched forward, taking me backwards with her. She caught herself with her hands on the cave floor.

She took me with her and my hand on her ass was the only thing that kept my head from cracking against the stone floor, but I was bound not to stop until she pushed me away.

I pulled my fingers from her pussy and grasped her other ass cheek. I pulled my face up into the clit hanging over my mouth and sucked hard on it as the water crashed over us. I felt the shivers start to come back as she started entering another climax. The intensity was only slightly less intense then her first orgasm as we both rolled sideways.

I heard the tremors even in her voice as she let out an "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" as she reached her second release. When the shaking stopped, I untangled myself from Jessie's legs and crawled up Jessie's body. I took her into my arms and she immediately clung to me, arms and legs. We just laid there getting hammered by the falling water. Jessie hadn't opened her eyes yet. I didn't think there was anyway that she could fall asleep like this, otherwise we would have.

The water was like a reviving massage, and we slowly felt life coming back to our bodies. We slowly unwrapped ourselves again let the water run over us some more before we got up and walked back to our blanket.

We plopped down naked in the shade and I pulled open the flask of wine and took a big drink. I handed it to Jessie and opened up my pack. I had some bread and ham slices, a few odd fruits and vegetables. Jessie wanted to know what else was in there when it clinked, but I just told her that it was dessert and she would have to wait. I tried eating casually, but Jessie ate faster then I've ever seen her eat before. She reached for the bag, but I intercepted her.

When she tried to break away from me and snatch it away I started laughing and rolled around with her. When it became apparent that she wasn't going to give up, I took her thong from her loin cloth and tied her wrists behind her back. When she STILL didn't give up, I took my own thong and tied her ankles together and them to her wrists. She lay there making evil looks at me while I continued to munch on food for another ten minutes.

I tried to pacify her by occasionally blowing kisses at her but oddly enough the looks just got more evil looking. I finished up my meal and reached over and picked up the bag.

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Jessie's eyes followed it until I moved it just out of view below her knees.I lifted two jars that I had beach combed and with some serious island survival skills, filled with a papaya jam, and a chocolate syrup. It was just opportunity that gave me my next move. Jessie was on her stomach with her arms and ankles pulled up behind her. Her feet were sticking straight up in front of me, and it struck me how beautiful they were.

I took a knife out and scooped up some jam, and spread it evenly over her toes of both feet. It was at this point I remembered how sensitive Jessie's feet were. I had to wrap both my arms and legs around her legs below the knees in order to keep from getting kicked in the teeth. In this position, my hard cock and balls rested up against her knees, and her constant movement was highly erotic, if not a little dangerous.

I took each of her toes into my mouth, slowly sucking and licking the jam from them one at a time. After about five minutes of sliding my tongue over, around, and through her sweet feet, I told her that if she behaved herself, I would let up a little on her bonds. She smiled at me with her teeth clenched and recited her entire repertoire of profanity, and threw in a couple suggestions about what I could do that I had honestly never considered.

But she remained still as she did this, so I released her ankles from her wrists so she could at least lay flat again. Jessie's ass was like an entity unto itself. Island life had made it full, firm, and as tanned as the rest of her. The two globes caused a glorious rising from her lower back and then gracefully sloping down to her delicious legs. I was entranced with the crease that ran down the center, and took some jam and dropped a few dollops into it.

I lay down at a 90 degree angle to Jessie, with my face directly over her ass. I placed the tip of my tongue at her lower back and started making little circles as I moved lower and lower into the crevice of her ass cheeks. I swirled the first gob of jam around and around, then sucked it into my mouth.

I placed a hand on each cheek and pulled them apart. I flattened my tongue and used it like a squeegee, pushing what was left down to the next gob of jam. I repeated the swirling and sucking process and pressed the last of the jam, that I purposely placed directly over her rosebud. This time. as I swirled the jam around I pressed hard with my tongue, forcing the jam into her. I started fucking her very sweet asshole with my tongue.

I could feel Jessie clench her ass over and over as I pumped my tongue in and out of her until every bit of the sweet was gone. I kissed my way over her ass cheeks without ever having touched her pussy, but when I looked down, I could see the round lips squeeze and relax repeatedly.

I looked up at Jessie and asked her if she was going to behave if I untied her the rest of the way and I got a very quiet whisper to the affirmative, so I untied her ankles and her wrists. I rolled her onto her back and started decorating her body with the orangish jam. I left some directly over her clit, and then some in her navel. I placed some higher over her stomach and then directly between her tits.

I took special care to spread a nice mound of jam around each nipple. When I looked up at Jessie's face she had a smirk on her face that said "Are you quite through?". I stayed perpendicular to Jessica but moved up to her breasts, hanging my face directly over her closest nipple. My tongue touched her areola and started moving the jam around and around her nipple. The jelly was like a fine oil that made the tip of my tongue slip around her nipple.

The sensation of her nipple stiffening against the side of my tongue was maddening as Jess moved her hand around my head to hold it to her like a mother to her infant child. She alternated between watching me with her free hand behind her head and closing her eyes and letting her head fall back. I placed my mouth directly over the top of her nipple and sucked it hard into my mouth, trying to remove the sweet taste from her skin and tug on the hard nub at the same time. I finally released it and blew lightly on the wetness that was left there.

I moved my face over to the other nipple and repeated the whole process. When I was done, I kissed my way up her neck to her lips, and pressed my tongue in deep, letting her suck on the sweet taste that filled my mouth.

I kissed and licked my way down her chin and neck again and went straight down her cleavage. The next couple deposits of jam were actually the most challenging, because I started moving them down between her tits and back and forth over her stomach, creating a slippery, sticky mess, that got us both laughing to hard to avoid biting my tongue a couple times.

Just as had her covered in a smooth layer of jam over her whole stomach, she grabbed my head and pulled my face into it, smearing it all over me.

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I sought my revenge by plunging my tongue into her belly button and cleaning it and her belly ring off inside and out. It was time to finally switch positions and to be honest, the flavor of papaya was starting to get to me.

I raised her leg up and moved directly in front of her open pussy as I swung her leg past me. I watched the lump of jam slide down over and between Jessie's open pussy lips and stopped it before it passed her opening.

I pushed it right into her with my tongue and mixed it with Jessie's own juices. I raised her other leg up and placed both her feet on my shoulders. Jessie's knees fell apart and she was open wide for my mouth. I covered her with my mouth. Her smooth outer lips, her wet inner lips, her dripping opening that I was moving my tongue into as far as I could stretch it.

I was doing my best to reach those little nubs of her G-spot that were just out of my reach. I tried to look up at Jessie, but my view was blocked by her lovely tits, still reaching to kiss the sky. My tongue coated and then cleaned the walls of Jessie's pussy. My hands reached up and caught her tits in my hands as I covered her clit and sucked hard.

As Jessie's tell tale tremble started, I pinched her nipples and her hips shoved my head up off of her, and her feet nearly shoved me into the lake as another orgasm rocked her. I shook the cobwebs out and crawled my way up to Jessie, who was rolled up in a fetal position.

I spooned up behind her and my strained cock nestled up between her ass cheeks. After a few minutes, Jessie raised her head and looked over her shoulder with a grin. She told me that it was her turn now and I figured that fair was fair. I wasn't counting on her laying me on my back and tieing my wrists around a tree. Still.I thought this could be interesting. She picked up the chocolate syrup, which turned out to be easier to dole out, and started decorating me.

The chocolate was thinner and could be poured. I got splashed on each of my nipples, then a line made down my chest, over my stomach. Jessie had to move my cock to the side in order to fill my navel, then replaced it so she could pour a line down the length of my cock to my balls. When I felt it hit my sac, my cock jumped so hard it almost flicked some back at Jessie.

Jessie got into position and started working on my nipples in maddening slowness. I decided that I wouldn't try to fight it, but it took every bit of will power to avoid twisting and turning to feel more. Unlike me, Jessie swirled around one nipple and then went to the other, back and forth, over and over again. My eyes bugged out when she actually bit a nipple and then just giggled.

She gave me a quick and deep kiss that shared her chocolate with me when she plunged her tongue in and pulled it out before I could start sucking on it. She went straight down the line she drew on me and I knew that this was simple revenge. She wasn't licking any of it up, just swirling it all over my chest and belly, making me a sticky chocolate mess. I wanted to return the favor she gave me, but my hands weren't going anywhere. I thought I was going to bite right through my lip when her tongue started swirling my navel.

The anticipation of what was going to happen next almost made me seizure. I looked down at Jessie and she looked up at me smiling, directly over my jumping, pulsing, man-meat.

I was flexing it.trying to slap her face with my only moving part. The Tip of her tongue avoided my head, but slid down the chocolate covered rod to my balls. She swirled her tongue again and her breath on my balls drove me insane. She went back to my cock and just moved her head side to side, massaging my shaft with her tongue. She finally took her hand and raised it straight up like the mast on our wobegotten boat.

She smiled some more and wiggled it around a little. I can't remember when I was ever that hard before. Jessie went right to the top and started an agonizingly slow decent over my cock, and she came back up just as slow.but with a lot more suction, like she was dragging every nerve up with her. I'd love to say that I managed to hold my sperm in check. But let's face it. Almost 3 times her age and I hadn't came all day.

In order to keep up with her, I had kept my sperm in check. To say I was ready to boil over was an understatement. It only took about 6 dives or so and I felt the back of Jessie's throat. That Little rub against the head of my cock resulted in about 6 blasts of cum shooting into her mouth.


She clamped her mouth around my shaft and took it all, then cleaned everything from my cock but her saliva. I was glad to see the head was still attached. It fell soft from her mouth, still glistening in the sun. Jessie shifted positions and positioned herself in front of my chocolate covered balls. I thought it would take forever to revive my cock again, but first she bathed my balls with her tongue, pushing them around like she owned them.

She replaced the chocolate with her saliva and her breath on my wet sac was making my wrists chaff. When she took them into her mouth I almost took the tree down.

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Actually, it was more like I pulled my head into the tree. My knees shot up and any air left in my body was gone. It took Jessie all of 3 minutes to make me as hard as I was before I came. She slid her still sticky body up my sticky body and positioned herself above my cock. What she did with her mouth, she did with her body, lowering her tight pussy onto my cock. She leaned over me and undid my hands, causing her tits to cover my face, and as soon as my hands were free, I wrapped my arms around her and held them too me.

I opened my mouth up as wide as I could and tried to take her whole tit into my mouth. It was like a wrestling match. She pushed me away and started moving up on down on my cock and I returned her thrusts with my hips. Jessie's pussy was like a warm wet glove grabbing my cock, and I wanted more of her. I rolled her onto her side and raised one leg while straddling the other.

I guided my cock back into Jessie and buried my shaft to the balls with one long push. I used Jessie's raised leg as leverage, pumping her deeper then I ever had.

My free hand played with her clit as I rammed my cock into her again and again. I watched as my cock pulled out of her with her juices coating it.

Jessie pulled her leg from my grasp and continued rolling onto all fours while my cock was still in her. To feel that wet glove make a quarter turn while I was sliding out of her almost made me loose it again. The view of her ass right in front of me brought me back into focus. I started fucking her hard again, grabbing her ass on both sides and pulled her back to me. I reached back with one hand and grabbed the jam and shoved my thumb into it. I placed it at her back door and it slipped right in, just as I slid my cock into her pussy.

Jessie wasn't moving on her own anymore, but when my thumb slid in she moaned loudly, and I felt those tell tale signs that she was nearing another great orgasm. I simply fucked right through it, feeling the walls of her pussy grab at my cock and release it about ten times a second, finishing with one really tight squeeze that made my tightening balls empty themselves into Jessie. I pitched over her and we both rolled sideways onto the blanket, already spooning each other.

A good 15 minutes had passed this time, when I asked Jessie,"So, how was your anniversary present?". I was feeling pretty impressed with myself and figured I had hit the home run.

Who could have ever out done this day? "Spectacular. I don't think there are words to describe what I'm feeling. Especially because your going to have to wait for your present", Jessie said cryptically. "That's ok, hon. You already gave me more then I could ask for", I responded fondly. "Well, it's a little late for that now. I'm going to have your baby" "Wha.ahh, wait, but.huh?" "Oh boy, daddy's going to be an idiot" "Are you sure?" "oh yeah" "Aight" Ok, so almost nothing could top it.

I rolled Jessie over and gave her my deepest kiss. We gathered up our things and walked back to the falls to clean up. That became interesting when we started helping each other get the sticky stuff off. Something in my recipe for chocolate syrup made it extra hard to get off, but the feeling of Jessie's soft skin against my hands, and her hands moving over my body made me feel like there was no place else in the world to be.

As I washed her, I kneeled down in front of her and ran my hands over her thighs and ass. I placed my lips against the front of her thigh and made big circles along her legs with my fingertips. Her body was like a magnet that compelled me to make contact with her. I kissed and licked the running water cascading over her body all the way to her bikini line and then repeated it on the other leg.

I kissed over her mound, covering her ass with my hands and pulling her to me.


I didn't want to tease Jessica. I wanted to give her something. Something that showed her how I felt about her having my child inside her. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the side of the falls, where the water carved a chair out of a huge boulder. I set her down gently and she looked like a princess sitting on her ancient throne, with warm water splattering over her body.

I moved back under the warm water and lifted both of her legs over my shoulders and kissed them from her ankles, down her calves, her knees, and her thighs.

I nibbled as I got closer and closer to her pussy. I rubbed my course beard gently over her bare pussy, shoving my tongue in slow and deep, working my way to her clit and back again.


When I could feel her juices start to run again ,I stood up and slowly entered her. Even after the fucking that we had been doing, it took three slow pushes before I was all the way in.

I pressed my whole body against hers and put my mouth over the top of Jessie's mouth. My tongue worked it's way around hers and drew it back into mine. I loved the taste of her tongue and savored it as I rocked my hips back and forth against Jessie's pregnant pussy. We came together and I released Jessie's legs, which she promptly wrapped around me along with her arms.

We lay together like that until Jessica, as usual, regained her senses first and decided that my body was crushing her. We gathered up our stuff and staggered into the Cave.

We could see that the cave was an old lava tube that went for a long way into the hill. The sides were covered in crystals that sparkled from the intermittent light that came through the falls. We walked deeper into the cave, both out of curiosity about where it led and the desire to see more of the beautiful crystals. Just as the last light was disappearing from the entrance, we started to see a light at the end that lit up the tunnel like a kaleidoscope.

Jessie started her little squirrel squeal, and in the tunnel, the echo effect was ear splitting. She ran ahead and looked to see where we came out. "Oh my god.your not going to believe this" she said with her mouth hanging wide open. I looked out and could clearly see the rooves of the huts not more then a mile away.

The long trip we had taken around the mountain had been a ridiculous waste of time. As long as we had been on the island, we had never walked up the hill to where the cave would have been visable. We made our way down the hill and started to feel the comfort of familiar surroundings again, and we started talking about what JoanI had done to keep herself busy while we were gone.

We called out for her, but the only response we got was from Tom and Jerry, who came charging at us to have their ears scratched. We looked around the huts and decided that she must have started dinner down at the beach. It was a very short walk to the edge of the beach, where you could see down to our outdoor kitchen. Both Jessie and I gaped at what we saw going on. JoanI was entertaining two very blackvery well endowed sailors in a way only JoanI could.

We were torn by the urge to run down to the shore screaming that we had been rescued, and, watching JoanI work her magic on the two Rastas.

Deciding that it would be rude to interrupt, and being to tired to join in, I sat down against a tree and pulled Jessie down between my legs so she could sit leaning back against me. We watched with smiles on our faces as JoanI's knees moved her body up and down over the stud she was impaled on.

Her mouth never lost a beat, as it slid back and forth over the long black cock in front of her. Her head turned back and forth like she was screwing her mouth onto it. The guy receiving the blow job must have decided it was better to sit down then fall down, and JoanI had no choice but to switch positions and get on all fours. The gentleman that had been underneath her got up on his knees behind her and slid his cock into her pussy from behind. He grabbed the sides of her round ass and started pumping in long hard strokes.

I smiled when Jessie's breathing quickened and I started kissing my way back and forth from her shoulder to her earlobe. The cock in JoanI's mouth did nothing to quiet her, as we heard her moans and groans all the way over by us. They got steadily louder until we started to laugh a little, though I was hard again and Jessie's fingers were running through her pussy. We witnessed their escalation towards their climaxuntil both men let out simultaneous yells and JoanI pitched over in an apparent orgasm.

We walked down to the beach and saw the Sail boat that the two men had arrived on. They hadn't moved by the time we had got to them and JoanI was laying there with cum leaking from both ends and a big grin on her face. She surprised us by asking if we had enjoyed the show and everyone started laughing. JoanI told us about how she had watched their sail come over the horizon and lit a fire as soon as they hulled over. Neither of the two men knew what to make of the naked woman screaming and jumping up and down on the shore, but they were darn sure going to investigate it.

The two Rastafarians had left Jamaica to find new waters to treasure hunt in. We were on the furthest and smallest of islands in a chain, that no one bothered with because it was so far out of the shipping lanes and insignificant.

No one figured to find anything there of importance. We were all excited about finally getting to go home again and eating a cheeseburger, but our visitors pointed out that they could only take one other person on board with them. I looked at Jessie and she looked at me. There wasn't any need for conversation. I told JoanI to go with her knew friends, but not to get so carried away that she forgets about us. Both of the men smiled and promised that they would come back themselves with a bigger boat to pick us up as well.

JoanI looked at me with a snear and suggested that it might be a long wait. Jessie and I tried to look exasperated but the we knew that we would be doing the same thing JoanI was doing all the way to Oahu and back. After a good sized feast, and our first taste of beef in months, JoanI walked to the boat with her two men and Jessie and I walked arm in arm to our Hut.

I woke up and watched Jessie drool on my shoulder, with her leg thrown over my body. It was daylight and the tide was up, so the boat, along with JoanI were already gone.

Jessie started to stir and her hand came up to smear away the dripping saliva from her cheek and my shoulder.

She looked so beautiful that I all could do was smile at her until she told me that I was creeping her out. I invited her down to the beach for breakfast and she told me it would have to wait. I felt her hand slide around my inheritance and she pulled me on top of her and wrapped her arms around me. I started hoping that JoanI was on a very, very, slow boat.